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Chrome Stable for Android Updates With Full-screen Mode and Simpler Searches

chrome android

Back in April, Google updated Chrome beta for Android to include a full-screen browsing mode along with simpler searches that stay in the search box after you press enter. Today, they are releasing that same update to the stable build of Chrome for Android. Once updated, you’ll see the toolbar disappear as you scroll down pages, giving you a full-screen experience. With a quick swipe back towards the top, it will return. You’ll also get searches that stay in the omnibox (search box), making follow-up searches easier. 

Here is the full changelog:

  • Fullscreen on phones – Scroll down the page and the toolbar will disappear.
  • Simpler searching – Searching from the omnibox will keep your search query visible in the omnibox, making it easier to edit, and show more on your search result page.
  • Client-side certificate support – You can now access sites that require you to use a certificate and Chrome will allow you to select an installed certificate
  • Tab history on tablets – Long press the browser back button to view your tab history
  • And a ton of stability and performance fixes

I can’t get the update to push through either the mobile or web Play stores, but it appears to be live.

Via:  Chrome Releases

  • joejoe5709

    Full Screen Mode =/= Quick Controls

    Stock Android FTW. Cmon Google. Replace Chrome with the Stock Browser and call it a day.

  • Flash makes the stock browser better. No reason why Chrome for Google TV has flash, but this version doesn’t. Stupid.

    • michael arazan

      I’d like to know why they don’t integrate Flash in chrome like they do with chrome for the desktop, One of the key features of Android was the ability to use flash media on your phone. That was a major reason why I chose Android in 2009 when I was first learning about it and purchased my first smart phone the D1

  • dgold

    Full screen does not work and video is horrible

  • How about non mobile sites without hitting the button

  • no

    no home button,no flas support, no thanks.

  • Chrome is so slow on my galaxy nexus running latest CM nightly

    hell my whole phone is so slow….ugh

  • zach wheeler

    what is that a picture of? phone screen? It’s amazingly crisp.

    • Steve Benson

      Probably the One.

  • SMD

    Too bad Vimeo videos and Chrome Mobile browser don’t play nice. Any embedded vimeo videos ONLY play audio. All other browsers do not have this issue. SUCKS.

  • collin ferreira

    On chrome 27 with nexus 10 no full screen mode at all, flick down the page and everything is the same, still have tabs up top. Any ideas on why?

  • I didn’t even know I had this update already. It’s sweet. This and expanded desktop make for a pleasant experience.

  • PyroHoltz

    Just got the update. Partial “FullScreen” is working and it does seem to run a little smoother.

    • Simon Belmont

      Good gravy. Chrome sure has a huge freaking cache.

      I didn’t even notice how big it was till I saw your picture and checked mine. Wow, just wow. I wonder if there’s a cache limit. Weird.

  • Hrm… tried uninstalling and reinstalling on my phone, still at v.26. Tried installing from the web, still at v.26. I’m rockin’ a Nexus 4 on Tmo.

    Can’t seem to get it to update.

  • Brian Winning Jr.

    Who cares chrome sucks, I used both it and Firefox for several months and just went back to the AOSP browser, so much smoother, quicker, and less resource intensive on my galaxy nexus.

    • JMonkeYJ

      i’m totally hooked on chrome’s features, so i can’t really use any other browser, but i agree that its performance is very frustrating at times. i keep hoping with each update it will get better, but so far it hasn’t (i haven’t gotten this update yet)

    • jbdan

      Key words: “Galaxy Nexus” ^~^

  • flyinggerbil

    so….. how about some quick controls???

    • wagner

      The best thing about Stock browser hands down!

      • flyinggerbil

        for sure. i miss them greatly.

        • 4n1m4L

          They are the reason I haven’t touched chrome for android

  • PK

    Odd, I haven’t received an update today, but it shows as “installed” in the play store my apps section. Version on phone matches the play store version that it says is installed with today’s date, and none of the logged changes seem to be active (eg no full screen when scrolling). wtf?

    • bakdroid

      Same here. I really don’t like Chrome on the phones/tabs anyways. Once they get all the features that stock android browser has then I will switch.

  • coolsilver

    Still no LastPass/Addon support

  • mustbepbs

    Still sucks.

  • Tim242

    FYI: Full-screen mode hides the status bar as well. This is not full-screen. The [email protected] full screen is not even working.

    • JMonkeYJ

      i think most people would prefer that their status bar stays on-screen while they browse, since you are often multi-tasking while browsing. so my guess is that most will be happy with this implementation of full-screen. i have no empirical evidence to support this, tho 🙂

  • heavymetal

    I’m with Tyler, doesn’t work

  • Alfredo Manuel Gonzalez II

    Full Screen does not work on my new S4???

    • T4rd

      It doesn’t work on my old S4 either. =p

    • Cory

      Doesnt work on my Moto RAZR M either.

  • moelsen8

    ..not interested if no quick controls.. especially for a full screen mode.

  • Myk Robinson

    Wonder if they fixed anything important, like text rendering…

    • brkshr

      I doubt it. Linus only complained about that a couple days ago. They need time to fix stuff like that.

  • Jason Kahn

    They are probably using that new staged Roll out feature talked about at I/O

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      Yeah. No update available for me.

    • Howard Marlow

      i clicked install from play store and installed the new version on top. Sort of like an update i guess, but clicking install instead.

    • Simon Belmont

      I +1’d you because I just saw Star Trek. Kaaaaaaaahn.

      Sorry. I return you to your previously scheduled post.

  • npompei

    In related news that others may/not care about, they also updated Chrome for your desktop. Talk to search is live and it works awesome! Just go to the Chrome Menu, and hit “about Google Chrome” and it will automatically show up for you. Restart the browser and talk to your computer like you care…

  • TheDrunkenClam

    The bookmarks widget still doesn’t capture and display thumbnail previews for your bookmarks. Its just a grid of blank gray squares.
    Am I really the only person who cares about this ?

    • Douman

      Do u have sync on? It usually never shows up for me unless I have it on.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        Yes I have sync on. So you’re telling me ALL of your squares show up?
        Here’s a pic.. I’ve gotten a couple to show up, but not all.
        The stock android broweser’s bookmarks widget captures and displays them as soon as you click on it.
        I don’t mean to be a whiner about this, but I think this widget has potential to be very attractive on my home screen. Aside from being very useful.

  • tyguy829

    i got the update. they also got rid of a ton of lag on my gnex

    • i dont understand how some gnex have it and some dont?

    • my gnex has so much lag in general, running latest CM nightly

      chrome ALWAYS lags

  • Shane Redman


  • Isn’t full screen supposed to get rid of status bar…

    • tyguy829

      it does when you scroll down. then reappears when you scroll up. just like google now

      • I don’t think you know what I mean. Status bar aka notification bar. That’s supposed to be gone to be official full screen. Not half full screen.

        • Tim242

          You are absolutely correct. Not sure why they keep calling this full screen.