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Incase You Needed Proof That Hangouts was Codenamed “Babel,” Here You Go

ios babel app

We were the first to report the codename of “Babel” as Google’s new unified messaging service, which ended up as Hangouts at public launch, but if you needed actual proof that Babel was around for some time, we thought we’d share this screenshot. It’s taken from my Google Dashboard listing of sites authorized to access my account. You can see that the Hangouts app for iOS is indeed referred to as “iOS Babel App.” (It’s on an iPod Touch that I use for work purposes, don’t kill me.)

You can also hear Google’s director of product management, real-time communications mention it in this video at the 1:40 mark.

Cheers Matt!

  • Gfunk81

    Actually, I think knowing that it was called Babel gives us some insight into Google’s vision. In Genesis 11:1-9, the story of the tower of babel tells us that God came down to look at the city and tower, and remarked that as one people with one language, nothing they sought would be out of their reach. This is consistent with Larry Page’s moonshot thinking. If we have a means of being unified in communication, we can accomplish great things.

  • I like comment =)) =>>>”We were the first to report….” You guys sound like a bunch of
    liberal media wanna-be’s! Who the F* cares if you were the first! Just
    keep reporting on the latest and don’t worry if you were “the first to
    report” or not. Just do it!

  • Ugh. This “we’re the first to report it” crap has gotten tiresome. This used to be my go-to site for Android news and discussion, but I have no desire to see that braggadocio crap ever again.

    I’m sure I’m not the “first” to leave here because of it either.

    Good day Kellen.

  • Dylan Patel

    Incase You Needed Proof That Hangouts was Codenamed “Bayble,” Here You Go

  • RealityCheck

    Babel is the name used in the Hebrew Bible for the city of Babylon.

    • Tim242

      That is babel pronounced “baybel.”. This is pronounced “babble.”

  • ksat

    “We were the first to report….” You guys sound like a bunch of liberal media wanna-be’s! Who the F* cares if you were the first! Just keep reporting on the latest and don’t worry if you were “the first to report” or not. Just do it!

    • Mike Even

      I totally agree here. Was this really an issue of what the “code name” for the project used to be?

  • NexusMan

    Kellen, it was said in a video interview the Hangout team gave post Google i/o.

  • PostedUsingMyiPhone5

    Kellex, just get an iPhone 5 and rock the best phone on the planet.

    • STFU.

      • Chris

        easy now…

        • why? he’s an iPhag…

          • Chris

            You know only children call others names. There’s nothing wrong with liking both platforms. I use both. Both have their good and bad sides. Apple isn’t perfect. Neither is android. If they were then why the need to update them? Why do we need keylime pie?

          • The point is, he is a freekin’ iTroll…and no, both platforms are not equal…

          • Chris

            I didnt say they were. All I said was both had their good and bad sides.

            pays to actually READ the posts kid,….

          • ksat

            It’s useless… save your time!

        • EvanTheGamer

          Yeah, stick up for the iPhone lovin’ douchebag. You must be one, as well.

          • Chris

            No. I’m an adult who can use other means besides name calling to get my point across.

            Like I said, nothing wrong with liking both platforms.

            now move along….

          • This is an Android forum. Clearly he is trolling. I find it quite humerus that a person that posts such stupidity on an ANDROID FORUM and doesn’t expect to be flamed…Also, why would someone spend 2X the price for 2yr old tech…piss off.

          • Chris

            You sound mad. Go outside and get some fresh air

    • EvanTheGamer

      Troll much?

      Have fun feeling like a prisoner of your own device that YOU payed for. Also have fun being Apple’s bitch. 🙂

      • Chris

        not everyone is a nerd in their mothers basements…….

        • Azn_Android

          I think everyone already knows that Evan is the most brain-dead commenter on this site.. android supporter or not.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Hmm…did I just hit a nerve Mr. Azn Android? Whoops! Sorry about that. I’ll try not to hit any more nerves.

            Also, remember that sticks and stones…you know the saying. 😉

        • EvanTheGamer

          I wish I lived in a basement. I bet I’d get more peace and quiet!

    • My OG Strat running bloatfree GC1 is better than that POS!!!

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  • NoBullet

    It even says babel in the wakeclock detector for hangouts.

  • Tommy Thompson

    In the video on The Verge they said it was called babel internally.

  • gersonnoboa

    Also, when you install Wakelock Detector and check Hangouts’ details, the wakelocks are called ‘babel’.

  • sdj

    Do you want a cookie, bitch?

    No seriously, who CARES who was first. You aren’t going to get a prize from Google for reporting first.

    Everyone was pretty much wrong with a LOT of the rumors for I/O and you guys still won’t shut the hell up about it.

    I/O’s done. 5.0 doesn’t exist, LTE Nexus 4 doesn’t exist (and never will), Nexus 4 with 32GB doesn’t exist and never will, updated Nexus 7 doesn’t exist and won’t for a while since it has a quad-core processor more than capable to run the OS (it’s not Google’s fault NVIDIA is a piece of crap).

    The White Nexus 4 is nothing more than a rumor. Android and Me is a hot sack of crap and I laugh at people for believing them (you know..again). Did you not learn your lesson the last time you did that?

