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Motorola’s First Google-inspired Products to be “Just-right” Size With Stock Android, Shipping in Second Half 2013

motorola xt912-3

During a conversation with PCMag, Motorola’s design chief Jim Wicks opened up about the future of their products, most importantly, those influenced by the newly formed Google exec team. Wicks make it sound as if the current state of the mobile industry, one that focuses on specs and a “bigger is better” mantra, isn’t where they are headed. They want stock Android devices that are updated quickly, phones that are the right size instead of oversized, and that reach all carriers. 

According to Wicks, Motorola has spent the last eight months working on their next generation of phones that will arrive in the second half of 2013 (that could be July or November for all we know). More importantly, he stressed that if you are into smaller form-factor devices or stock Android, that you are going to be very excited. And when he says “smaller,” he means “just-right” in terms of size. If you look at the leaked Motorola device from early March, we’re talking a 4-4.5″ display size, which isn’t necessarily small, it’s just not following the massive trend by today’s standards. He also mentioned that while devices may be smaller, the display won’t be as they continue to work on slimming down bezels, much like they did with the RAZR M. Wicks acknowledged that “When you buy a TV, your’re not wanting a frame,” and that smartphones should be the same.

As far as his comments on stock Android are concerned, Wicks talked about how consumers “love what the Android OS can do for them,” and that they want to have the most recent releases faster. Motorola’s strategy is to embrace Android and make it the “best expression of Android and Google on the market.” It will be the “unadulterated” version of Android with as little bloatware as possible.

Last, while Motorola has seen success with its DROID brand on Verizon, they will attempt to mimic Samsung and HTC’s push to get their single flagship phones and form factors on all carriers. They will attempt to build new cross-carrier brands outside of those exclusive brands that are carrier-specific.

After hearing Eric Schmidt call Motorola’s next lineup of phones “phenomenal” this morning, this news has to bring you nothing but joy. Well, assuming you are fine with sub 5-inch phones.

Via:  PCMag

  • Noel

    Good for Moto…vanilla Android is the way to go. If you need extra layering on your device then grab a skin from the Play store or the rumored HUB for skins etc that might come with KLP. I have been clamoring and hoping for HTC to release some pure vanilla Android devices or devices that dual boot vanilla Android and Android w/Sense UI. I think if Motorola stick with their new plan of action, coupled with their huge battery capacity offerings they will do very very well. But i will caution them to understand that customers want bigger screen devices not jumbo screens…so 4.3″ should be the lowest they can go, while 4.7 to 5″ with no bezel will be the ideal. They should also remember there is a huge segment of the populace that have come to love Phablets…maybe consider making a 5.3″ + phablet, they don’t wonna leave that market only to Sammy, L.G and a few others. Cellphones are not just for making phone calls and sending text msgs anymore…one needs a good screen real estate for web browsing, social media interaction, some gaming etc.

  • Brandon Golway

    My Galaxy Nexus is 4.65″ and it feels a little too small for me, I’d like to have a 5″+ screen for my next phone and I was hoping it was going to be a Motorola, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen :-/

  • Tyler Cameron

    What is that phone in the picture?

  • Sporttster

    Why would I want to go backwards to D1 sized screens?? I’ll buy 4.7″ or 5″ but I’m not going back to a measly 4″. Forget that! The trend is in the opposite direction and Moto won’t be selling a lot of phones with tiny screens!

  • Anon

    The above sounds *exactly* like what I want. Here’s hoping they release one phone that will work on all North American (or even all US) carriers, and that it’s available through the Play store. If that happens and it’s everything they say above, I will pay off-contract price for one without hesitation.

  • I’m fine with sub-5″ screens. Call me old fashioned, but I still think my gnex is the perfect size. Would love to see something that size with Moto look and feel.

  • RichH

    Looks a lot like the DROID DNA!!

  • [email protected]

    Looks a lot like HTC DROID DNA

  • Kyle Cordiano

    That motorola phone that was leaked in March was not ground breaking but the back looks very nice with the camera placement and the curves surrounding it. I Really like it.

  • Take my money

  • Cowboydroid

    KEYBOARD device, please!

