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International HTC One Receiving Update to Improve Camera Suite of Software

htc one razr hd nexus 4 galaxy s3

According to HTC, an update is rolling out starting today for the International version of the HTC One (review here), aiming to fix up some of the software found on the device. Most of the fixes are for the camera, such as improvements for Zoes, noise reduction in slow motion capture, improved color reduction, and quite a bit more. 


  • Improvement to sound capture with Zoe
  • Noise reduction in slow motion movie capture
  • Improved color reproduction and dynamic range (reduced over-exposure in non-HDR images) in certain conditions
  • Fix to display correct ISO in EXIF information when ISO settings are manually changed by the user
  • Improved system performance and stability

No word on when we can expect the same update to come to the American variants, but we will keep you posted when and if it happens.

Via: SlashGear

  • andrew galvin

    already roms available for the US variants available on XDA. Android Revolution going great so far for me.

  • richard451

    I think the developer edition already has a newer version

  • Daniel Cabrera
    • wtf..

    • J. Gilbertson

      I’m missing the relevancy. I see nothing scary about this update.

      • LionStone

        flag that crap please…

  • Guest

    why didnt these idiots push the update out weeks ago before it hit store shelves

    • JoshGroff

      Maybe because they just finished testing it, who knows?

    • Derek Duncan

      because this is for the international phones, which have been out for a month.

      • JoshGroff

        I think that’s what he meant, who knows though.

    • cortesjues

      the features were working fine before, now they are working better. Its not like they shipped the device with broken features