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HTC: When We Announce Our Next Product With Verizon, We’ll Make a Big Deal About It

htc one3

Is the HTC One ever going to arrive on Verizon? We still don’t know for sure. There have been certification sightings of a device with similar specs to the One, along with a couple of reports out of AllThingsD which suggest a One variant is indeed on the way. HTC’s verified Twitter account said the opposite, that it’s not coming to Verizon, though, but quickly deleted that Tweet, causing some controversy. With all that said, HTC still isn’t ready to announce anything, though they did mention this morning during a Q&A with Yahoo that once they do announce a product with Verizon, they’ll be sure to make a big deal out of it. 

Tom Harlin, HTC’s director of public relations, had this to say in response to a commenter who asked if the One is ever coming to Big Red:

There are tons of rumors online but we haven’t made any official announcement about HTC One coming to Verizon. The DROID DNA continues to be the HTC hero smartphone at Verizon. It launched in late 2012, it’s features still compete with products in 2013. When we announce our next product with Verizon, we’ll make a big deal about it so you’re all aware.

While Tom didn’t divulge anything in particular, one could take his comments about making “a big deal” about their next product to mean we won’t see another low-end phone like the Incredible 4G LTE, and will see something a lot closer to the One. I’m still not sure the One will ever arrive on Verizon. If anything, I’d put money on the phone being a follow-up to the DNA, just like HTC did last year with the One X and One X+.

Via:  Yahoo

  • redskins59rocs .

    If would be a verizon exclusive I would not buy it because getting a phone that is only on one carrier has no big community and very little accessories. I also would not wait for a phone with similar specs to the one when the s4 will already be out months before it.

  • etg9

    Yet another reason it’s looking like I won’t be renewing my contract with VZW.

  • Sporttster

    Think a lot of folks are getting fed up with Verizon not having any new top of the line phones…..it’s pretty irritating when you keep hearing everyone BUT Verizon getting the ‘good stuff’….

  • MickJay Glaze

    they better announce it fast. Im dying to get my hands on Another HTC phone or the One.

  • Knlegend1

    “The DROID DNA continues to be the HTC hero smartphone at Verizon. It launched in late 2012, it’s features still compete with products in 2013.” Didn’t they just retire this phone?

  • Kevin McDole

    AT&T here I come!

    • Knlegend1

      Right behind you

  • trixnkix637

    “The DROID DNA continues to be the HTC hero smartphone at Verizon. It launched in late 2012, it’s features still compete with products in 2013.” – Said only this guy. Ever.

  • feres13

    Get ready everyone for the HTC DROID One UltraBoomZoe, the phone was delayed because HTC didn’t agree with the original branding of the device (HTC DROID ONE UltraBoomBlinkZoe HD 4G LTE)

  • K, where can I get that wall? Thanks man.

  • Nice phone. Seems like Verizon is missing out this year. Good thing is I get to save my money. It’s gonna be a headache to switch carriers this fall.

  • schoat333

    Actually, I’m glad the one did not come out on vzw. I wish Samsung would snub them the s4 as well. Maybe then they will pull their head out of their ass about the locked bootloaders and half assed aosp support for their nexus device.

    • Tim242

      HTC did not “snub” Verizon. Verizon is on a different release cycle than everybody else. They just got the DNA a few months ago.

      • schoat333

        Who said HTC did? I said Samsung should. Maybe you were reading something else?

        The DNA is not the same as other HTC devices. Its a VZW exclusive version.

        • Tim242

          “I wish Samsung would snub them the s4 as well.”

    • Knlegend1

      I was with you until you started talking about bootloaders….

  • Dude

    I really want the HTC One on Verizon, but I can upgrade next month and the S4 is the only thing Verizon has right now.

    • r0lct

      Don’t forget refurb GNEX for $20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • ddh819

        went to check if that was a no contract price, but no 🙂

  • Screw Verizon. I added a line for my sister on our Verizon plan during a promo for 2GB get 2GB free. Her phone was bad and she sent it back to get a replacement. During that time she had to use a basic phone. When she got her new phone they did not add back on her promo and she lost a free 2GB. I was denied the restoration of the promotion because my request was outside of a 14 day window “for plan restorals.” Customer service and a supervisor said there was nothing they could do and the team that approves or denies these is an offline team (how convenient). Is Verizon not in breach of contract somehow?

    • flosserelli

      I am not the least bit surprised. You can try to raise hell about breech of contract, but don’t hold your breath. Those contracts are written to protect the carrier, not the consumer.

