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Google Music Update Gives You the Power to Delete Tracks, Remove Items From My Library

google music

Google Music received an update this afternoon that includes the ability to delete tracks, along with sharing of songs and adding to playlists from the Now Playing screen. Oh, they also gave the app the option to remove albums or songs from My Library. That’s pretty much it.

The update is available now, sort of. Google appears to be fully invested in the new rollouts for app updates that was introduced at I/O. So while the Play store may say that the app update is live and available, you’ll have to be patient as you wait for it to become available to you specifically.Β 


  • Added option to delete tracks
  • Can share song and add to playlist from Now Playing screen
  • Remove from My Library now supported

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Everyone still enjoying the new Google Music?

  • Cliff Keene

    OK so am I the only one who things this is a rip off? Because I get google is trying to bet out other competitors in the online radio business. But the fact that all I am doing with this monthly subscription is being allowed to listen to their archive of music but not own anything is ridiculous. THere is a reason why I don’t pay for satellite radio. Its a rip off. Why pay for those stations when my local ones do just fine. Now pandora is great, the free edition, why cant google do that? They dont want to make us go through BS Ads…….but I digress. So the free subscription is great but not being able to at least own a couple of these songs and only given the right to listen to them on a monthly basis is ludicrous. Now I understand that when we buy music online its not our property and will be gone if death occurs or whatever, but nevertheless, we should be able to own some of the songs we listen to when we don’t want to continue the subscription. Because lets face it how many of us really buy an accumilation, within a month, of 10+ worth of songs/albums. I mean I may be fans of a multitiude of artist but I only listen to a couple of songs here and there and port the rest of my library from my cd collection. So its confusing for me, mabye I am just the few that dont understand this but again free will always be better and If people really like the music/artist they will support them by buying the album. So there is my little rant. =D

  • mike

    Anyone else getting the “music temp unavailable” error. I can’t even get through an entire song on the mobile app. This has been happening since day one.

    • Cliff Keene

      It happened to me so all I did was refresh and it was ok. Both Mobile and PC

  • Chris Hannan

    So I can’t figure out how to delete songs from your library. 😐

  • Ben Davis

    My thoughts on the new Music App:
    It appears that “Listen Now” is the spiritual successor to the “Recent” tab. I dig the improved functionality of offering suggestions, on-device and streaming music, and start radio. However, I miss the old “Recent” tab for the following reasons:

    1) I really miss how the old “Recent” tab was adjacent to “Artists”, “Albums”, “Songs”, and “Genres” tab. You could get to these by swiping across the screen. Now I have to swipe out a menu and tap a button to go between these two options. “Listen Now” should be adjacent to the other catagories.

    2) I really miss the large “Shuffle All” button in the old “Recent” tab. It was a great way to dive in, find something you like, go to album or go to artist and you are set!

    3) The text associated with the albums is difficult to read. I really like the old old “recent” tab, with smaller album art, more options on screen at once, and easier to read text.

    All that said, I have thoroughly enjoyed this update and I find music discovery to be much easier. Actual day-to-day music playing is more tedious for the reasons above.

  • triumphtriple

    Has anybody switched to All Access from Rhapsody?

    • Bill Stebbins

      I did. I think the selection is better on All Access, I can share my account with my kids for no additional cost, and it works on my Google TV, etc. I like it at 1/2 the cost

  • braves

    Why do I always see Google Music as an Active Application in the Task Manager? Even when I force close it, it pops right back again. It’s been happening since the last update. Anyone else notice this? How to fix this?

  • atcman

    Google is really starting to piss me off with these staggered updates. Why doesn’t my nexus get updated first.

  • playlists? playlists?

    Anyone else having trouble syncing playlists across devices? For example, I have a playlist on my tablet with 45 songs…but that same playlist on my phone only shows 16 of those songs.

  • Trueblue711

    I hope Google keeps the updates coming for all their apps. Things have been getting stale the past couple months.

  • jeradc

    Not being able to delete is actually why I stopped using Google Music, sounds like it might be time to give it another go…

  • fartbubbler

    I need the radio feature to offer genres.

    • Agreed +10.

      Not quite the same but…
      Explore -> Genres -> Featured Playlists

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Google music updated. Northwest Washington

    • Steve Benson

      What part of Northwest Washington? I’m from Skagit Valley originally. Bow, more specifically.

      • Chris Hollenbeck

        Just north of Skagit. Whatcom County.

  • Stephen

    wait, so i can actually finally delete songs that i have been to lazy to delete? before i would’ve had to plug my phone into the computer and now i dont have to? awesome.