  • Trevor


  • RoadsterHD1

    Am I imagining a video and pictures I saw earlier, (video did not play)? Was this removed, WTF!!!! Am I drunk?

  • azndan4

    Small bezels on the Razr M? I laughed out loud when I read that. The Razr M has obnoxiously large top and bottom bezels.

  • jnt

    They need to phase out the Droid branding anyway…

  • chris125

    Maybe re live the old days like they had with the original droid on verizon with stock android. I don’t really care if it’s not a nexus because being stock android would make it much easier to update

  • Hopefully we will see full screen phone being pushed out soon

  • MentatYP

    Stock Android? Not on Verizon then, eh?

  • Alexander Garcia

    Best… News… EVAH… so far…

  • Zac St. Louis

    soooo when are OEM’s gonna talk about improved battery life. At this point every phone is “relatively” the same just depends on how much you trust the manufacturer and like their skin or vanilla if you prefer, but regardless of the phone you buy you have to charge it a couple times a day (I charge at least once after waking up with a full charge) or you have to turn data off and dim the screen. I just want my phone to run awesomely all day and then die right before I go to bed

  • Rodeojones000

    Says the guy named XphoneTroll.

  • PhoenixPath

    I’ll agree with that.

    With that in mind and their statement regarding smaller bezels/same size screens, I would definitely be willing to try 4.3/4.5. Sounds damn near perfect if the bezel is small enough but doesn’t react to fingers holding the darned thing.

  • Glad to see Google did NOT keep the “no meddling” stance that they proclaimed when they bought them…

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Im glad at the approach I just wonder how much time he has actually spent with a plus 5″ screen phone. Just like apple and 7″ tabs are DOA, I always Cringe when people make statements and you just know they might not have even tried what the are putting down. I never thought I would enjoy using a “phablet” but im not sure I could go back now

  • bakdroid

    Its about time someone wakes up and says bigger is not better. This size war is BS! I do not want to hold a f*%king tablet to my head to make a call. I want a nice size like 4.5 to 4.7 with no bezel. That is perfect. Anyone who says a phone needs to be 5+ is a moron and just into the hype of bigger is better.

    • Rodeojones000


    • zombiewolf115

      whats even more bs is the war of whose phone is the thinnest

      • Rodd

        for example Moto should’ve abandoned the original RAZR and just released the MAXX. but the “thin is in” fad at the time won out in the end

  • WickedToby741

    Quick updates, smaller form factor and screen size, no focus on the spec wars, and minimal bloat. So they’re going to make an Android iPhone. Sounds good to me!

  • zombiewolf115

    phones great. but amma still wait for the xphone

  • hkklife

    Sorry guys, the industry is going to BIG screens with LOTS of pixels. If Motorola does not field at least ONE 5″ (or better) 1080P model SOON they’re going to get totally left behind, at least as far as consumer mindshare is concerned. This sound like major spin put on a product roadmap that’s either pinching pennies OR still full of Jha leftovers.
    Remember, Moto’s usage of virtual buttons means that the effective screen space is considerably .25 or .3″ or so smaller. So Moto needs a 5″ virtual button phone just in order to match last year’s 4.8″ of usable space on the GS3!

    The trend towards bigger screens has been going on for years. Palm ignored this trend and stuck to small square screens for years and then jumped on 320×480 with the Pre when it was way too late. They’re toast now. RIM went with 4.2″ on the Z10 and I hear nothing but complaints from both BB diehards and laughs from Android users and we’ll probably be writing the eulogy for BB next. Even Apple’s aura of invincibility is getting tarnished by their refusal to jump on the phablet bandwagon.

    Ideally, Moto should offer THREE to FOUR distinct lines across all carriers:

    A. 4.3″ QWERTY keyboard slider (Photon Q, future Droid 5) This is still an underrepresented category if they’d just execute properly, especially with BB on the ropes!

