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Verizon Galaxy S3 Struggling With LTE After Latest Update, Other Issues Too?

verizon galaxy s3

Verizon’s variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 received a pretty major update earlier in the week, but according to multiple comments from readers who have taken the new build, the phone may be experiencing some major issues. We’re seeing everything from complaints of poor 4G LTE connectivity to phones auto-subscribing to the newest bloatware add-on from the update called Caller Name ID.Β 

After updating, users are having issues even connecting to LTE, and are finding their phones either stuck on 3G or without a signal altogether.Β For some, the device can connect to 4G LTE, but should it drop back to 3G, it will get stuck their indefinitely until the phone is either rebooted or Airplane mode is toggled on and off. Some have had some success by changing the network settings to LTE/CDMA instead of Global (Settings>More settings>Mobile networks>Network mode), but this seems to only help with getting a 3G connection back, not necessarily stabilizing 4G LTE. It’s a mess for many. Factory resets do not appear to fixing the problems either.

verizon galaxy s3

Others are also reporting incredibly slow data speeds and poor battery life, all after updating. One reader even mentioned that he has two Galaxy S3s, one with the update and another without, and the one without the update is running as good as ever while the updated phone is struggling with everything we just mentioned.

Last, the update included a new bloatware app called Caller Name ID. It’s an app that can be used for free as a trial, but should you opt-in, will then automatically charge you $2.99 per month through Verizon after the trial ends. We’ve had at least two readers claim that the update automatically subscribed them to this new service. To make sure you aren’t subscribed, login to your Verizon Wireless account online, and cruise into the “Change features” section. If you scroll to the very bottom, you’ll see the option for “Caller Name ID for Mobile Devices.” Make sure it hasn’t been added to your account. If it has, click the “Remove” button.

Also, feel free to head into Settings>Application manager>All and find the app in the list. Tap on it and then disable it, so you don’t have to deal with it going forward.

vzw update

This update was supposed to be feature packed, with new toys like Multi Window, but the stability of the update is clearly questionable.

How is your device holding up after the update?

Cheers Michael!

  • dawn

    I’m having trouble with battery life and dropped phone calls. Never had problems with this unill update

  • dawn

    I’m having trouble with battery life and dropped phone calls. Never had problems with this unill update

  • Shelly

    my galaxy s 3 is so screwed up I don’t even know where to start listing everything that’s going wrong with it. The kicker is that my husband & I both got the same phone on the same day & we both had the new update, his phone works fine, mine is a hot mess! There is no comparison, he has a great phone, I have a lemon!

  • Lyric

    One issue I’ve had with the new update was suddenly being unable to send MMS. But thankfully, I managed to fix it by changing my network preference from Global to LTE/CDMA. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • Nolan J

    Do not do the update. I had the update of my phone and my 4GLTE was garbage, my swipe to call/swipe to text didn’t work, and my NFC wouldn’t turn on. All in all, the device was garbage. Talked to Verizon and Samsung both numerous which eventually resulted in Samsung directing me to the nearest Samsung Experience store to have them re-flash my phone with the old version. The GS3 worked perfectly, never needing anything else, but now its useless.

  • Tammy

    im so freaking mad about this update I’m so over cell phones they cant leave well enough alone now my battery life is complete CRAP!!!!!! thanks alot for your wonderful updates

  • Debbi Cunningham

    My S3 is now losing 10% or more battery life per hour. It is ridiculous!

  • Denny

    After the udate my camera has changed. I could crop a pic by adjusting how much I want to crop or what subject I want to crop by the adjustment box that appears on th screen, now there is no box and it blows up just the center of the pic. I liked my phone the old way

  • Jamie Hertter

    I don’t have any major problems with the update. Only that the new drawer feature isn’t always there. Right now, I can’t find it. But I’ve been watching and it’s been in 4GLTE where available. Time will tell.

  • Al Eng

    Well there firmware update has fixed all the problems on my phone and service. For a few days there my phone was going along at about 50%.
    now all is good and maybe better.

  • Al Eng

    Someone please explain to me. You have a top of the line company with top of the line programmers that are probably MIT graduates from all over the world and they release this CARP. I am a service tech and I check my work several times before I sign off. My call back is less then .05%. I just don’t understand these big corporations playing with people livelihoods.

  • Bryce Blalex Douglas

    No wonder why my service has been a bitch lately, damn.

  • Mel

    Awful. Have experienced everything listed.

  • grrr

    CAlls constantly cut out, texts are very difficult to send.. removed the caller id… sooo slowwwwwwww. Fix it!

  • Will-I-am

    I’ve ABSOULTLY had it with VZW!!! I’ve been to Verizon three times about the crawl speed getting on line. If I can even connect. They want to do a factory reset everytime. Their answer for everything. My service and phone are crap now, yet my bill remains the same. I finally called β˜…611 to get a credit due to having next to null for a data connection. My battary life is 25% what it use to be. I’m so sick and tired of Verizons lack of service and support. Their forced plans, reduced sevice and ALWAYS being the last amoung their competitors to offer better services. This “better coverage area” is bull!. I am sooooo done with Verizon!!! Stick your update up your poop shoot Verizon. You owe all of us a credit back on our bills for our data packages until YOUR problem is fixed. I’m not paying for something I’m not receiving. Stand united people.Call *611 and demand a credit back for your nonperforming data plan. I bought a 4G phone for data speed PERIOD!!!!

  • Paolo

    I refused to send in my 2 month old phone and get a certified phone from Verizon, but my fix to this mess was downloading VRBMV1 (the previous version of VZ software) from Samsung-updates and using ODIN to download it to my phone, within and hour from start to finish my phone was back to working perfectly again. To do this I did not have to be rooted and used the volume down, home key, and power button to get the phone in download state.

    • DJ

      Samsung Updates website hasnt been working for days. Anyone know where you can find VRBMV1 ???

  • iceburgh

    Well I talked to a friend whose update went flawless, and is experiencing no issues. I asked him what hardware version his phone has. He has the same hardware version I535.10 as my updated buggy G3

    • Paolo

      I had a friend who though the same thing, he need to run a speed test when the phone is at 2 bars or lower of reception while in LTE or try to update Facebook or a web page. That is when the issue arises when people actually get LTE reception. Others are stuck in 1x or 3G so the issue is more obvious.

  • CorkyGalaxy

    Got my replacement phone last Thursday from Verizon & everything is running normal now. (Actually it seems to be a bit faster than when everything was working on my old phone.) As people have mentioned already, the update that triggered all of these problems is no longer available when you manually check for new updates on the replacement phone. Also, the condition of my “certified like-new” phone is great so don’t worry about that. The screen is flawless & everything seems like it’s brand new so there is a bit of a silver lining with all these “technical difficulties.”

  • Dave1746

    I had the caller id bloatware on my s3. ty

  • chapman1969

    I talked to samsung technical support they said remove the battery on my gs3 and that should help now my phone is working like it should.

  • Lorenzo Segarra

    Once I updated … I did notice the phone acting up at first… slowing down… gps taking long to find satellites… then Thurs I lost 4g…and it stayed stuck on 3g. waited to see if Verizon would take ownership and fix. I really didn’t want to go through the troubleshooting steps with tech support again. Seems every update I get hit with something… I’ve replace 4 sim cards and this will be my 3rd replacement S3 (lemon?). I finally called this morning. After they check my phone on the network. the support person admitted that this has been a major problem – told me the update has been removed until Samsung fixes it and they would be sending me a phone overnight. Damn and after I had my S3 personalized they way I wanted…. I guess I will have to redo to the refurb tomorrow…

    • Paul

      I am getting a new Sim card mailed and giving that a shot before I hand in my 2 month old S3 for some crappy refurb

      • Lorenzo Segarra

        Just got the replacement… still 3g… back on the phone with Verizon… doing the tech support waltz….. should have asked for a sim card too…

  • Steve DeBellis

    Looks like this update was pulled, have two GS3’s on VRBMB1 and they are both saying no updates available

  • Tom Flynn

    I’ve really had quite a few problems due to this update, and I’m getting tired of screwing around with it. I’ve seen a few comments about this possibly being related to older hardware versions of the phone. Has anyone had better luck with newer hardware versions?

