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Google+ Hangouts Receive Much Needed Update, Finally No More Refreshing

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Today, Google pushed an update to the Hangouts feature of their social network, Google+. Included in the update are a few features that I’m sure plenty of you have been screaming for, so get ready to celebrate.

The biggest addition to us is that you will no longer need to refresh a page after a broadcast starts. Once the Hangout goes live, it will start playing on your device. It’s about time, Google! Beyond that, you can now rewind live broadcasts as they air, will no longer need to wait a bit after your Hangout to see it live on YouTube, and Hangouts On Air should look better on mobile devices thanks to improvements.


Rewind live broadcasts. Regardless when you start watching, you can always go back to the beginning.
Access recordings immediately after your broadcast. Once you’re no longer On Air, your recording will be waiting for you on YouTube.
Watch higher quality Hangouts On Air on the go. If you’re tuning in from your mobile device, you’ll notice better-looking video.
Start live broadcasts without having to refresh. When you visit a page with a Hangout On Air (like Events or YouTube), the video will begin playing as soon as the show starts — no refresh required.

What’s great is that this changelog will greatly impact The Droid Life Show, so we are happy to test out these new features tomorrow night during episode 24!

Via: Google+

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  • Zach Armstrong

    About time they made it so you don’t have to refresh the page every few minutes to see if it started

  • discinque

    We had tried to use hangouts for some gaming – but found that hangouts would disconnect if left… unattended? Or… away from the page… idle! that’s the word. But after 1.5 hours it would disconnect us, and whoever owned the hangout would have to re-invite everyone back in. Actually… I think it gives a pop-up asking if you’re there. I suppose the same would happen if someone set up a hangout so relatives could watch the family enjoying Thanksgiving or Christmas… or whatever unless someone is monitoring the computer to see the warning. When I first saw the headline here I thought maybe that was addressed… but, guess not /-:

    • Brian Barcus

      I don’t use hangouts often but I have had them open for about six hours straight with a co-worker who was travelling. Maybe using the computers kept the Hangout from going dormant.

  • Google+ sucks. It’s a tribute to the hubris of Google that they continue to try and push this abandoned amusement park of the interwebs, lol…

  • this is great news. I run my entire business through Google Plus hangouts her huge tired of how we communicate withIn our company and with partners around the world.

  • I support your decision.

  • thank your sharing, I agree with that, I also frequently use google+

  • MikeSaver

    I hosted a Google+ hangout show for my website but unfortunately it killed my internet halfway through and preemptively ended the show.

    Lesson: Don’t host a Google+ hangout on a chromebook.

  • TheWenger

    So when I start watching the DL show and it’s 10pm E.T., I can rewind to the beginning. Excellent.

  • Marc Pacheco

    Hangouts are pretty awesome. I personally use it to do Secret Santas/catch up with my best friends from college. I hate when we exceed the limit as there are 11 of us… I’ve also introduced it to friends who just used Facetime, and now they use it for work meetings especially since it’s multiplatform. Pretty much the easiest way to video chat with groups of friends especially since most people use gmail nowadays.

  • Kenneth Wells

    I’m exclusively using G+. The point they are going for, is to meet new people with common interest. Not to have another FB type social network where you know everybody.

  • Now if they could only bring the no refreshing when you switch between tabs in Android Chrome.

    • XvierX

      Amen to that. It’s sooo frustrating.

    • Kie

      This is the reason I refuse to use Chrome

  • Thomas

    Higher quality video you say, you boys better fix yourselves up real respectable like. 😉


    I have yet to participate in a G+ hangout. It seems that no one I know uses Google+. I love the instant upload feature, and it does make a nice RSS feed, but socially it doesn’t seem to have caught on.

    • Ian


    • Julian Coronado

      I feel the exact same way! I like the Google ecosystem and its usability but a casual chats during Hangouts don’t to seem to have caught on yet.

    • XvierX

      Some of my family members refuse to use facebook so we are all on Google+. We use the messenger to stay connected every single day. We use hangout at least once a month. Great way to stay connected.

      • IrishSid

        Ha, exact same situation I’m in.
        Except I refuse to use FB too.

      • michael arazan

        Google hangout is a great way for people to see live shots of what your family and friends are doing, or even great for simple task like getting the right item from the store for your GF

    • G+ has taken off like crazy for us and everybody we know is on professionally and personally. It has become an integral part of how we run our business as well, and I imagine if this incredible momentum keeps up we will discontinue using all other social networks except Google+ for the next year

    • Cowboydroid

      I use the Hangouts every single day. Maybe you should make more friends.

      • ERIC REED

        Maybe I’m to busy hanging out with them, you know like in real life!