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Video: Here is the Android 4.3 Camera UI With Improved On-screen Controls

new android camera

After we got our first sighting of Android 4.3 this morning, information continues to flood in. We were able to spot a tweaked UI to the camera in the original set of pictures, but this video gives you almost every little detail that has been changed. The biggest is obviously the change to a settings UI that isn’t covered by your finger.

In the old UI, once you long-pressed in the center of the camera, a ring would appear around the focus with options, many of which couldn’t be seen because your finger was in the way. With this, Google has moved the settings menu to above the circle and builds on top of itself as you enter new menus. If you don’t want to interact with the menu in the middle of the camera UI, you can tap the settings circle in the bottom right, which then pops up settings over top of the shutter button. We’re also noticing a new timer option that I’m not able to find on my Nexus 4 running Android 4.2. 

We wish that the man behind the camera would have tapped on the camera menu to see if anything has changed in terms of video, Photosphere, and panorama, but that didn’t happen.


Notice anything else?

Via:  +Theogusper George Philip Piccadilly

  • James Friedman

    The thing I hate the most about the android camera is the fact that in landscape mode I can’t swipe left to view the last picture taken. I have to put the camera in to portrait mode and then the swipe works just fine. For the longest time I thought that they had removed that option and I had to research it in google just to see that the option was still available. Is anyone else having that issue? (Verizon Galaxy Nexus, CM10)

    • jim

      I can swipe in either way, bamf 3.1

  • gp126904

    I love Chrome for android but I always end up using the old stock moto browser on my Razr because of the quick controls. Would love to see them everywhere!

  • Chris

    they shouldve kept the 4.0/4.1 camera ui and added tap to focus

  • Leif Sikorski

    One thing I never liked about the stock camera app is that you can’t take a picture with the volume rocker. In some situation it’s much easier to keep the phone stable this way than with the display button.
    In the Samsung Camera App, s4 in my case, it supports the volume rocker as well as the headset buttons to release the shutter. I hope Google will do the same.

  • Sean Plantz

    Make it take clear pictures or HDR that doesn’t take 3 years to snap and I’m game.

  • jnt

    Glad to see they finally added the advanced countdown timer feature… /s

    Couldn’t believe they didn’t have this on 4.2+

  • joejoe5709

    Thank you! The camera controls drove me crazy. Good stuff. And agreed with all below. Quick controls is the future of mobile phones.

  • Brandon Golway

    I love the idea of them but Pie/LMT seem to be unresponsive on my Galaxy Nexus, sometimes it will take two or three presses for it to pop up. I think the touch sensor on my phone sucks.

    • Captain_Doug

      Maybe. However it also may be the settings or your fingers. You could widen the trigger area or your fingers may just be hard for the screen to sense. Sounds weird but my wife needs to press things a couple times too. Something about her skin.

    • Justin Swanson

      Are you using PIE or LMT?

      In my experience, LMT doesn’t always stay in memory on my GNex and sometimes takes a while to restart, especially when I play a high performance game. I’ve never had that issue with PIE.

      • Brandon Golway

        It does it with both Pie and LMT, doesn’t matter now since I have an S4! I’m still going to use it occasionally since I have small hands and the S4 is huge, but not nearly as much as I did on the Gnex.

  • Jay

    This is why I love the ICS browser. I do not like Chrome browser on my mobile for the lack of quick controls.

  • The stock camera app is so terrible. Samsung and HTC have really made this clear with their latest Android devices.

    • The controls are extremely non-intuitive, but the slide-to-review feature is nice.

      • Lucas Johnson

        AGREED. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I would love an aosp ROM with touch wiz camera.

        Edit: meant to reply to Jon

    • Jon

      I’m running AOKP on my Note 2, and everytime I use the camera I think of switching back to a touchwiz Rom. The touchwiz camera app not only is easier to use, but it takes way better photos.

      • Dave

        I agree 100%. Especially with the volume rocker to zoom feature now on GN2.

      • roqefyrodiw

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    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Mr. Android and me stops by. What’s up Taylor

    • bumbum

      i love the minimal look of the stock camera interface. it just lacks some fancy options, but that’s not too bad imo.

    • kixofmyg0t

      You think that’s bad? Try using the Blur camera app(sorry Moto). I’m running the 4.2 camera and media profiles tweaks on my RAZR HD because it’s an improvement

  • BRIM

    Agreed. This is why I cannot let go of Quick ICS browser. I wish it was implemented in Chrome.

    • Captain_Doug

      I can’t let go either. It’s too handy.

      • Handy

        I can’t let go ? Handy? What are we talking about

        • Captain_Doug

          relevant username is relevant.

  • BRIM

    This is nice and all…but only relevant for Nexus devices. Which means, if you’re on Verizon means nothing. Sadly.

    • JoshGroff

      What about those of us that run stock based roms on Verizon devices. Thanks to the dev community, we aren’t completely left out.

      • Josh Shaw

        Right, how do they know about droid-life, but not the fact that the GS4 on verizon will most likely get 4.3 within 2 months of launch, and the GS3. #XDAFTW

  • brkshr

    Much better!