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Mystery “XFON” Motorola Device Stops by FCC, Headed to AT&T


The plot is thickening, Android fans. Tonight, FCC documents show a mysterious Motorola device, matching up in design to previous images we have seen, here and here. As far as what is in the FCC report, the only thing we can take away is that the device, model number XT1058 comes equipped with AT&T bands, Bluetooth 4.0,Β 802.11ac, and NFC capability. Beyond that, nothing else.Β 

As mentioned, this device looks eerily familiar to the Motorola “XFON” we have seen pictured before, but of course, nothing can be certain until its made official by either AT&T or Motorola. The timing is an interesting factor, since Google I/O is just days away. Guess we will just have to remain patient.


Via: PhoneScoop | FCC

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  • tstevens

    This need to come out asap, been a while since moto came out with flagship

  • Everyone please watch this video about the “X-Phone”. http://youtu.be/ZWKl-FeUApA

    • Bionic

      What point are you trying to make here?

      • First watch the video.
        Second what point was made in the video?

        • Bionic

          i watched the video you dumbasss. We have a phone by the name of xfon at the FCC and antutu. I have been giving you guys specs from sarge for months now.

          Not really sure why its so hard to believe that motorola has a phone called the x phone coming out with the specs ive listed……….

          what do you think motorola has been doing for 6 months? making radios for samsung?

          • I’m not saying there isn’t going to be a x-phone. Its just your spec sheet has a few things on it that just don’t work. S4 Prime is for tv’s and set top boxes. Only the 800 chip supports 3.0. So it makes it kind of hard to believe.

          • Bionic

            i am simply passing on what sarge has been saying.

            Sarge said before they chose the s4 prime because it didnt have a radio, why?, because motorola uses its own radios whenever possible.

            i cant speak to any inconsistencies in the spec sheet, i just pass the info along.

          • SilentSpring

            This ^….it makes sense for Moto to use a chipset that doesn’t have a built in radio, Moto makes it’s own radios and they are the best in the business.

            Nothing is stopping Moto from using an S4 prime and using their own radio and chipset that supports 3.0.

          • Ian

            Please refrain from passing along any further information. I’d rather not know than have to watch you parade around like you’re jesus, here to deliver us from mediocre phones.

          • Robert

            The X Phone has bee referred to as a Phone+ by one of the founders of Google…maybe this is what he was referring to?

            What if Moto/Google have gone the route that when plugged into the TV, the device functions similar (or exactly) as a Google TV?

            Remember, Moto was the first to really try to take steps into that grey area of “dockable” device…just from Sergey Brin’s comments it leads me to believe that this is a special device…and who knows, it might even run Chrome OS when docked in a laptop dock?

            The specs for these phones are far more powerful than they were say 3-5 years ago, and also finally contain enough power to do other things besides just function as a phone.

            Google I/O will be very interesting…I am also looking for the re-release of Chrome OS, which will contain a more android feel to try to drive unity in devices (exactly what MS is doing and exactly what Apple has for the most part failed at doing), as well as take advantage of the specs on the Chromebook Pixel. If the rumors that MS has truly created a unified Kernel for Blue (meaning ARM/intel x64/intel x86 all run the same kernel), Google will need to have a response and I believe based on the ridiculous chromebook pixel that they will indeed.

  • No front speakers. Not interested.

    • Tim242

      You like huge bezels?

      • Front facing speakers =/= huge bezel.

        • Tim242

          Have you seen the One? Biggest bezels I’ve ever seen.

          • That’s interesting considering its bezel is smaller than the S4, which if you hadn’t noticed doesn’t have front facing speakers…

          • Tim242

            What are you smoking??? The S4 has the smallest bezels of any phone ever. The S4:is a smaller device than the One, yet has a bigger screen. You might need to check your facts and pics.

          • It sounds like you’re just a fan boy to me. That, or you’re blind.

          • Tim242

            The part on the bottom where the buttons and HTC logo are, is part of the bezel. You seem to be the blind one. Look at the displays. The S4 is slightly smaller than the One, and has the bigger display. That means, the One has the bigger bezels. Duhhhh

          • That really has nothing to do with the speakers. The bezel on top of the One is smaller than the S4. The One, had it been done correctly, should have had software buttons, front facing speakers, and a 5″ display. Then the bezel would be smaller on both the top and bottom. Companies have just not yet come out with a proper design. Your conclusion that front facing speakers mean huge bezels is simply not true.

