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Verizon Galaxy S4 Pre-orders Already Shipping!

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4

Yesterday, readers reached out to inform us that their pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Verizon were being processed and potentially getting primed for shipping. They weren’t messing around, as orders for many of them have begun to ship with estimated arrival times of early next week. The device was supposed to arrive around May 23 – at least that’s the new release date – but if they are shipping now, some lucky future GS4 owners could have their devices a day or so early.

Get ready! And be sure to browse through our Galaxy S4 review and 20+ tips and tricks video, so that you know all there is to know about Samsung’s new flagship. 

gs4 shipping1

Cheers Dan, Matt, Stephen, and Alan!

  • Tricky

    Any one ordered the S4 on or after the 22nd and got any response on shipping? I only got order is in process. But not charged to my CC.


  • My wife and I are getting us tomorrow. Mine is already at the final FedEx location. My wife’s phone still at the starting point. I don’t know how that is going to work out.

  • Nolan Levine

    Originally mine said it would be delivered on Wed. 22nd at 4:30. But it hasn’t moved since 5 a.m. Monday morning. Now says Wed. 7 pm, but still has not moved since 5 a.m. I know on the FedEx page it says the tornadoes in Oklahoma are causing delays but that shouldn’t effect me because it is shipping from Memphis and I am in PA.

    • Someone

      Same happened to me. I called fedex. They said there was some freight delay because of which my package has not moved since Sunday. But they assured me it will be shipped tonight and I should get it tomorrow.

      • LTM

        FedEx is holding in Memphis because Verizon has put a note on the order not to deliver prior to Thursday the 23rd. Just spoke with FedEx.

        • Someone

          Thanks for the info. I came across exactly what you said on another post. But then I saw posts from others saying their phone were being delivered.

          • Nolan Levine

            Yea that can’t be true. People have already gotten their phone, and ours are scheduled to arrive tomorrow (the 22nd)…

          • Nolan Levine

            Also, I got an update on the FedEx tracking page that it left the FedEx facility at 3:22 p.m. today.

          • Someone

            Mine is on a Fedex truck for delivery! Finally!!

          • Nolan Levine

            Mine is as well, on the truck at 7:51 this morning! Enjoy!!

      • Nolan Levine

        Just curious, where is your’s being shipped to?

        • LTM


        • Someone


    • Someone

      Same happened to me. I called fedex. They said there was some freight delay because of which my package has not moved since Sunday. But they assured me it will be shipped tonight and I should get it tomorrow.

  • darrinjc

    Mine just showed up! May 21st!!!!!

  • No logo on the home button, fyi/fye

  • Someone

    Wonder what Verizon is going to announce tomorrow at CTIA

  • 8:25 am
    On FedEx vehicle for delivery

    • Delivered, unboxing begins

  • Someone

    Is it just me or is anybody else facing problems with fedex? Mine was shipped from Memphis, TN. The fedex status changed to ‘In Transit’ on Sunday 4:28 pm. There has not been any trace ever since. It has been 39 hours. Has the fedex truck been on the road for 39 straight hours? I mean, that is understandable if I am in California or something. But, I’m in Mchigan.
    I can’t complain much since my scheduled delivery date is Wednesday. But, I was hoping that since it was shipped on Saturday and I am not too far away, I’d get it on Tuesday. Oh, well, I guess I’ll have to wait for another day!

    Has anyone of you already gotten your S4s?

    • Someone

      I saw this posted on another forum:
      ‘They put a hold on fed ex deliveries. No one will get theirs tomorrow’
      This was posted by a ‘Bw’ yesterday 05/20/2013 at 7:53 pm
      If it is true, it sucks!

      • Incorrect, it sits at the depot until it leaves on a plane. Overnight delivery from a package shipped on saturday is actually tuesday. Mine left TN early this morning and made its way to philly and is on the truck now for deliver

        • Someone

          I just got off the phone with fedex. They say there was a delay on their side because of which the package was stuck in Memphis. They said I would get it tomorrow.

