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Video: Preview of Paranoid Android’s HALO With Multiple Notification Support


The first alpha builds for Paranoid Android that have the new HALO feature baked in have been out for a week now, but one thing they seriously lacked was the ability to handle multiple notifications. Well, it appears the addition of this feature is just about ready for launch and have been previewed in a new video found on YouTube. 

HALO allows users to access any system app notification while inside another app. No more backing out of apps to view notifications and reply to friend’s messages. Everything is handled through HALO. Once this is launched, multiple notifications will be handled with an easy swipe of your finger. Watch the video and then stand up and clap for the developers of PA. This feature looks slick.

All I can say is, I want it right now.


Cheers JetBlue!

  • David Narada Brown

    Im not sure what i did wrong but after i applied this update sunday my phone died! ive been trying to flash stock back to my galaxy nexus, but the cdma radios will not install. using toolkit and recovery to flash radios has failed multiple times. anyone had this issue and was able to correct it?

  • Mike

    What icon pack is that? Anyone know?

    • And the background. Pretty much every background on every phone here on DL is awesome. Gotta find out where you guys get these.

  • BrianCherry

    Well they really need to fix the phone app because to answer a phone call I have wake it, unlock it, press the little bubble, then answer it in the preview window. Which is a lot of extra steps I have to fumble through if I’m rushing to answer it. And also in pie mode if you leave the phone app theirs no way to get back to the phone call to end it, mute it, or such.

  • I love how it lets me use one app on top of another. But I don’t really like the “don’t lift your finger and drag it across the screen to switch between X” implementation. (X being different apps in the bubble in Halo OR different navbar actions in pie). It has never worked for me. I would prefer three separate tap over dragging my finger all over the screen, going “don’t lift it. don’t lift it” all the time. Still, I’ll give this a try.

    How about this – tap the halo bubble, the bubble ‘unfolds’ to show all notification apps in their own bubbles, user taps the bubble he wants, that app opens in overlay, all bubble collapse into the halo bubble. Sounds better?

    Now, this is my personal opinion. Don’t gang up on me just ‘coz I have a opinion.

    • joseph pastor

      Thats actually how i imagined they’d implement it.

  • Looks awesome. Are PA nightlies available for the ATT SGS3?

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Halo = So Much WIN

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Clever idea. I do like it. I may even check it out. I also get the point being said about built in task switcher working. Must try before deciding though.

  • JMonkeYJ

    this is cool, but it demands lots of attention. can you imagine trying to use it while doing something else (ahem–driving)? i still like what they’re doing and the exploration of the space…just not totally convinced that it’s better than the windowshade yet.

    • JetBlue

      Well you’re not suppose to be using your phone while driving anyways but it is a good point.

      • JMonkeYJ

        yeah, i know….. >_<

  • Rob

    This feature is awesome, but I think they should integrate halo with pie. Have notifications above the buttons. Slide your finger to the notification and it opens in the mini window. Then have a quick view notification pop up at the top of the screen when new notifications arrive, it displays for just a moment then disappears. The halo circle thing is obtrusive in my opinion. Anyways, my 2 cents, it’s still awesome regardless.

    • RadicalPie

      This is actually a way way better idea. For those of us that use Pie of course

  • Really want to try this on my Gnex. But I’m worried i don’t have the horsepower to keep up. Does anybody know if this is smooth and not buggy/laggy on the Gnex?

  • Does anyone know what launcher/icons the gentleman in the video is using?

  • Chris Peterson

    I like they’re ingenuity but I was hoping they were going to implement multiple bubbles, not the ability to control multiple with 1 bubble. I’d also like the option to have it wake the screen, and toggle which apps get a bubble or not.

    • JetBlue

      One thing I really like about PA is that they do stuff that nobody expects. I was reading through the G+ comments and a ton of people were saying different ideas and PA said that nobody was guessing what they were going to implement.