          • Tim242

            To me, On screen buttons are part of a bezel as well. It takes up screen space just the same, unless you are watching a video or you modify them. But without the speakers, it would be a smaller bezel. The One’s top bezel ia not smaller. The black border around the display is part of the bezel. Nobody else does that

      • George264

        I’d gladly make the trade off, especially when it looks absolutely goregous as on the HTC One.

  • S2556

    I like the 3d camera in the above picture, cross your fingers it makes it to release!

    • Bionic

      That’s a button. Not camera

      • S2556

        I know. Well I know it’s not a 3d camera anyways. Like a dedicated camera button?

        • Bionic

          Look at the spec sheet I posted

  • joejoe5709

    Nexus or nothing but this is looking better and better especially if this lands on VZW instead of a Nexus. I wouldn’t kick it out of bed. Lol.

  • gregmr

    Remember when us Verizon users used to bash on ATT for having no top-tier Android devices because they were riding the iPhone exclusivity?

    My oh my, have times changed

    • WickedToby741

      Verizon has become very smug recently. They have the attitude like “we don’t need cool new phones or plans that don’t screw you over, we’ve got the best network.” And while that’s true, it’s no fun getting treated like garbage as a customer. As much as I love Verizon coverage, I’m starting to look elsewhere once my contact is up. In just not sure the coverage is worth it anymore.

      • Nazzi_Muhammad

        Left those greedy pricks verizon last year because of this very reason

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Disappointed in this phone. Im sure it will be great I was just hoping for more. I really hope Google blows us away with the next Nexus

    • Dain Laguna

      What about it is disappointing?

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        There is nothing about this phone that seems ground breaking. Of course they are just rumors but there are reports that google has handed the reins over to moto because the phone just inst what they hoped. Its just another phone and I expected more out of a phone that should have googles fingertips all over it

        • Dain Laguna

          But what exactly? Improvements wont be as jarring as they were in past… What exactly is it that you wanted to see? You already know what phones that have googles fingertips all over them look like, they are called nexus devices… Its all in the same vein.

          • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

            tech that is being regarded as setting a new bar. Maybe its some screen tech that is out of this world or some new material to make the phone out of that gives it a distinct advantage over other oems. I was hoping to see them do something that would put this phone head and shoulders above the rest. Htc put speakers on the front, samsung started the phablet revolution im just waiting for google and moto to do the same. Im sure its going to be a solid phone I just dont know if it will be my next choice.

        • WickedToby741

          To be completely honest I’m over groundbreaking. I just want a phone that’s reliable, gets good battery life, is a joy to use, and gets regular and timely updates. I don’t care how a phone scores in benchmarks or how ridiculously dense a phone’s screen is. Those things are nice, but I care far more about the long term reliability of a phone nowadays that all phones are far more than fast enough.

          • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

            Very good points, but there is no reason we cant have both. On the android side of things there is so much competition I feel like I always have to choose wisely. Right now I own both the note 2 and a nexus 4 and both just work and are very reliable but lack some key things. Nexus 4 lacks lte here in the us and the battery life is average while the note 2 has lte fantastic battery life but it leaves something to be desired in the screen department at least for me and im not really a big fan of touch wiz. I feel like if the iphone 5 can have good battery life, a fantastic screen, really good camera and so on then an android phone should be able to do the same. Its not impossible and if anyone has a shot at doing it I would say google has the best one.

  • Eric

    I’ve never really given Motorola devices much of a chance in the past so hopefully the XFON changes that.

  • WickedToby741

    I can’t wait for this phone to drop. And I just may jump to AT&T to get it. Even if Verizon gets it. I’d be all over it if they offer an unlocked AT&T model like the One X.

  • marikel

    Weren’t benchmarks for the xt1055 for Verizon found about a month ago? So module number xt1058 for AT&T would make sense.

    • marikel


  • Bionic

    Ok for those of you asking for a refresh on specs. This is all per sarge.

