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Google Maps for Mobile Gets Reworked, Coming to Android and iOS “This Summer”


Google tipped us off early this morning, aside from the leaks we saw previously, that Google Maps might be getting some love at this year’s I/O.  A preview build of the new Maps was shown on iOS and Android. It featured a new slimmed down look with a search bar that took you into a revamped reviews section that has a 5 star scale instead of the previous 4. Google Offers was also worked into this same space to make finding food and deals easy. 

A whole new tablet-based Maps application was shown off as well with the emphasis on “exploring” the world around you. Ratings of restaurants, places of interest and other things are tightly integrated into this new Maps for mobile. We didn’t get a specific release date, but it was said to be coming to Android and iOS “this summer.”


  • What about Navigation?!?!

  • when can i get Navigation in offline mode with saved maps….?

  • Why no more yellow roads?!

  • Vitaliy Rudenko

    Whatsup with the stupid minimalistic flat Win 8 looking interfaces? Look like crap and make you feel like you’re workingwith a microsoft product.

  • mx

    5 stars instead of 4! OMG Innovation!


  • laughing at you fan nerds

    awesome my Iphone just continues to be the best google phone out there.

    • Chris

      Nice name

  • Artune

    Hey Kellex I found the proper link for the sign-up page i don’t know if you can keep it up top from other post.

    Here is the proper link guys http://t.co/IPZHPaLco4

    • huskerhog

      It seemed to work for me. Just 2 button clicks with no other information requested.

      • If you are already signed into Google services on your browser it uses your primary log-in. Why can’t every sign-up be that easy????

  • JetBlue

    But Google I need it now!

  • Artune

    I’d really like to get on the preview build but the sign up page isn’t working.