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A Few Pictures of the New Google Play Store Web Layout

new play screen3

During the 3-hour long Google I/O keynote a few weeks back, Chris Yerga, the engineering director of Android, stood on stage and announced that a new Google Play layout was coming to the web store to match that of the new UI on the Android version. He would only say that it was to arrive “over the coming weeks,” and from what we can see that’s correct. The new Play store is being dogfooded to Google employees now, which you can see in the three screenshots we have included. 

So like in the Google I/O presentation, these shots show off a Play store that indeed does mimic that of the Android version. It follows the tablet design more than the phone version, but that makes sense since your computer screen typically sits landscape and is larger.

We’re seeing the navigation panel constantly sit to the left, making it incredibly easy to jump between sections of Music, Apps, Devices, etc. As you drill down on one section, you’ll get options for “My Apps” or your wishlists, but then can easily get to another section through that same area.

new play screen1new play screen2

The box or card-style design for apps, movies, TV shows, and other sections is also present. There are recommended areas, highlighted content and everything you are hopefully getting used to in the Android version of the Play store.

Still no exact word on the public release, but internal testing is always a good sign that we may not be too far off. And again, we were told at I/O that we would see it in the coming weeks, which could mean any time now.

Here is a screenshot from Yerga’s presentation:

new google play1

If you jump to the 38:00-minute mark of the video below, you’ll see him talk about it:


  • Zach Armstrong

    When is this going to start rolling out

  • Steve Benson

    Google is sure toying with us doing all of these slow releases.

    Just give me my new Maps and Nav and then follow that up with full Hangouts/SMS/Google Voice integration and I’ll be a happy camper.

  • socalrailroader

    Dogfooded? Lol

  • inzandity

    Can we get a Nickelback free version? 🙂

  • nx8

    A Few Pictures of the New Google Play Store Web Layout, it also makes us understand a certain part of this interface.

  • michael arazan

    What does DogFooded mean? Is it suppose to mean Ground up and turned into kibble? Hunted down, killed off and eaten? Just curious, never heard of the termenology before

    • mehh

      The practice is called “Eating your own dog food”, and is common terminology in software development; can be called a part of testing. Although it’s not mandatory, some companies deploy software still being developed among their employees to receive feedback before it goes for testing.

  • nsnsmj

    Hmmm, there’s a wishlist link there in one of the screenshots so hopefully that means I can add items to it from the web now instead of having to open up my phone to do it.

    • JMonkeYJ

      that would be nice

  • You mean “My apps” not “My Apps”, right?


    • Tyler Casilio

      That is my biggest Bugaboo. Drives me wild, I don’t know why. OCD maybe?

  • huffimus_prime

    I wonder what the “Store” tab is for. I mean, the whole thing is a store, so why a separate tab?

    • George264

      Huh. I was going to say probably for the Nexus devices, but there is actually Devices above it. Weird.

      • Ibrahim Jadoon

        “Devices” is probably for all your registered devices, while Store is for buying a new Nexus 4/7/10.

        • Tony Raffini

          I doubt that since the current iteration of the Play Store has devices show devices that you can buy. There is no “store” section currently.

          • Tony Raffini

            Perhaps it’s just a button that puts you back on the home/main page of the store.

          • Ibrahim Jadoon

            Oooh, that makes more sense, actually, haha.

  • Geoffrey Gunter

    Honestly, I really like the card style, but I would appreciate some level of separation from desktop to mobile services. It’s almost too much of the same. Something can match and flow well without being the exact same.

  • anguy

    Well new Play on android is pretty ugly. Old version was much better, maybe too similar to Windows Metro, that’s why they changed it?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I agree. I hate the new Android version. It’s clunky. The last version was perfect. The UI drags in the new one constantly loading images especially on the homepage.

      • turdbogls

        really? yes, i noticed the first version being slower, but 4.1.10 (or whatever the latest version is) isn’t any slower than the last one. plus it has some nice features in it (menu button to install without opening, batch update even with changed permissions ect)

  • Ryuuie

    Tablet version instead of phone? No biggie.

    I’ll just rotate my monitor into portrait mode.

    Problem solved. :v

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Is there offline music from the computer? Sometimes i’d like to play from my library when i’m not connected but they don’t have a stand alone program, like itunes.

    Like chromebooks have offline docs, right?

    • TheWhiteLotus

      That’s coming, but it isn’t here.

  • Jaxon Wright

    I like the consistency between all of their apps designs.

    • Julian Coronado

      Yea, and how they’re finished the implementation of their ‘card’-like style. It’s great! 😀

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      high hopes to the smartwatch taking full advantage of cards!!!