      • vs8

        I was there. It seems like my idea sucked. 😛

        In all seriousness, the video doesn’t sell the idea very well. I will have to get my hands dirty and see if it works for me. I would’ve like multiple bubbles.

    • Sean Bello

      trust me, you don’t want multiple bubbles. those things take up real estate and sometimes they’re in really awkward places where you have to move them to read things

  • fartbubbler

    I love Android.

  • napes22

    It’s actually pretty great. The big issue with the Rom though is a big battery drain. My GN is losing battery faster with the screen off than I’ve ever seen.

    • TacoLord187

      Really? My Old GN gained battery (Verizon), my N4 definitely has gained battery prom AOKP, and my friends GN (ATT) has gained battery too.

      • Yeah, my Gnex gets +3% per hour heavy useage.

        • Pedro

          So, if you have 30+ hours of heavy usage, the battery explodes? Does PA allow you to run LTE on the Gnex? Last time I managed to do that, was, uhm, no, uhm, I don’t remember.

      • napes22

        Yeah I’m struggling with battery life. Screen on it’s pretty great, but as soon as my screen turns off it starts draining. My battery monitor confirms it too. I’ve read somewhere it was the Android Media service.

        • TacoLord187

          I had that happen on my GN for AOKP roms, but not paranoid. Maybe try a new kernel?

  • Tim242

    I just don’t get the point. Kudos for being creative, but the built in task switcher is faster.

    • Ronaldo

      Newsflash: Tim242 dislikes something. I like your mom though, and her choice of college.

      • Tim242

        You are the janitor at her college.

    • shawn

      try watching the video and paying attention. theres plenty of point to it.

      • Tim242

        I watched it, and even paid attention! It just isn’t very intuitive. It reminds me of that weird keyboard where you had to do finger gymnastics just for one letter. (8-Pin)

        • Jon

          It’s an excellent solution for doing something in a different app without loosing your place in certain current apps. As the video shows, a Game is a good example. Some games unfortunately do not do a good job of returning you to where you last left off and will restart from last saved point if you switch away.

    • Built in task manager sucks while playing, at least in my Gnex

      • Stephen Bain

        I’ll just stop playing my game for a second while I swap apps to answer this text message… what do you mean you took me back to the start screen and I lost all my points!

    • EraserXIV

      How are you going to get to said task switcher in a full-screen game? Without pausing it of course.

      • Tim242

        I don’t play games. However, in my year with the Gnex, a tap of the screen would display the buttons. But, I now use devices with capacitive/physical buttons.

        • EraserXIV

          Fair enough. I think the major thing is the way the task switcher works in stock Android. It’s not like a real task switcher in the sense of Alt+Tabbing in Windows. It seems as if Android has quasi-mutli-tasking where some apps need to be reloaded if you switch out of them for long enough.

          When I’m browsing in Chrome and I switch over to Messaging to answer a text, when I go back to Chrome it has to reload the page (and on the GNex it’s not the fastest at doing that). Whereas with Halo I can just reply to the message and go back to browsing, uninterrupted.

        • EraserXIV

          Also, you need to keep in mind, this is a notification center, not a task switcher. Sometimes it’s impossible to get to the notification bar in full screen apps, no matter how much you tap the screen. Heck, sometimes in full screen apps you won’t even know you got a new notification. If you get a G-mail notification but haven’t opened G-mail recently, you can’t get to it with the stock task switcher no matter how many times you press it. This changes that.

    • If you don’t like it don’t comment. I see your negative comment on every post about this,

      • Tim242

        Since when are only opinions approved by you acceptable for post?

        • We got your opinion about 5 times on 5 different posts…

          • Tim242

            You must have me mistaken for someone else. I haven’t posted any opinion on it until today when I saw this video.

          • DoucheBag

            Yeah TinyTimDick, do us all a huge favor and STFU and take your GNex and shove it up your twat stick boy.

          • Tim242

            I own a Note 2. Keep up.

          • Ronaldo

            Did your mother get the note I left on her nightstand?

          • I-Troll-U

            As the river of tears flow…