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Google Launches One Today Beta, Helping Nonprofits Reach Their Goals $1 Per Day

google one today

Google launched a new app and program through Google Play called One Today. The project is still in beta right now, you have to request an invite from Google, but the plan is for the app to bring a list of nonprofits and their causes to your app, and with just one click you can donate a dollar to help their cause. 

Once you donate to your favorite cause you can track your impact and see how your money is actually helping. Some of the projects listed on One Today’s website include Pencils of Promise, Teach for Health and Trees for the Future. To maximize your influence on these causes, you can share the info of your donation on social media afterwards to get your friends and family in on the cause as well. This system looks to make it easy to donate a small bit daily to good causes to keep the world spinning.

The project and application are still in a limited release however so you have to request an invite. You can head over to One Today’s website or install the application to request your invitation.

Play Link | One Today

  • michael arazan

    Other sites say it is to Donate a Dollar a Day to each organization, that can add up over $1000 a year, make sure you read the fine print before you donate, as everyone should always to protect their interest.

  • Waiting for approval.

  • Austin Warren

    Hell I’d go over there and provide security. Take a trip to Cape Town every once and a while and swim with sharks. Cool app though.

    • DroidFTW

      C’mon guys, lets make this happen.

  • This is genius. I hope it catches on big time

    • PhoenixPath


  • Corey Foltman

    hopefully it blocks all the fake organizations that take your money for themselves

    • Austin Warren

      Cough Kony Cough

      • Tyler

        And how many children have you saved from Kony?

        • Austin Warren

          Does that even matter? I was pointing out that the group somehow went viral when Kony had been missing for 6 months. They then used that money to buy drugs and masturbate in public.

          • tyler

            Well since it seems like you are only 12 years old with your comments. I guess until this happens to you or yours so you wont realize how big these people have brought awareness to Kony. Some people need to grow up. And stand for Humanity instead of being heartless dicks.

          • Austin Warren

            Yes, let me donate to a group that acts that way. Learn how to read and do research. Because you are obviously too stupid to that.

          • tyler

            Once again you state stuff that is non factual. I never said he was dead or alive. The FACTS that i know is that Since they have brought this to the attention of The United Nations and Everyone else. Konys violence has dropped by more then half. There are Rehabilitation schools that have been built 3 if im right working already. If he is dead then this should die out soon with the dismantling of the LRA. Then you wont have to hear about Kony. But if he is alive then there are almost half a million people that have to watch out because their children are in danger. You claim your not 12 so if you have kids imagine that yours was taken in the night wouldnt you do anything to help. or you Neighbors kids. You would want to help them. Whats different about someone that lives in another country do you not what them to keep or get there children back because thats what i have been helping do along with Millions of others.

          • JonathonFlores

            you obviously didn’t do research before buying your Kony propaganda.