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Report: Google to Launch Streaming Music Service Tomorrow at I/O

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According to industry sources who spoke with The Verge and the New York Times, Google will unveil a new streaming music service tomorrow at Google I/O. After inking deals with both Universal and Sony, the service finally has the go-ahead to compete with the likes of Spotify and get the jump on Apple who has been taking its sweet time launching a similar service. 

Sources told NYT that there wouldn’t be a free tier for the service, so that could put us anywhere from a couple of dollars a month to $10 or $15. This new streaming service is said to be more like Spotify with on-demand music rather than the radio-esque approach that Pandora has taken.

Should this service launch tomorrow, expect a Google I/O that may be the biggest one yet. We could see a new unified chat service, Gmail update, Android 4.3, gaming center, and this new music services amongst other things.

Stick with us all day tomorrow – we’ll be covering it all.

Via:  The Verge | NY Times

Cheers Inquizitor!

  • Lauriana Mae should be their spokesperson. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQ9FbF1BFJw

  • markgbe

    yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. spotify is getting…. gayify.

  • Maybe this will motivate Spotify to improve their Android app. Don’t get me wrong.. it works really well overall, but there’s so much it’s missing. And if Google’s new music streaming service has the selection that Spotify does, I’m already sold.

  • b00sted

    I am grandfathered into the Grooveshark 30$ a year premium user. It has it’s issues but I love it. I am a Google fanboy but it will take a lot for me to switch.

  • Will they do anything for audio quality?

  • Tim242

    I hope the new gmail app fixes that 5 year “sending” stuck in outbox bug that makes me want to jump off of a bridge.

    • TylerChappell

      I’ll catch you, but only if we are wearing Glass while doing so. 😀

      • Tim242

        That is so sweet! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now, you make me want to jump, just so that you will catch me : )

        • Joe Bivlec

          Bromance is so sweet.

  • Hothfox

    If they update their Google Music app, I’m game, especially if it integrates with this new service and the existing Google Music where I have my music in the cloud.

  • So does this mean that Google music app will get a new look?

  • ckeegan

    …and I will consider dumping Spotify when more 3rd party devices (like my Denon receiver) pick up Google’s service.

    I bet the Google service will at least be capable of landscape on smartphones and tablets. Spotify is too stupid for that, even though everyone constantly asks for it in their forums.

    • Dillon Brown

      this times a million, the Spotify app lacks so many features, and they don’t care, if google releases this service with a good price, I’ll make the switch so fast, the spotify app won’t have time to update to add yet another language

  • Julian Coronado

    Please! If this means a new music player app then yay!

  • Rabid Rotty

    What’s the point? They still haven’t made Google music available in Canada

    • S2556

      Yeah they have, I use it all the time. You cant use the desktop app or buy songs though which is annoying… mobile app works great though and syncs to my computer fine

      • Rabid Rotty

        How can it synq to your computer when u just said u can’t use music manager on your comp.

  • I would hop of spotify and on to google every time…but I know Google’s relationship to german laws, especially when it comes to music: we won’t see this service any time soon over here.


    I only hope my current collection of 13,000 songs does not disappear from Google Music.

  • Tyler

    I love spotify, if they offer something similar that I can use on my phone for free im in.

  • Sqube

    Yes, but… will Google Play Music be any more usable?

  • blakjakdavy

    Hopefully this means we get an updated music app replete with prettiness to accompany the new service…

    • Larizard

      read my mind. there’s no better time to announce a revamped Play Music app than when this streaming service is unveiled.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      I hope so. I am ready to ditch spotify/rdio over google’s streaming music. I’ll pay no more than $10 tho

    • PhoenixPath

      That, and I do hope they have a Smart-DJ/radio/social feature to play “similar” music. It’s really the thing I liked most about Zune and Pandora.

      Pandora, with the ability to “mix” will likely keep me hooked. Not sure I could give that up willingly.

    • hicksonjohn

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  • SD_Scott

    What about the X phone!?!?! It’s new phone time…

    • Seriously though, my G-Nex is getting tired and having charge issues sometimes. Makes me sad, I love this phone. If they announce a solid upgrade I’m totally down.

      • Dp

        Mine does too. Try using a toothpick to gently clean in the usb port. My problem is typically caused by lint/fluff in there.

    • Tim242

      The X phone is a mid-range phone that will be released by Motorola. Google will not announce a Moto phone.

      • michael arazan

        Sad but true, Google has said several time that Motorola will get no special treatment, to not piss off other manufacturers of Android Moto is a separate entity

        • Ibrick

          Would you expect Google to say anything different?
          Of course Moto will get special treatment, but they can’t come out say that without creating some controversy.

    • That’s Motorola. Nothing to do with I/O.

  • Android, Spotify… Androidify? Wait that’s taken

    • NemaCystX

      Google Playify?