          • was it 2nd day or overnight? mine was overnight and just arrived as scheduled, even after sitting in memphis

        • Someone

          Did your phone ship from Memphis too?

    • LTM

      I have the same issue. I talked to FedEx and Verizon has put a delivery date of no earlier than Thursday May 23rd on my order. So FedEx will release the shipment tomorrow and I will get the phone on Friday or Saturday per FedEx 🙁

  • mw91

    pre ordered sunday, fedex says it should be in 5/21! gotta get rid of the htc thundershit

    • mw91

      on truck for delivery

      • mw91

        at my house. will have it after work!


  • Anyone who ordered this weekend have shipping info yet?
    Also is there a way to remove “LIFE COMPANION” from the home screen?

    • Someone

      Yes, you can remove ‘Life Companion’. You can either change the text to something else or remove it completely

    • Peter

      I ordered this morning and received shipping notice from FedEx at 4:30. Will arrive on Wednesday 5/22!

  • I’m getting mine Wednesday 🙂

  • Austin

    When I bought my last phone I got it through costco and it came with a nice bundle of accessories. Does anyone know if cotsco will have a bundle like that available for the S4?

  • Should I be worried and contact verizon since I haven’t received a ship notification yet? Ordered on 4/25

    • Someone

      You probably should. Maybe there was some issue related to your mode of Payment. It is possible that Verizon was unable to pull the payment and therefore did not ship your phone yet. I’d recommend that you call them and find out. If payment is the problem, they should be able to fix it immediately.

      • Thanks, I will call them on my break

      • That didn’t do my much good. Phone call they told me that the S4s won’t ship at all before the 23rd, denied any are shipping (I’m not claiming this is all a lie, I believe you lot over VZW Reps). Chat support said the same thing,

        Me: Hello, I’m seeing online that many people’s orders of the Galaxy 24 have shipped, I’m wondering if there is a problem with my order? My order # is 864***** and I ordered on 4/25.

  • Bruce Vazquez

    Getting it early sounds like bragging about giving up unlimited data. I’m good with that, buying mine when it comes in stores Thur and keeping my unlimited. Haste makes waste, and wasting away the unlimited data just isn’t for me….

    • Someone

      You could still pre-order it, pay full price and keep your unlimited plan.

      • Bruce Vazquez

        Choosing to do the payment plan for the 12 months and they didn’t give that option when pre-ordering. Sorry , I should be more specific. Didn’t wanna pay full price up front or loose unlimited data. So I opted to wait to get it in store.

    • Adrian

      How is pre-ordering any different from buying it from a store with regard to your plan?

    • Russel

      Yep, like other guys said. Pay full price and still get it early. Exactly what I had done…

  • Got the email Saturday. Can’t wait to upgrade from my ancient Thunderbolt to this beast!

    • mw91


  • Russel

    Hmm…wow. I ordered mine yesterday (Saturday) around 2 PM. Just checked and it was shipped today (Sunday) at 12:43 PM. Arriving wednesday NLT than 4:30 PM.

    daaaamn 🙂

  • SteveTango

    Pre-ordered mine Friday night, like 8:00. It was marked as shipped by 4:30 Saturday afternoon…scheduled to arrive Wednesday. I’m not making as huge of a leap as some (upgrading from GNex), but my phone has lost it’s ability to connect to 4g, and sometimes has trouble keeping a signal at all. Verizon has no explanation for this issue, other than a hardware issue that can’t be simply fixed. And I had already used my insurance claims on previous incidents, so I’ve been stuck with a POS smartphone with a cracked screen for about 5 months, just counting down the days until I could have this beast.