    All carriers will get the x phone, fyi

    X phone main:

    – 5 inch screen edge to edge display LCD 3 ISP+, very little bezel on top and bottom
    – Android 4.2.2 likely out of the box (still up in the air)
    – Snapdragon S4 Prime clocked at 1.7GHZ
    – IP57 certified (water proofing)
    – 3500mah battery, non removable
    – 10 megapixel camera, 5 front 1080p recording on rear one
    – USB 3
    – 16/32 GB versions
    – no SD card but we’re hoping that will change, not likely
    – 2GB RAM
    – VOLTE capable but wont be running it out of the box
    – circular motorola logo on the rear of the phone is actually a touch sensitive button that prompts voice commands and other cool features.

    X phone mini:

    Sarge didnt report much on the mini simply because its a mid range phone and not many people care about mid range but here is what i remember .

    – smaller battery, something like 2600mah
    – 4 inch screen
    – S4 PRO at 1.7ghz

    Just think of it as a mini x phone but less powerful and smaller battery.

    • James

      Coming to VZW?

      • Bionic


        • Anon

          Will the AT&T model be the same as the VZW model, or will there be carrier-specific phones?

          • Bionic

            stop insulting me in one post and then asking a serious question as if you are interested in another.

          • Anon

            Stop doing the “X-phone” diarheaa in nearly every phone thread and I will, as it’s an insult to everyone here.

            When you post informative stuff, it’s useful. When you just splatter-paint the place with “x phone” it’s the Motorola fanboi version of “frist post, dewds!”

          • nvitone23

            he is trying to give you inside information and you are whining…wow…he is posting for the whole community on here so that YOU ALL get inside stuff…you guys all bashed him and you are lucky he has been this adamant because he knows what he is talking about…once you do come to terms with the fact that he is right, you will be begging him for info on the next smartphone…

          • LiterofCola

            Now you know our pain of the “GNex diarheaa” posts of years past

          • Rian Romeo

            How dare he post about the X-Phone in a post about the X-Phone….omg the audacity…

          • Ian

            Maybe if he only discussed the X-Phone in X-Phone related posts. Unfortunately we get the same overplayed dribble each time his fingers touch the keyboard or sarge for that matter.

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        Yes next year lol

    • Dylan Patel

      How exactly is it a midrange phone if it has the SAME processor basically Prime just comes without radios.

      • Bionic

        because it has a smaller battery and screen

        • sY20

          Is it gonna be unvieled at I/O?

          • Bionic

            dont know

        • Dylan Patel

          The PPI will still be fairly high and the battery size is not what makes a phone a flagship. The T-Bolt was a small battery, but still a flagship.

          • JetBlue

            The Thunderbolt was a phone released 2 years ago. Flagship phone definition was different then than it is now.

          • Dylan Patel

            Flagship devices are just devices that are the most powerful the company has at release the X-Phone and X-phone mini (which I doubt are the real names or phones) will be the most powerful device that Moto has and so they will be the flagships.

          • KleenDroid

            For some reason the word powerful just doesn’t remind me of Motorola anymore. So when I think of a flagship phone Motorola is the last company I think of.

          • hkklife

            I agree about Motorola no longer being synonymous with high-end devices. The fact that they were still pushing qHD hard when everyone else was going to 720p was a pretty good example of that, as is the fact that to date they still don’t have a single device with a decent camera or 2Gb RAM.
            As far as the “mini” devices launching first, this has actually been pretty common for Moto. In 2011, the smaller 4″ Atrix launched well before its CDMA/LTE brother the 4.3″ Bionic launched. On top of that, Moto kicked off their Qualcomm-based line in 2012 with the RAZR M (4.3″) and Atrix HD (4.5″) before launching the more powerful RAZR HD/Maxx (4.7″) in October.

        • So it’s “mid-size”, not “mid-range”.

      • Kevin Hill

        Probably because they wanted to use Motorola radios. Apparently they’re of the most efficient out there.

    • anguy

      But S4 Pro/Prime are nothing special compared to newer procesors correct?

      • Bionic

        just depends on how you look at it, its a proven CPU that has been awesome in other phones

        • anguy

          Well, I’m sure it’s proven and if the skin is light it will be probably very well opitmized, but it will be a marketing problem – HTC and Samsung will scream – look at that Motorola Xphone with last year SOC!!!

