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Verizon Galaxy S3 Struggling With LTE After Latest Update, Other Issues Too?

verizon galaxy s3

Verizon’s variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 received a pretty major update earlier in the week, but according to multiple comments from readers who have taken the new build, the phone may be experiencing some major issues. We’re seeing everything from complaints of poor 4G LTE connectivity to phones auto-subscribing to the newest bloatware add-on from the update called Caller Name ID. 

After updating, users are having issues even connecting to LTE, and are finding their phones either stuck on 3G or without a signal altogether. For some, the device can connect to 4G LTE, but should it drop back to 3G, it will get stuck their indefinitely until the phone is either rebooted or Airplane mode is toggled on and off. Some have had some success by changing the network settings to LTE/CDMA instead of Global (Settings>More settings>Mobile networks>Network mode), but this seems to only help with getting a 3G connection back, not necessarily stabilizing 4G LTE. It’s a mess for many. Factory resets do not appear to fixing the problems either.

verizon galaxy s3

Others are also reporting incredibly slow data speeds and poor battery life, all after updating. One reader even mentioned that he has two Galaxy S3s, one with the update and another without, and the one without the update is running as good as ever while the updated phone is struggling with everything we just mentioned.

Last, the update included a new bloatware app called Caller Name ID. It’s an app that can be used for free as a trial, but should you opt-in, will then automatically charge you $2.99 per month through Verizon after the trial ends. We’ve had at least two readers claim that the update automatically subscribed them to this new service. To make sure you aren’t subscribed, login to your Verizon Wireless account online, and cruise into the “Change features” section. If you scroll to the very bottom, you’ll see the option for “Caller Name ID for Mobile Devices.” Make sure it hasn’t been added to your account. If it has, click the “Remove” button.

Also, feel free to head into Settings>Application manager>All and find the app in the list. Tap on it and then disable it, so you don’t have to deal with it going forward.

vzw update

This update was supposed to be feature packed, with new toys like Multi Window, but the stability of the update is clearly questionable.

How is your device holding up after the update?

Cheers Michael!

  • dawn

    I’m having trouble with battery life and dropped phone calls. Never had problems with this unill update

  • dawn

    I’m having trouble with battery life and dropped phone calls. Never had problems with this unill update

  • Shelly

    my galaxy s 3 is so screwed up I don’t even know where to start listing everything that’s going wrong with it. The kicker is that my husband & I both got the same phone on the same day & we both had the new update, his phone works fine, mine is a hot mess! There is no comparison, he has a great phone, I have a lemon!

  • Lyric

    One issue I’ve had with the new update was suddenly being unable to send MMS. But thankfully, I managed to fix it by changing my network preference from Global to LTE/CDMA. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • Nolan J

    Do not do the update. I had the update of my phone and my 4GLTE was garbage, my swipe to call/swipe to text didn’t work, and my NFC wouldn’t turn on. All in all, the device was garbage. Talked to Verizon and Samsung both numerous which eventually resulted in Samsung directing me to the nearest Samsung Experience store to have them re-flash my phone with the old version. The GS3 worked perfectly, never needing anything else, but now its useless.

  • Tammy

    im so freaking mad about this update I’m so over cell phones they cant leave well enough alone now my battery life is complete CRAP!!!!!! thanks alot for your wonderful updates

  • Debbi Cunningham

    My S3 is now losing 10% or more battery life per hour. It is ridiculous!

  • Denny

    After the udate my camera has changed. I could crop a pic by adjusting how much I want to crop or what subject I want to crop by the adjustment box that appears on th screen, now there is no box and it blows up just the center of the pic. I liked my phone the old way

  • Jamie Hertter

    I don’t have any major problems with the update. Only that the new drawer feature isn’t always there. Right now, I can’t find it. But I’ve been watching and it’s been in 4GLTE where available. Time will tell.

  • Al Eng

    Well there firmware update has fixed all the problems on my phone and service. For a few days there my phone was going along at about 50%.
    now all is good and maybe better.

  • Al Eng

    Someone please explain to me. You have a top of the line company with top of the line programmers that are probably MIT graduates from all over the world and they release this CARP. I am a service tech and I check my work several times before I sign off. My call back is less then .05%. I just don’t understand these big corporations playing with people livelihoods.

  • Bryce Blalex Douglas

    No wonder why my service has been a bitch lately, damn.

  • Mel

    Awful. Have experienced everything listed.

  • grrr

    CAlls constantly cut out, texts are very difficult to send.. removed the caller id… sooo slowwwwwwww. Fix it!

  • Will-I-am

    I’ve ABSOULTLY had it with VZW!!! I’ve been to Verizon three times about the crawl speed getting on line. If I can even connect. They want to do a factory reset everytime. Their answer for everything. My service and phone are crap now, yet my bill remains the same. I finally called ★611 to get a credit due to having next to null for a data connection. My battary life is 25% what it use to be. I’m so sick and tired of Verizons lack of service and support. Their forced plans, reduced sevice and ALWAYS being the last amoung their competitors to offer better services. This “better coverage area” is bull!. I am sooooo done with Verizon!!! Stick your update up your poop shoot Verizon. You owe all of us a credit back on our bills for our data packages until YOUR problem is fixed. I’m not paying for something I’m not receiving. Stand united people.Call *611 and demand a credit back for your nonperforming data plan. I bought a 4G phone for data speed PERIOD!!!!

