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Verizon Galaxy S3 Struggling With LTE After Latest Update, Other Issues Too?

verizon galaxy s3

Verizon’s variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 received a pretty major update earlier in the week, but according to multiple comments from readers who have taken the new build, the phone may be experiencing some major issues. We’re seeing everything from complaints of poor 4G LTE connectivity to phones auto-subscribing to the newest bloatware add-on from the update called Caller Name ID.ย 

After updating, users are having issues even connecting to LTE, and are finding their phones either stuck on 3G or without a signal altogether.ย For some, the device can connect to 4G LTE, but should it drop back to 3G, it will get stuck their indefinitely until the phone is either rebooted or Airplane mode is toggled on and off. Some have had some success by changing the network settings to LTE/CDMA instead of Global (Settings>More settings>Mobile networks>Network mode), but this seems to only help with getting a 3G connection back, not necessarily stabilizing 4G LTE. It’s a mess for many. Factory resets do not appear to fixing the problems either.

verizon galaxy s3

Others are also reporting incredibly slow data speeds and poor battery life, all after updating. One reader even mentioned that he has two Galaxy S3s, one with the update and another without, and the one without the update is running as good as ever while the updated phone is struggling with everything we just mentioned.

Last, the update included a new bloatware app called Caller Name ID. It’s an app that can be used for free as a trial, but should you opt-in, will then automatically charge you $2.99 per month through Verizon after the trial ends. We’ve had at least two readers claim that the update automatically subscribed them to this new service. To make sure you aren’t subscribed, login to your Verizon Wireless account online, and cruise into the “Change features” section. If you scroll to the very bottom, you’ll see the option for “Caller Name ID for Mobile Devices.” Make sure it hasn’t been added to your account. If it has, click the “Remove” button.

Also, feel free to head into Settings>Application manager>All and find the app in the list. Tap on it and then disable it, so you don’t have to deal with it going forward.

vzw update

This update was supposed to be feature packed, with new toys like Multi Window, but the stability of the update is clearly questionable.

How is your device holding up after the update?

Cheers Michael!

  • bananatroll

    The question is this:

    What is Samsung’s newest plasticrap line of phones NOT struggling with?

    • T4rd

      Sales. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • itcisq

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  • Scott Clark

    Noticed the Wifi/4g LTE this week, disabled Caller ID app and waiting to see if that solves the issue for me. Just encountered the full bars, ni actual connectivity bug, and that led me here. Here’s to hoping a fix comes soon.

  • ThomasB

    I would really, really love the update if it had not so adversely affected my 4G LTE signal It did so in the worse way. My wife’s S3 was not updated and her signal at the home location is fine. I cannot run on 4G from my home and 3G is also poor. Strangely, 4G does work fine in certain locations with very high 4G signal strength. It was fine before the update. The Verizon store in Papillion, NE was as helpful as it could be with this problem, but the problem and update was new to them. They replace the SIM card but it did not help. The Caller ID junk had to be disabled so that I would not be charged (I hope). Do NOT select this app icon because it will activate. It is very surprising to me that a big, reputable company like Verizon would SPAM loyal customers with such junk crap like this Caller ID thing. Very disappointed in them especially since most of this update was so long in coming and most welcomed. No testing and maybe they need the money. If SPRINT ever fixes it’s 4G or lack of it in Omaha, I might have to move unless Verizon does something serious and quick to repair their image.

  • cedjunior

    My 4G LTE has gone down the toilet too.


    I’m having some serious issues. After the phone has been idling while connected to LTE, once a new connection is pinged, it takes up to 20 seconds for the LTE to start up/down. I never had this problem before….Coincidence that the S4 is available for sale? I think not….

  • Ciro Samperi

    So i just got off the phone with Verizon and troubleshot my phone. They said this problem happens all the time when they update phones. They said when I updated the phone the communication between the OS and the sim card got messed up. She told me it was not just singled out to this phone or this update. The lady made me switch sim cards (i had extras as they sent me too many one time) and now i am back to same reception i had before the update. I have not updated my wife’s phone and now when i compare the two the signal is the same. As for the battery life i don’t know i have disabled all the new bloatware i have seen so hopefully that helps. The real test will be on Monday when i go back to work out in the middle of nowhere where i usually have full 4G LTE. Yet after i did the update tonight i was down to 1X or no signal whatsoever, when i was right by my work. Hope this helps!

  • Cory Booth

    Just spreading the word…

    So I had MB1…. Full stock (plus root)…
    I went ahead and upgraded using Bean’s rooted MD3…
    Flashed the MD3 Firmware….

    No issues operationally, but I am a big commuter and use mapping a lot.

    I noticed that my maps were offline several times into work today…
    Having just come from a Thunderbolt, I began paying attention to the 4g… I watched the 4G/3G constantly drop and stall… Having gone through this before on the TB, I did all the network jogs, airplane mode, unfroze all the frozen apps, rebooted, davlik – etc… No joy…

    Got home and checked the wife, she and I had same signal strength, just to make sure it wasn’t my phone…

    Saw the notes on Global to LTE and various other points – including Caller Name ID – tried them all – nothing helped.

