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Anthill Colonizes Google Play, Should Satisfy Your Tower Defense Cravings


If you have some extra time you are currently looking to kill, check out this new game that just landed on Google Play called Anthill. It is a tower defense game of sorts, but instead of protecting a tower, you are protecting your trail of hard-working ants. You can use large soldier ants to fight back enemies or even use bomber ants to take care of your insect opponents. 


  • Tower defense gameplay protect your ant hill
  • Variety of units to deploy workers, soldiers, spitters and bombers
  • Real critters to defeat evil enemy beetles, bugs and flies
  • Draw pheromone trails simple touch and slide interface
  • Upgrade your units grow and develop your colony

Go grab it.

Play Link: Free | Paid ($1.92)

  • Stychill

    LOL, doesn’t look that interesting to me.

  • Matt

    what is the different between free and paid? ads or levels?

  • Austin Warren

    Sounds like field runners 2 and I love that game.

  • Andrew

    The Fieldrunners 2 Beta is awesome. Can’t wait for that game to come out.