    The “hardware version” of my phone is I535.10. Are there different versions out there?

    I hate the idea of getting a used replacement phone from Verizon, but if this fixes the problem, then I can move forward.

  • Unhappy Camper

    Swipe to call from favorites is gone, data connection now blows, Verizon update chugs

  • braves

    The Media Server bug is back. Its up and running and consuming battery. I even removed the SD card to no avail! Man this is one screwed up Update!!!!

  • Jen

    I called Verizon tech support about the LTE fail on my phone. She had me power off my phone, power back on, and dial *228. So far that has fixed the issue

  • rlarson_mn

    Replacement GS3 arrived today. It came with the original OS Android 4.1.1 installed. It asked during the set up to install the newer update but I declined. The unit is in ‘like new’ condition. I was shocked to say the least, Installation went smooth with all of the issues effected by the newer update no showing up. GPS good to go, 4G good to go, No heat issue, Battery length so far good to go. BlueTooth paired and good to go. Guess I will not do the newer upgrade until I contact Verizon to make sure I can get another unit. My belief is that the older GS3’s have some different hardware inside that caused all of the issues. I do not think that there is a software patch that will fix all of the issues that my unit has/had.

    • rlarson_mn

      As an update. I talked to a Verizon representative about defering the update putting the phone at Android 4.1.2, he suggested strongly that I not do the update. He said Samsung is aware of the issue and is working on it. He also said once the update is installed there is no way backwards other than rooting the phone which he did not suggest I do for obvious reasons. He also said when the update comes up again just continue to defer it until a newer fix for the 4.1.2 update arrives. He did not say when that would be. Soooooo, best advise would be ‘do not do the update’

      • rlarson_mn

        Further, if you have done the update and experience any of the issues I mentioned above ask for a replacement which is the only way to fix the issues.

  • TC

    Great, now I know why I had such crappy receptions, dropped text msg, crappy data, crappy batter and that wifi/4g showing up thing while I was on a trip last weekend. It is also all happening here in my home town where I never loose anything. I guess it is time to finally root my S3. I’m not waiting on Verizon to fix my phone.

  • RoadsterHD1

    S3 owners now know how frustrating it was for Bionic owners, after getting an update and losing data. Sucks right? Don’t worry it will pass. I feel for you guys….

  • Scott

    I’m dealing with 3g and 4G LTE signals, slow data, and items
    being removed from my dock area each time I restart my phone. I hope an update
    is released to fix all of this mess. This is the first time I have ever been disappointed
    with my S3.

  • TalonDesigns

    Got the new phone… Set it all up, and decided to hold off on the update this time around. I actually got a hold of the rep that I spoke with the other day, and he told me that it would be a better idea to NOT do the update on the S3 that I just received as a replacement.


    So – Sorry guys. I can not attest to whether or not the update will work on a replacement phone, as (quite honestly) I don’t really want to go through the trouble again. The new features, just aren’t worth chancing it to me.

    Besides that? They sent me a refurb (albeit in better shape than my old S3), so it is more than likely an original gen S3, and probably prone to the same issues as the one I had before.

    • pizzaparties

      Seems like a smart move. I like some of the new stuff in the update, but yeah totally not worth it to have terrible data.

  • dee

    I updated my s3 and have had nothing but connectivity problems. From 4g to nothing at all. It also automatically signed me up for that calller id app and I rebooted, factory wiped it and called verizon 3 times with no help. I disabled the caller id app but when I’m at home I have little to no internet when I use to have 4 bars of 4g. When are they going to fix this problem? I pay to much money for the phone and a month for the service they should be on top of this matter better than what they are doing.

    • Don

      I went to Verizon. They removed and reinserted my SIM card. This after I had reset mobile networks from “global” to “LTE/CDMA’. The SIM card reset seemed to fix the problem (I think). Try it.

  • I had rooted my phone to try out Synergy ROM, Hyperdrive ROM, and CyanogenMod ROM. All three had success with LTE, but the camera wouldn’t work for all, and Torch would only work for Cyanogen.

    I unrooted and restored to the stock ROM (VLK1 build — the one prior to MB1), and everything was working again (camera, torch, 4G). I’ve updated from VLK1 to MB1, and everything was still working. From there, I updated to the newest stock update — the one that bricked the 4G — and so far, everything has been working fine: camera, 4G, torch. So, that’s how I fixed my phone…

  • Dustan

    I haven’t had any problems but we have reports from several people of similar problems.

  • Tom Flynn

    My phone constantly looses 4G. It’s locked up 4 times since the update, but never before. Interface speed has slowed to a crawl. Verizon wants me to reset the phone. Forget it, I’ll loose too much data from apps.

    • Don

      The guy at Verizon Wireless pulled my SIM card and reinserted. So far it seems to have cleared the issue. Try it.

      • Tom Flynn

        Tried it. Didn’t fix the problem. Thanks, anyway.

  • droidrazredge

    After seeing the recent comments I guess it’s safe to assume that I still should not update my girlfriends Galaxy S3 to the new OTA update because problems are still plaguing people. I was thinking it was a small amount of people being affected but it seems like this is a bigger problem than originally thought.

    Has anyone that has been having problems heard anything from Verizon as to when a fix will be implemented or has Verizon been sending you guys all replacement phones ? If they have sent you a replacement phone are you guys going to try updating that phone or keep it on the initial 4.2.1 update prior to this ?

    One thing though, since it is an OTA update, won’t the phone eventually force the update upon the phone, sort of like how Windows Update will force the PC to restart, or is there a way to stop the OTA update completely ?

    • Don

      Verizon wireless guy pulled the SIM card and reinsterted. Seems to have cleared the problem. Not that I recommend accepting the update if you haven’t already. But if you are forced to, try that.

  • rlarson_mn

    Has no GPS signal bars at all after the upgrade. 4G signal dropped by a measure of 28511kbps before upgrade to 11032kbps download speed. Battery length on an average day of 16 hours by 40% after the upgrade. Heat generated in the area SIM and mini SD slot area with heat generated under the front lower face glass. Have tried pulling battery, SIM and SD cards for over a minute with no change in issues. Also did change the Global setting to LTE/CDMA. Also disabled the Caller Name ID. Called Verizon today and after explaining the above was told a replacement Galaxy S3 would be over nighted to me. Also received multiple I am Sorries from each person I spoke to.

    • braves

      I am on the same boat as you. Please let me know if the new device solves these problems.

      • braves

        Right now my download speeds never exceed more than 3000kbps. Most of the times its < 1000 kbps.

      • rlarson_mn

        The repacement phone came at 4.1.1, the Verizon rep I was dealing with strongly suggested not to do the update. He said Samsung was aware of the issues and was working on a fix with its delivery unknown at this time. If your unit acts like mine request a replacement and do not do the update. If you have not done the update refuse it and keep refusing it.

    • apdimatteo

      I just received my replacement device today and the software is back to pre-update mode and working perfectly. I guess I won’t be hitting “update” anytime soon.

      • braves

        Is this a brand new phone? Or a recertified one? What if these recertified ones have other issues? They must have been returned for some fault…

        • apdimatteo

          Recertified. So far no problems with it. For what it’s worth, I’ve never really had any problems with a recertified device except on rare occasion.

  • Scott

    I had a isuse after doing the update from Verizon on the S3 all of my photos on my SD card where delected. I called Verizon and they logged this as a issue there not sure if anyone else had this happen.

