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LG to Introduce Smartphone With Flexible Display in Q4 of 2013

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In a recent call on LG’s financials, the company’s vice president of mobile, Yoon Bu-hyun gave word that we should start to expect something major from LG. According to Yoon, LG is hard at work to create a smartphone with a flexible OLED display, much like we saw as a prototype from Samsung during this year’s CES. They even gave us Q4 as their deadline, so start marking those calendars. 

I recall last night on the DL Show that I mentioned we should pay more attention to LG this year and this basically confirms my statement. It’s good to have as many competitors thrown into the mix of top devices as possible, at least from a consumer’s standpoint.

From what we have seen about flexible displays, does this move in the mobile space interest you at all?

Via: The Verge | WSJ

  • rumors after rumors but nothing palpable as we can see in the following articles about LG flexible products http://www.flexible-display.net/category/lg/

  • Ibrick

    You have now been served by Tato.

  • LiterofCola

    LG? Naaaaaah

  • How about advancing battery life first before screens.

    • Ryan

      They already have. Silicone is now used and are high denisty. Better batt life and stamina. No other brand has that. LG is coming up i am excited.

      • Justin Kos

        Source? I’d like to read into that

  • I wonder how a flexible 3D display would look

    • Steven Rothermel

      lets concentrate on making glasses-less 3D screens not horrible before we talk about making them flexible.

    • Really….2 down votes? Man, I just remember the 3d effect being pretty impressive on my Evo 3D (didn’t have much practical use, but a cool concept) and thought it would be interesting to see on a curved display

  • Austin Warren

    What’s a flexible screen without a flexible phone. Useless. They also need to work on the quality of their screens.

    • Ian

      Less prone to shattering, that’s what it is.

      • ProZomby

        We don’t know if it’ll be less prone to shattering. Force from a shock is different from just bending. I guess we’ll see though

      • Austin Warren

        Go ahead and get those side accounts ready to up vote yourself. Oh wait.

        • Ian

          Nobody does that. Take the tin foil hat off for a few and get some sun will ya.

      • Steven Rothermel

        how is this? the SCREEN is flexible….not the GLASS that covers it.

        Still fail to see how a flexible screen is going to be useful unless it is a “clamshell” type device or they just use it to curve the screen like the galaxy nexus and thus allowing a curved display with zerogap technology at the same time.

        • Ian

          Doesn’t really matter if the screen is flexible if the glass covering it is not now does it? Have you seen the latest gorilla glass products? They flex.

          • Steven Rothermel

            yes but they dont flex like the plastic OLED screens. they bend just enough to give a curved glass similar to the G-nex. they aren’t any more shatter resistant than they are now.. glass is glass….it shatters when hit just right. the flexible displays are not going to change that.

            now when they integrate the capacitive layer into the LED panel, THEN, we have something to talk about 🙂


        False. The capacitive grid is a glass overlay, over the LCD/OLED.

        • Ian

          Then it isn’t really flexible is it? I’m saying that an object capable of flexing to absorb an impact does so better than a comparable object incapable of flexing. Do you deny that?

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Yes, but usually when you drop your phone, the glass that breaks is not the LCD, it’s the capacitive grid that cracks, that lays on top of the LCD. Having a flexible LCD does not change the fact that a glass capacitive grid lays on top.

          • Ian

            Good, but your average user does not understand these constructs to the degree we do. Therefore LG making this public announcement would suggest they’ve developed a way for the display (LCD/OLED & capacitive grid) to be flexible as a whole.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            I do not doubt that in the future, flexible capacitive grids will exist. I just don’t think they will exist in 2013. The grid works only because it’s a flat rigid surface. If you make the grid flexible, the resistance changes between each dot, making inaccurate readings. They will probably come up with a new type of grid, to accommodate the flex. They might do what Samsung did as CES, and just have the underlying screen have a bent edge, but not truly 100% flexible.

          • Ian

            Fair enough. We shall see. Exciting times.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            I know right?? In 2014 when people will be glad they bought a GS4, I will be running around with a phone that doubles as a hover board 😀

          • Ian

            Haha *with Michael J. Fox

          • Ibrick

            Still wish they made those Nike’s he was rockin..

            Although Nike did release them as a limited edition without the self tightening laces etc..


      Flexible batteries are inevitable: http://youtu.be/qws9XeKW3ws

      The only part of the phone that will not be flexible, is the circuitry and chipset.

    • Bigwavedave25

      Agreed. What is the point of a “flexible screen” if it is applied into a “fixed” position??
      And no, I do not care about a ticker on the side of my phone…

    • michael arazan

      How about a 5 inch phone that opens up into a Tablet then folds closed back into a phone. Also would give you a phone with a front screen and a back screen.

  • What is LG upto?

  • Dat Nguyen

    I hope it’s used in a meaningful way and not just as gimmick.