    • Tim242

      They are not in breach of contract. If you remove a smartphone from the line, you lose the data plan associated with it.

    • chris125

      It’s not a breach of contract, once you drop the data plan, it is gone. That’s why it is smart to have a cheap back up smart phone that you can put on to keep the data plan if something happens to your main phone on that line

  • Corey Foltman

    HTC Droid One…coming soon.

  • Trueblue711

    Android phones no longer need Verizon’s “Droid” marketing and brand to be successful. I really don’t understand why they don’t make a push of independence like Samsung did.

    • It’s purely a Verizon thing. They’re the ones that push for it, not the manufacturers. If Verizon thinks it’s a good thing, the manufacturers (those that aren’t Samsung, that is) will play along because they are the largest carrier in the US.

      • Trueblue711

        That’s what I mean. HTC should do what Samsung did and insist on releasing the same phone.

        • I’m sure they would but HTC doesn’t have the clout like Samsung to even consider asking for something like this. Verizon will listen to Samsung b/c their sales are rivaling Apple’s. HTC? Not quite there.

          • Trueblue711

            Samsung’s sales only started rivaling Apple’s after they kept the GS3 untouched on Verizon.

          • PhillipCun

            LOL what you don’t remember is how Samsung built up demand and brand presence with the Galaxy S2. They spent tons of money on advertising and a few years to get where they are. HTC has too with the HTC One X, but they definitely didn’t do as well as Samsung’s Galaxy line. HTC isn’t in a position to make the same demands.

          • Trueblue711

            I don’t know where you’ve been, but until the GS3, the Galaxy series was not known by people other than our tech-bubble. The average person probably never heard of it, and those who bought it probably did because it looked and functioned like an iPhone and was the closest thing without having to buy an iPhone.

            The hype, marketing, and Samsung treating the GS3 as a true flagship (no compromises on any carrier), is what led to its widespread success.

          • Chris Hannan

            I know many people who knew the Galaxy brand before the Galaxy S III came out. The Galaxy S II was when Samsung really started to succeed but the Galaxy S III put Samsung up to Apple’s level.

          • I’m afraid we’re going to have to agree to disagree here. I see where you’re coming from, but even if there wasn’t a GS3 on Verizon, Samsung still would have made a killing in sales globally with the amount they spent in advertising. I just fail to see how having a GS3 on Verizon makes Samsung the only manufacturer to rival Apple’s sales.

          • Trueblue711

            You misunderstood my original point — it’s not just Verizon. It’s having the same phone, with the same name, on every carrier — worldwide. Verizon is just an example.

            But if you still feel otherwise, we’ll leave it at that.

          • It was because they made a HUGE advertising push with the S3. It wasn’t just because their phone was untouched on Verizon.

          • Trueblue711

            They had huge marketing pushes with the Samsung Fascinate and their other DROID branded phones, none of which have come close to that of the GS3. A unified phone experience that people from all carriers and parts of the world can relate to, like the iPhone, is what contributed to its success.

            So yes, it remaining untouched on Verizon played a huge role. Look at the Droid DNA vs the One X sales – that’s a perfect example.

          • Funny because I’ve been on Verizon for years and don’t even recall hearing about the Fascinate until I saw it in the bargain bin when I was looking for a new phone. Same goes for the Charge. The only reason I even heard about the Charge is because of it being reviewed on DL. Didn’t see a single commercial online or on TV. I’ve seen more GS3/4 commercials than I care to see.

            We can argue this until either one of us are blue in the face, but this all boils down to advertising dollars. Samsung spent more than $400 million on advertising last year while Apple spent $330 million. HTC spent a measly $46 million in comparison. People are going to buy what is pushed in their face from ads and that is EXACTLY what Samsung did. It pushed the GS3 in everyone’s face all over the planet. They did it so well, that when I told someone that I didn’t buy fruit (iPhone reference), they asked me if I had a Samsung. Once HTC starts spending money like Samsung, they will get the sales numbers like Samsung. No one but the savviest of shoppers care about spectacular reviews like the HTC One is getting. All the sheeple care about is what is being shown to them on TV or what everyone else has (iPhone anyone?).

            Between the 4 top carriers, there are approximately 300 million subscribers. Verizon has 115 million of them. Just because you change the branding on a single carrier, albeit the largest, it won’t make your phone the most popular in the WORLD.

            Money talks, not changing the name of a phone on a single carrier.