    B. RAZR M-style 4.3″ or 4.5″ midrange device

    C. RAZR HD 4.7″ to 4.8″ bigger handset (this could maybe eventually be phased out if the 5″ device proves popular)

    D. X Phone (or whatever) 5″ + high end phablet to compete with the GS4 and/or Note line.

    • DroidJ

      There’s a couple of holes in the market now that have been mostly ignored because the manufacturers and carriers think they are unimportant. In chasing screen real estate, and attempting to ‘differentiate’ (skins), Samsung and to some extent HTC have neglected the ‘normal’ screen size and the clean, uncluttered UX. Motorola’s new Google mothership sees an opportunity and is going to fill it.

    • The interviewee specifically mentioned that the DEVICES would be perfectly sized, and that the screens would be as large as they can stuff into the frame. Given that there is still some bezel to lose on the RAZR HD, 4.7″ is not out of the realm of possibility. Also, the RAZR M was an amazingly comfortable device to hold, and at 4.3″, was a great screen size for 1-handed use. All they need to do is drop in a better-quality screen, and a bigger battery, and they can roll that one off the line and it will sell no problem.

    • DroidJ

      That said, I agree with your point A – we really need a slider option. It probably won’t see high adoption, but there is still a segment of the market that is dying for the physical keyboard still. My wife would give up her brand new huge-screen phone for a slider, even if it meant paying full price.

    • Mike

      The osk use up no “usable” space. The apps that require the screen space will automatically hide the keys. Sick of the retardation about these that’s out there.

      • Tim242

        Really? I had a Gnex for a year. I could have sworn I installed AOKP because the OSK cut my browsing space from 4.7 to 4.3. Video apps are not the primary apps people use

    • Rodeojones000

      I completely, 100% disagree with you regarding screen size. 5″+ is asinine. Looks ridiculous and feels ridiculous. News of a manufacturer planning devices in the 4.3″-4.5″ range is the best news I’ve read in a while and I couldn’t be more excited.

    • Sporttster

      agreed,hk. The trend is definitely towards larger, better screens. Movies are better, vids are better, pics, everything. Even apple is headed that way. Why Moto thinks it will win out going the opposite direction…well I think they’re gonna be in for a rude awakening….

  • This is what I’ve been waiting for. Can’t wait to see how these turn out

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I do think 4.5″ is the sweet spot myself. G-Nex is at a great size for me. Never was to excited over their hardware as everyone else seemed to be, but I’m still a bit excited!

  • Unlocked bootloaders and physical keyboards please? Also, removable batteries.

    • Came to say the same thing. I want a Googerola Droid 5!

  • Stevedub40

    Man, that really sucks. Since owning my DNA for a few months, I can’t imagine going back to a smaller phone. It’s so much easier for me to play games and watch videos on, without my hands cramping from grabbing a tiny screen. I guess we will see.

  • staticx57

    No matter how great the hardware is, if the bootloader is still locked hard then this phone doesn’t interest me.

  • Tim242

    Put out, or get out!

  • RGiskard

    Yes. This. Shut up and take my money. I pretty much want an updated GNex. 4.5″ screen, thinner bezel, 1080p or at least a very nice 720p (non pen-tile), 2gb ram, etc.

    • Rodeojones000

      I would buy this phone you describe.

  • The thing is the lack of bezels. I mean all the devices the masses use are from around 2011 when 4.3 was the size that everyone wanted however all of these devices had huge bezels on every side of the display (see Droid Razr, Rezound, and even the iPhone has a somewhat big bezel) that made them seem like 5 inch devices. It will be interesting how an Android powered device this size sells.

    • PhoenixPath

      +One Hundred Eleventy One.

      4.3 with a slim bezel and some intelligent “Hey, he’s not actually tapping sh*t” software and we’d be golden.

  • stock Android….pardon me whilst I clean up this puddle of drool.

  • Tim242

    Too little too late moto. I have news for them. Only people on the tech blogs care about having the latest version. Average consumers couldn’t care less.

    • Only because they dont know any better. If it was the norm they would understand.

      • Tim242

        You are incorrect. Working in a cell phone store, I can assure you that average consumers hate software updates. If it changes the UI or look at all, they come in demanding we “erase the update.”. We are not average consumers.

        • what i mean is if there werent older versions on these new phones or there wasnt “equally” spec’ed phones not getting updates. If the phones all received updates at the same time without needing to be “approved” then they would not be so alarmed when changes happen. Its not like a phone will last forever, when you change phones there is pretty much a 99% chance that phones interface will be changed from their last android phone.

