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Caesars Palace Bans Google Glass From Casino Floor, No Real Surprise Here


Given the fact that it is against the law to have computers or devices capable of recording video out on a casino floor, it comes as no shock that Caesars Palace has banned Google Glass from appearing on their casino floors. In fact, if one gets caught trying to gamble while wearing the tech, it could land you in jail, so it’s best to just leave them up in your room for the night. 

Before it undoubtedly gets announced sometime in the future, let’s start using our brains and begin listing out places that should automatically ban Google Glass due to privacy and law breaking. I will start – casinos, movie theaters, possibly some banks, and strip clubs. I got you started, so now it’s your turn. Go!

Via: Computer World

Cheers Scott!

  • Kevin Taylor

    I am really not comfortable with people wearing them while driving, locker room, or other places where folks have a reasonable expectation of privacy extending from commonly accepted Western modesty taboos.

  • Daistaar

    Banned in the church where the priests and altar boys study… Google sees no evil…

  • melly

    Too bad that can’t enforce this when google now is incorporated into contact lenses…

  • Grady

    They will not be allowed on military bases, courthouses, jails, places that do not allow recording, and any place that requires security. The problem as mentioned is that people will be wearing them on their normal glasses. While the law can prevent you from wearing them they will not be able to ban/outlaw the sale of the item legally, as far as I can see currently, so having laws that say you can not wear while driving or in places X,Y,Z is not going to do anything. As if you wear glasses you are required by law to wear them while driving for the safety of the other drives. They can not require you to remove your glasses in stores, movie theaters, etc. They can refuse the sale or have you take off a regular pair but if they are RX they can not legally, as far as I can tell, force you to remove them or not serve/sell to you because of something that is prescribed by a doctor.

    • Laki S.

      They could make you take the Google glass portion off your prescription glasses. It’s not like the doctor prescribed you Google glass. Your argument is flawed.

      • Then you’ll have to carry a little screwdriver around and look like a clown every time you have to remove your precious cyborg glasses.

        • Laki S.

          Or, you could just not wear them to places you’ll know won’t allow them.

    • Yes, they can. You are going to be screwed if you think you are going to get by these limitations by throwing away your non-Google Glass glasses and trying to force people to allow you to wear a recording device into areas where they are prohibited. Bank on it.

  • Doing ALL of this. Besides, when Glass is commercially available, it will take some time before MOST people/places will be able to accurately discern between prescription eyeglasses and Google Glass. You have to figure there will be a short period where you’ll be able to get away with a LOT of this. I HIGHLY doubt EVERYONE EVERYWHERE will resort to scrutinizing/profiling anyone wearing ANY type of glasses. You don’t even have to WEAR them, you could dismantle the frames and conceal it so many other ways.

  • rodney11ride

    or you can wear them around and get laughed at… dumb product… if you get caught wearing them while driving will be a ticket in California before too long.

  • Alan Paone

    You really should’ve photoshopped some glass onto the cover photo

  • TheCheapGamer

    I’m a little naive on casino law, but how do you end up in jail?
    Wouldn’t it just result in a perma ban?

    • will bartlett

      and broken legs.

    • Christopher Riner

      depends how much you managed to steal off of them before they ffound out.

      • cardcounting

        How are you stealing off them by using Glass? It’s not illegal to count cards. I’m not even sure if you’d be breaking any laws, aside from the casinos, if you got caught cheating in poker by sneaking peaks at other players cards.

        • Actually yes it is illegal to count cards in States where gambling is permitted. Knowledge is power.

          • cardcounting

            Source? It’s NOT illegal in Nevada. At least, not according to the State Supreme Courthttp://www.blackjackforumonline.com/content/A%20Nevada%20Court%20Victory%20for%20Counters.htm

          • cardcounting

            Also, per Wikipedia:

            Atlantic City casinos in the State of New Jersey are forbidden from barring card counters as a result of a New Jersey Supreme Court decision.