  • brkshr

    Anyone else notice that you can cancel your subscription right from the play store listing? No other company would make canceling a subscription that easy. They usually try to make you jump through so many hoops, you want to give up on canceling.

    • I notice that also, and also give the date to cancel by

    • Justin Winker

      You can also do this from the app itself, I think, or maybe it brings you to the play store listing? Not sure. Don’t plan on pressing it any time soon though πŸ™‚

      • brkshr

        Ya, I don’t think I’ll be seeing how that works anytime soon.

    • michael arazan

      It says in play store installed apps “subscribed” under it says cancel

      You can also cancel in the app, just go to settings

    • Brandon Golway

      I noticed that too the first time I had to reinstall it, once again, good job Google.

  • Detonation

    It’s a shame such a great music service is weighed down by such a lacking app…these updates are basic features that should have been there since day one.

  • Bob

    How come you guys get all the updates before I get them?

    • ElectroGadget

      No update here yet. How rude! /Fullhouse

    • You may of gotten the update, without noticing it, that’s what happen on my phone

      • ElectroGadget

        Nope, i checked. It says in the Play Store that it got updated today, but it still doesn’t let me update. I even reinstalled it, but i got the “old” version. I guess i’ll just have to buy a new phone.

        (That last part is a joke for you “slow” ones out there)

  • sawilhelm

    What I’d like to see is the radio feature not play music that I’ve given a thumbs down. For reason they keep popping up!

  • Tony Sebro

    This is a cool, much-needed future. I’d love to be able to *add* songs to my Google Music account from my phone. Perhaps they’ll eventually release some version of the Google Music Manager for Android.

  • Kregstrong

    Hope this let’s us see what music is from all access and which music is actually mine. That’s annoying

    • ddevito

      May I ask why? I think the opposite, I think it’s a huge positive

  • EC8CH

    HD album art would be nice too instead of that low res stuff that slowly pans side to side.

    • ßen Murphy

      Mine was smooth now it just ‘jumps’ from side to side. Anyone else have this issue?

      • PhoenixPath

        Yes. From day one on my HTC one.

        Distracting as hell. I really hope the freaking fix this….like now.

        • I was getting this as well….turned out to be my animations (i think) i Had them turned all off when it started, i turned it back to .5X for all 3 type of animations….rebooted and it was back to normal. could this be the issue? it also coincided with me adding a theme to AOKP so if you are running a custom ROM this also might be the problem. just a couple things to check with.

          • PhoenixPath


            The animations bit nailed it. I had them turned off; turned ’em back on and set ’em to .5x and without even rebooting…it works properly now.

            Thank you1!!!!ioneone

            So next question: Since mine is “Stock” HTC, where do bug reports go? Is there a Google Music bug catcher somewhere??

    • ddevito

      and yet everyone else bitches it’s a bandwidth pig. There’s just no pleasing you guys today eh? πŸ˜‰

    • is this something they changed with the new update? i get High Res Album art for my personal collection (manually added HD album art) and all the streamed music. no complaints other than the panning album art…they need to make it an option or something…..would be great on the TV i think, but not on a phone.

      • EC8CH

        It doesn’t quite look full HD to me. The art on Songza looks much sharper than what I see on Play Music.

        • gotcha….guess my “old” eyes are happy with the looks πŸ™‚

      • picaso86

        Is there any way to upload songs from your phone to Google Play Music? This will allow me to listen to them from my computer at work.

        • not really, there is a workaround with Dropbox. setting play music to sync from a dropbox location, so when you upload music to dropbox, the PC picks it up and G-Music pics it up and syncs it over. seems overly complicated to me so never tried it but worth looking into if it is really that important to you.

          just sucks b/c you have to upload it….to get it to sync.

    • Brandon Golway

      Agreed, it’s pretty damn annoying. I wish it would just be a static image like Pandora and most music players have.

  • pookietookie

    No update avail yet. Play store says mine is up-to-date.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    There is a GOD! Deleting tracks finally! Now… What about Play being a bandwidth whore ? Fix that Google! And we need more music Spotify has you dead to rights with their database

    • JonathonFlores

      I actually think Google has more songs than Spotify. As a long time Spotify subscirber, I thought their selection was sometimes scarce. Even popular songs weren’t on there, missing songs from albums, not having the latest albums. I prefer Google’s library personally.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Hmm. I guess for me it’s more specific since I listen to a lot of carribbean music, New Reggae/Dancehall and Soca and Spotify has that completely covered. Google doesn’t neither does RDIO

      • ElectroGadget

        Actually, i read (somewhere on an Android blog) last week that Spotify has around 21 million songs now and All Access has around 18 million. Not that you’ll notice, unless you’re looking for something really specific.