  • Tanya Ferdoushi

    This new update caused my screen to go blurry and shut off!! Not its not turning back on :/ every time I click on the power button it vibrates but the screen is black! I never ever dropped my phone! And to think I was so excited for this update.

    • Tanya Ferdoushi

      Now it’s not***

  • TalonDesigns

    Followup –

    I posted earlier about having these issues…

    Made a phone call to Verizon, and with no hassle at all, they are sending a new replacement phone. The tech was fully aware of the situation, and admitted that normally they would make me walk through a factory reset and a few other things, but understood that it wouldn’t fix the problem.

    That being said – call them.. Be polite, explain the situation… You will get your resolve.

    • braves

      What makes you think a replacement phone will solve this issue? If it’s a software issue, even a new piece of hardware is going to suck, isn’t it?

      • TalonDesigns

        Just because the name of the phone hasn’t changed over the past year (or so), doesn’t mean that the device itself hasn’t gone through changes since it’s initial release. In fact, there are even differences that make certain cases not fit the original versus the more recent ones.

        That’s what makes me think a replacement phone will solve the issue.

        • pizzaparties

          Update us when you get the new one. My phone is pretty much useless without wifi and I’m looking for a solution as well.

          • TalonDesigns

            You can count on it. It should be at my doorstep when I get home from work today. I will update as soon as possible.

          • pizzaparties

            I’m getting a replacement sent to me tomorrow. I couldn’t wait. So frustrating to have your phone just not work. Hoping to hear this fixes yours so it will fix mine too.

          • TalonDesigns

            Yah. Agreed. Well, a couple things lead me to believe that it will help (dare I say ‘fix’) the problem.

            1 – Not everyone has the issue. The people that I know personally that have the SIII and are experiencing the issues, are early bloomers, ones that followed my lead when the phone was first released. The ones that are not having the problem, are the ones that waited a while, for the price to come down, etc…

            2 – Verizon quick to send out phones to people that call. The fact that you were able to (with what sounds like no hassle) get a new phone as well, somewhat says that they know it fixes the issue. I would find it hard to believe that they would just send out a bunch of phones blindly. If you know what I mean.

            As with anything else tech related, you NEVER really know for sure, but I certainly have my hopes set high. I’ll let ya know later on. I would be interested in hearing the same tomorrow when you get yours.

          • droidrazredge

            Can you let me know if this fixes your problems ? I want to update my girlfriends phone as she really wants the update, but I am being cautious about updating due to everyone having these problems.

          • braves

            Are you guys getting new phones? Or recertified ones? What if these recertified ones have other issues?

    • apdimatteo

      I received my replacement today. It doesn’t have the new update on it and is working fine. I will not be hitting “update” anytime soon.

  • PiccPete

    Yep, connectivity issues since the update; on WiFi it still says 4F, changes to 3G, then to 1X. Went into store, she seemed totally unaware of the issue. Connected phone to her WiFi HotSpot, it also went to 4G, then 3G, then to 1X. She said 1X hadnt been around for years, was old technology. Said she could reset to factory settings but then it would do the update and still have same prob; she ordered me a new (rehabbed, I reckon) phone to be mailed to my home.
    I really DO love my s3 !! Will see how the new one does.

    • PiccPete

      excuse typos please, I have bad hands..

  • Bemused Verizon Customer

    They know the update has failed, and they’ve already got a fix in the works for it. I spoke with a Verizon employee who let it slip that the fix won’t be out until September. Until then the best you can do is get a warranty replacement if you’re eligible, because not ALL of the phones are having problems.

  • vzwemp

    As a verizon employee ill tell u Verizon is aware of this issue and had notified Samsung. I guess the ball is in Samsung court now

    • Danyel724

      Way to pass the buck Verizon!

  • TalonDesigns

    I too am having issues with my LTE connectivity.

    I live in a fairly low signal area, but before the update, i was having better reception/connectivity than I have had in years. After the update though, I am having similar issues (little or no LTE, inability to send text messages, dropped calls, etc)

    Initially, I checked the Global/LTE radio issue. That seemed to actually help certain things, but not wholesale, and honestly it only helped when I was at work. After the problems persisted, I did a factory reset, and wiped the device hoping that might fix it, also to no avail. No worse, but certainly no better.

    Both of these things I did the day I grabbed the update, mainly because it’s the only connectivity I have outside of the interwebs while I am at home. Else, I would have waited and kept an eye out here, to notice that the factory reset made no difference.

    Either way – not really sure what my post does to help, or what? Consider it more of an “Yup – me too” type of statement.

  • My LTE works just fine. Maybe the ppl with issues should toggle the network from Global to LTE in their settings and see if it works

  • MattInPDX

    I’m not having any 4G issues but my battery life sucks something awful now. πŸ™

  • David Du Buron

    I have noticed that since the update my Verizon S3 is loosing it’s battery at a rate greater than 10% an hour. It used to last the whole day, but now it will die before I leave the office if I don’t plug it back in.

  • Uk2usadan

    Both mine and my wife’s S3 have been left almost useless by this update. We keep losing our data connections completely, (one minute my wife will have a connection and I won’t and the next I will have a connection and she wont), almost all calls are dropped at some point, and using GPS with Google navigation drains our batteries faster than the mobile charger can charge it… My phone went flat while plugged in.

  • Robm674

    I am a VZ customer,

  • Master O’Disaster

    If this is the total junk we get stuck with, why do we also have to wait so long for the “VZW-Tested-Forever-For-Your-Love” updates?

    VZW updates seem at least as unstable as the updates that come out a day or two after the manufacturers release their blessed versions to the carriers.

  • Walter

    Works great if I remove my SIM card. SIM card in and I have all the issues described above.

  • Major_Pita

    GSM Nexus. Can you hear me now?

  • apdimatteo

    My S3, stock, can’t connect to 4G at all until a restart. Even when reporting 4G with a bar or two I am in reality only connecting to 3G.

  • Joseph Ricci

    Phone has become a piece of crap since update.

  • Danyel724

    Ever since the update my emails won’t sync and the s beam no longer works, anyone else encounter these problems?

    • Danyel724

      Also the GPS no longer works.

  • Renny

    Thanks Courtney Harris- disabled the caller I’d app and immediately resolved the issue of Wifi & 4g running simultaneously!

  • john fragoulias

    No issues here, CM10.1 RC4/JB4.2.2 with Nova Launcher, phone runs smooth as butter. Do all of yourselves a favor, Root your phones “it’s easy as pie” and get rid of all that Samsung and especially Verizon bloatware “that does nothing but slow down the phone”, once you run a phone without all that bloatware is when you will realize the true sweetness of Android.

    • Anthony Ferriello

      I was running that version of CM but the couldnt seem to get the camera or torch to work and nothign about it on any forums. Any suggestions?

  • Ashley M

    After receiving this update, my volume went down tremendously- I couldn’t barely hear anyone. It was so bad I had to put them on speakerphone, also the problems with the Internet, phone constantly freezing up. I ended up calling Verizon and they are sending me a brand new phone.

  • Dan M

    This is is what happens when a phone company gets involved in things they have no business getting involved in. Verizon is a phone company, period! They have no business injecting themselves into any software whatsoever. Want to know why the iPhone is so solid? Because they don’t allow moron phone companies like Verizon to stick their amateur hands in their software!! If Samsung has any brains in the future, it will not allow Verizon to ever mess with their ROMs again! This company should stick to climbing telephone poles!

    • tony31lv

      I couldn’t agree more. Thats why I will be going back to iphone when the new one comes out. So tired of verizons updates breaking perfectly good android. Did it to my incredible thunderbolt nexus and now s3. But I love the coverage in vegas.

