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Eric Schmidt Thought Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” Rule Was the Stupidest Thing Ever

eric schmidt

Way back when Google first launched, the new company came out with a moral stance that stated “don’t be evil.” A lofty, but noble goal that the company has tried to live by for sure, but in a recent interview Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt said he thought that it was a pretty dumb idea. “When I showed up, I thought this idea was the stupidest rule ever, because there’s no book about evil except, maybe, you know, the Bible or something.”Β 

Schmidt brings up a good point about the motto, but points out that it was mostly a good thing that allowed employees to speak up about things that they weren’t sure about. Schmidt was brought onto the old company slogan through the discussion that Google holds a lot of info on it’s users and he assured that if someone were to sell or look through the data, “someone would find out, trust me.” Assuring words for those who fear of Google’s amount of information.

Via:Β The Verge

  • toe foot

    The Bilderberg elite are the world’s self appointed Gods, didn’t you know that one of their current agenda is de-population of the planet to what they believe is the ideal level of 500 million people.

    Lets hope these self appointed God’s see fit too let our families live – you will stand a better chance of survival though if you share their Zionist bloodline.

    But don’t take my word for it do your own research and find out the truth. The EU, ECB, IMF are all their creations created to rob the wealth off the people and create an unelected world government – PURE EVIL.

  • It’s kind of frightening that he thought the “don’t be evil” rule was dumb essentially because he was personally unable to decide if something was evil.

    Way to fit the amoral corporate stereotype, Schmidt.

    Shows that Google having that explicit motto is probably pretty important.

  • No way Google could have got where they have if they didn’t have “don’t be evil” as a motto that was for the most part followed. People would have demanded the company be broken up before they controlled half the information they do today.

    As it is they maintain that they aren’t evil, and even the “bad” things they do are very mild compared to what others do (for example the Google Maps Wi-Fi sniffing) so people cut them quite a bit of slack.

  • Dave Douglas

    “Google holds a lot of info on it’s users”


    Who edits your stories?

  • Dominick_7

    One of the most stupid and ironic comments I’ve seen this week. Google is evil, as much as the other corps and this comment shows how much of an obscurantist this guy is. I use a Note 2 but I’m no cheerleader for these control freak creeps.

    • SenseOffender

      Here are some Thesaurus definitions of the word evil.

      “Morally Objectionable Behaviour”

      “That which causes harm or destruction or misfortune”

      “Thew quality of being morally wrong in principle or in practice”

      “That which is below standards or expectations of ethics or decency”

      So will you explain what you feel makes Google evil? Personally I feel that word gets banded about way too much when talking about tech firms; namely apple and Google, to the point it’s being misused.

      • Dominick_7

        Yes, look up the Bilderberg group, this guy is a member. If you don’t believe it look up wearechange on YouTube or Alex Jones and his coverage of their meetings and you can see this guy run away from their questions like he was a Cockroach with the lights flipped on. Like you have these presidents inducted into the secret group skull and bones, bohemian Grove and Bilderberg, they’re all of the same cloth.. Eugenics, Luciferian, anti humanity groups. Basically a satanic mafia of bankers, corps, the richest and most powerful people in the world. These corps all invest into Eugenics population control ventures. They’re all about reducing the population to around 1/3rd or less now that people are waking up to their presence. They accomplish this by abortions, vaccines, illegal wars, drones, poisoning the food, water, air, medicine, build like NDAA, the Patriot act etc. They think they are superior and everyone else is vermin like some typical Tyrannical royalty ala feudalism. This is what the media won’t tell you, because when they do the reporters lose their jobs or worse. But at places like wearechange you can see them off camera admitting this, from Walter Cronkite to Rather.. When asked who runs the world, the answer is the financial institutions banks, corps and such. If you want a more detailed explanation look up End Game or something along those lines.

        • PhoenixPath

          roflcopter and lollerskates are you blinkered.

          Get outta da basement and into the Mental Health Clinic, man.

          You needs it *bad*.

          • Dominick_7

            So what you’re saying is you have absolutely nothing intelligent to contribute, can’t refute what I’m saying, can’t rationally defend a counter position and have nothing but a stringing together of one ad hominem logical fallacy after the other to offer? You know the reason you won’t seriously look into this and act like a classless troll hiding behind your avatar is because if you found out it was true that our country was taken over by globalist criminal bankers you likely couldn’t deal with it. Calling someone a dummy head doesn’t prove you’re intelligent or have sound rational or emotional well being. All it shows is you cannot intellectually deal with life or issues as you point your finger at others for what you yourself have problems with.. insulting peoples intelligence WITH logical fallacies as one prime example. Brilliant man.