        • JonathonFlores

          Yeah haha but Spotify has ton of covers and karaoke. I searched Jason Mraz’s The Remedy and it wasn’t on there..!:!!:?? Are you serious? haha

    • azndan4

      I’ve only been waiting for this feature for 2 years now… About freaking time Google.

  • Queue the “what icon pack is that?” and “how do I get rid of the fugly orange headphones like you did!?” questions…

  • Hungry Hamburger

    You keep on talking about this “new rollouts for apps.” What is it? And how is it different from updating your apps before?

    • Blue Sun

      There is an update to the app out right now. You might not have access to the update just yet. They are doing rolling updates similar to how OTA’s get pushed. You have to wait till Google says it’s your turn before you can update the app.

      • Hungry Hamburger

        Why are we going backwards? Where before when there was an update everyone will get the update. Now the update is going to take longer for some people while others get it first. Is their any benefit to this?

        • brkshr

          Maybe Droid-Life should write up an article on this. This has been explained MANY times in the comments section about Google apps being updated.

        • Blue Sun

          To maintain server load balance on the Google servers. I believe there is a lot of load placed on the servers anytime there is a Google app update.

  • Mordy Festinger

    No update yet for me. On the Droid DNA. The play store says the software version varies by device.

    • ElectroGadget

      Same here. I guess we’ll just have to wait a bit. Where in the world are you located? I’m in Norway.

      • Mordy Festinger

        Brooklyn NY USA

        • Got it on my Dna awhile ago,it may have updated without you knowing, should check again

          • Mordy Festinger

            Dude check the version # mine is 5.0.1027j.680591. Thats the old version.

  • zepfloyd

    Loving all access.

    • EC8CH

      Google’s pretty slick with their roll out marketing. Free trial at reduced price should get alot of people to jump in, and once in convince themselves to stay and save the $2 per month.

    • ddevito

      Me too. I don’t think most critics realize what you can do with it. Integrating it fully with your library is a huge advantage over all others, and the ability to keep any number of songs on your device offline is priceless.

      I showed it in depth to a co-worker who is a huge Apple fanboy. A week later he told me he signed up with All Access and is keeping it.

  • JDub

    That’s it?!?! That’s an awesome update. It was cumbersome to go through the browser play store just to delete the crappy songs they gave you with the nexus 7 just so they don’t play on my phone.

  • beng8686

    I’ll enjoy it a lot better when they add external SD storage support.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Is that an issue with the Labels? I remember Spotify pulling that feature after updating the app forever ago…. I still have to install an old app and trick it to installing one the SD

      • beng8686

        I can’t recall. It just would be nice with phones being shipped with 8/16 gig internal space. Some of us don’t want to use all our data streaming when you can just pre-load the albums on a huge SDcard.

    • External SD supporter

      YES!!! External SD support. PLEASE.

    • Spoken Wordβ„’

      Google doesn’t believe in external storage support. It’s cloud or nothing.

    • ddevito

      good luck with that. It will never happen.

    • Brandon Golway

      Umm I’m pretty sure mine picks up my local music on my S4. I remember when I first tried All Access I had 2 of every song because I had one copy in the cloud and one on my phone.

      • beng8686

        …not really what we are talking about. Want to store offline music FROM play music to our external SD cards.

        • Brandon Golway

          Yea that would be nice. I think I may end up symlinking the android folder on my internal sdcard to my external sdcard to give me more space πŸ˜€ Yay for being a Linux geek.

          • beng8686

            I read up on that… I just don’t want to root my note 2. It should be available for us stock users.

          • Brandon Golway

            You shouldn’t need root to symlink since they aren’t system folders, give it a try.

          • beng8686

            Every thread ive come across requires root. Do you have a link to a different thread? I’m not big on Linux.

          • Brandon Golway

            I don’t have a link since I just came up with it off the top of my head but you should be able to this from the terminal:

            ln -s /sdcard/android /extsd/android

            (that’s a lowercase L btw) or something like that ( ln -s [source] [destination]). Make sure the destination folder DOESN’T exist (/extsd/android). If it complains about too many levels of symlinks try and use /mnt/sdcard0 or whatever the actual mount point of your sdcard is.

  • JetBlue