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First Photos of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Emerge?

active gs4-1

Take a look at what could very well be the first shots of the Galaxy S4 Active from Samsung. This device has been an interesting one to follow, ever since the first reports of a water and dust-resistant Galaxy S4 hit the web back in April. It’s been reported that the device could launch as early as July, and with no word from Samsung yet, it’s interesting that they are allowing buyers to still gobble up the Galaxy S4 without presenting them with options first.

According to the benchmarks in the shot, the device should come shipped with what we see listed. There is a 1.9GHz quad-core processor (most likely the Snapdragon 600), 2GB of RAM, a 5″ 1080p display at a pixel density of 480 and a Adreno 320 GPU.

The phone’s exterior is quite different however from the regular Galaxy S4. It appears that all front-facing buttons are physical and slightly protrude from the bottom, a move that might have helped Samsung make it more resilient to the elements. As for that red backing, the four screws in the top and bottom corners add a nice rugged touch, but it does appear that the back is still removable if you look closely in the top left hand corner.

All in all, I think it’s a pretty handsome albeit tough looking device. Excellent for all of you weekend warriors out there.

What do you think?

active gs4-3 active gs4-2

Via:  GSMArena

Cheers Open1Your1Eyes0!

  • yummy

    Looks useful.

  • MK17

    Wouldn’t this be the absolute perfect time to go on-screen buttons?

  • Tech Pro

    Do I see Unibody design?

  • Dylan Patel

    “pixel density of 480” That is wrong.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Looks like a galaxy nexus, kinda

  • Jack

    i love htc quality inside and out and phones. but i must admit that this is the first Samsung phone
    that i would buy. that is the best Samsung phone to date. all other
    Samsung phones in the past are like a 99 cent calculator from the 99
    cent store

  • Brian P.

    Looks awesome…this should have been the Samsung Galaxy S4. Only a company with Samsung’s stature can pull off so many variants of basically the same phone. The red looks awesome but I hope other color schemes will be available!

  • John Cavooto

    So is this thing not totally plastic?

  • T4rd

    Lol, yeah. Red & black = instant buy.

  • mcdonsco

    Just wish it was launching along side the regular s4…or in place of it. Seems like a Motorola tactic to launch something, then launch a better version of it 2 months later.

    Kind of like what will likely happen with the 32/64gb s4’s – all early adopters get screwed

  • Ironclad1313

    I just hope that it will receive updates reasonably fast considering its a different model than its flagship. Since the software and hardware are similar to the GS4 it seems reasonable that they could…

  • Justin Kos

    This + stock android is an instant hit for me (galaxy nexus owner)

  • Jon

    Don’t be jelly.

  • Dillon Brown

    It’s got the shape of the nexus line interesting.

  • RW-1

    ” It appears that all front-facing buttons are physical and slightly protrude from the bottom, a move that might have helped Samsung make it more resilient to the elements. ”

    Geez, that was helpful… Cmon, really … If Samsung used on screen buttons, THAT would have made it much more resiliant, as NO buttons down there to protect in the first place.

    Secondly, why Samsung has to continue down that path in the first place irks at me … they were sued by Apple for looking like the iPhone, simple, no buttons and poof, no more lawsuit.

    Witht eh current iteration of the Android OS, there really is no more compelling reason (IMO) to have those anymore, and they proved they can do it on my Gnex …

    • Tim242

      Maybe they want their customers to be able to use the ENTIRE display.

      • mike cignarella

        That argument is invalid. Remove button, make screen larger to accommodate new space and need for on-screen buttons. Same usable screen size plus extra space for things like watching full-screen videos which Android handles beautifully by hiding on-screen buttons.

        • Tim242

          Your argument is invalid. Every phone with on screen buttons has a larger bezel and smaller display than those with physical/capacitive.

          • mike cignarella

            What proof do you have of that? What are the measurements of the chin on the s4 the chin on my Gnex is quite small with barely enough room for my thumb to sit.

          • Tim242

            The Gnex has the largest bezel of any phone I’ve ever owned. My Note 2 has smaller bezels than the Gnex, and so does the S4.

          • J Davis

            Tim that wasn’t fair that you defeated his argument with facts…

          • RW-1

            only in the chin, the sides are the same … if you measure from the bottom of the GNex to the edge of the screen, seems to be the same, unless we are looking at a note II …

          • Tim242

            It is not the same. Regardless of that, have you seen the top of the Gnex?