  • dyshuk

    getting my tomorrow :)…. shipped on Friday and has been on FedEx truck for delivery since Saturday

  • mine shipped on
    the 17th iI should get it tuesTuesday

    • Sam Nimmo


  • Jared Krinsky

    Woohoo mine shipped today. Goodbye my buggy Rezound and hello to my S4

  • I ordered mine on the 25th, order # 864xxx No change in my shipping status yet, just says ship by 5/23/13 still I hope to see a ship notification soon 🙁

  • ericsorensen

    Wonder how bad the Bloat is on this one. Better get the big GB version. And can this be unlocked and rooted? If not, I’ll pass.

    • Bionic

      I am assuming you can disable the bloat just like on any ICS or Jelly Bean phone.

      • ericsorensen

        Like I said – better get the bigger memory version if you can’t actually remove it.

        • hkklife

          There is no “bigger” VZW version. I recommend everyone vote with your wallets and skip the 16Gb version and/or jump ship to AT&T if at all possible.. If we biotch loud enough, it won’t help this time around but it it may help influence VZW’s future handset roadmap.

  • May be Big RED is tricking the developers to release the Bootloader Unlock method earlier, so that they can patch it and sell….

    I never believe Verizon…

    • Bionic

      haha, thats not a bad theory actually

  • EvanTheGamer


  • Tuesday for me as well… Monday if I’m lucky since it is pretty close.

  • My Shipping status says the 23rd but my credit card has been charged.

  • Mine is still saying the 23rd. I hope it moves up!

  • Kbc300

    I just ordered mine Wednesday you guys think it’ll be here by Friday, the 24th?

  • Bionic

    Kellex, your going to do a review for the verizon version right? I’m curious about LTE battery life.

    • Also curious, If anyone can successfully port over the “Nexus Experience” from the Google I/O S4 version, this device has my money. I don’t need the gimmicky Samsung magic hand wave action.

  • Well, I’m still waiting for Best Buy to give me any info on the possibility on when I can pick mine up..

    • gonecks1

      Me too. I read on gottabemobile that best buy has confirmed to them they will get it on may 23.

      • I can’t wait much longer! I hope they surprise us and say we can get it on the 20, or 21st. I think my local best buy has them in stock because when I called to ask when it would be available the woman said they were not allowed to give them out yet. (She never said they didn’t have them)

  • Bionic

    X phone shipping as soon as all the loyal motorola customers give in and buy something else.

    • gokusimpson

      Seriously. I am thisclose to getting this Verizon S4 and giving up all hope on anything else. I want the Snapdragon 800, but damn this Droid X is getting old.

      • Bionic

        If i was you and I had a phone that was THAT old id be getting an S4 right away.

        • gokusimpson

          Good thing Liberty rom makes it very bearable. I’d love to wait out for the X, but I feel like it’s going to have the same specs as the s4 (or worse) and come out way late

          • Bionic


  • Bionic

    God I’m so tempted. But I’m still waiting two get some information on motorola first.

  • I got the e-mail today.. Delivery on Tuesday by 3:00 PM.

    • @darrin, where are you in the US.? I’m in San Fran and mine was picked up on the same date but estimated to deliver Wednesday , not Tuesday …maybe shipping from Memphis to SF adds a day?

  • Mines supposed to be here Tuesday.

  • Piotr G.

    Wanted to do early upgrade I guess that’s not working out

  • David

    Mine was shipped (picked up) today at 2:14. It’s in Memphis. It says two day shipping, but the ETA is Wednesday. That doesn’t make sense.

    • Caleb Martin

      That’s exactly how mine is, but picked up 13 minutes earlier (2:01). It says “Future delivery requested”, which means they’re holding off on actually shipping it, from what I can gather.

      • David

        Well looks like when it arrives at my local FedEx I’ll be harassing them for my package. I didn’t wait this long for my phone to sit in a warehouse ten minutes from my house.

  • Ordered my Tuesday and still no shipping date… I ordered a white one the black one don’t look that good

  • MLG

    Min is scheduled to arrive Wednesday! Can’t WAIT!!!