    • I really hope this is like the Zune Music service that was $9.99 for unlimited streaming but $14.99 with unlimited Streaming + 10 DRM free song downloads to keep.

  • No free option? No thanks.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if they had some sort of free option…like 50 streamed songs per month until you upgrade (or at least a few months for free at the beginning to get people hooked).

      It’s just hard to imagine anything “Google” without some sort of free option/portion 🙂

      Either way, I’m excited to see what they have! Maybe it’ll actually be a service that I’m willing to pay for! *gasp* 🙂

      • Blue Sun

        The free option was how I started on Pandora. At some point I realized I was using it some much & bumping into the monthly limit. I would definitely consider switching away from my paid Pandora if there was indeed a limited use free trial before jumping into the paid Google model.

    • Tyler

      Why would google not have something for free as well? They are all about free with most if not all of there services being free with ads. Especially considering alternatives like Pandora and Spotify offer it.

      • Google could easily follow the free desktop/laptop and paid mobile plan. I didn’t mind that at all for a while. Until I had to have premium for my mobile.

        • NemaCystX

          But couldn’t you just use a browser and use a “desktop” agent to trick it into thinking its not a mobile device, say, a Tablet for example?

    • I gladly pay for Spotify, if this is better, cheaper, or just more full of Google and all of the above I will probably switch over. Just need a real reason to. Streaming music with offline options is great.

    • Tim242

      Did you not read the article?

      • “Sources told NYT that there wouldn’t be a free tier for the service, so that could put us anywhere from a couple of dollars a month to $10 or $15.”

        Do YOU not read the article? And what do you know, no mention of a free option today at I/O.

        My god you are annoying Tim. I feel sorry for the people that know you in person.

        • Tim242

          The comment originally was a question asking if there was a free option. My responsse was to point out that the article said no. You have no idea what you are replying to. That is annoying. : )

          • Have you heard of a rhetorical question? Apparently you have the education of an 8-year old.

          • Tim242

            Obviously it wasn’t rhetorical, as he edited it. And you talk about my education…

          • Well you replied to my post, which I didn’t edit. So I really don’t know what you’re talking about. Nice try though.

          • Tim242

            And you never asked a question, so I don’t know what you are talking about. The point here is that you jumped in on something that you didn’t understand and started throwing insults. That says it all. Nice try though

          • You replied to my initial rhetorical question. You’re the one who doesn’t know what you’re talking about. I’m done with you.

      • Tim242

    • michael arazan

      Probably a 1 month trial for free with a sign up

    • Raven

      I agree. All this talk of Spotify, Rdio, and even Pandora. What about Slacker? I think they have the perfect model that Google should emulate. Have lots of different Genre channels that you can listen to for free with some occasional Ads and then the option to pay for no ads and more control and choosing specific songs. Google is an advertising company after all. They should allow you to listen for free and serve up targeted advertising, just like they do with all of their web services.

      • I agree. Slacker has been my go to choice for streaming music.

  • SMoose

    This is hilarious. I initially heard about these rumors with Apple and Google beat them to the punch. I can’t imagine that Apple will be thrilled…I wonder what the differentiation will be in Google vs. Apple streaming.

    • Supposedly Google’s will be more like Spotfiy while Apple is wanting to take a more Pandora approach.

      • MItheOnly1whodoesntlikepandora

        ew. they would.

    • LionStone

      Yea Apple made an embarrassing initial offer to the music companies, like half of what Pandora pays to their music services. After they refused, Apple then doubled the offer but I think they still are holding out because they know without them, Apple music service won’t be anything.

      • That’s why Pandora is going out of business.

    • mcdonsco

      You’ll feel imprisoned and stuck with the service…that will be the difference with apple…oh, and it will cost more than all others for one reason and one reason only…its apple.

      Oh, and I almost forgot…you will also feel blessed and better than everyone else for being a member of the apple cult, able to look down on the non-apple peasants.

      • OreoMan

        Actually, when you sign up for Apple Music you’ll be asked what your favorite song is. You’ll respond, and that one song will play. For the next year, that’s the only song you’ll hear.

        After a year, you’ll complain that everyone else has new songs….not just songs, but whole albums! Apple will release the 12″ club mix of your requested song and tell you it’s “revolutionary”! You’ll believe it for about 6 months and then complain again. Apple will tell you that something huge is coming out in 6 months. You’ll get excited and tell all your Google Music friends that the Apple gods are going to change the future soon and that they should bow down to you.

        Here we are 2 years later for the big announcement. You line up up a day before the announcement, ready to pee your pants. The doors open and everyone rushes into the store. The first person comes out holding the same 12″ club mix….but now it has a video with it! The gods truly are kind and know what’s best for the masses.

        Moral of the Apple Music story….enjoy your copy of WHAM’s Wake me Up (Jitterbug) 12″ club mix for the next 8 years!