    For a quick experiment, I flashed just the modem/radio from MB1, understanding the rest of the firmware wouldn’t be compatible with the net kernel… Phone functioned, same data issues…

    So… I completely reversed my phone back to MB1… Now with a MB1 and a MD3 side by side, I loaded Google maps with traffic on…

    The MB1 was near instantaneous with traffic indicators…
    The MD3 took a few seconds as it staggered the traffic reports…

    Flipped to FaceBook app… The MB1 immediately was lite up with data download/upload… MD3 paused, then started…

    Strangely, the signal strength was near exact between the two phones….

    But the speed and delay with the MD3 made me wipe off the MD3 and reload MB1… Happy now, without multi-windows…

    Next time I’ll remember to be more patient and use one phone as the dev for a few days.

  • With my Samsung Galaxy S3 is an excellent product, the updated features as well as its technology is good.

  • Guest

    With my Galaxy S3 is mootjj Samsng great product, the updated features as well as its technology is good.

  • mini-me

    no LTE @ work anymore. sound down to a minimum. horrid audio

  • Thismilkisourmilk

    Just go into the Caller ID APP and there is a functn to “Delete APP” Solved all my problems except for Right swype to call.

  • chad

    I did a sim pull and battery pull and reset network to cdma/lte from global and it seems better so far. Could be placebo but hoping not.

  • Climb94

    I accepted the update this morning but deferred it till tonight. (Should’ve read this thread first.) Does anyone know if I can defer the update further or cancel it?

    What would happen if I just powered off the phone at the designated update time?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas!

  • Yupppp

    So I guess I should keep deferring the update? I didn’t install it today when it popped up.

  • Zach Armstrong

    This is the same thing that happened to me Gnex after it was update to Jellybean 4.2.2 I used to have full 4G coverage in my house now I get none Had to go back to a Motorola device just to get service

  • pedrodepacas

    Phone is lagging big time, what a crappy update. I used to get great 4 g at my home, now I’m lucky to get one fn bar. Verizon chupan verga!

  • I just picked up an S3. Should arrive tomorrow.

    Anyone have suggestions for good ROMs?

  • Dan

    Turning the Airport mode on and off seems to have done the trick for me for now. Holding my breath.

  • grayson360

    Mine is doing ok. I also factory reset literally 5 minutes before I updated. I have great 4G and even more 4G than I did before. Usually I lose signal in my basement, now I have 1 bar of 4G.

    • jcampbell474

      I understand the bars to represent voice signal only. Data is only represented with the 4G, 3G,1x icons only.

  • Jensen Senat

    Swiping to call someone in my contacts now works maybe 20% of the time, compared to 100% Irritating because i use this literally all the time.

  • alpine2g

    Sure enough looked in my account and was signed up! I’m rooted so froze the app with TIBU.

  • Eric

    Had the same issue with the Galaxy Nexus after the last update. It got so bad I had to switch to a different model phone all together.

  • Scott McAllister

    I can totally confirm this. I manually sought out the update last night (big mistake) and now I’m having LTE issues left and right with it. Dropping LTE, slow GPS updating, dropping down to 3G. Factory reset did nothing since the update stays installed.

    My kingdom for a way to roll my phone back to pre-update status…

  • Trent Harris

    Count me as one who has all the issues mentioned here. I thought I was crazy and went to a VZW store yesterday to address. They didn’t know so sent me a new S3 which arrived today. New phone had the new update and same signal level so I knew it wasn’t my actual phone.

    Question though….I don’t recall but where there a new modem in this new update? If so, maybe we can flash an older modem. A custom rom (Moar, Synergy, etc) might not fix this if the modem was changed and is the culprit.

  • zroid

    I contacted Verzion to check and report LTE and battery issue with new build. They made me do a factory reset during second call to them and now sending me a certified after third call.

  • Trevor

    I don’t understand: Verizon has the longest frickin testing process to make sure their phones work and everything, which results in countless update delays, yet their updates still suck sometimes. What the hell?

  • SynnerSam

    ya my phone is sucking big time now…the LTE handshake from WIFI to LTE is horrible!!! how could they release something like this? WTF

  • Jason

    For me it seems like when I connect to wifi, data is still being used, 3g/4g does not disappear or for only short time

  • Bessie Arino

    I’m getting exactly what this is talking about. My 4G LTE is not the strongest where I live, but strong at my dad’s place.. but now it just sucks overall.. What’s the point of having Unlimited Data if I have to connect to WiFi?

  • coolsilver

    Sounds like my Thunderbolt. The more they messed with it the more I had to cycle my data/radios and the less I got 4G speeds.

  • Jam Master Jim

    it probably took 6 weeks to test this failed build..

    • Trevor


  • Razr13

    Except for the bloat, this is extactly what happened with the Droid Razr update. LTE is spotty and slow. Also battery is not what it used to be.