          • PhoenixPath

            Ok. No joking, then.

            Seriously: Seek help.

          • Dominick_7

            So I need mental help because I disagree with you and the official spoon fed narrative of what known liars tell me. How sad. You are like a poster child of what the educational system and media has done to us.

          • PhoenixPath

            The fact you “know” I’ve agreed or disagreed with anything here?

            Well, that about says it all.

            No pseudo-intellectual BS needed. πŸ˜€

            Have a nice day, Nietzsche.

          • Dominick_7

            All you’re doing is calling me names like you were in preschool. No idea what you’re talking about with what I claimed to know about what you’ve agreed or disagreed. It’s clear you disagree with everything I’ve said or are more so too cowardly too research it yourself because you’d likely have to change your diaper if you realized what’s really going on in the world. I’m like the exact opposite of a Nietzsche and there’s nothing pseudo about what I said. The fact that you can’t intelligently deal with arguments and issues speaks volumes. Thank you for going away troll.

          • PhoenixPath

            “The fact…”

            Hey! You should try one of those! Yeah…. That’d be great…

            Of course I’m insulting you. You’re begging for it. You crave the attention…. It’s your validation. You can’t be happy (well, your twisted version of happy) unless you have someone you can talk down to and claim superiority over. This is why you’ve chosen the conspiracy whack-a-doodle BS as your subject. No one can rationally or reasonably argue against f*cked-up crazy…because it’s f*cked-up crazy.

            If it weren’t so sad and pathetic, I’d admire the genius of it. πŸ™‚

            Now tell me again how preschool I am and how I can’t handle the truth. Really. The irony is delicious…

          • Dominick_7

            Ok so even if there is video of Schmidt at the Bilderberg conference, pictures, and news articles reporting he was at the conference, that’s not a fact because you say so. Got it. The world is dying to know what you consider a fact. Yea that’s right man, I so desperately need the attention of fellow tech geeks on a tech site and really think using facts in a society and group that would likely think it’s crazy talk is the best way to go about getting positive attention. Brilliant man. You’ve figured it all out.

          • PhoenixPath

            Your going to have to refresh my memory there, el grande;

            Exactly where did I deny Eric was anywhere with anyone?

            Oh that’s right… I didn’t. In fact, I’ve made no mention of him, the conference, or anything related to it. Not once.

            Strange that you seem to think I have. Seeing things that never happened…. yeah, that’s always a good sign. Don’t sweat it. I’m sure your fine. /s

            I’d suggest seeking help for the apparent delusions you seem to be suffering from, but well… been there/done that. πŸ™‚

          • Dominick_7

            “The fact…”

            Hey! You should try one of those! Yeah…. That’d be great…

            You said that which implies that nothing I said was factual. I claimed that the CEO of google was a member of Bilderberg, if you were saying that is not factual you are denying that Eric was with Bilderberg. You are just a childish troll, intellectually dishonest and in denial of your own issues. Please do as you said and go.

          • PhoenixPath


            I implied you were a moron. I said and implied nothing about Eric or the group. My only implication regarded the state of your sanity.

            You jumped to the conclusion that supported what you desired to be true, and then without so much as a whim, called it ‘fact’. You ‘knew’ I did or believed something you could only guess at, and even then, not in any kind of an informed manner.

            The bar by which you judge ‘fact’ vs. ‘Wild-ass guess’ is apparently all but non-existent, it seems…which speaks volumes regarding your tinfoil hat crusading.

            This is fun. Do tell me more about what you imagine I said or implied…

        • SenseOffender

          I’ve heard all the stories of the so called illuminati (illuminated, enlightened, educated). You still haven’t answered my initial question though. All you have provided me with is conspiracy theories but no hard facts or substantial reasoning.

          I have seen the Zeitgeist (Scientology propaganda) videos, I’ve seen the hysterical mad man Alex Jones (if he were the President of the United States he’d annihilate mankind through his crazed beliefs. i’ve heard of Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones… Shoot, I’ve even heard that 2pac and Elvis are still alive!

          You still haven’t told me why is it a bad thing for me to have a gmail account and an android device? What evil is taking place that will affect me by using those tools?

