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Google Play Updated to Version 4.1.6, Brings Sporty Looking Home Buttons

Google Play Update

A day ahead of the Google I/O keynote, an update is rolling out to Google Play, version number 4.1.6. Inside the update is a new look for the home buttons (Apps, Games, Movies, etc.), giving them a more colorful appearance. On top of that, it appears that each application page is laid out better, with the  “open” and “install” buttons being separated a bit more. In the previous version, they were a bit cramped and I know we voiced our minor frustrations about that during one of our DL Shows. 

Users who use the Wishlist feature will also see a new layout for that, as apps now appear as rows of three from left to right, instead of just top to bottom.

If you would like to download the newest version, hit up the download links below and install it right over your current version.

Download: Google_Play_4.1.6.apk [mirror]

Via: Android Police

  • wow my play store is still on 4.0.27, time to update. 🙂

  • Why in the world wouldn’t Europe version look the same like the U.S version :((

    • it takes a long time to send updates through those undersea intertubes, mate

  • DinnRinn

    I think I am goign to like the way that turns out. Wow.


  • LaceyJ

    There is no reason why they can’t double the size of “Open” “Install” and place them side-by-side rather than on top of one another. That massive space to the left exists on all smartphones no matter what their resolution. Unacceptable waste of space and an unintuitive button layout.

    • dsignori

      Exactly. I couldn’t agree more. In addition they changed the easy-to-read green-on-white buttons to the harder to read white-on-white buttons.

      Seriously .. why??

    • hicksonjohn

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  • atatata

    is it Google Market?

  • Tyler Casilio

    Did they fix “My apps” to “My Apps” ? everything else starts with capital letters except “apps” I have OCD with that stuff

    • Nope. Still appears as “My apps” and “My wishlist”.

      • TylerChappell

        Previously, wishlist was capitalized while apps was not, now they are both lower-case for consistency.

  • Noticed something new. In the ‘my apps’ it used to separate the updates that could be just ran and those that it forced manual due to changes in permissions. No more. Now it just prompts you as needed. YAY far simpler.

    • Brandon Golway


  • Wish Google could steal from ios, the tap of the top to scroll quickly to the beginning in the play Store. Too much vertical scrolling

    • michael arazan

      I wish the play store had a better search function, finding specific apps become tedious at times scrolling through hundreds for a specific one

  • akazerotime

    I think this is the first time i read a post, went to a device, and there it was already installed. Nice.

  • kane

    Open/Update is too close to Uninstall especially on smaller screens