  • joelarias76

    Having all the above mentioned problems. Signal competely dropping. Mobile hotspot keeps dropping or not connecting at all.. Very poor battery. Phone still doesnt connect to computer via usb (usb device not recognized) i eeally hope they roll an update out soon!! Either way i think im done with samsung products altogether.. Next upgrade will definetely not be a galaxy.. :/

    • GOO

      Its VZW not Samsung. Only Verizon users get caught up in the crap. My friends with the s3 on other carriers don’t experience these things.

  • Chris Cox

    I’ve been having the same problems with poor 4G connectivity where I had no issues whatsoever before the update. I have now forced my phone into 3G mode (using an app) and that seems to help with the battery drain and the dropped data, but it’s…3G. A temporary semi-fix for a stupid problem to be having on the best selling Android phone in the country. Is it too late to root with this build because I’m really considering it now.

  • Hilly

    This is horrible I live right outside Philadelphia and always had great 4g reception, now im lucky to get 2 bars. Is there anything I can do to get the phone back to the way it was before the update?

    • Ciro Samperi

      I talked to Verizon, I swapped my SIM card and everything went back to normal. They said it’s common especially when the SIM is included in the update. Swap your SIM, you should be fine.

  • DonP

    I’m experiencing every issue mention here. 3G, battery life, everything. Total mess. They need to fix this sh** fast.

  • Waving Verizon GOOD-BYE

    This update has some SERIOUS problems. DO NOT DOWNLOAD until Verizon and Samsung have fixed the bugs. I called Verizon, and they told me to contact Samsung – and Samsung told me it was a Verizon bandwidth issue. All I know is that I’m getting pissed when both of them leave me holding the bag!

    Caller ID app and Global roaming default work-arounds DO NOT fix the “speed of molasses” 4G or the problems linking into your various cloud accounts.

    I used to love my S3, but now, because of the updated software, it is just a dark blue Piece of CRAP. If this isn’t fixed with 48 hours, Verizon will have lost a customer – a very VOCAL customer!

    Thanks Verizon for releasing your garbage without proper testing!

  • Jeff Rendeluk

    Verizon is sending me a Razr hd because of signal strength problems with the S3 sure hope it works better. I’ll miss my Galaxy but the Razr is sounding pretty good with great battery life and great signal strength and clear calls from what I read, kinda excited.

    • buckazui

      wish u luck man i do not like the razr line up except for the maxx and its big battery. galaxy to the core right here i am one of the hated gnex users but i will fully admit samsung has weak radios. i’m just lucky to live in a strong 4g network

  • ludmila

    Samsung garbage what you expect.

  • DeMarco Ray

    My Verizon S3 keeps restarting. Lte does not work, can’t add apps to multi window like you can on other variants. Verizon should just let Samsung handle all updates. (We will get the full Premium suite and 4.2.)

  • S3woes

    I’ve noticed that my data is extremely slow after the update. Only when I have 1-2 bars of LTE.

  • Yes, all of these problems are affecting our two S3s that got the software update. The LTE reception is the biggest problem. It cannot even complete a speed test with ping times 1000+ms, and download speeds that rarely break 20kbps. The speed test always fails on the upload. Before we had solid 10-15Mbps downloads and near-equivalent uploads.

    Reception bars on service have also dropped and the battery is running very hot, which indicate why battery life has declined.

    If the phone drops down to 3G, at least you can use it, and it will stay in 3G mode permanently until a reboot.

    I also have the caller ID multiple Wi-Fi/3G-4G icons that got fixed after killing that bloatware.

    This is inexcusable and obvious, especially that caller ID issue. It gives me very little confidence Verizon is actually testing these updates sufficiently. 4G service for me is totally unusable and the only fix is trying to get Verizon to swap the phone and not allow it to upgrade.

    • Doug

      Hey Phil I live out here in Webster/Rochester and have the exact same problems you are having on my S3. Didn’t have ANY problems before the update.

      • Walk into a store and request a refurb replacement be mailed to you. It is now a known issue at Verizon so they were willing to replace both of my phones. There is no ETA on a fix. Also request a service credit.

  • SilentPatriot

    I’m screaming as loudly as possible at both Verizon and Samsung on this botched update. 4G issue is real, and very serious if you are under 3 bars of coverage. They are trying to pass the buck, but that’s not gonna fly with as popular as the GS3 is. They need to pull, fix, and release something that works.

  • krmtdfrg25

    This is the reason I always root my phones and never depend on Verizon.

  • Robert Aubey

    I’m hesitant on getting this new update that my phone just pulled. Is it really that bad?

  • StLouisCPhT

    No problems here. 4G LTE is running at 30 down and 6 up in St Louis, MO. I’ve never tested it before as I was using a 3G phone until friday, however. There was a moment last night when I did drop to 3G followed by a complete loss of signal, but I think it is safe to say that was more the fault of the tornado passing through the area than the update.

  • Shawn

    im glad i saw this issue because my connectivity seems completely boned since this update. i lose 4g constantly and almost always go into 3g when in im a building if not lose connection all together when this never happened before and always had 4g going. tried the lte/ cdma switch and that didnt help. battery drops faster now too although im sure its becuase its usually searching for whatever speed i can get. ugh this blows. disabled that stupid caller id thing as soon as i saw this too before that screwed me like some people.

  • counsel

    Ugh… Verizon fails Android-again… Time to hack & ditch the Verizon software.

  • dana

    I keep having a problem with being on wifi but it is also on 4g LTE also.. kind of gets annoying

    • dana

      never mind I saw the post below.. just disabled the called Id app

  • Mark Mann

    and you can call verizon, they’ll tell you to call samsung…when you call samsung they’ll tell you that since you can still use it as a phone, it’s not broken and therefore there’s nothing they’ll do for you…


    I’m experiencing the same problems – slow connections, intermittent loss of data signal, warning messages telling me I have no internet service, and loss of email sync capabilities. And … no way to dump this upgrade and reload older software version.

    I’m beginning to feel like a Microsoft client – when did Samsung decide to use me as an unwilling beta tester for mediocre software updates?

    • Christopher Lee

      You can find older versions available online, or through Kies software that’ll get you back to stock, previous working versions… I was rooted, used an old version which took me back to unroot stock, then ran the latest OTA, and rooted again… You can find ’em… If there’s a way through here, get a hold of me and I’ll give ya instructions on how to… But I will say this… Make sure you have your data backed up, as running a downgrade through either Odin, or Kies WILL completely clear your phone… **(NOT Your External SD Card, but any data on the device itself)**

  • Charles

    FINALLY I can get name ID on my cel phone!!! I have had this feature on my landline for years. I will happily pay a measly $2.99 for it. I can’t believe you are so negative about this feature.

    • Danyel724

      Except that its free on landlines and should be free on our cell phones too, or they should give us the option of uninstalling it.

      • charles

        Like I said, I feel $2.99 is a reasonable price. Carriers have to pay every time they look up a name to deliver to your phone, so they have to pass the cost on. I have wanted name delivery for years on my cel phone. Now it is available. The picture delivery feature is pretty cool as well…..can’t do THAT on a landline. πŸ˜‰

      • MattInPDX

        It may be free on landlines now but that’s because it’s bundled into the price. Maybe you aren’t old enough to know that it used to be a pay for add on.

        Having said that, there’s no way I’m paying for that feature.

        • Danyel724

          I remember when it first came out and that you had to pay for it separately. I don’t want to have to pay for it for my cell though and I’m tired of them putting these apps on our phones and wanting us to pay separately for them and making it impossible to uninstall them without rooting our phones.

  • bananatroll

    The question is this:

    What is Samsung’s newest plasticrap line of phones NOT struggling with?

    • T4rd

      Sales. πŸ˜‰

  • itcisq

    Interesting article. Visit CISQ + OMG event http://it-cisq.org/omg-technical-meeting-2/

  • Scott Clark

    Noticed the Wifi/4g LTE this week, disabled Caller ID app and waiting to see if that solves the issue for me. Just encountered the full bars, ni actual connectivity bug, and that led me here. Here’s to hoping a fix comes soon.

