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Gameloft Optimizes Handful of Popular Games for the Samsung Galaxy S4


If you are lucky enough to be walking around with Samsung’s newest flagship, the Galaxy S4, then why not pick up some games optimized specifically for it? Gameloft announced this morning that they have optimized many of their games for the device’s gorgeous 4.9″ 1080p display and beefy 1.9GHz quad-core processor. The games can be picked up from both Google Play and the Samsung Apps application located on your device. 

Optimized apps in Samsung Apps:

  • Real Football 2013
  • PLAYMOBIL Pirates
  • World at Arms
  • Wonder Zoo
  • Asphalt 7 : Heat
  • Modern Combat 4 : Zero Hour
  • Wild Blood
  • Dungeon Hunter 4

If you already have your hands on the device, you best go pick some of these up. And if you are looking for recommendations, then I would say go for Modern Combat 4 and Wild Blood. Good titles.

  • John Ferguson

    Not one decent golf game for the S4???

  • John Burke

    Because the target S4 audience plays:
    Wonder Zoo

    C’mon Gameloft, focus on your bigger titles, please.

  • T4rd

    So they pretty much “optimized” it for any other Snapdragon 600 1080p device (like the One) too..?

    • By optimized means that they made sure it works without lags on S4,
      Don’t forget that even if S4 has Snapdragon 600 it still performs best in “benchmarks” because it is overclocked to 1.9 GHz. So, while it might not have a single lag on S4, that doesn’t guarantee that you will have the same experience for example on HTC One…

  • RaptorOO7

    How about they optimize where the app data is stored so it is on the Ext. SD card and NOT the limited 9.9GB of internal space.

    • Tim242

      Ask Google why Android can’t do that on ICS and above.

      • r0lct

        AOSP doesn’t hog like that so I’m not sure why it’s Google’s fault.

      • hkklife

        Better yet, why not just ask Samsung, Verizon and all of the other retarded domestic carriers why they are continually gimping devices with 16Gb only versions (with <10Gb of free space).

        Google has all but dropped support for removable storage so I wouldn't at all be surprised to see KLP or whatever comes afterwards not even supporting external storage volumes.

  • JBartcaps

    Definitely can’t wait to play MY LITTLE PONY

  • jeradc

    What does this optimization entail?

    • Thomas

      Paying for freemiums out the ass

    • That means that they made sure that the games don’t have lags and work all good on S4.
      That’s the same thing that the industry does with gaming consoles. While graphics improved they still manage to make the games work without lags on them.
      For example, let’s take Crysis. You can find on youtube comparisons and you will see how they manage to improve the graphics while still being lag free. Optimizing for the platform by: reducing the field of view, loading objects closer to the player(instead of seeing them from long distances and seeing way to many objects), reducing textures that are at long distances, reducing polygons that are far away. The same thing they do with Samsung Galaxy S4… You know the hardware is the same and you make sure in different ways that it works all good.

  • No Nexus 10 love?

    • Josh Flowers

      Rule #1 of Nexus 10, we don’t talk about optimized apps.

      • hkklife

        Time for a reduced-cost, Asus-built N10 with a 1080P IPS screen and a $299 pricepoint!

        • michael arazan

          And a Dock Keyboard For Nexus tablets

      • 2nd rule, you do NOT talk about optimized apps.