          • Bionic

            indeed, that is a potential problem. Hopefully there are some software features that make people ignore that.

        • Adreno 320 in S4 Pro/Prime isn’t compatible with OpenGL ES3.0 certification.

          • Bionic

            meaning what exactly?

          • OpenGL ES 3.0 provides extended APIs for creating more impressive graphics for mobile games.
            BTW, in specs we see 802.11 ac, but on qualcomm site only S600 and S800 supports this version of Wi-Fi, not S4Pro/Prime (only 802.11 n)

          • Bionic

            i dunno what to tell ya, sarge has always said pro/prime

          • Prime is a smart TV CPU, isn’t it?

          • Dain Laguna

            what the hell is s4 prime??? i dont see qualcomm making exclusive silicon for this device

          • Bionic

            Prime is the PRO without a built in radio

          • Dain Laguna

            Why even bother creating such a pointless SoC? And if its not used in anything else, why would qualcomm make a one off cpu for a ‘midrange’ device?

          • Bionic

            if it ended up with the 600 i certainly wouldnt complain.

      • EraserXIV

        After some light Googling, you can see that the 600 (APQ8064T) is essentially a repackaged S4 Prime/Pro (APQ8064) with slight enhancements, if any..

        The big jump in performance doesn’t happen until Qualcomm releases the 800, which is why it’s taking so long and why the 800 is such a big deal.

    • Roshan John

      who are you. and why/how do you know so much?

    • Ahmed Abbas

      it would make more sense if the x phone had snapdragon 600 and the mini had s4 prime .. just thinking

    • XphoneTroll

      Wow who the hell feeding you lies about this? I bet you are wrong with these specs.. Sorry to say but you have gone over your head with this one.

    • The S4 prime doesn’t support usb 3.0. Only the 800 does which this phone won’t get. Also the Prime is really meant for tv’s and set boxes not phones. It will probably have the Pro in it.

      Not sure about the 10mp/5mp cameras either. I haven’t heard of a 10mp on a phone. My guess is it will have a 13mp or 8mp back with a 2mp front. Leaning more towards the 8mp.

      So I wouldn’t believe this. Its also coming from a Moto fanboy.

      • Bionic

        46 up votes. You’re the minority

        • XphoneTroll

          Your more hype about the faults specs or the votes up?

        • Tim242

          They are clueless. You get off on providing what you want us to think believe is real info. Get another hobby.

          • Bionic

            go satisfy your man will ya?

          • Ian

            Sarge could use a little more lovin’. He’s got some great tips to share in return.

        • david david

          With a name like Batman, I feel as though I have used your utilities for quite some time, Mr. Wayne

      • XphoneTroll

        Let him have his fun…. We all know the specs he has provided to us are not true… Someone keeps feeding him lies…

    • Derek Lockovich

      Can you tell me what the OS on the phone will be? I mean will it be purely stock Android or will it have some Motorola modifications made?

      Thanks for the info. I can’t wait to see if it’s true. πŸ™‚

      • Bionic

        Think of it as almost 100% stock, almost. The only difference being is that there will be some motorola features added on like smartactions and stuff like that. From what i understand is they didnt mess with core android which would make sense, why would google let them?

        • Derek Lockovich

          That’s awesome. I know Google wouldn’t let them, but I still had to ask. I just would like nearly stock with Motorola’s enhancements more along the lines of Apps that they built in a self updater instead of publishing them to the Play Store.

          I don’t care for release dates per se, but I want to know if the Xfon will be released on all carriers simultaneously or if it’ll be a staggered launch (a la S4). I’m assuming Verizon will launch last like usual, not push any marketing for it, and just let it fall by the wayside since it doesn’t have the Droid branding.

          • Bionic

            ehhhhh, maybe. Sarge said verizon was the first carrier to show interest in the x phone when it was presented to the carriers. So we’ll see. The fact that verizon hasnt done any marketing so far this year could indicate that they are holding out for x phone.

            Also, remember the fact that motorola and verizon have a not so public contract. Ever notice that most of the phones majorly marketed by verizon are motorola phones? Because they have a contract.