  • ThomasB

    I would really, really love the update if it had not so adversely affected my 4G LTE signal It did so in the worse way. My wife’s S3 was not updated and her signal at the home location is fine. I cannot run on 4G from my home and 3G is also poor. Strangely, 4G does work fine in certain locations with very high 4G signal strength. It was fine before the update. The Verizon store in Papillion, NE was as helpful as it could be with this problem, but the problem and update was new to them. They replace the SIM card but it did not help. The Caller ID junk had to be disabled so that I would not be charged (I hope). Do NOT select this app icon because it will activate. It is very surprising to me that a big, reputable company like Verizon would SPAM loyal customers with such junk crap like this Caller ID thing. Very disappointed in them especially since most of this update was so long in coming and most welcomed. No testing and maybe they need the money. If SPRINT ever fixes it’s 4G or lack of it in Omaha, I might have to move unless Verizon does something serious and quick to repair their image.

  • cedjunior

    My 4G LTE has gone down the toilet too.


    I’m having some serious issues. After the phone has been idling while connected to LTE, once a new connection is pinged, it takes up to 20 seconds for the LTE to start up/down. I never had this problem before….Coincidence that the S4 is available for sale? I think not….

  • Ciro Samperi

    So i just got off the phone with Verizon and troubleshot my phone. They said this problem happens all the time when they update phones. They said when I updated the phone the communication between the OS and the sim card got messed up. She told me it was not just singled out to this phone or this update. The lady made me switch sim cards (i had extras as they sent me too many one time) and now i am back to same reception i had before the update. I have not updated my wife’s phone and now when i compare the two the signal is the same. As for the battery life i don’t know i have disabled all the new bloatware i have seen so hopefully that helps. The real test will be on Monday when i go back to work out in the middle of nowhere where i usually have full 4G LTE. Yet after i did the update tonight i was down to 1X or no signal whatsoever, when i was right by my work. Hope this helps!

  • Cory Booth

    Just spreading the word…

    So I had MB1…. Full stock (plus root)…
    I went ahead and upgraded using Bean’s rooted MD3…
    Flashed the MD3 Firmware….

    No issues operationally, but I am a big commuter and use mapping a lot.

    I noticed that my maps were offline several times into work today…
    Having just come from a Thunderbolt, I began paying attention to the 4g… I watched the 4G/3G constantly drop and stall… Having gone through this before on the TB, I did all the network jogs, airplane mode, unfroze all the frozen apps, rebooted, davlik – etc… No joy…

    Got home and checked the wife, she and I had same signal strength, just to make sure it wasn’t my phone…

    Saw the notes on Global to LTE and various other points – including Caller Name ID – tried them all – nothing helped.

    For a quick experiment, I flashed just the modem/radio from MB1, understanding the rest of the firmware wouldn’t be compatible with the net kernel… Phone functioned, same data issues…

    So… I completely reversed my phone back to MB1… Now with a MB1 and a MD3 side by side, I loaded Google maps with traffic on…

    The MB1 was near instantaneous with traffic indicators…
    The MD3 took a few seconds as it staggered the traffic reports…

    Flipped to FaceBook app… The MB1 immediately was lite up with data download/upload… MD3 paused, then started…

    Strangely, the signal strength was near exact between the two phones….

    But the speed and delay with the MD3 made me wipe off the MD3 and reload MB1… Happy now, without multi-windows…

    Next time I’ll remember to be more patient and use one phone as the dev for a few days.

  • With my Samsung Galaxy S3 is an excellent product, the updated features as well as its technology is good.

  • Guest

    With my Galaxy S3 is mootjj Samsng great product, the updated features as well as its technology is good.

  • mini-me

    no LTE @ work anymore. sound down to a minimum. horrid audio

  • Thismilkisourmilk

    Just go into the Caller ID APP and there is a functn to “Delete APP” Solved all my problems except for Right swype to call.

  • chad

    I did a sim pull and battery pull and reset network to cdma/lte from global and it seems better so far. Could be placebo but hoping not.

  • Climb94

    I accepted the update this morning but deferred it till tonight. (Should’ve read this thread first.) Does anyone know if I can defer the update further or cancel it?

    What would happen if I just powered off the phone at the designated update time?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas!

  • Yupppp

    So I guess I should keep deferring the update? I didn’t install it today when it popped up.

  • Zach Armstrong

    This is the same thing that happened to me Gnex after it was update to Jellybean 4.2.2 I used to have full 4G coverage in my house now I get none Had to go back to a Motorola device just to get service

  • pedrodepacas

    Phone is lagging big time, what a crappy update. I used to get great 4 g at my home, now I’m lucky to get one fn bar. Verizon chupan verga!

  • I just picked up an S3. Should arrive tomorrow.

    Anyone have suggestions for good ROMs?

  • Dan

    Turning the Airport mode on and off seems to have done the trick for me for now. Holding my breath.

  • grayson360

    Mine is doing ok. I also factory reset literally 5 minutes before I updated. I have great 4G and even more 4G than I did before. Usually I lose signal in my basement, now I have 1 bar of 4G.

    • jcampbell474

      I understand the bars to represent voice signal only. Data is only represented with the 4G, 3G,1x icons only.

  • Jensen Senat

    Swiping to call someone in my contacts now works maybe 20% of the time, compared to 100% Irritating because i use this literally all the time.

  • alpine2g

    Sure enough looked in my account and was signed up! I’m rooted so froze the app with TIBU.

  • Eric

    Had the same issue with the Galaxy Nexus after the last update. It got so bad I had to switch to a different model phone all together.

  • Scott McAllister

    I can totally confirm this. I manually sought out the update last night (big mistake) and now I’m having LTE issues left and right with it. Dropping LTE, slow GPS updating, dropping down to 3G. Factory reset did nothing since the update stays installed.

    My kingdom for a way to roll my phone back to pre-update status…

  • Trent Harris

    Count me as one who has all the issues mentioned here. I thought I was crazy and went to a VZW store yesterday to address. They didn’t know so sent me a new S3 which arrived today. New phone had the new update and same signal level so I knew it wasn’t my actual phone.

    Question though….I don’t recall but where there a new modem in this new update? If so, maybe we can flash an older modem. A custom rom (Moar, Synergy, etc) might not fix this if the modem was changed and is the culprit.

  • zroid

    I contacted Verzion to check and report LTE and battery issue with new build. They made me do a factory reset during second call to them and now sending me a certified after third call.

  • Trevor

    I don’t understand: Verizon has the longest frickin testing process to make sure their phones work and everything, which results in countless update delays, yet their updates still suck sometimes. What the hell?

  • SynnerSam

    ya my phone is sucking big time now…the LTE handshake from WIFI to LTE is horrible!!! how could they release something like this? WTF

  • Jason

    For me it seems like when I connect to wifi, data is still being used, 3g/4g does not disappear or for only short time

  • Bessie Arino

    I’m getting exactly what this is talking about. My 4G LTE is not the strongest where I live, but strong at my dad’s place.. but now it just sucks overall.. What’s the point of having Unlimited Data if I have to connect to WiFi?

  • coolsilver

    Sounds like my Thunderbolt. The more they messed with it the more I had to cycle my data/radios and the less I got 4G speeds.

  • Jam Master Jim

    it probably took 6 weeks to test this failed build..

    • Trevor


  • Razr13

    Except for the bloat, this is extactly what happened with the Droid Razr update. LTE is spotty and slow. Also battery is not what it used to be.

  • Steve

    If you go into the Caller Name ID app’s settings you can actually uninstall it to completely remove it. It’s under “account” settings.

  • Liam Spurr

    I’ve since rooted and am now running CM 10.1 but I ran the update yesterday and experienced terrible battery life as well as way more lag than usual. Like swiping between home screens was god awful.

