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Google Drive Updated on Android With New Card-style UI, Document Scanner, and More

google drive android

Google Drive for Android is receiving a major update today that includes a new UI, document scanner, and editing improvements. In terms of the UI, Google is introduce a card-style layout, similar to what we are seeing across a number of their apps like Google Play and Google Keep. In this new UI, you get to see larger previews of documents to help you discover information quicker.  

Along with the new UI, Google is introducing a document scanner, which allows you take photos of of documents, business cards, etc. and save them for later. Google will turn them into PDF files, but remember that Drive recognizes text in documents so you can search for items embedded later on.

They improved the editing experience as well. After the update, you’ll be able to adjust font types and sizes for a spreadsheet and tweak cell colors and alignment from within the app.

You can also choose to download copies of documents to your device from the action menu inside settings.

Here is the rest of the changelog:

  • New grid view makes it easier to find your files
  • New quick preview lets you view photos and other files from within the app
  • Scan documents, receipts and letters for safe keeping in Drive; then search by contents once uploaded
  • Download a copy of files to your local device (Honeycomb+)
  • Spreadsheet editor now supports changing fonts, colors and cell alignment
  • View properties of files from within the editors
  • Bug fixes and visual improvements

Via:  Android Blog

  • joejoe5709

    Oooo. Thank You Google! This is a perfect addition to one of my favorite apps.

  • Franz Little

    Sometimes man you jsut have to roll that beautifuil bean footage!


  • MikeSaver

    does this fix the error where whenever I try to open a spreadsheet on google drive it gives me an error and makes me open it up in the browser?

    • MikeSaver

      Nevermind, just tried it. The answer is no!!!

  • krusty46

    Scanning doesn’t seem to work or is it just me? Get crazy pixels instead of a document.

  • themike

    I wish there was a way to purchase more storage for GDrive – it’d be nice to have an all in one Google verison of Dropbox. It would also take care of the 20k song limit on Google All Access. If the document scanner is anywhere near as good as CamScan it’ll be awesome!

  • pd240

    Really liking the new UI in Music, Drive, and Hang-outs. Where is the update to Gmail???

  • still no easy way to share a group of photos like in dropbox you just click the photos and share the link with a friend.

  • Sqube

    Have they changed the internal file structure? I haven’t used Drive in a while but, unlike Dropbox, Drive is completely opaque about what files go where.

    That’s really the only thing keeping me from using it and, in turn, giving Google my money.

    • umataro42

      Yeah, I don’t like that about it either, but if you have ES File Explorer, you can use that to copy files from Drive (and many other Cloud services) to your local storage and it’s much more straight forward.

      • Sqube

        Yeah, there are definitely available workarounds. But I’m just irritated about it because I’m not sure what logic leads to that decision.

  • verbal_judo2

    Offline editing and then drive is perfection.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    Please make the gmail app look like this! Kthnxbye!

  • supermiah

    I just want the Offline UI to Look like the Editing mode UI. I don’t like the Web look for the offline doc.

  • i’m still not really buying into the card style look. For this app and Music I like it but there are other instances where I’m not a fan.

  • bigfire

    Now if they can actual open my google spreadsheet document. It used to work. I used to be able to edit them. I haven’t been able to do either for a while.

    • bigfire

      Nope. Still won’t open my Google Spreadsheet document.

  • Wazzifer

    Such a great update!

  • mustbepbs

    Download a copy of files to your local device (Honeycomb+)

    It’s about f***ing time!

    • Ian

      i dont understand how people arent making a bigger deal of this. now wheres my 15gb google?

    • HEMItude

      YES!! Nice addition. This is pretty much the reason why I stopped using Drive

      • michael arazan

        I have 6gb, on top of the 200 for $10 a month, still no free 15 yet

        • jab416171

          I have 1.1TB

  • Nick Klenchik

    Did they ever integrate the Gmail/drive storage to 15 gigs?

    • Finire

      There were rolling it out in sections, I know I saw the integration for myself, but then I upgraded my drive anyways.

  • BTLS

    FINALLY! Mostly photos on mine so this is nice to see!

  • Finire

    I’m excited to see how well the document scanner works.. I’d like to see auto recognition for business cards and the options to import them into your Google Contacts.

    • ddevito

      When someone (in my line of work (IT)) gives me a business card I throw it in the trash. Anyone that out of touch with technology doesn’t deserve to be in my address book.

      • ddevito

        I have an NFC tag behind my work badge that has my contact info


        • Shane Redman

          @ddevito:disqus just curious, which app did you use to write your contact info to the tag? Tasker? b/c I’m currently using NFC Task Launcher and I don’t think it allows such.

          • ddevito


      • Finire

        For the most part, I do the same thing. But I also work in a consulting firm at the moment, and see them way too often.

    • tyguy829

      the goggles app already does this

      • JRomeo

        does the goggles app turn it into a PDF file also?

    • sc0rch3d

      tried scanning my own business card….weirdly distorted image and corrupt error when trying to open.

      • Anthony Haug

        Is the distorted image looks as if its pushed all to the right side and you can’t see anything? I’m having the same issue. It will open but you can’t read anything.

        • sc0rch3d

          yup exactly….tried it with different objects / lighting / etc…same result

          • Anthony Haug

            I’ve tired re-installing, removing certain apps that might interact with it, and everything i can think of. Do you have the Galaxy S3?

    • ddh819

      my winmo 6 phone had that function as a built in app, would be nice if the android camera app had that built in

    • iamnotfan

      They work well , I use it often to translate Japanese text to English using google translate

  • ddevito

    Card style UI has us all surrounded. next stop, Android itself.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      I want the future (if existent) smart watch to implement this Card UI. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect software for a watch.