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CyanogenMod Passes 5 Million Download Mark, Shows No Signs of Stopping


You can’t think of the Android development community without mentioning CyanogenMod at some point. The series of ROMs has been around almost as long as Android itself and today, the CM team passed a huge milestone. If you take a look at the CyanogenMod Statistics page, you will see that the number of overall installs has passed the 5 million mark. 

We are at the Release Candidate stage for Android 4.2 which brings us up to CM 10.1. The community behind CyanogenMod is huge and developers continue to jump in to help maintain new and older devices. CyanogenMod has evolved a lot since it began and Android has evolved a lot since CM was created, so hopefully the two will keep going for the foreseeable future.

Are you still a CM fan or have you left for another AOSP ROM?

Via: CM Statistics

  • ApplesNAndroids

    I’ve got the Galaxy Note II for Verizon. I just recently rooted it for tethering capabilities and thought i’d try out a ROM. I used the latest build of AOKP and it seemed signal strength was seriously decreased. I left work with my 6500mAh battery (which usually is hanging around 50 – 60% after an 8 hour work day) with only about 20 % battery life left. I always used CM on my Galaxy Nexus. I’m afraid to give it a go and have the same terrible signal strength/battery issues.

    • kevinthorn

      hey im thinking about switching from a gnex to a note……are you happier with it?

  • Ray

    Wish Bluetooth wasn’t so broken on CM 10.1 for verizon sgs3…. Couldn’t sync to my LG tune at all. Everything else is gravy.

  • danny

    I like carbon better

  • dylan84

    First time I used CM was on my Droid (CM6). Then I got an Atrix 4G and ran CM7. I haven’t used it since then. Definitely respect the work they continue to do though. I haven’t tried CM9/10/10.1 on my One X…currently using AOKP

  • I’m running CyanogenMod 10.1 and thoroughly enjoying 4.2.2 on my LG Spectrum. As much as people have bashed the Spectrum since its release, the combination of the Spectrum hardware and CyanogenMod 10.1 is amazing. I honestly do not see a newer device that makes me anxious to give up what I have. Thanks, CyanogenMod!!

  • kaufkin

    as everybody else has said… CM FTW. running latest nightly for Toro.

  • KevinThorn

    I flashed cm on my Gnex last week and discovered one feature that it does not have. I was shocked that it doesnt have it neither. Its the “kill app” option for long press nav buttons. That blew my mind! Thats also why I don’t use Shinyrom even though its insanely smooth. That, to me, is just one of those basic features that every rom should have.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Why does the CM download site not have a place to download Gapps, yet Gapps are required? And I can never seem to find really recent Gapps packages for CM like I can for other AOSP ROMs?
    I’m doing it wrong, aren’t I?

    • kaufkin

      Try running Rom Manager. automates the process, and yeah, the Gapps are a separate download. but w/ RM, it just works.

    • r

      http://goo.im -> download GAPPS from there 🙂

    • r

      or http://goo.im/gapps -> if you are too lazy :))

  • trophynuts

    BAMF … FTW

  • tt
  • I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t use CM cause it seems like the camera never works on their ROMS. I need a completely working phone. I had the Droid X and on CM the camera didn’t work and you had to do a camera fix but it wasn’t even the same quality as the phone camera on stock. With my Droid DNA I saw that the camera doesn’t work on that CM ROM either. That is a very big deal to me. I have stuck with ViperDNA.

  • joejoe5709

    I have no proof but I like to think of CyanogenMod as a test bed for popular, stable features that aren’t flashy but have potential to make it stock android in the future. You know Google is watching… I’ve only been ROMming for about a year and tried a few ROMs along the way. By far CM is the best balance of stability and features. You feel like you’re on the cutting edge but not the bleeding edge of features.

  • hondaboy

    please cm gods give me cm10 for my sprint note 2!!!

  • fantom007

    CyanogenMod Serious Android, thanks!

  • Alan Paone

    I can’t quit cyanogenmod. They seem to know exactly how I want to use my phone. I don’t think I’ve gone a week without CM the last 2.5 years. My relationship with CM has been more stable than 2 long-term girlfriends, 7 phones, 2 cars, 3 laptops and a half-dozen jobs.

  • SterlingPhoenix

    I recently decided I should try a different ROM on my Galaxy Nexus. Just for kicks. So I tried Paranoid Android.

    And it just almost bricked my phone. I’m not sure what/how/why/where but the internal storage seemed to have… moved. Or something. Even when I restored CM from CWM it was still gone. I had to start completely from scratch.