  • TruthHurts

    If all you have to say is SPELLING and GRAMMAR mistakes, you lost. Plain and simple. So now not only are u an idiot but your a loser too. Sucks for you. Shoulda kept your mouth shut and listened. I know most of you are laymen and can barely dress yourself in the AM nevermind root a phone. Point is, if you refuse to put in the work to correct something fixable, you dont have the right to complain about it. Root your phone and/or STFU. Schleprocks who can’t root a phone don’t belong on this site. DUECES bishes

    • anon

      Does it hurt to be that ignorant or is it really as blissful as the old proverb says?

  • zaxwashere

    Sounds a bit like my ol’ Gnex

  • florious80

    I haven’t updated mine. Is it going to be forced OTA? or will the phone not update unless I go to settings to search for update?


    I’m glad i read this i was automatically in the trial called I.D. and didn’t even notice I haven’t gotten any of the other problems though

  • Itchy_Robot

    Mine is working fine

  • Chris Stuart

    I am having poor battery life as well, but it seems to be coming from “google services”. I have 29% battery left after 9.5 hours off the charger and less than 30min screen time… Also, my GPS is garbage, but thats nothing new. I might use this update to see if I can get a new phone out of verizon.

    • DigitalEnforcer

      There was actually a fix for the S3 GPS signal issue (as long as it has nothing to do with this update). All you have to do it open up the back of your phone and tighten the 10 or so screws. It’s a crazy fix, but it worked for mine and many others.

      Hope that helps with the GPS as least πŸ™‚

  • Scott Kart

    Definitely having issues connecting to 4g and when I do have it…brutally slow

  • TimXer

    Yep, had the caller ID issue, no 4G issues, love the multi-window – cool as s***! Don’t know how functional in real life but darn cool – used once last night in real life, watching a video, rec’d a text from son, split the screen read/replied

    • matt

      I like the multi window too, but mine keeps showing up and then disappearing. Am in doing something wrong or is this a flaw?

  • Zack Kolev

    Its ironic that Verizon is so committed to locking down phones making it difficult for customers to go rooted, and then release crap updates like this which can be fixed easily if you have an open bootloader and root access. It’s like they locked all the doors and windows and started pumping in the toxic gas. And the only ones that can leave are branded criminals. Not really the best way to keep customers…

  • jim

    Wife just called,she said so far hers is fine,strong signal, took a pic and sent in a text message, crossing my fingers

  • Ryan

    I hate that people are quick to blame Verizon for the update issue. Samsung made it approved it and pushed it out. Verizon cant find everything out. Just shows how brainwashed some people are that samsung is all high and mighty and incapable of errors.

    • Chris Stuart

      But, true, but these issues have not popped up on the other variants of the S3. Also, verizon added more bloat that seems to be the cause of a good portion of the problems.

      • Christopher Lee


        • Christopher Lee

          What’s even worse, is that I contcted Samsung about a couple other inquories and I asked them about building one set device and updating as a collective, the same way Crapple sends out one iphone to all carriers… I was told that each carrier dictates what the specs are for devices on their network… custom built for each carrier…. talk about ridiculous…

      • Ryan

        True but my wifes S3 is not able to update at all. It says no network connection. Hard resets wont fix it. Samsung had to build a specific version for all carriers and they blew Verizon. Im over the phone and the hype. I just hate that people have tunnel vision and only see samsung. Look at ppl down voting me for it.

        • pickaname

          You have to pick up a new Sim card. It’s the only way to fix that problem. For some reason on the verizon forums a bunch og sims aren’t registered on the update server.

    • I agree. Some people seem to forget that there are no Verizon phone factories anywhere in the world. All Verizon does is stick their name on it.

    • deadpenguins

      The problems are only on VZW’s GS3. Just shows how quick people are to jump at any opportunity to attack a fanboy, even if it is entirely misplaced.

      • ryan

        are you saying my comment was misplaced?

    • Mark Wimmer

      The modem software was updated during this one and that is ONLY Verizon-based. That is the major issue for this update. It took V almost 3 months of serious badgering when this first came out and many people had the 4G issue.

  • iceburgh

    Have had the 3G error since the update. I’ve put it into airplane mode, to put it back into 4G and mobile data didnt come back. So I had to reboot, which 4G came back. This happened 2 times. However I am in places in my house and work where I was getting 4G and now it hops to 3G. Battery life does seem worse, but no way to verify that.
    All this for multiwindow and the new camera settings. *Sigh*
    Noticed the new bloatware right away, when in 10 minutes after the update I saw this weird new screen appear when I was getting a call. Sure enough, and it’s been disabled 30 minutes after the install. Verizon better get a new fix out ASAP

  • John

    My data has been non-existent for 2 days



  • Eric Silva

    Same as reported in the story. My data is near useless.

  • Zhi An Liu

    anyone know if there is a new root method with for update in the works? I am not sure if previous root methods will work after this update

    • Christopher Lee

      The root method usong Odin over on XDA has been updated and will continue to work… I took my rooted GS3 back to unroot stock, OTA’d played with it for a minute than went back to root with the latest firmware…

  • jim

    My wife is going to kill me, i updated her s3 this morning before she went to work, just tried to call her and all i got was static,


    mine seems to be fine across the board….. and I just now read this post and changed the settings lol!

  • Mike

    Having same problems

  • AbelRod

    after i updated i couldnt update any apps but i have since fixed it by clearing data and force stop to the play store and google system frame work and then reboot

  • SMD

    Although so far my phone isn’t experiencing issues with this update, it does remind me of what happened to my old phone “HTC Thunderbolt”. When I got it, it worked perfect but many people had “restarting issues” so Verizon updated it and from then on I suddenly had all those same issues that others were having until the day I gave it up. Bummer. Knock on wood for this update cuz I do like the new gallery tweaks and the multi-window thing.

  • akingsfan

    I am experiencing just about ALL of these issues (except for the Caller Name ID). My battery life is SIGNIFICANTLY less, and my 4G LTE connection is unstable. I hope they are working fast & furious on a fix for this! I’m always excited for upgrades, but always nervous, as well, for this very reason!

    • m6droid

      Same here…I thought battery life was a noticeable drop then I thought maybe I was on crack. Thanks for confirming the battery life. As for crack…still unsure.

      • akingsfan

        LOL! Brilliant reply, my friend!

    • mechapathy

      And as soon as they have the fix ready they’ll push it out. After they test it for three months.

  • Scott Tilney

    I’m having trouble sending text and picture messages after the update. I have to restart in order for them to send. 4g and 3g are now down often. I can’t even use navigation sometimes.

  • MrToTo83

    The issue i had was with the camera. It would take a picture but not save it (external or internal) i did a reset and at least that was fixed.

  • bouchigo

    I was having all these mentioned issues. I just went back to my LiquidSmooth backup and everything is good again. Something is definitely up with that latest update.

  • Leo

    Yup I told you guys about this as soon as I updated it. Which was right after you guys said the update went live.

  • David

    Yes I actually just got off the phone with verizon earlier (before seeing this post), the CS agent mentioned they have been getting some complaints about the new update. Transferred me to tech support, opened a ticket, said an engineer will be in the area and I will get a response (yeah right, never do). Needless to say, I am experiencing the mentioned data issues AS WELL as LOTS of dropped calls (I had 5 dropped calls in a 30 minute period of time, they confirmed it was all from my device dropping it, the other 3 dropped calls was from my girlfriends phone I was talking to, which has the exact same phone and is also on the new update, overall 8 dropped calls in 30-40 minutes) which I never had before so badly. Also I must admit, my battery has seemed to drain much quicker, I EVEN HAVE that mophie case/battery which is like having 2 – 2.5 batteries, and yet my battery was down to 28% by the end of the night last night — normally I end up still having AT LEAST 50-60% left with the mophie case battery on after the mophie battery is drained from keeping my phone charged at 100% most of the day. so go figure.

