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Floating Notifications Brings ChatHeads Functionality Without the Need of a ROM


If you have been looking for a Chat Heads-like notification center, but don’t find yourself comfortable with the custom ROM flashing, then you will be happy to hear that a standalone application is currently being developed called, Floating Notifications

The application does not need root or any other special magic tricks. Once installed, simply select which apps you want to sport floating notifications and that’s it. From there, you can adjust a number of settings like the size and transparency of the floating app, how multiple notifications are shown, how much info or actionable items accompany them, and even if you’d like your phone to wake with some notifications.

Interactions between notifications vary depending on how many times you tap them. Single taps open, while double taps can close one or all of your notifications.

It is still in extreme alpha stage, so understand that it will only get better over time, especially as the developers work to get a bit more substantial build out to the public. This is a great start, though, and we will definitely keep you updated on when substantial progress is made on the app.

Via: XDA

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the mention guys, got a way to go yet but its shaping up very nicely 🙂
    If anyone has any questions or suggestions you can get me in the XDA thread or on Google/Twitter/Facebook (links in XDA OP)

  • xxdesmus

    Works as advertised, but it also eats up neatly 80MB of memory.

  • Tyler

    Why would you want this? It looks like a second notification bubble with no real benefit over the traditional notification bar. If it was more like chat heads that would be different.

    • Pratik Holla

      Still in alpha2. Once quick reply is added, it will be very useful! At this point, having to open the full app still defeats the purpose, that will change when some sort of quick reply is added.

    • John Burke

      You can read the content of the Notification & jump to it without needing to access it from the StatusBar.

      • Tyler

        a swipe and a click vs a click and a click to open an app. Plus notification bar has multiple functions such as play pause music etc.

    • Intellectua1

      If you wanted to go full screen (which alot of people do) you can use this instead of your notification bar.. For me it finally eliminates the need for my notification bar

  • Robert MacDonald

    Does not work when Pebble Notifier is enable in accessibilty settings.

    • John Burke

      Have you tried turning off all Accessibility Settings Apps then enabling Floating Notifications before enabling the rest?
      Not sure about Pebble but that fixed the problem I was having with other Accessibility Settings Apps.

  • John Burke

    Works pretty well even with 3 other Accessibility Settings Apps which is awesome since I need those other 3!
    Will gladly pay for this when it hits the Play Store.

  • Seems to work moderately well. There are obviously some things that could add more polish. Moving the icon around is not nearly as smooth as Chat Heads and dismissing a notification isn’t as intuitive. I like being able to select what is generating notifications. I like seeing what application icon is kicking off the notification but think I would rather see “who” is sending the notification (picture of the sender if it is a text for example).

    • It should show you “who” already as long as your normal notification does (this is where it gets its images from)

  • Floatifications

  • XvierX

    Just what I needed to make hangouts my daily driver.

  • Daniel

    I’ll stick with JB notifications and Handcent SMS popups for messages where I can reply over my lock screen without launching the app

  • cjohn4043

    nice elevator music.

  • Widge Lock hmm havent seen that app in years

    • John Burke

      I love WidgetLocker…and combining it with a DashClock Widget works pretty well too

  • EraserXIV

    Major difference from Halo is that this doesn’t open the application in a window. That’s Halo’s most unique aspect too.

    • This is an app, while that is a system level modification that may be obtainable through root.

    • John Burke

      They’re working on adding Quick Replies…not quite sure what that means but while it won’t open a shrunken App window it might still be useful.

      • It means you get an sms. for example, there’ll be a textbox right in the notification for you to type a quick reply 🙂

        • John Burke

          For all Apps? Awesome, thanks for the update!
          Bring it to the Play Store ASAP