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HTC One on Verizon is Official, Coming Later This Summer


Verizon has confirmed it, the HTC One is official for their 4G LTE network and arriving “later this summer.” No other details were made available this morning, but the speculation can be put to rest. The phone is coming, though we don’t know an exact date or price.

Also, this confirms that the name will be HTC One, not DROID DNA+ or something along those lines.

Who’s excited?

Via:  @VZWNews

  • one the edition great! every one like it

  • Randy

    Verizon is the last to come with updates and good phones. how shameful of it to hear about it.

  • lembowski

    Will this have AWS bands like the S4?

  • Wow, a good information.

  • Kyle Gregory

    Stock android on this from the google edition??

    • hatboysam

      Unfortunately not possible, CDMA is closed source that’s why it’s not on Sprint either.

      • Kyle Gregory

        Totally just ruined my excitement for this….hopefully motorola comes in clutch don’t mind using my DNA for a few more months

  • Kurt Weber

    Was it delayed to the new LTE band… what is it AWS? Correct me if I’m mistaken I already forgot what its called

  • KH

    Just another example of the many reasons to hate Verizon. Anytime anything has to do with updating, phones and/or software, it takes a lifetime and a day to push out. By the time things are finally released, they are out-dated in a multitude of ways and will always be. I’m on Verizon but I can’t stand this @#$!. Big Red is #1 in revenue and LTE expansion but #Suck in everything else.

  • ludmila

    verzion logo might look like this. thats why i hate Verizon because of there logos

  • Kerry Davies

    I was so excited that I bought it on T-mobile and droped those rate sucking scumbags

  • The real question is if the Nexus experience version will be available.

  • Dan

    -_- just got my s4 and now the HTC one comes out for verizon.

    • ludmila

      if you dont want the s4 return it.

      • Dan

        Already got the screen protector, case. and everything setup. Great phone. but I was really into the HTC One. But I’ll keep my S4 anyways because I’m sure there still isn’t microsd or removable battery in the HTC One

  • Paul Hansen

    I’m curious if this will have the new AWS radios that are found in the VZW GS4.


    in classic Verizon form showing up late to the party lol

  • James

    Here’s hoping they have a Google Experience edition on verizon

  • Ravishing Rick Dave

    I currently have a 64gb iphone 5 w/ unlimited data on Verizon for around 110.00 per month.Over the weekend I ordered the stealth black 64gb HTC One for ATT and took their 6gb shared data plan for 125.00 per month. While its about 15$ more a month, for less data, I’m pretty fed up with Verizon, and CDMA networks as a whole. I have a month to test out ATT’s network, before I cancel Verizon, but I’m guessing i’ll probably be kicking Verizon to the curb.

  • edwoordd

    I like it but my gnex does everything, though I would like the quad core :d!!!! i’ll just wait… maybe…

  • Tyler Casilio

    Here’s where I think the logo should go. It’s not bad if it’s down there. When I made this render, I originally placed it under the Camera. It looks more cluttered.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      If it looks like this render, it will likely be my next device.

  • Jonathan Ofalla

    Does anyone know if this phone will support Verizon’s AWS network?

  • pbolton70

    This is great news but I already own a Galaxy Note II. So I personally will hold out for either the Note 3 or the rumored HTC device they are working on as a competior to the note III

  • jrshermz

    more importantly… What about the HTC One Google Edition?

    • Jonathan Ofalla

      True, I prefer an HTC One Nexus too.

  • Ryan Lind

    Just left Verizon last week to go to a carrier that had the HTC One. No regrets fantastic phone. It was time to take a break from Verizon anyway.

  • cody

    This or the moto x now?

  • I-Troll-U

    Already seen one a week ago.. Old old news

    • emoney

      i believe this is the official news from VZ, everything prior was either rumor or speculation

      • I-Troll-U

        There is a reason one of my previous posts asked if that guy carrying one was in Seattle 😛

  • jnt

    This should give HTC an additional boost, if it’s not too late anyway, which is good for all of us.

  • Sam

    I’m assuming they didn’t give a specific date because of the supply issues HTC has had with making the One.

    I don’t think Verizon wants to release it and then not have enough phones available.

  • beaumac

    How rad would it be if it drops 8/20 when all of us launch day GNex owners are eligible to upgrade!!

    • Skittlez

      not eligible until 12/15. they changed the 20 month to 24 months

      • beaumac

        Mine is still available on 8/15. just checked the site. The new term doesn’t go into effect until march

  • Dave Amburn

    Too little too late. By the time it comes out on Verizon the note 3 will be announced with earth shattering specs for the same price.

    • Jack

      who cares not everyone want note 3

      • un-biased_user

        My HTC thunderbolt held up well, but htc doesnt know how to update their phones. Mine just got a terribly made version of ics released a few months ago…. and i have been running a leaked version for over a year… people want phones to be updated, thats why HTC fell off a cliff after the thunderbolt. will never buy HTC again.

        • Skittlez

          don’t be so close-minded. with the Nexus Experience One coming out, plenty of developers will unlock this bad boy and we’ll be seeing plenty of AOSP ROM’s to flash on the One.

  • steve30x

    Does anyone know what is the actual memory you get after you fire up the phone, I know its not exactly 32 gigs obviously.. I know at&t has the 32 gig and 64 gig model available and im fine with a 32 gig when Verizon releases it. Im just curious, I doubt the software doesn’t take up much versus Gs4 with all the s-features.

    • LionStone

      Its 26 GB usable on a 32 GB…at&t’s anyway

  • ruin_u

    My galaxy nexus has been a real trooper over the years and now the battery life is diminished, the screen is cracked, and being i doubt verizon will ever get another “nexus” ive been holding out for the One, cant wait. Even if HTC doesn’t allow you to flash stock, im sure the dev community will be quick to make it available.

  • Ronaldo

    Let’s not get too excited yet. “Later this summer” could mean anytime between now and September, right?

    • un-biased_user

      my HTC Thunderbolt was supposed to get ICS July 2012, just got it feb 2013… so yeah summer could mean after the holiday…

    • bboyairwreck

      the fact that it is coming is something to get excited about

  • Bob F

    Finally! Now we wait for a release date.. at least that whole drama is over though. Now my wife can upgrade to my Rezound and I can officially get the ONE!

  • Ian Smith

    but they’ll be new rumors at that time!!

  • Just a little extra outside of the time frame for which the initial wave of SGS4 early adopters had to return their devices. Well played Verizon, well played.