    • KleenDroid

      I would call and say you want an S4 right away. They will offer another S3 which will also be defective. This is their fault.

      • Why should they give you a brand-new phone to replace your old phone, just because of a technical error on a phone Verizon didn’t build? Opportunists like you just make it harder for the rest of us

        • deadpenguins

          Didn’t build it? What does that have to do with anything? They pushed a garbage update to a phone and if the issue is not remedied in DAYS then they need to own up to it. People rely heavily on their service to work in the business world, and this nonsense is money lost to them.

          • StLouisCPhT

            You don’t have to immediately accept the updates they “push” out. Or did you somehow manage to not see the options to defer or reject the update?

          • TylerChappell

            When I had my Thunderbolt, which I also had rooted but with stock software back in the day, I would continuously reject the Verizon update (this was around july-august 2011). Despite continuously rejecting it every time it popped up, my phone auto-downloaded AND installed *tried to install* the update while I was sleeping, without my permission/consent. This got my phone indefinitely stuck in a bootloop which quickly drained the extended battery until I was able to get into Recovery and restore an older backup.

            It’s bs like this why Verizon can kiss my ass.
            Rejecting an unwanted update does not guarantee that the update won’t still be forced onto your phone when you’re not looking. Not on Verizon at least.

        • Tina Filteau

          Maybe because my phone is junk now and was perfect before the update!

        • Jeff

          What kind of ‘logic’ is that? Didn’t build it? They make the HUGE profits from the service, and THEY, not Samsung, BROKE MY PHONE!! I guess you must work for Verizon. They owe me. Luckily, if you wanna call it that, they just changed the terms of my contract, effective today. They reduced my employer discount. Not for any reason, just because they wanted more money. So I can cancel this horrible experience that is Verizon, without owing them a cent. Once and for all. Oh, I live in a fringe area and was only getting 3G before, which was fine for what I do, but now it connects to 3G, then immediately defaults to ‘1x.’ It’s totally useless now, totally. Verizon sucks, they suck badly!

        • KleenDroid

          I understand what you mean and yes some people take advantage of some situations. However some people rely on their phones and we certainly pay a lot of money for them. If they push an update that truly makes the phone almost unusable then that is their issue. It isnt something we should just have to put up with. Based on past experience it could take them months to get another update to fix it.

          if you paid $650 for something that they broke with an update would you be happy?

  • deez nutts

    how can this be i thought the GS3 was the best fn thing since sliced bread?

  • Don Crist

    Verizon has gotten me again. Poor LTE and charging me for things I don’t need or want. Where are you moto? I need relief from big red with the new nexus.

  • hoyce1212

    I have the same 4G issues. I also cannot swipe to the right on a contact and make a call any longer. My browser now randomly closes while browsing the internet. I’ve also had my phone completely locked up to where I had to pull the battery twice while its on the charger. I never had any of these problems before the update.

    • Jon Kruse

      You can swipe to the right to make a call. You just have to start to the right of the contacts picture now. I don’t know if that was done on purpose or not. I had the same problem too and someone helped me out.

    • Christopher Lee

      I have had the browser shutting down on me issue… haven’t really noticed the others…

    • Jensen Senat

      i have everything you had, the phone didn’t lock up lock up, but my setting button and back button no longer functioned, and when i tried to restart it normally, it wouldn’t let me click any of the menu options

  • Disco Stu

    I’ve seen the 4G hold thing happen a couple times, even after disabling the CallerID bloatware, but otherwise everything seems fine w/ my phone after update. Will be interesting to see if my wife runs into any issues.

  • † Chris †

    Happy to say no problems over here…

  • BigWormBigPerm

    The Bobs from Office Space to Verizon: “What would you say you do here”

  • TruthHURTS

    Look at all the idiots who don’t root their phones crying about their S3. Carrier updates being garbage and breaking the phone isn’t news schleprocks. My S3 is works PERFECT being rooted & running a custom ROM. 24+ hrs of battery life, great LTE speeds. Learn how to read fools. CHILDREN can root phones. It’s not rocket science. Anyone too afraid to void warranty is just an ignorant coward. I don’t care what any of your .02 is. If you’re too ignorant to figure it out, head to the Apple store like the rest of the sheep and get your iPhone. Truth hurt eh? DEAL WITH IT

    • phonegod

      want a cookie?

    • viewthis66

      you don’t belong here… get off this site. your negativity and belittling is not welcome.

    • Zeebok

      You sir, are a dick.

      But a wise one, used to have my Droid X rooted and it was awesome. Thought I would give stock a chance on my S3, but no longer. What ROM would suggest?

      • Christopher Lee

        Personally, I would suggest either Hyperdrive rls 13 or Axis M rom if you like the touchwiz framework… If you like the feel of AOSP/AOKP (pure google vanilla experience) than either LiquidSmooth, or Chemeleon Rom… Theres one more but I forget the name of it, that’s similar to Liquid… Without the touchwiz framework though, you lose the capability of motion, for example…

    • BigWormBigPerm

      “My S3 is works PERFECT”… ” Learn how to read fools”

      Learn how to use grammar fool. PS. Your Caps Lock seems to be broken

    • dangolds

      Your post was about as useful as a c*ck flavored lollipop.

    • KleenDroid

      What he meant to say is this:

      There is a benefit to having a rooted phone beyond running custom roms. On more than a few occasions official updates have caused issues. If running custom you can wait to see if there are any problems before jumping in. The devs will have the updates available the same day in most cases. Running custom allows you to eliminate all bloat and have a better user experience. It is very easy to do and is well worth looking into. I have a new S4 already running debloated and will never accept an official update.

      • Flat_Stanley

        At the trade-off of constant maintenance. Custom ROMs generally have fewer bugs, but aren’t bug free. It’s up to you to keep up with the constant updates.

        • KleenDroid

          I agree, and I find it well worth the effort.

      • DigitalEnforcer

        Back when I used to do custom Roms, I always got frustrated with them
        because every ROM I loaded onto my phone would work perfectly for the
        first couple weeks… and then everything slowed down. Seemed like it
        would happen with every single one. Have they figured this out yet as to
        what causes the slow down? I don’t care to keep changing ROMs just to
        keep the speed of the phone up.

  • jcampbell474

    My wife and I both have an S3. Neither will connect to wifi at home now. Both of them strain to hold on to a 4g signal, frequently slip to 3G, and I have even seen 1x a couple of times. All of this makes our battery drain faster and has even heated the phones up to where the screen is noticably hot to the touch. Both were fine before the update. The CDMA/LTE and wifi radios seems to have taken a large step back…
    I got the sneaky caller-id app disabled on our phones immediately after the update. So I don’t think it’s the culprit.

  • XphoneTroll

    When I had my note 2 couple weeks ago.. They had an update and once I updated it, it never bypass the Samsung boot logo.. It just kept repeating itself.. So that update bricked my phone..

  • Deylune

    Galaxy Note III will most likely be my next phone. im really excited for it to come out.

  • Zeebok

    So if that stupid Caller ID thing popped up after a missed call does that mean I got scammed by Big Red and have to go turn it off?

  • Zack Kolev

    Lol, typical Verizon update. More bloat and more issues. VZ always uses the “extensive testing” excuse when they delay already-delayed Android updates. Usually those updates still have some massive flaw, like the random reboots on the Tbolt and crazy battery drain on the Galaxy Nexus.

    Looking forward to leaving these pathetic Verizon “updates” behind…

    • KleenDroid

      I had great experiences on those phones due to never be running stock software.

      but yes I know you shouldn’t have to run custom to have a great experience. Now I have a new S4 and lasted on stock for 3 days.

      • Man, I had a terrible experience with the Tbolt even with custom software.

  • zorak19620

    I have had horrible data connectivity as well as very slow 4G speeds (whenever I get it). Man, I wonder how much the callerID people payed Verizon to force us to use this app.