          • Trueblue711

            Good thing you’re not in marketing. People who don’t follow the tech industry won’t know that the Fascinate was the same as the GS2, even if Verizon didn’t customize it like they did.

            Also, your personal experience is exactly that — YOUR personal experience. Don’t use it as fact. I, for one, have seen ads for the Fascinate and Charge at bus stops, and commercials as well. Just because you didn’t, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

            Your example of showing how Samsung’s marketing is the reason is further proving my point — their marketing, of a UNIFIED, SAME PRODUCT is what led the general public to be able to identify it.

      • michael arazan

        How Much Did Verizon Pay Lucas for The Licensing of “Droid?” I think I read it was $100 million with advertising, they are going to run it into the ground for that much.

  • TSY87

    At this point, they better be launching an entirely different (better) device on verizon if they want to remain competitive. We all know that VZW is the slowest provider in releasing phones.

    • r0lct

      We’ll find out in about 6 months probably…

  • The DNA is a joke. Outstanding specs and decent battery life crippled by Sense. Can’t root or do anything to it either if you updated to the two most recent OTAs.

    • just jtag unlocked mine, for $45 its well worth doing and it only took a week. I Installed a sense 5 rom with a bunch of tweaks and this thing is a beast. Probably the most underrated phone out right now.

      • flosserelli

        But you shouldn’t have to spend another $45 to do all of that.

        • Agreed, at this point though I don’t know why anyone would expect anything other than locked bootloaders from Verizon. If there where more devs working on this phone though I don’t think jtag would be the only option for unlocking it. But being that no one has cracked the latest update I’m quite happy to pay that $45 to have an unlocked bootloader and custom roms. I really hope some more devs get this phone though, it doesn’t seem likely but if they did I think it would make it a significantly more popular device. Sense 4 and the locked bootloader are the only things holding this phone back, everything else is on par with other flagship phones, if not better.

          • Bionicman

            or maybe its because HTC doesn’t support their phones that well? i mean say what you will about Samsung but they seem to update/support their phones a tab bit better than HTC (ex: touchwiz and jellybean updates on the GS3).

      • JoshGroff

        Bought mine pre rooted/unlocked/s-off, that’s always a perk of swappa. Been running Nos’s sense 5 port, flashed viper for a day and went right back, I missed blinkfeed. >.>

      • $45? After paying $200+ for it? No thanks.

        • Well it’s not like you should be expecting an unlocked bootloader in that $200 price from Verizon. I mean we all know Verizon SHOULD be allowing us to unlock our phones, but at this stage you’re pretty stupid if you think a Verizon phone is going to have an unlockable bootloader. You either hope some Devs figure out a solution, or just pay to have someone physically unlock the phone using jtag. If you’re serious about unlocking and rooting your phone I don’t think $45 is a lot to pay.

          • PhillipCun

            if your’e serious about unlocking and rooting a phone you’d buy a device capable instead. We all have choices, and sure the DNA is probably a great phone, but where we are with our choices, I rather have a flagship phone. Well I rather have a nexus above all.

          • Well Verizon doesn’t exactly provide a lot of choice for capable devices, their entire business model is “you’ll get what you’re given and not complain about it.” Buying capable phones and having choices is the very reason I’ll be leaving VZW when my contract is up. Until then The DNA is in my opinion the best phone on Verizon, even if you do need to pay $45 to unlock the bootloader.

          • Are you on verizon? Choice: DNA, GS4, iPhone. Not much choices there.

  • Sqube

    Well, um, it’s not like your backs are against the wall or anything. Take your time, HTC.

    • LiterofCola

      I lol’d

    • flosserelli

      HTC should have bent over backwards to get the One on Verizon. You don’t set record profits by ignoring the largest customer pool in the U.S.

      • Tim242

        I’m sure they had nothing to do with that. Verizon just released the DNAat the end of November. You should know by now when and how Verizon gets HTC phones.

        • XphoneTroll

          Yeah… We’ll see that new HTC phone end of November! But that’s once a year wtf….

          • EC8CH

            Really…. we’ll all have Xphone’s by then.

          • XphoneTroll

            Don’t hold your breath on that.. Still doesn’t exist.

          • bkosh84

            Yes it does.. The hype machine won’t let it NOT exist…

          • michael arazan

            But Hype brings good ideas, like a Manufacturer that will make a phone with stock android and get rid of the skin.