  • Jsmart5633

    I was notified of shipping as well. FedEx website says it’s coming from Memphis (to Washington D.C.) and estimated delivery is Tuesday at 3. I have overnight shipping, so depending on how far FedEx gets it today, I’m hoping that I might be able to get it Monday.

  • DanSan

    did anyone notice the line item for the SIM card on their order?

    listed as, Gemalto 4G NFC SIM Card.. there is your ISIS NFC sim card lol

    • Spider210

      isis pre installed 🙂

  • DDC

    Just checked on mine, Fed Ex picked it up today, scheduled for delivery on 5/21

  • Stephen D

    Wonder what everyone’s reaction will be when they open it up and see that it actually does have a home button logo?

    • Sean

      Something along the lines of “Oh sweet, my S4 is finally here”?

      • Lol not when they see that LOGO!

        • michael arazan

          I think Verizon should give all Pre-Orders Free One Day delivery for making them wait so long.

          • Tricky

            I know right?

    • Lawsuit. False advertising. Get money. Buy another one just because.

      • FrozenMANGO


    • yungqb7

      That ish better not have a logo otherwise Im flippin a table

    • Bob


    • macGuyver

      Duct tape.

    • No logo.. Got mine in hand!

  • CharlieVZW

    Ordered mine on Thursday night, got an e-mail that it was shipped today (saturday)

    • Pricilla Alvarenga

      May I ask what color did you order it in? I order mine 27 Apr and mine has not shipped,

      • Jsmart5633

        I’m in the same situation as Charlie (ordered on Thursday, notified of shipping today) and mine is black.

      • Pricilla, did yours ship yet? I ordered mine 4/25 and it hasn’t shipped either.

  • XphoneTroll

    Just got an email from Verizon saying it has been shipped and it will arrive on May 22 before 4pm…Wooho..

  • ScottieWhales

    My S4 shipped this am with a Tues arrival est!!!

  • kevin

    Only reason im excited or this is because that means we will soon have the trick to unlocking the bootloader in a few days

  • Pricilla Alvarenga

    Mine says not available at this time 🙁

  • Doug

    checked my order status. says its arriving may 21!

  • Bill

    Just received a shipping confirmation, mine will arrive on Wednesday at 4:30 pm! Mine was picked up today at 11:47 am. It has 2 day shipping so it could possibly come Monday or Tuesday.

    • droi_d

      I received the same confirmation, although mine says Future delivery requested so I probably wont see mine til wed. which is fine by me, a day early… i’ll take it. To the sprint guy, who cares.

      • Bill

        Since it was shipped and has two day shipping, you will either get it on Tuesday or Wednesday. Tuesday for me, so excited to upgrade!

        • harishv79

          I ordered just 2 days ago, on May 16. I expected to be shipped much later after the first batch of pre-orders, but got my status also says Shipped, and “Future Delivery Requested” – with delivery scheduled on May 22.

      • Caleb Martin

        I just got a shipping confirmation as well, and it also says future delivery requested, with an arrival date of Wednesday at 4:30pm.

  • Bill

    Should i just bite the bullet and order the s4, or wait until november… stuck with verizon so yeah… (any hope for a upgraded Razr Maxx HD 2 )?

    • hkklife

      Yup….XPhone 5″ (I predict it’s likely not coming until September or October and still sporting last year’s SoC)

      • Bionic

        Yup. I’m waiting to hear from sarge but that is the general feeling

      • gokusimpson

        I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out in October and still had the snapdragon 600. Just like the Razr HD…late to the game

    • EraserXIV

      Or maybe hold out for the HTC One variant? DNA 2 anyone?

  • Caleb Martin

    No shipping info for mine yet. 🙁

  • Sam

    Mine should be here by Tuesday 4:30pm.

  • private_investor

    anyone that ordered from a non-vzw site hearing anything?

    • Nope.. i went to Best Buy to order mine.