  • ryan moya

    mine just seems to be running really hot for some reason…and the connectivity issues are present as well

    • dstauff

      yes my gs3 is running extremely hot to the point where the screen get almost hot to the touch

  • yes weaker 4G LTE .. i used to get 4G LTE at my house .. now its spotty at best..
    and the 4G icon stays on all the time even when i am on WIFI.. ????

  • Kurt Weber

    mine went from 14% to 0% in about 2 minutes….. with nothing running. it never did that until i updated

  • Justin Schmiesing

    Every time verizon updates a phone, they break it.

    • Eric Hare

      Maybe that explains why Verizon takes forever to push updates. They know when they eventually do it’ll be broken anyway, so they delay them as much as possible

  • arthur2142

    I’m having the 4G connection issues, except mine will not connect to 3G. I’m also experiencing horrible battery life (at least a 40% decrease)! I had no problems whatsoever with my phone prior to the update, and often went weeks at a time without rebooting. FU Verizon!

  • PhoneGod

    smh…Really itching to cancel this month to month plan i’m on and just head over to tmo and get nexus 4 on pre paid

    • Eric Hare

      Best decision I made. Double-check the coverage maps to make sure T-Mo has service where you need it. If so, I can think of absolutely no reason not to make the switch

      • phonegod

        This the thing that’s holding me back the coverage is very spotty at my job. 60 a month vs 120 month is a big deal man

      • Good luck with that. My brother has T-Mobile in Phoenix, a supposedly good coverage area, and his calls drop every time I talk to him. On my Verizon phone

    • Joe

      Get an outdated phone? Sounds like a good idea

      • Austin Cooper

        I don’t think you can even remotely say its an ”outdated” phone…the N4 is newer than the S3 and is still regarded as one of the fastest and most fluid Android experiences yet.

    • Austin Cooper

      I’ve had T-mo for several years and have been very happy with them. Never had any issues they weren’t willing to fix, not to mention that the new stuff they’re doing with no contract plans is pretty awesome!

  • Bob Buttons

    Good thing I’m on CM10.1.

  • Cory168

    3 hard resets, 1 new sim card and hours on the phone with Verizon and my phone is still doing everything you described. It was running flawlessly for 6 months before, now I can’t even get a Data connection. My case has been “elevated” and I’m awaiting a callback in the next 72 hours. Good job Verizon!

    • Cory168

      And one of the Techs blamed Samsung because it is “their” update. Hello? Soak test??

      • ls

        Yea that’s what they told me to. It’s Samsung’s fault. I’m having all the problems described. Removed Caller ID bloatware as soon as I encountered it.

  • Brad K. Brown

    Having major issues with my S3 after update. Battery life is miserable, 4G seems to be okay, but signal is noticeably weaker, ringtones disappeared, etc. You name it, it’s acting up. I had to factory reset it last night just to get the Play Store to work.

  • iamevie

    The Caller Name ID app also caused my S3 to remain connected to Verizon’s 4G network while connected to Wifi… after disabling the app it was back to normal. Other than that, everything else seems to be okay for now.

    • viewthis66

      interesting… i just disabled it. i hope it works. thanks for the tip.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    Guess everyone using an S3 now has a reason to want to go out and get an S4.

  • dstauff

    literally everything you described as being a problem after the update is happening to my phone! it was running perfectly before the update, and now is slow, stuck on 3G and my battery dies within half a day.

    • Mike Cox

      same with my wifes GS3, which sucks cause i have to hear about it

  • htowngtr

    In my best Simpsons bully voice: HA HA

    • Shane Redman

      His name is Nelson…

      • htowngtr

        Yes, thanks. I was typing quickly and couldn’t remember.

  • Glad I got the Note 2… all that waiting for an SIII update and they still f’d it up. Whats the point of making customers wait if the update causes issues anyway?

  • jkoch2272

    yea, mine has been rough all day. Can barely update simple things or get feeds. And forget about pictures…

  • pizzaparties

    Mine says I am getting 4G, but my speeds are godawful. I’m getting around 0.2-0.7mbps on speedtest (when it works) in NYC. My phone is useless now. VZW & Samsung both suggested a factory reset, but I am traveling this evening.

  • phone$ex

    VZW does this on purpose…they want you to sign a new contract and/or pay full price for the S4.

    • LionStone

      If this happened to me, with an S3, I surely would not buy an S4.

      • DeMarco Ray

        *With Verizon you shouldn’t buy the s4. S4 stock with no carrier add ons is excellent.

      • KleenDroid

        My rooted, Loki’d, and rommed S4 is fantastic. Since I will never receive an official update I will never have to worry about something like this.

        • LionStone

          That’s awesome buddy! You’re handy dandy like that, but I kinda feel bad for all those that aren’t πŸ™

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Maybe this is a “factory data reset” fix issue. Worked for my Gnex after 4.2.2 update. Just a thought..

  • Mike

    Greg Morgan took the words right out of my mouth. Verizon’s upgrade process is supposed to take forever to ensure optimal updates are pushed, yet we are still getting stories like this. Makes you wander whats actually going on behind the scenes.

  • A good friend of mine is having a post-update issue with hers where it’s staying connected to both WiFI and LTE. She sent me a screenshot and sure enough, the 4G LTE icon never disappears after she connects to WiFi like it’s supposed to.

    • Jon Kruse

      I am having this same issue. I know my wife’s Droid 4 leaves both icons up there though too. I noticed if you connect to wifi, put it into airplane mode and then disable airplane mode, it will only show it being in wifi mode then.

    • droid5

      Disable the new caller id app and it will take care of that.

    • Courtney Harris

      That’s because of the Caller ID app. Disable it and it will return to normal… At least it did on the S4

      • O’Boise

        Good to know, noticed this morning. Thanks for confirming my theory.

      • David

        I noticed this too, I wondered about that. Good to know. Thanks. Stupid bloatware.

      • dana

        thanks!! you fixed my problem πŸ™‚

      • sean

        had the exact same problem and this fixed it. good job!

      • PiccPete

        IT WORKED!!! YESSS!!!! TY!!

  • viewthis66

    i’m having issues. what helped (not cure) was pulling the SIM card out for a couple of minutes then putting it back in and starting the phone back up. that helped me at least get 4G connection but i don’t get it all the time. at my home i get 4G no problems but with the update i don’t get it at all. also the 3G struggles for bars which in turn seems to makes the battery drain fast and get hot…

  • DroidzFX

    Caller ID…gotta make up for all the ringback tones lost revenue.

    • Where my board takes me

      HEY! I use the Super Mario ringback but my name is Mario and interviewers often comment with great ice breakers. I spend more on other useless monthly charges haha so it’s ok with me.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    many have been struggling with vz lte lately. It isn’t just the s3.

  • Blue Sun

    Seriously, what do the test monkeys do over there?

    • KleenDroid

      I doubt they actually test these updates on an actual phone. Back in Thunderbolt days we were all running a leak for weeks. We all were screaming about issues including that voice mail notifications were broke. They released it anyway…

  • Greg Morgan

    So much for Verizon’s acclaimed testing practices…

    • Ken Bosse

      this just means it will be months more now that they see they have failed.

      • pblakk

        Well sure but they won’t care… pockets are aligned and consumer is screwed with yet another bastardized Vzw “DROID.” Let alone Samsung w/ the signal complaints/issues to begin with.

    • David Narada Brown

      I was just about to say that intensive testing they do is pointless! The damn phone still has issues. smh!

    • Flat_Stanley

      Exactly! Everyone tries to play off Verizon’s long delays as a result of their extensive testing, when in reality EVERY RELEASE is plagued with bugs. Same story back when the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was released. Extremely delayed, yet filled with problems!

    • Cory_S

      Now they will do twice as much testing.