  • Paolo

    I refused to send in my 2 month old phone and get a certified phone from Verizon, but my fix to this mess was downloading VRBMV1 (the previous version of VZ software) from Samsung-updates and using ODIN to download it to my phone, within and hour from start to finish my phone was back to working perfectly again. To do this I did not have to be rooted and used the volume down, home key, and power button to get the phone in download state.

    • DJ

      Samsung Updates website hasnt been working for days. Anyone know where you can find VRBMV1 ???

  • iceburgh

    Well I talked to a friend whose update went flawless, and is experiencing no issues. I asked him what hardware version his phone has. He has the same hardware version I535.10 as my updated buggy G3

    • Paolo

      I had a friend who though the same thing, he need to run a speed test when the phone is at 2 bars or lower of reception while in LTE or try to update Facebook or a web page. That is when the issue arises when people actually get LTE reception. Others are stuck in 1x or 3G so the issue is more obvious.

  • CorkyGalaxy

    Got my replacement phone last Thursday from Verizon & everything is running normal now. (Actually it seems to be a bit faster than when everything was working on my old phone.) As people have mentioned already, the update that triggered all of these problems is no longer available when you manually check for new updates on the replacement phone. Also, the condition of my “certified like-new” phone is great so don’t worry about that. The screen is flawless & everything seems like it’s brand new so there is a bit of a silver lining with all these “technical difficulties.”

  • Dave1746

    I had the caller id bloatware on my s3. ty

  • chapman1969

    I talked to samsung technical support they said remove the battery on my gs3 and that should help now my phone is working like it should.

  • Lorenzo Segarra

    Once I updated … I did notice the phone acting up at first… slowing down… gps taking long to find satellites… then Thurs I lost 4g…and it stayed stuck on 3g. waited to see if Verizon would take ownership and fix. I really didn’t want to go through the troubleshooting steps with tech support again. Seems every update I get hit with something… I’ve replace 4 sim cards and this will be my 3rd replacement S3 (lemon?). I finally called this morning. After they check my phone on the network. the support person admitted that this has been a major problem – told me the update has been removed until Samsung fixes it and they would be sending me a phone overnight. Damn and after I had my S3 personalized they way I wanted…. I guess I will have to redo to the refurb tomorrow…

    • Paul

      I am getting a new Sim card mailed and giving that a shot before I hand in my 2 month old S3 for some crappy refurb

      • Lorenzo Segarra

        Just got the replacement… still 3g… back on the phone with Verizon… doing the tech support waltz….. should have asked for a sim card too…

  • Steve DeBellis

    Looks like this update was pulled, have two GS3’s on VRBMB1 and they are both saying no updates available

  • Tom Flynn

    I’ve really had quite a few problems due to this update, and I’m getting tired of screwing around with it. I’ve seen a few comments about this possibly being related to older hardware versions of the phone. Has anyone had better luck with newer hardware versions?

    The “hardware version” of my phone is I535.10. Are there different versions out there?

    I hate the idea of getting a used replacement phone from Verizon, but if this fixes the problem, then I can move forward.

  • Unhappy Camper

    Swipe to call from favorites is gone, data connection now blows, Verizon update chugs

  • braves

    The Media Server bug is back. Its up and running and consuming battery. I even removed the SD card to no avail! Man this is one screwed up Update!!!!

  • Jen

    I called Verizon tech support about the LTE fail on my phone. She had me power off my phone, power back on, and dial *228. So far that has fixed the issue

  • rlarson_mn

    Replacement GS3 arrived today. It came with the original OS Android 4.1.1 installed. It asked during the set up to install the newer update but I declined. The unit is in ‘like new’ condition. I was shocked to say the least, Installation went smooth with all of the issues effected by the newer update no showing up. GPS good to go, 4G good to go, No heat issue, Battery length so far good to go. BlueTooth paired and good to go. Guess I will not do the newer upgrade until I contact Verizon to make sure I can get another unit. My belief is that the older GS3’s have some different hardware inside that caused all of the issues. I do not think that there is a software patch that will fix all of the issues that my unit has/had.

    • rlarson_mn

      As an update. I talked to a Verizon representative about defering the update putting the phone at Android 4.1.2, he suggested strongly that I not do the update. He said Samsung is aware of the issue and is working on it. He also said once the update is installed there is no way backwards other than rooting the phone which he did not suggest I do for obvious reasons. He also said when the update comes up again just continue to defer it until a newer fix for the 4.1.2 update arrives. He did not say when that would be. Soooooo, best advise would be ‘do not do the update’

      • rlarson_mn

        Further, if you have done the update and experience any of the issues I mentioned above ask for a replacement which is the only way to fix the issues.

  • TC

    Great, now I know why I had such crappy receptions, dropped text msg, crappy data, crappy batter and that wifi/4g showing up thing while I was on a trip last weekend. It is also all happening here in my home town where I never loose anything. I guess it is time to finally root my S3. I’m not waiting on Verizon to fix my phone.

  • RoadsterHD1

    S3 owners now know how frustrating it was for Bionic owners, after getting an update and losing data. Sucks right? Don’t worry it will pass. I feel for you guys….