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Rumor: Motorola X Phone Could Come In 20 Different Colors

x phone motorola

We have heard a lot of rumors about Motorola’s next flagship phone, rumored to be the X Phone. We’ve heard that it’s not so impressive, we’ve heard that it’s very impressive, we’ve seen our share of renders, but we haven’t up until this point heard anything definite from either Moto or Google. The latest rumor that we are hearing is that Moto’s next device is going to be outwardly customizable. 

Phone Arena is reporting through a source that they trust that says Google and Motorola are looking to provide up to 20 different colors of phones for customers. The source said that internal customization such as RAM size and processor differences is highly unlikely, but that we can expect to see lots of different looking devices. Take this with a grain of salt because it’s still an unverified rumor, but it opens up interesting possibilities.

Would you be excited to see expanded choices of colors for this upcoming phone?

Via: Phone Arena

  • duff60901

    I LOVE my Droid X. Gonna be a toss up between a moto or note 3. Guess it depends on what they are made of, removable battery, and 64GB+ internal storage. Prefer moto for durability. But MUST have removable battery, lots of storage, SD slot.

  • areffes

    Twenty seems a bit much. I’d appreciate having a choice amongst 5, maybe 8 colors. Anything more than that would be a production nightmare for them and would almost guarantee a headache for retailers and consumers, trying to manage inventory and the wrong color always being sold out.

  • Zac St. Louis

    I think it’d be cool if they released a phone with exchangeable back plates that cover the entire back of the phone with different colors/designs etc. that way you could buy as many as you want and change the color of your phone extremely easily

  • mcdonsco

    As a long time die hard moto fan (no more), after my current RAZR maxx HD that still completely sucks with text input, I’m finally jumping ship. After owning the of droid, x, x2, bionic, RAZR and now RAZR maxx HD I somehow doubt they’ll fix the problem in the X

  • eli


  • moody

    mark my words, the X will be the next Nexus…. Motorola source works within!!

  • George Fayad

    I’ll admit, the main reason I check these posts is to see the arguments with the user Bionic.

  • I just don’t care anymore about the X phone at this point

  • Christopher Riner

    That’s actually not a bad idea, and makes the whole customization thing way easier. They could basically have one phone with one set of internals, and then maybe have 3 different body styles to choose from, each with like 20 different colors…I could totally see that being awesome. How nice would it be if every phone came out like that? I know every time I get a phone, no matter how much I like it, there is always one or two things design wise I wish I could change. Maybe Motorola can find a cure for that.

  • regkilla

    20 different colors? lol that’s not true.

    • PSU_DI

      Can I get it in Black?

  • Ned Danov

    Yes, I am looking forward it 🙂

  • rogue05

    I believe this just going to be different backs for the phone, Either way i’m just going to wait for Phone X2