    • I did it through staples so nothing yet. I expected it a lil’ later than verizon ones though. So glad that verizon’s are going out that just means sooner for the rest. I’m in no real rush for it so paying$20 less instantly than after the whole verizon then rebate is nice and no tax is just extra nice on top of it.

    • UncleBert

      Nothing. I ordered from Wirefly because it was $20 cheaper, and Verizon charges sales tax in my state on the full value of the phone. I got one for my wife so the total savings were $120+. I can wait an extra few days for that.

  • yungqb7

    Only a few days left of being stuck on 2.3.6 🙂

    • frozenpineapple

      2.3.4 for me Droid x

      • yungqb7

        LG Revolution for me

        • droi_d

          galaxy nexus 4.2.2 so not much change with OS but looking forward to the power.

          • Wes

            Only a few days on 6.0.2 for me (iOS) 🙂

          • Must be great. -Says nobody ever

        • zach wheeler

          Droid Inc. for me…… dying for an upgrade.

          • yungqb7

            Yeah, sorry to say that phone wasn’t incredible

      • I feel your pain.

      • jhouk

        Droid X2 on 2.3.5. So long Gingy!

      • Droid bionic is getting replaced for me. It’s gonna feel lighting fast…soooo slow right now and doesn’t hold a charge

      • n_tb13

        Same for me!

    • enV touch 😛

  • jhouk

    Received FedEx notification that my phones were picked up at 9:45AM today in Memphis. Estimating in Ohio by Wed? I’m hoping sooner. FYI… Ordered Apr 25. Order #73xxx

  • icekyoob

    Just go my notification – Should have it Wednesday!

  • ndog21

    Ha ha I got my Sprint one 3 weeks ago! This is why I left Verizon! Also Sprints LTE here in LA is Faster than Verizon!

    • The jokes on you buddy.

    • Alex Thomson

      You left Verizon for your Sprint s4. Hmm. Do you think your special now? Ha ha? I’m glad I don’t share the same network with you. Ha ha

    • Al Kendrick


    • frozen mango

      hows that sprint “lte” going? hahahaha

  • Jon Ellingson

    Mine is scheduled to arrive Tuesday!!!

    • Ryan

      so is mine

    • shane

      Jon, did u get a tracking number with the confirmation email or something?

  • hal sandick

    Mine is suppose to arrive on Tuesday by 430pm

  • DanSan

    guess you guys got my email with the screenshot!! according to fedex i will have mine tuesday. I live 3 hours away from the west chester. PA location they shipped it from so maybe i will get lucky and get it monday?

  • Alex Thomson

    Mine will be in my hands by [email protected]:30

  • Guest

    Mine shipped. I’m a business customer and normally they ship overnight, but I have a delivery date of Wednesday. Hoping it arrives on Monday. Order number of 7053**.

  • garugby

    i have a fedex tracking number for mine. fedex estimated delivery is for wednesday

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Google Experience Version or GTFO Verizon.

    • flosserelli

      …and Verizon to you: GTFO

      • hkklife

        I would buy the 32Gb Touchwiz S4 on VZW if they offered it. Or I would buy the 16Gb Google Experience S4 on Verizon….but I ain’t stooping to accomodate both Touchwiz AND 16Gb!

        • Alex Farra

          And who’s losing out on this decision? You or Verizon? …yeah that’s what I thought

        • JoshGroff

          At least it has expandable memory, unlike the DNA. Although, I am currently using AOKP, so that frees up another gig or so of space.

    • You have a better chance of being mauled by a polar bear. In the desert.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Wait a second..didn’t you get burned down multiple times? How are you still a building?

      • TheDrunkenClam


        • EvanTheGamer

          Look at your username and then look at your avatar. 🙂

  • Nosy

    Any idea what order #s are being processed?

  • Troy Reimers

    How do you get your order status?

    • Chris Mullins

      Go to Verizon’s website, if you ordered one, click “check status of my order” or whatever it says.

    • Guest

      Go to Verizon’s page, if you ordered one, click “check the status of my order”