          • Derek Lockovich

            Right. I knew about the contract, but the fact is that I feel they’re still trying to baby their Droid branding instead of abolishing it and putting out the phones that carriers make and not Verizon specific ones.

            Still, I’m quite glad to hear that Verizon was the first to become interested. I can (almost) see a future where Google + Motorola + Verizon actually makes for a fantastic team and gigantic blow to all other phone sales (in the US at least).

            Release date isn’t bad. Q3 is a little later than I had hoped, but at least it’s coming.

            This is off topic on the Xphone, but do you know of any other phones in the pipeline for Verizon?

          • Bionic

            Sarge does not really keep track of non moto phones in the pipeline. These next couple moto phones along with the ONE and S4 are the major things coming.

            However, early next year, there is a motorola phone in the very early stages of development that is a MONSTER.

            Im not allowed to talk about that yet because its so far away and so many things could change.

          • Derek Lockovich

            That’s pretty amazing. I’ve been trying to get into Verizon’s tech department for quite some time. I would love to have Sarge’s job. Haha.

            Early next year you say? I should save up some money. Motorola has always had top of the notch build quality (even on the defunct Devour). I would love to have another Moto phone. I’m so glad they’re under Google’s wing.

            Thanks for all of your’s and Sarge’s insight.

          • Bionic

            oh and speaking about your “team”. Lets just say google has no love for verizon…….why do you think google has been buying spectrum? hehe

          • Derek Lockovich

            I know they don’t. I was just saying in a perfect world, I could see that being such a fantastic team. I hope Google gets something gnarly together because they’ll put out LTE spectrum/speeds for extremely cheap (like their Fiber roll out).

            I know VZW has pissed off Google with the Nexus and Wallet. I don’t really see them mending that relationship ever.

          • Bionic

            correct, verizon will NEVER get another nexus phone, even sarge has said this. Verizon would have to do a complete 180 on its attitude and policy in order to get another nexus device.

            It just sucks because verizon truly is the best signal ……..by far……anyone who tried to claim different is simply fooling themselves. I was in the middle of no where earlier today and had LTE while my buddy who has ATT had to redial his wife 3 times cuz he lost connection

          • Derek Lockovich

            That is exceptionally sad to read. And I agree, Verizon does have the best signal. It sucks that I’ll never get to experience their LTE on another Nexus device. πŸ™

          • Bionic

            The only way it’ll happen is if there truly is a new Nexus 4 and it somehow magically supports verizon. But i doubt verizon itself will sell it.

          • Derek Lockovich

            I’m holding out the smallest fragment of hope that they there is. I know it’s a ridiculous thought especially after how Verizon treated Google.

            You know what I really hate about Verizon? The fact that they’re cool to allow Apple to do whatever, sign a contract with Microsoft to put Bing on their phones, partner with Amazon to load the Amazon App Store, sign up with……. etc… Yet Verizon hates Google with a passion and won’t let them release a pure Android device. Why? Verizon has no grip over Apple devices yet they sell like hot cakes. Why can’t they allow the Nexus line to accomplish the same thing?

          • Bionic

            Yup. Sucks indeed

          • Derek Lockovich

            Do you know if Sarge knows anything about the Droid branding? Is that something Verizon is going to keep doing for the rest of their lives or are they going to kill it off and just push regular phones?

          • KleenDroid

            It’s too bad Verizon destroyed the droid brand. It’s too bad because they started out with something good.

          • Derek Lockovich

            I completely agree. They did start out with something good. Where they lost it was the marketing got exceptionally stale and manly.

            I just want them to drop the Droid branding and just market their phones instead of a certain Droid phone at the time.

            Does anyone know if the contract with Lucasfilms has expired?

          • KleenDroid

            I thought it was because Verizon usually promotes 2nd tier phones as a rule of thumb. Motorola manufactures a decent 2nd tier phone. The top end phone is usually a Samsung because they have the muscle to get their phones on all carriers. The other carriers seem to get the best phones.

          • Bionic

            and release date should be mid to late Q3 sarge said recently.

          • who the hell is this “Sarge” I always see you talking about?

    • Can’t have the Snapdragon S4 Prime as that chip is for tv’s and desktop boxes. Most likely it will be an S4 Pro.