  • Steve

    If you go into the Caller Name ID app’s settings you can actually uninstall it to completely remove it. It’s under “account” settings.

  • Liam Spurr

    I’ve since rooted and am now running CM 10.1 but I ran the update yesterday and experienced terrible battery life as well as way more lag than usual. Like swiping between home screens was god awful.

  • TruthHurts

    If all you have to say is SPELLING and GRAMMAR mistakes, you lost. Plain and simple. So now not only are u an idiot but your a loser too. Sucks for you. Shoulda kept your mouth shut and listened. I know most of you are laymen and can barely dress yourself in the AM nevermind root a phone. Point is, if you refuse to put in the work to correct something fixable, you dont have the right to complain about it. Root your phone and/or STFU. Schleprocks who can’t root a phone don’t belong on this site. DUECES bishes

    • anon

      Does it hurt to be that ignorant or is it really as blissful as the old proverb says?

  • zaxwashere

    Sounds a bit like my ol’ Gnex

  • florious80

    I haven’t updated mine. Is it going to be forced OTA? or will the phone not update unless I go to settings to search for update?


    I’m glad i read this i was automatically in the trial called I.D. and didn’t even notice I haven’t gotten any of the other problems though

  • Itchy_Robot

    Mine is working fine

  • Chris Stuart

    I am having poor battery life as well, but it seems to be coming from “google services”. I have 29% battery left after 9.5 hours off the charger and less than 30min screen time… Also, my GPS is garbage, but thats nothing new. I might use this update to see if I can get a new phone out of verizon.

    • DigitalEnforcer

      There was actually a fix for the S3 GPS signal issue (as long as it has nothing to do with this update). All you have to do it open up the back of your phone and tighten the 10 or so screws. It’s a crazy fix, but it worked for mine and many others.

      Hope that helps with the GPS as least ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Scott Kart

    Definitely having issues connecting to 4g and when I do have it…brutally slow

  • TimXer

    Yep, had the caller ID issue, no 4G issues, love the multi-window – cool as s***! Don’t know how functional in real life but darn cool – used once last night in real life, watching a video, rec’d a text from son, split the screen read/replied

    • matt

      I like the multi window too, but mine keeps showing up and then disappearing. Am in doing something wrong or is this a flaw?

  • Zack Kolev

    Its ironic that Verizon is so committed to locking down phones making it difficult for customers to go rooted, and then release crap updates like this which can be fixed easily if you have an open bootloader and root access. It’s like they locked all the doors and windows and started pumping in the toxic gas. And the only ones that can leave are branded criminals. Not really the best way to keep customers…

  • jim

    Wife just called,she said so far hers is fine,strong signal, took a pic and sent in a text message, crossing my fingers

  • Ryan

    I hate that people are quick to blame Verizon for the update issue. Samsung made it approved it and pushed it out. Verizon cant find everything out. Just shows how brainwashed some people are that samsung is all high and mighty and incapable of errors.

    • Chris Stuart

      But, true, but these issues have not popped up on the other variants of the S3. Also, verizon added more bloat that seems to be the cause of a good portion of the problems.

      • Christopher Lee


        • Christopher Lee

          What’s even worse, is that I contcted Samsung about a couple other inquories and I asked them about building one set device and updating as a collective, the same way Crapple sends out one iphone to all carriers… I was told that each carrier dictates what the specs are for devices on their network… custom built for each carrier…. talk about ridiculous…

      • Ryan

        True but my wifes S3 is not able to update at all. It says no network connection. Hard resets wont fix it. Samsung had to build a specific version for all carriers and they blew Verizon. Im over the phone and the hype. I just hate that people have tunnel vision and only see samsung. Look at ppl down voting me for it.

        • pickaname

          You have to pick up a new Sim card. It’s the only way to fix that problem. For some reason on the verizon forums a bunch og sims aren’t registered on the update server.

    • I agree. Some people seem to forget that there are no Verizon phone factories anywhere in the world. All Verizon does is stick their name on it.

    • deadpenguins

      The problems are only on VZW’s GS3. Just shows how quick people are to jump at any opportunity to attack a fanboy, even if it is entirely misplaced.

      • ryan

        are you saying my comment was misplaced?

    • Mark Wimmer

      The modem software was updated during this one and that is ONLY Verizon-based. That is the major issue for this update. It took V almost 3 months of serious badgering when this first came out and many people had the 4G issue.

  • iceburgh

    Have had the 3G error since the update. I’ve put it into airplane mode, to put it back into 4G and mobile data didnt come back. So I had to reboot, which 4G came back. This happened 2 times. However I am in places in my house and work where I was getting 4G and now it hops to 3G. Battery life does seem worse, but no way to verify that.
    All this for multiwindow and the new camera settings. *Sigh*
    Noticed the new bloatware right away, when in 10 minutes after the update I saw this weird new screen appear when I was getting a call. Sure enough, and it’s been disabled 30 minutes after the install. Verizon better get a new fix out ASAP

  • John

    My data has been non-existent for 2 days



  • Eric Silva

    Same as reported in the story. My data is near useless.