            Not only is it legal in NJ, it’s illegal for a casino to kick you out if they know you see card counting. Knowledge is power.

          • Poor choice of words on my part. It is “forbidden” to do so and yes you will be asked to leave. And really, the idiocy of people crying about how you ought to be able to wear a surreptitious recording device in a casino is mind-blowing. Again…get over yourself.

        • theLAW

          It is not the card counting part that is illegal it is the use of recording device. Next time you are in Vegas try taking a picture of something inside a casino, doesn’t even have to be something gambling related, and see how fast someone comes over to you and says something.

          • Timbo1

            Taking pictures/video inside a casino is not illegal either at a table yes but roaming the floor it is not. Casinos don’t like it for many reasons including its a place to escape and not have a bunch of touristy people snapping pics of people gambling.

        • Christopher Riner

          Counting cards isn’t illegal, but that doesnt mean casinos will sit there and let you do it all day. They’ll protect their profits any way they can, and someone wearing glass could easily be getting video feeds of other players cards from other people on the floor

  • Steve Kennelly

    How about strip clubs. lol

  • Slot_Machine

    “Ok, Glass, TI**IES!” oh the possibilities….

  • Tony Allen

    How about we just stop freaking out about what this *not yet an actual product* could do in the wrong hands in the wrong place and just let things work their own course out?

    I mean if someone cheats using glass in a casino.. it’s not like they’re not going to know who did it and how they did it?

    • Ian Winchell

      i agree with you, in this case though, they aren’t making up a new rule, just extending it to a new device, completely understandable in THIS case, so far every other case has been more about FUD than any actual legitimate concerns.

  • Damian


    • Mike Reid

      Prisons. 🙂

      Mafia hangouts.

      Anywhere anyone is breaking the law.

      In sight of most cops.

    • Shhh I’ll need this in Med School.

      • michael arazan

        Would be great for cadaver dissection, just record everything you do instead of writing 2-3 notebooks of information

  • Austin Mutschler

    Since Google Glass is a wearable technology and I would have them attached to my normal glasses. Casinos and other places need to have technology that limits the functionality of the device when in a certain area. Maybe Google could get into that and make some more money.

    • 4n1m4L

      Or make use of the small screw that disconnects them from their frames.

      • Austin Mutschler

        Do you really want to carry around a small torque screwdriver with you everywhere you go and then have to keep track of where the small screw is every time you need to take them off. Plus personally, fixing my glasses with a screwdriver without them being on my face is a tough challenge already.

  • Schoops

    Magic shows.

  • Bathrooms, locker rooms and changing rooms, saunas

    • ravenofdoom

      or proctological / gynecological exams

      • I know people aren’t gonna tape buttholes.

        • Kevin Taylor

          Don’t be so sure about that Tyler. I know some pretty freaky people that would do just that and justify it as a victimless crime.

    • J

      I’ve taken mine into both bathrooms and locker rooms. No one really gives a crap. I mean do you freak when someone has their cell phone out in the men’s room? No, because most of them are urinating while they tap on the phones LOL. This banning thing reminds me of colonial witch hunts…its a bunch of retarded people too stupid to understand how something really works so they turn off their cerebral cortex and let their amygdala run wild.

      • Difference here is that it’s a lot easier to discreetly tape with glass, it’s easy to tell if someone’s taking a picture of you with a phone, it’s conspicuous.

        • Paul Hounshell

          It’s easy to take pictures anywhere inconspicuously with your phone. Mute it, pull up the camera, hold it to your ear with your thumb on the shutter button, turn 90 degrees and click away.

          Want to be more inconspicuous? http://www.tbotech.com/pen-camera.htm Boom, $30 to video all the locker room wieners you want.

          • I’m not saying discreet photos aren’t possible with a phone, but there’s a much lower barrier when all you have to do is look and wink.

      • I’m sorry, are you genuinely pretending that people are idiots for preferring that you do not wear a recording device in the bathroom? Really? Get over yourself, dude.