    • LiterofCola

      No removable storage? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    • Rian Romeo

      Any idea the gpu it’s using?

  • BrianLipp

    damnit AT&T, stop getting new phones…

  • Bionic


    • Ahmed Abbas

      2 questions ; 1-did google give up the x phone like that earlier report suggest ?
      2-what is the specs of thr original x phone and the mini x ?

      • Bionic

        see my new post above in a few minutes

      • Bionic

        We do not know if google “gave up” on x phone because sarge is going thru personal issues and isnt available. I for one refuse to believe a blog from china

      • I read that original Chinese blog — the word she used in Chinese literally means “return”. Since when this phone became a Google brand phone? It has always been a Motorola phone. So, there isn’t such thing as “returning” the phone back to Motorola. IMO, that blogger, even if she knew something, got the whole thing wrong completely in the beginning.

    • King175

      I know you talked about Motorola wanting to put their own radios in the device but I think it’s a possibility at the very least that it will have the 600 or 800. People can be wrong you know…even Sarge. Then again I could be too. We will have to wait and see. :p

  • DanWazz

    New Atrix?

  • Justin Kos

    Bionic called this last night

  • that is my function is unknown

  • where is bionic?? XD

    • Bionic


  • Zifh

    Hello, i was reading your comments and i don’t understand something about verizon and your operator. Can’t you buy a phone in a shop like the n4 on the Gplay and then use it on your operator’s network ?
    I’m from France so…here we can choose a phone without a contract to the operator and then pick for network, make a contract and the operator sent us the simcard, and each phone bought outside of an operator shop is able to be connected on each network.
    Is that not possible in the US ?

    About the xphone, i really hop that it’s only the “mini” edition cause it’s enough powered to compete againstagainst the S4, the one or the Z !
    They need to have a very strong phone to impress people and make their place in the race !

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      Yes and no. Sprint and Verizon use CDMA still for 3G, so no bringing any phones to them they don’t sell. Though they use the two most common bands in the US, 850 and 1900.

      AT&T and T-Mobile are standard GSM carriers. You just need to watch the bands that are used. AT&T uses 850 and 1900 for both GSM and UMTS. T-Mobile uses 1900 for GSM and AWS (1700 up link, 2100 down link) for UMTS, but is mid-refarm for moving UMTS to 1900.

      There’s currently no common LTE band. AT&T and Verizon use incompatible bands in 700. Sprint uses Extended PCS. T-Mobile is using AWS. Though Verizon is soon launching on AWS as well, and AT&T has small pockets of it & their phones already support it. So the reality of the situation is that most phones come SIM locked to a certain carrier.

    • WickedToby741

      The US carrier situation is hairy. Sprint and Verizon use CDMA as their primary network technologies which aren’t SIM-based, so it’s not as simple as being able to swap a SIM card in and go. T-Mobile and AT&T use GSM as their primary network technology which is SIM-based, but T-Mobile bands are for the most part incompatible with most unlocked phones sold worldwide.

      And while all US carriers are switching to LTE which is also SIM-based, you get into a whole new slew of problems of incompatible bands. I honestly don’t know if it’s even possible to make a single phone compatible with all of the different carriers’ LTE bands. The real problems arise from carriers layering on the bloatware, delaying updates (sometimes indefinitely), locking bootloaders (making it difficult to work around the aforementioned problems), and creating carrier specific models of phones that are neglected by manufacturers. Between the phone situation and contacts, US customers become slaves to the carriers and have free good options around becoming slaves.

  • King175

    Hmm… If the phone has Wireless ac then it might have either the Snapdragon 600 or 800 considering that the S4 Pro doesn’t support Wifi ac. Exciting πŸ™‚

  • Christopher Riner

    I knew it. Someone killed bionic. He went around pissing too many people off with his ibfprmation, and now that he’s right someone has gone and offed him. Per sarge.

    • Bionic

      *rises from pit * Dafuq you say?

  • Christopher Riner

    Uuughh. Heading to at&t. My Verizon contract runs out in three months, and I am leaving them and going to at&t. If I had a dollar for every time a sweet phone blows right by Verizon, I’d have enough for my ETF.

  • If this is anything like the infamous X phone. Not impressed. At all.