          • Dominick_7

            There’s a difference between hearing stories as a distant echo and doing the actual research yourself. It sounds crazy, because it IS crazy. I provided you actually is not conspiracy theories but conspiracy facts. They were considered conspiracy theories like in the 80’s or early 90’s, but you will find video of even mainstream media agreeing that these things are true.. but it takes doing your own research. You can look these up along with projects like Gladio and the Northwoods documents where the US government planned on doing a false flag and blaming it on Cuba so they could have a way into their country. We have a long history of false flags, I listed some. You’re kind of asking me to do your research for you, which I won’t do because you wouldn’t believe it even if I did line up one video and link after the other. It really requires doing the research yourself. I USED to fight with people I used to just dismiss as conspiracy theorists as crazy like that fellow under here did, but wouldn’t be any where near that disrespectful. I fought with them for years.. then I did actual serious research when things started to catch my eye. Fast and Furious opened a lot of peoples minds. I’d encourage you to look into it more.

            Haha I actually used to not like Jones just because of his manner.. and still don’t necessarily care for his manner, but it was a mistake for me to write him off entirely, what he said, because of that. Whatever one thinks of him, if you really check what he says, I think one will find he’s actually correct. I changed my mind about him after having done so.

            What I shared with you are things for you to look into yourself. I didn’t necessarily say it’s bad to have a gmail account, but just to be aware so one is careful how one uses it.. though others might tell you to just get off of them all entirely. There are surveillance tech components in DVRs, smartphones, the internet, dish washing machines, smart tvs, etc, but you have to use them in this world, might as well use it for good.. to do the best one can with the info and tech one has, but use them with caution and awareness, as it’s pretty out in the open that big brother uses what we say on the internet without our permission, without warrants or constitutional grounds to do so. I’m just trying to raise awareness of the nature of these corps, in particular google in line with the ridiculous comment from the CEO in this article.

            But I think it should be enough to say they are members of the Bilderberg group to give an indication on the kinds of agenda they have. You can find whistleblower info on it from workers, all confirming what Jones and others like RT news has said about it. You can see video of the top most powerful people going there and video confrontations with people who will either admit to going there, but refuse to say much about it or just run away.

          • SenseOffender

            The issue I have with researching all of these “cults, secret societies” etc is that the only way to do it is via a search engine, youtube or books, and books are written by man so you get to a point where you may even have to research the evidence contained in books in order to remove the fact from the fiction.

            It’s not like science where you can go into a lab and prove or disprove a theory.

            I will tell you where I stand on these things:

            Illuminati: It means the enlightened ones and, in my mind, there’s nothing wrong with being enlightened/educating yourself.

            In regards to their control of the financial system, providing someone can come up with a solution to change the status quo then, why should I waste my precious short time on earth researching this? I spend my money how I choose, outside of paying my bills on time.

            Google: I use their services because I prefer having one login, that way I only have to pull the plug once. They can monitor me all they want, my most intimate thoughts will never be shared digitally, so I don’t feel vulnerable to whatever they may wish to do with my data.

            Mankind have long been a slave to money, the process has just been sped up with the increase in ways to spend it. Advertising is designed to trigger these impulses, as is modern entertainment. I have pretty good self control, I know what I like, what I want, and have long shaken the curse of impulse buying.

            The system is designed to cripple those who don’t control the flow of money or who don’t buy into the ethos set up by financial institutions and their advertising/media foot soldiers.

            You appear quite articulate, Alex Jones does himself a disservice by rambling and bumbling his way through his shows when, if he was calm and concise, a lot more people would take him serious, but he’s chaotic and over dresses what he’s trying to get across, just to double the length of his show.

            I know about Cuba, I know about Nixon and the COINTELPRO, I know about the crap they did in my parents homeland of Jamaica, I saw what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and I know what the British did in Cashmere and Israel to ensure there would never be peace.

  • bloop

    “Don’t be an Apple.”* Corrected that for you.

  • Colonel_Awesomesauce

    “So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb.” -DH

    • Chris Hollenbeck

      The quote goes well with the profile pic.
      Well done. πŸ˜‰

  • nick

    I do not have act like i have any kinda of moral compass because there is no book written about the subject…

  • Robert Delaney

    The article title and the writing is horrible. I listen to the show live and when he first came on board he thought it was stupid. Then when he saw it in action within the employees who make the daily decisions to now do evil and police and challenge each other to not do evil, he became a fan of it.

    This article had to have been written by someone at Fox News. Pure sensationalism without one piece of honest writing. The worst article I have seen you guys ever write.

    • jdomann

      TBH, it was probably written based upon the Verge article, which was even more sensationalized. Which is one reason why I don’t follow the Verge or Engadget anymore.

  • Greed is Good! (Gordon Gekko)

  • bakdroid

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    • This brought tears to my eyes!! Haha!!