          • MicroNix

            Then the next Nexus will come out and your Xphone will be yesterday’s phone lacking in the new features of the Nexus. Don’t worry though, Motorola will update it…….sometime……..maybe

          • capecodcarl

            The Rezound came out in November of 2011, the DNA in November of 2012… it is entirely possible we won’t see a new HTC phone for Verizon until November 2013.

          • We see new Samsung Galaxys at the same rate too.

      • EC8CH

        If HTC needs to bend over at Verizon they’ll need to get in line.

  • Unfortunately by then I will already have the S4. I can’t live with this Droid Charge any longer.

    • Brian Meredith

      Agreed, even though there’s still ROM development for it and Dwitherell is working on a new Tweaked FP8 ROM. It’s still slow and I”m getting sick of gingerbread. There’s a couple apps out there I want to try that are only compatible with ICS and Jelly Bean.

    • Damian

      That phone was terrible and laggy, I don’t miss mines at all

    • Quinlan

      My feelings exactly. My Charge is driving me insane

  • steve30x

    The HTC One is pretty impressive in build quality and front facing speakers are a nice new touch, but in my area Verizon dominates all other carriers so I have no choice as far as jumping to another carrier. My friend has AT&T and alongside with my phone on road trips my signal was always working (LTE/3G)and he was stuck on edge or no signal most of the time. Hopefully HTC announces something by the end of summer. Would be nice to see a premium build device on Verizon besides Iphone.

  • tharealoc

    Isn’t verizon having some big event in the near future? Sounds like a great place to make a “big deal” about something if you ask me.

    • Futbolrunner

      That’s what I’m banking on. Hopefully it’s not the Nokia 928 announcement.

  • mmoreimi

    Why would he say “The DROID DNA continues to be the HTC hero smartphone at Verizon.” when there actually is a phone called the HTC Hero?…..

    • Maybe because they didn’t capitalize the H. It’s called reading. Very beneficial in every day life.

      • mmoreimi

        don’t talk about fight club, tyler.
        or just don’t talk…. either way works.
        Just pointing out the similarities between their wording….

        • I was also pointing out their wording. You just didn’t understand it.

  • Captain_Doug

    Except Verizon didn’t carry either the One X or One X+. The only line Verizon has been faithful to are the “Incredible” phones except those are mid-rangers. For them to release another high-end phone from HTC as a sequel to a phone in their lineup is big news(which is what they’re saying).

    TL;DR? I agree with the article.

    • If it does come, it will be called HTC Droid One

      • TSY87

        you mean, the “HTC Droid Incredible One 4g”

        • PhillipCun

          HTC Droid Incredible One 4G LTE Plus
          fixed it for you

  • Ryan Gullett

    Its in my DNA to believe Verizon will still mess this up.

  • Ryan Gullett

    Its still in my DNA to believe Verizon is going to mess this up.

  • chris125

    People want the one because of the look plus the added bells and whistles. yes the DNA still competes( which i hope it would) but HTC is losing a great chance if they would have had the one on verizon before the s4, which wont happen.

    • 4n1m4L

      Maybe they will do the simultaneous release again and do the s4, DNA+, and CDMA n4 all at once

      • chris125

        I am hoping they do that, I would love a nexus 4 but not going to hold my breath.

      • PhillipCun

        It makes no sense to release 3 flagship phones simultaneously from a marketing perspective. Giving consumers more options will ultimately confuse them.

        • 4n1m4L

          RAZR, rezound, gnex….

          • kg215

            The Razr and Rezound weren’t flagships, so it was still only 1 (Gnex)

          • aQuickBit

            How were they not? The RAZR was a ridiculously thin piece of hardware that was built like a tank. The Rezound had a gorgeous display and the GNex was, well, a nexus. All of which had dual core processors. I would say at the time they were flagships no doubt.

    • Bionicman

      funny enough i played with both HTC one and S4 this weekend. my 8 year old son looked at the HTC one and thought it was shiny then quickly went to go look at the iphone 5. when i showed him the S4 and the dual cameras and motion air stuff, he flipped. ANYWAYS, HTC should have forced verizon to release the HTC one. i mean who cares if the DNA just came out. HTC wants/needs to sell phones and Verizon wants more subscribers. how is releasing 2 HTC phones a bad thing?

      • chris125

        I also played with the htc one at an att store over the weekend and didn’t really see/feel anything special about it. I liked the design but it really didn’t wow me from a hardware or software standpoint.

        • Johnny Chen

          If the Htc One’s hardware is going to wow you, what it? Aside from the S4, it’s probably the best smartphone in terms of hardware out there.