          • RW-1

            Definitely more there on the Nex …no arguement there.


          • BadKarma

            You’re just on fire today, RW-1

          • Tim242

            This is the Gnex vs the S3. 4.7 vs 4.8″ display. The S4 has even smaller bezels than the S3.

          • RW-1

            Look at it from the bottom of the nav bar area, which is the bottom of the GNex’s screen … Same amount of bezel there … your eyes are tricking you because of the on screen nav bar implementation,

            But anyways,as I said below, why use the physical one at all, they could have left glass there all the way and used to dedicated touch for all theree …

          • RW-1

            either way – my point is – no buttons vs buttons and waterproofing/resiliancy – I hope you are not going to argue that buttons were an advantage to just glass there …

          • RW-1

            Just to add, on the previous incarnation, if that were the case, it would have had all three physical buttons and no soft touch buttons located there. Why not just use soft touch for all three in their location and lose the physical button period? Still satisfies the screen lovers, etc.

          • Geoff Johnson

            Not for waterproofing, but considering this is a rugged “active” phone, physical buttons make a lot more sense.

      • jbdan


        On another note, from the back, it’s hella sexy 😀

      • Ronaldo


        • Tim242

          Not all red, and not on Verizon you blabbering fool.

          • Ronaldo


            Hey Tim, what did the Chicken say to the watermelon?

            BAAAAAAAAAAwK. I hate you.


          • Tim242

            ^ This is what happens when crazy people stop taking their meds. ^

        • Azn_Android

          LOL I find this guy actually kinda funny. Especially when you think of some midget jumping up and down pointing at Tim while saying it.

      • AMPthe13th

        Sure wish I could use my entire display on my Galaxy Nexus. Also activated the Pie Controls for the screenshot for shiggles. >_>

        • Tim242

          I had the Gnex for a year. My main reason for using a custom ROM was to get rid of the buttons. You still have huge bezels. On a Nexus, it is OK. But, not so much on locked down devices. You shouldn’t have to install custom software to use your entire display.

          • AMPthe13th

            1. The bezel at the top is huge, I agree.
            2. The bezel on the bottom is almost the same size on the GNex, the GS3, and the GS4. The GS both have keys to fill part of it in.
            3. The size of the bezel on the GNex is more a result of how gradual the corners are. With sharper, box-like, Moto-style corners a screen could be extended closer to the edge.
            4. I don’t know why Motorol insists on such huge chins given their typical design style.

          • RW-1

            I always thought #4 was because of design of the antenna sections, but then on the current versions you see that chin moved to the upper back of the phone …

    • Ironclad1313

      They may have put the physical buttons there because users may be using various kinds of gloves when they are being “active” and they want to be sure that you can still operate the phone. For example, it would be difficult to use your phone if you were using thick construction gloves if they were just capacitive or on screen buttons.

      • mike cignarella

        Never thought of that!

      • Ian Smith

        or underwater, not sure if touchscreen will work well submerged

      • Steve Benson

        If you were using that thick of gloves, you wouldn’t be using your phone anyway because the touch screen wouldn’t work for general use. Makes no difference if there are physical buttons or not. You can’t navigate around your phone and open apps and use them with those physical keys can you? No, didn’t think so.

        • Huh Wha

          That’s what voice commands are for.

        • Geoff Johnson

          Someone seems to forget that the S4 lets you use the touchscreen while wearing gloves, which goes along perfectly with using physical buttons.

        • Ironclad1313

          What if I wanted to answer a phone call while I was working? Hopefully I could press one of the physical buttons to do that.

          • theeta

            hover your hand over the screen to answer the call.. as simple as that

    • Professor Chuck Kingsfield Jr

      ” and poof, no more lawsuit.”

      It appears that RW-1 attend the prestigious Roscoe P Coltrane School of Law.

      • RW-1

        Well, you know what I mean … they’ll never get by the patent on the rectangle, but by not having a single button on it … 🙂

        Roscoe … that’s funny, though I’m a northern boy hehehe…

    • michael arazan

      Actually for an “Active” phone it should have total voice control and be completely handsfree, that would set itself apart. When your jogging or cycling or some other movements, you have to stop to see the phone. A completely hands free device would be awesome along with durability.