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Facebook Rolls Out VoIP Feature to Messenger App for Android

Facebook VoIP

The past couple weeks have been pretty big for Facebook, first launching Chat Heads and following it up with Home. To make sure that you never leave Facebook’s applications, they have upgraded their Messenger app again today to include free VoIP calling for people in the US.  If you need to get ahold of someone on your Facebook friends list, this feature is live in your Messenger app right now. 

Clicking on the “i” button inside the chat window in Messenger will bring up the option for “Free Call” and once you click that you can enjoy your VoIP service from Facebook.  And for those that might ask, no this does not use any of your plans minutes, purely data.

We know a lot of you are pretty anti-Facebook, anyone actually plan on using this?

Via: The Verge

  • Kanagasubramanian

    Is there any plan to release atleast Facebook app for windows phone (Not the Microsoft’s facebook app)

  • feztheforeigner

    What a sexy face, Kellen

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    I never thought I would say I loved t mobile or even that some bloatware was actually useful. After switching and getting the note 2 that supports wifi calling, I think its the best thing ever. I wouldnt have realized it was an option unless it was preloaded so im glad they did. I also dig the tmobile caller id function.

  • jayray78

    The process to actually get to call someone is so clunky. Its like they intentionally hid it.

    My first test call over Verizon LTE was horrible. The delay was about 2 seconds. Although I will say that clarity and volume were way batter than what I was expecting.

  • enob

    I am wondering when adobe comes out with that new Photoshop tool for de-bluring images if it will work on things like this.

  • clock

    finally…a Google feature launched on Android before iOS.


      Wrong… It’s been out for IOS!

  • sk3litor


    • KG


  • Thats not what I imagined Kellex looking like.

    • They are up to episode 21 of the Droid Life Show. Tune in!

      • Haha, yeah I dont watch the show. Ive been meaning to.

  • Total_telecom

    oh my goodness it’s getting pretty scary out there!

    that’s a professional opinion

  • zombiewolf115

    it says free call. but facebook charges me $1.29 to message some thats not my friend. that free call wont be there for long

  • Tim242

    Most of us know Kellen’s last name. Why did you blur it?

    • If you know it, that’s cool. It shouldn’t be a surprise that some of us might not want to be bothered with unsolicited friend requests. 🙂

      • Tim242

        Oh c’mon Tim, be my friend. We could make so much magic.

        • Dave E

          @Timotato:disqus isnt sure how to respond to that… I can understand why! HA!

          • Tim242

            He has no reason to be scared. Nor do you… HA!

          • Kettle_86

            Maybe @tim242:disqus and @Timotato:disqus are the same person???

          • Thomas

            I’ve thought myself. So is KellenDroid, Kellen ?

          • Kettle_86


          • I promise that when I comment on here, I will always use my official username. lol

        • Hey, you know I love ya, but sometimes I need to separate work and play! 😛

      • Don’t we already know that Kellen has over a thousand pending friend requests as well? That was in a post a little while ago.

  • Thomas

    That guy in the screen shot is sooooo freakin’ hot !!!! I would so “do” him !!!! 🙂

    • Austin Warren


      • KaZx

        not enough description….

    • Tim242

      Back off! He’s mine!

      • Kettle_86

        You got the avatar to prove it! 🙂

        • Tim242

          Thank you for havin my back…no pun intended.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Gay marriage supporter eh? I can care less either way, just stop waving it in front of my face…..I’m tired of all the nonsense

          • Tim242

            Marriage is waved in my face daily. Marriage is not just a religious thing. It isn’t just a procreation thing. Lots of Atheists get married, lots of couples can’t or choose not to have kids. Once we have equal rights, we’ll all be just fine : )

          • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

            Thank you. Once marriage equality is approved it will become normal just how darker people got rights.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Do not confuse racial issues with sexual orientation. Not the same category.

          • no, shaikh is talking about human rights in general. don’t be ignorant jack a$$ to people that are suffering in their struggle to be treated equally as a human being just like anyone else. also if he wants to have equality logo as his default who the heck are you to say anything about it? go waste your time with something else instead of bullying people that are fighting for their rights.

          • flosserelli

            When did DL become a political forum for gay rights?

          • Tim242

            Why are you asking me? I didn’t bring it up. You insecure bro?

          • Jon

            Exactly. They want to display it but when someone voices an opinion against it’s hypocritically shot down. Jon

          • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

            stop waving the V for Vendetta mask in front of my face… I’m tired of all the nonsense.

          • So you COULD care less? The correct usage is you couldn’t care less, meaning you could not possibly care any less than you already do.

      • Thomas

        Bring it…lol.

        • Tim242

          It has already been brough’en! Don’t make me get my other boyfriend Austin Warren to beat you up haha

    • smokin hot 😛

    • nick rigsby

      i love reading comments on the DL website when it turns into a debate… not

  • PopeFrancis

    If messenger doesn’t require a facebook account then why on earth does it create one for you when you go to use it?

  • Nice try to hide your facebook, kellen barranger lol

  • I’m one of the few that didn’t get chat heads.
    How’s the call quality?

    • I just tried it out. It failed three or four times and finally connected. We each managed to hear the other say, “Hello” before it dropped. We were both on wifi.

      • That sounds almost as bad as Skype.

    • Kellen and myself tried it out. Wasn’t bad at all actually. We were sort of impressed and that’s not easy to do.

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    I see Facebook is upping their world domination efforts haha.

  • *yawn*

  • willsours

    I will. Since Google voice STILL doesn’t do voip. wtf.

    • You can use Google Voice as a VOIP service, if you get something like GrooVe IP or Spare Phone. I have GrooVe IP, but sadly it frequently fails on incoming calls (outgoing usually work, though).

    • moew

      Gvoice integration with xmpp (voip to the sheep) works great. Has been for a long time now. Fire up an app and make 7-10 digit calls like a real phone.


      They also have a free wifi only one that you can try before you venture out away from your house.

  • Nexus_FrEak

    That would require me to download an app that should be baked into the Facebook app…NO!

    • leo

      agreed 1000000000000000000000%

      • michael arazan

        Technically not a free call since it will use your data plan, since the big 2 now offers unlimited calls on their price gouging tiers this is a redundant feature, unless it also works over your home pc and tablets

        • This is great for those with low minute/unlimited data grandfathered plans though if it works well.

    • It’s separate so that some users can use it for SMS only, rather than downloading the entire facebook app.

      I think it should be the same app as well, but I believe that’s the mentality behind it.

      • habanero

        Messenger is literally the only feature of facebook I use on a daily basis, so I’m quite content with just using the app. To be quite honest, it should be trivial for them to build the functionality into the app, AND have a separate app as just a wrapper around the messages tool. But until then, I’m definitely glad I don’t need the entire facebook app itself.

        • I feel exactly the same way.