  • jdomann

    FYI to those who think he still thinks that and didn’t bother to read the article: this was at the BEGINNING of his tenure at Google. Not now. He’s changed his mind since.

    The literal context of “Don’t Be Evil” according to him was an example of a project where one engineer said “That’s evil!” and a bunch of commentary followed in that meeting, but the project got shut down by that thought.

    Source: I listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and he was an awesome guest, especially on the questions part.

    Edit: real source http://www.npr.org/2013/05/11/182873683/google-chairman-eric-schmidt-plays-not-my-job

    • Guest
    • radiohead14

      yup.. the Verge and now DL’s headlines are misleading. i thought both sites were better than putting up click bait.

    • Mark Mann

      if he changed his mind twice…is it back to the original thought(i.e. it’s stupid) or is it something else?

      • jdomann

        No I meant he’s come to appreciate the concept since joining. Read the transcript or listen to it (really recommend it) to get a better idea.

        • Mark Mann

          ah…lol…my fault, i mis-read your comment…sorry about that(i really don’t know where i got the “twice” part from)

  • FknTwizted

    It would be in their best interest not to go against that…If you ever want to see a Billion $$ business crumble, go ahead and lose the consumer’s trust in your company.

    • Cowboydroid

      Which is why the free market will always be a better regulator than the government.

      • Dominick_7

        Free market would be nice if it ever was really tried. Bail outs and all the nonsense from government intrusion, monopolies, etc make it hard for that to occur. It also can only work where there is a shared sense of morality (we don’t see this occurring in third world countries for a reason)but this society is on its death bed via a relativistic post christian post modern society, and it will only get worse. There’s a reason the richest are seeking their stocks and buying up gold and other resources.

      • calculatorwatch

        The free market is great when it’s based on consumer trust and creating the best product. But all too often it seems to be based on collusion and restricting consumer choice (Wireless companies, oil companies, health care). That’s when someone needs to step in.

        • Cowboydroid

          Crony capitalism does not a free market create. Companies should be held LIABLE for their actions, not given special privileges by the government that exempt them from liability. Wireless companies and all manner of telecoms are GRANTED monopolies by the government. Oil companies COLLUDE with the government to restrict competition.

          • FknTwizted

            and that is why you as well as everybody needs to get involved with politics. As for capitalism still works even in the aspect of the monopoly in most cases, just as our cable company here where i live “how they are doing”… their crappy services and their inability to keep the consumers trust is now hurting their bottom line and to try to win back the consumer they are practically giving the service away and still people are not buying into it.

  • Smeckle

    I burst out laughing at the headline.

  • KleenDroid


  • Well, let’s be glad they didn’t turn into Apple.


      They wish they were as innovative as Apple.

      • You mean by copying the ideas that work?


          Yes android did copy IOS.

          • michael arazan

            Android was created before Ios? dafuq?

      • kg215

        Actually they surpassed Apple in innovation a long time ago, even before the Iphone 3.

      • Umm since when is the iPhone running OCTO-CORES? When did the iPhone get a full 1080P display with gesture support? When did the iPhone get removable storage?

        -Hipsters maybe annoying but a troll that can’t even troll is even worse!

      • Obvious troll is obvious

    • Chris Hollenbeck

      Do not underestimate the power of the dark side.

  • rals

    Of course he would say that now, especially they are tied to Bildberg Group.

    • Jesse Ventura, is that you?

      • Frank Fiorta

        Well he was a part of the group in 2012 (and before). They mention him on their website.

        You don’t have to be a crazy conspiracy theorist to see that the group holds meetings and conferences attended by the most powerful people in the world that NO ONE can even sniff.

        • rals

          Exactly, Schmidt has been a few times at this meetings, and now scheduled next month to be there in London – but hey let’s not listen to the tin foil hat crowd!

          • I think the theories came from jealous poor people who aren’t cool enough to attend the meetings.

          • Dominick_7

            Say what..?

        • Yeah, but the theories around it are absurd.

          You sure he was apart of it? He’s not on there. Not under Janos or Ventura.

          • Dominick_7

            That’s exactly what the brainwashing wants you to say. It’s hidden in plain sight. It’s all over the place but people can’t seem to see it. The only reason it’s being reported in the mainstream media at all is thanks to independent news media sites like Jones, RT, we are change and such.

          • Frank Fiorta

            Yes, like I said, it is on the Bilderberg site


      • rals

        Here you go, I hope your alter ego can handle it Tyler


      • Dominick_7

        Open your eyes dood. Do your research.