    What’s with the race for the bottom?

    • Arslan Jumaniyazov

      Except this time folks from Engadget and Anandtech’s Brian Klug had a chance to see and hold Taylor Wimberly’s white Nexus 4 and offer their initial thoughts on their respective websites. White nexus 4 is no longer a rumor.

      But I agree with your point about Wimberly’s wacky reporting on fictitious Project Runner and other non-existent Android features last October.

      • sdj

        I’ll admit I didn’t know anything about Anandtech (or Engadget) actually holding one. So I’ll retract my statement on that.

        Thanks for the correction.

      • Tim242

        A white Nexus 4 doesn’t exist until they can make the whole phone white.

    • EvanTheGamer

      You’re a moron.

      Moving on…

      • sdj

        I’m a moron? Who’s the idiot believing any rumor he reads? That’d be you.

        Moving on.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Because you come here ranting on about nothing. Who’s site is this anyways? Is this your site? No, it’s not. It’s Kellex’s and Tim’s site. And since this is their site, they can say they are the “first” to report on whatever the hell they want. I’m just saying is all.

          It’s just trivial non-sense what you were going on about. Who cares.

          • sdj

            Who care’s who’s site it is. The Android fanboys like you (and like how I USED to be before I got sick of the crap) flock to here and argue over the same “trivial non-sense” that you claim I’m going on about.

            Tell me how something like that helps the community in any way?

            People believing A is going to happen at an event just because a “source” said so online. It doesn’t happen so people get bitchy about a RUMOR and take to Google+ or whatever to complain in public.

            Others mistakenly view the fans of the OS to be complaining about “trivial non-sense” and thus chose another OS because the fanbase of THIS one is filled with whiners.

            Yeah, that’s so helpful.

            Also, it sure as hell wasn’t “trivial non-sense” to Kellex considering he decided to make a whole damn article about “WE WERE FIRST. HERE’S PROOF. WE HAVE PROOF. NOW WE CAN PROVE WE’RE FIRST.”

            ….Ok then? More crotch-waving, I see?

          • Why are you here, again???

      • Azn_Android

        While sdj shouldn’t just randomly start cussing everyone out, I have to say that you’re as much of a moron as sdj is.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Maybe I was a bit harsh, but still. I just don’t like it when a random user comes here flappin’ his gums about nothing, that’s all.

    • Justin Barrett

      Pretty strong words for someone who can’t even post them with their real name or picture. People always bark loudest when they can hide behind a keyboard.

      • sdj

        Nah, I’d say it to anyone’s face if they started sprouting crap rumors and wouldn’t shut up.

        I’m not scared like most people are around here. I just don’t feel like logging into yet another crappy “service” just to post a damn comment

    • Futbolrunner

      The name calling ain’t necessary.

      • sdj

        It’s from a Kingsley video.

        It’s more for the funny quote than calling someone a bitch.

        I AM sick of the constant rumors on this site though.

        I left Android and Me over their Sony Nexus crap. I don’t hang on Phandroid or Android Community anymore either. Droid Life is just getting just as bad as those guys.

        • Chris

          This isn’t the place to be talking about childrens videos….

          if you hate these guys postings then leave. I stick around because they are from Portland, near where I live. Its nice to see a tech site run LOCALLY.

          • sdj

            Just to let you know, the person of the so-called “children’s videos” makes a LOT of money off of each YouTube video he puts out, considering he is technically a sponsor of the damn site with the content he puts out.

            So yeah, he works hard and makes the money to show for it.

            Meanwhile, you insult a person’s work that you’ve clearly never seen AND you root for a website that clearly hurts the credibility of the very technology that you use JUST because they’re from your city.

            You should probably rethink your life choices if the only criteria that you need to love someone’s work is they have to be from your state. Ted Bundy was born in Vermont and I don’t see people rooting for him from Vermont. Who gives a crap where they’re from. If they do nothing but spread rumors, then they are simply not needed.

    • Wyveryx

      Here have a ….

    • Chris

      You must care enough to be going off like a mad man….

      • sdj

        Yes. I care enough to say something. This article is completely pointless and it’s my right and opinion to point it out.

        You have a problem with it?

    • asdfgadfgsd

      A bit extreme, but I agree. I really like this site, but the constant claims of being first push me to other news sites. So childish and annoying!

      • sdj

        It’s too bad that there’s not many places left, honestly. Droid Life seems to be turning into a mini-Engadget with all the rumors and claims of being FIRST.

        This article is nothing more than “Screw those sites, WE were first. WE deserve all the attention.”

    • T4rd

      U mad bro?

  • Thank god it’s not. I like Hangout much better.

  • thislandisyourland

    Really though, those new iPod touches are pretty sweet. I’d kill for a PMP running android with hardware like that.

    • mx

      Me too. I don’t understand why this hasn’t happened yet.

  • KleenDroid


    • ragnarok180


      • infogulch


        • Stychill


          • emoney

            ^ruined it

          • Michael G

            You should have said, “Spectacular.”

          • Stychill

            That wouldn’t have brought the rant to an end.

        • feztheforeigner