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Pictures Leak of Mystery Motorola Device Headed to AT&T (Update: Back of the Device Pictured)

Motorola Device ATT

Images just hit Twitter from the @evleaks account, showing a “blackboxed” Motorola device with signs of it headed to AT&T all over. For starters, there is the huge AT&T logo in the notification bar, as well as AT&T’s 4G LTE logo running on top. This device (what we can see of it) does sort of resemble the XT912A that was pictured back in March, but with the black box doing its job of concealing the device’s true form, it’s hard to say.

In March, we wrote up three Motorola codenames, each of which that had a chance of landing on AT&T’s network. No specs were known for certain, but one thing that the devices shared in common was that each device ran Android 4.2+.

In the shots above, it is apparent that Motorola’s toned-down Blur skin is present on the device, but other than what we can see, it’s hard be certain on any specifics.

Update:  Well, a picture of the back of the device has been uploaded. Information is extremely limited of course, but next to model, it reads “XFON AT&T.” If that doesn’t get the X Phone conspiracist folks going, I don’t know what will.



Via: @evleaks

  • Great information. some Latest Motorola Secret codes to share

  • NemaCystX

    Sarge this, Bionic that, sounds to me like attention seekers, that have the android community in the palm of their hands.

    Enjoy the attention while it lasts because once these mythical devices are released or announced, your attention will be gone

  • Alexander Garcia

    Hmm… I’m noticing something. There’s no trace of “Blur” from what I see in the shots. Did they, dare I say it, obliterate “Blur” once and for all? =)

  • droidftw

    I hope the Motorola logo is removed from the top left corner on launch. I’m not a fan.

  • BCoils

    nice screen, minimum bezel, big battery, 4g, vanilla android, and you’ve sold me.

    • Noel

      Same here…but no exclusives pls. Will Not migrate to a carrier because of a phone…make it readily available to ALL four major carriers. If an Att exclusive then i won’t be part of the X phone fun..i will wait for the N5.

      • k_nivesout

        Which will also not be on Verizon..

  • tfast500

    Wow that thing is ugly

    • Brandon Golway

      Agreed, I wish they would have stuck with the traditional angular motorola design, instead of making it look like every nexus device ever, but then again that could be because it may be the next neXus 🙂

      • Bionic

        do you guys realize its in a case and the only thing you can see is the back?

        • Brandon Golway

          The Vietnamese pictures that were leaked first don’t look like they have a case on them. The new pictures obviously do have a case on them, I’m not that blind lol

    • I hope your talking about the case. Because you can’t say the phone is ugly because it’s not showing.

      • tfast500

        well the case is ugly… i originally at first glance thought it was the phone ;P

  • Aww man i thought this phone was heading to verizon 🙁 welp i hope a similar phone comes out!

    • Bionic

      it’ll be on verizon

  • I’m missing it. What are the Blur elements in the screen shots?