    And Google won’t announce a Motorola phone. They aren’t the same company. Nuff said.

    • Jon

      Man you really are working overtime on the troll post these days.

      • How is this trolling?

        Calling people trolls is just as bad as being one.

      • Tim242

        Giving an objective opinion is not trolling. Being an @as to someone for giving said opinion, is being a troll.

      • Ian

        Trolls generally blast absolute statements as opposed to opinions, google the difference.

    • Bionic

      How can you be impressed or not impressed? It’s not even a real pic it’s a drawing of the mini x phone.

      • Tim242

        It makes no sense at all for a “mini” phone to be released before the regular one. I believe this is the x phone, regardless of what sarge says.

      • What I saw last week and a few months ago I didn’t like it. Doesn’t matter anyways because it’s only on AT&T so far

  • Waiting for it’s Verizon cousin. Gah this is like Atrix & Bionic for me all over again =S

  • EraserXIV

    If what Bionic said is true, this shouldn’t be THE xphone. This is just the mini-xphone (mid-range) and the real xphone (high-end) is coming out later with a larger screen, higher resolution, etc..

    • Bionic


    • Tim242

      Does that make sense to you? Who releases a mini version first?

      • Dain Laguna

        i totally agree.

        would it have made sense for htc to release the m4 or sammy the s4 mini, BEFORE their flagships?


        • If you recall, they released the Atrix HD, a mid-range handset, last year about this time. Also, they put out the Razr M several weeks before the Razr HD/HD MAXX, so its not unheard of from Motorola. They release their Mid-range phone in mid-late Q2, high-end phone mid-late Q3.

          Anyone expecting their new flagship before October is likely to be disappointed.

      • EraserXIV

        Don’t shoot the messenger

  • Motorola XM

  • Sounds like this X phone is just vaporware, The sad thing is that everyone gets excited and if the phone ever gets released it will be GSM only, I’m looking at you Nexus 4……

  • Mario

    Where is the obligatory post by Bionic and his “Sarge” ??

  • Waiting for 5″ X Phone leak..

  • Nuf Said.

  • Rabid Rotty

    The FCC link says I’m not authorized to view

  • mbagasao


  • dscarfogliero

    If Motorola doesn’t bring a high-end phone to Verizon this year….you know…I’ll be pissed or whatever.

    • Same here. Verizon really pisses me off this year. They delay the S4, doesn’t carry the HTC One. Now, the X-Phone will either launch later than AT&T, or won’t launch at all on Verizon. What the hell? I recalled reading a news a couple days ago saying their executives believe there is a place for BlackBerry and Windows Phone — I got that. But if what they mean by those phones having a place in the market is to artificially suppressing Android, then sorry, I am leaving Verizon when my contract is up later this year.

      • Leave VZW does’ t care about crying babies lol They keep growing more and more than any other carrier.

    • michael arazan

      Over 6 Motorola phones last year on vzw, this year None.

      I’m starting to think Verizon is opening up its own Manufacturer in China and going to produce it’s own phones, and cut out all the others soon

  • fodawim

    “Designed and assembled in the usa” *gasp*

    • Has to be a typo! That’s incredible!

      • That would be GREAT — yes, I am American Chinese, but I want an American made phone, but I want smartphone makers spend money in the USA so that more Americans who want to work in this industry can have a job here.

        • Too bad its much cheaper to have a sweat shop.

      • WickedToby741

        They tried to do it with the Nexus Q. Not really surprising that they’d do it with new Motorola phones. I bet the consumer version of Glass will be the same way. Great job Google.

    • Tiana_Ibarra

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    • anezarati

      “Designed and assembled in the usa…but all the parts are from China” πŸ˜‰

      • Ruel Smith

        At least its a step in the right direction…

      • LiterofCola

        I really couldn’t give a flying squirrel turd where my phone is manufactured or assembled, as long as it’s done so with attention to detail and care.

  • Alexander Garcia

    “Ghost” πŸ˜‰

  • Daniel

    X phone

      • michael arazan

        I loved the original meme that said “Can’t explain it? Must’ve been Aliens”
        This is the guy from the History Ch show Ancient Aliens

      • Bionic

        and all this time, tim, you’ve been doubting what ive been saying