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Google Releases Admin App for Managing Google Apps Accounts

admin app

Google released a new app this afternoon for the Google Apps users in the building, called Google Admin. Google Admin allows administrators of Google Apps accounts to easily accomplish “most common tasks” such as quickly adding or suspending users, resetting passwords, managing group memberships, and directly calling or emailing specific users.

The app is free on Google play. It requires API access to be enabled.

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Via:  Google Enterprise

  • csharpner

    This is INCREDIBLE! I’m using it now and it’s what I’ve been screaming for FOR YEARS!

  • blakjakdavy

    The downside of Google apps accounts is they get the cool stuff after the regular accounts. For example, gmail cards in Google Now still don’t work for apps email addresses.

  • Greyhame
  • I like how Google has realized that the carriers/manufacturers will make it almost impossible for everyone to be on the latest version of android, so rather than updating the OS constantly, they just keep pushing out more/better Google apps to unify the Android experience that way.

    • I think this really is the future. Google I/O was filled with apps that have been separated from the system so that they can always be updated. Sort of makes the latest version of Android a bit less important.

      • wickets

        LOL, like the new calendar needing 4.2+ to work…..good one!

        • wickets

          disregard please…..i thought i had seen a 4.2 requirement….apologies

          • ReturtnOfTheMack

            4.0.3 is the requirement but apparently color changing requires 4.1.2.

  • timrcm

    I really, really, REALLY want to move our company to GApps now…

    • Just logged into it, and the app is pretty nice. There aren’t a ton of features yet, but you can see that this is a great start. Plus, it sports the newest Android design guidelines heh.

    • It’s really helpful for companies that have a ton of users and groups… A pain that I’ll have to add another Google account to my phone to use the app for companies I work with… I guess I can turn off email, calendar, etc, but still it would be nice for quick admin access to multiple domains.

      • timrcm

        Yeah, our higher ups aren’t big on the whole cloud services idea yet. I would kill to turn off our old Exchange server and start moving everything, though, but our users are very… touchy. Can’t rock the boat too much at once. Maybe next year…

        • I hate to say this… lord knows I love me some Google, but Office365 has a cheaper and more Outlook friendly cloud hosted Exchange that’s very competitive to G-Apps.

          • Matt Hanes

            Our school system just finished a comparison of the two. G-Apps won by a landslide. Of course, it’s free for education so….
            But the biggest thing was G-Apps is so cross platform. Microsoft’s Webapps still don’t work on mobile devices.

          • Oh, absolutely. Google Apps blows away Office web-apps. I was referring to Exchange Online (the original Office 365) and Outlook integration for email and shared calendars etc. for which 365 is more robust.

  • Jaxon Wright

    This seems like it’d be VERY useful for people it applies to. Good job, Google