    Sticking with CM again for the time being…

    • kenyu73

      If you went to 4.2.2, then data is listed under /0 (zero) for user 1, /1 for user 2, etc, etc

  • Jonathan Paul

    Paranoid Android is making great strides.

    • jmsbwmn

      Paranoid Android is my second favorite, but like many have already stated, I always come back to CM. I’m currently running 10.1 RC2 on my Verizon Galaxy S3, and I totally love it. It’s as stable as any OS I’ve run on any of my devices, and I’m including iOS in that mix.

  • Zach Tanksley

    Rocking an unofficial CM 10.1 port on my DNA 🙂

  • T_Dizzle

    I like many others try alternatives but always end up back at Cyanogenmod because they are so stable.

  • John Davids

    Simply put, CM always has been and always will be the best iteration of Android. Peroid.

    (stock is a close 2nd)

  • azndan4

    CM10.1 is the grandaddy of them all. Long live Cyanogen! Lets give credit where it is due.

  • Yes and ALWAYS will be!

  • Anon Yser

    I have CM 10.1 on my Droid Bionic and it runs perfectly.

  • Allen Byrd

    Cyanogenmod is amazing. Flashed 10.1 on my Transformer Infinity yesterday and on my S2 today. Love it!

    • Sirx

      How has the experience been for you? Does it drastically change the Infinity’s UI (system bar at the bottom, battery settings)? Does it improve the battery life? Does it help with the random reboots? Are there any more questions I can throw at your face right now?

      • Allen Byrd

        It’s not WONDERFUL on the Infinity, as the notification bars and the app drawer animation sometimes lag slightly, but everything else is really smooth. It definitely fixed all of Asus’ crappy coding. Anything was better than the stock ROM.

  • huge pain when I lost data and imei on aosp flash. never again.

  • Bryce Mrozinski

    HTC Inspire: CM7, Samsung Infuse: CM9/10, Samsung GS3: 10/.1, HTC One: CM10.1
    Out of every AOSP ROM out there, CyanogenMod is just my absolute favorite. Perfect balance of beautiful stock Android and some simple extras!

  • I just hope CM writes their own version of chatheads/Holo notifications. That is something I want on my phone asap.

    • John Davids

      If it becomes demanded enough, it will be. And even then, don’t expect it soon. Thats what is great about the CM community, if it is worth doing then it is worth doing *perfectly*.

  • Trevor

    CM for me. It’s hard to justify buying a new phone that I can’t slap Cyanogenmod on these days. I’m just so used to using it!

  • long live CM

  • vs8

    I play with other ROMs from time to time, but my main ROM is CM.

    I like that it’s very ‘sane’ it’s not as flashy as other ROMs, but it works pretty well.

  • Dr0me

    running the latest nightly on my HTC One! I think they do amazing work as a very stable AOSP base but other roms like AOKP and PA have better features imo. With out CM, these other roms would not be able to exist on non nexus devices.

    • vs8

      Agreed. CM is not flashy, but it works.

      Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the features AOKP and AOSPA bring.

      • Dr0me

        true but you can chose not to use them if you don’t want to. I feel like most of the features are off by default and the more you want to change the more you enable.

        • vs8

          Very true. Paranoid Android comes with a few things modified by default, which personally, I don’t like but overall it’s not bad at all. I’m waiting for a new build for my Nexus 7 with the latest Halo Alpha.

  • Jamin Go

    Since 3.5 years in love with CyanogenMod. I tried and I’m still trying other Roms but nothing runs and works like CM. Thank you guys. I will never buy a phone which isn’t supported by the CM team.

  • JonathonFlores

    AOKP has always been home for me. Tried CM and loved it but I’m a flash addict and now I’m on Carbon ROM which = awesome. It has the speed and stability of Cm and the features of AOKP I look for. I’ll probably be on this for while.

  • rodney11ride

    PAOSP – is/was a variant of CM…. BUT BETTER!

  • Dan

    Still using AOKP. Used CM on my droid inc back in the day and loved it.

  • Still a CM fan. I’ve tried most of the major ROMs available for my Nexus 4 (and Nexus S and Nexus One), but CM is home.

    • Same here – there are a lot of great ROMs out there and great developers, but CM has everything I personally want with few/any bugs. I always end up going back to CM, too.

  • Daniel

    I love CM so much, just wish manufacturers made it easier for them to get the proper drivers and libraries for each device

    • Trevor

      If only