          • Tim242

            They are not in our mindset. As long as it works for them, they are happy. We could stand to learn a thing or two from them : ) Regardless of specs being the same, a lot of updates make the device not perform as well.

  • I actually like this idea! Something that is easy to work with one hand yet large enough to watch videos and read text without having to strain your eyes! It sounds like the actual dimensions would be something right above an iPhone 5 with just a full edge to edge display. Lets just hope Motorola has fixed their camera technology (the one in my Droid Razr blows)!

  • The Dude

    Bigger IS better. And the way Samsung/HTC have been doing it, the screen size keeps going up with minimal increase in phone size. The bottom bezel is used for capacitve buttons, thus freeing up all the screen for content, unlike the Nexus/Razr, which have the same bezel and much less screen space.

    • Diablo81588

      No it’s not.

    • Rodeojones000

      No. Bigger is idiotic, asinine, and ridiculous looking.

      • Ibrick

        Not that I thought the GNex was too small, but I was comparing my DNA to my TBolt alarm clock and the DNA is so much thinner everywhere, the physical size is almost negligible. If HTC finally went to on screen buttons and cut the bezels top and bottom by a few mm I couldn’t see anyone complaining about the size.

  • I am hoping for 3 levels of devices.
    give use a 4.7-5″ 1080P screen, 2GB RAM, snapdagon 600/900 processor, 3000 mah battery, 12 mp camera yada yada yado

    then give us a 4.3-4.5″ snapdragon 600 phone with 720P display, 8mp camera 3000 mah battery

    then a 4″ QHD display, snapdragon s4 pro, with like a 2500 mah battery and 8 mp camera

    start them at $250 off contract then go up from there.

    stock android, non nexus phone, quick updates, no bloat, world phones. it would be amazing and it would change the mobile phone world as we know it.

    • Ibrick

      When what’s his nuts tweeted about ‘what if your phone could be like this?’ Linked to Porsches custom studio, this was exactly what I had in mind. 2-3 devices, top line, mid range, low range with maybe a couple small tweeks like colors for trim pieces. Seems like a great lineup that would satisfy any buyer.

  • TheWenger

    I kind of like the 5″ screen size. I hope they still do pump out a phone or two with a decently large screen.

  • Adam Neighbors

    I will be getting this phone….

  • Mark

    I was gonna pick up an HTC One on Friday, but this has me reconsidering…

  • Kenny Larson

    Even though I’m no longer with Verizon I have to say it.

    “This is not the Droid you are looking for.”

  • sirmeili

    “As far as his comments on stock Android are concerned, Wicks talked about how consumers “love what the Android OS can do for them,” and that they want to have the most recent releases faster. Motorola’s strategy is to embrace Android and make it the “best expression of Android and Google on the market.” It will be the “unadulterated” version of Android with as little bloatware as possible.”

    Don’t worry, if you put it on Verizon, they’ll ruin that for you (though they have gotten better recently, I suppose)

  • sc4fpse

    Mine’s bigger.

  • EC8CH


  • Kyle Miller

    HTC Droid DNA is the perfect size. And I came from the GNEX which now feels small and thick in my hands…yeah that sounds suspect lol.

  • Futbolrunner

    Sweet spot for me is 5-5.3″

    GS3 felt a tad small and my Note 2 is a lil too big.

  • NWolvie

    For the win:

    1) Big battery
    2) MicroSD
    3) MicroHDMI
    4) Two stage physical camera button

    • Scott Hardy

      4.6″ screen

    • j__h

      Why is a two stage physical camera button so important? Why not just use the software button: Hold it for first stop and release for picture, it is two stages already.

      • Zac St. Louis

        personal preference

      • I like a physical shutter button because it allows you to hold your phone firmly with 2 hands.

        • j__h

          This seems not to be a problem for me. I can firmly hold and use software button.

    • primarchlion

      Would be cool if the micro-HDMI/USB placement was the same as the last few phones for my lapdock to retain some relevancy. Please Moto.

    • soft ware buttons for capcitive buttons that are programable

  • I like that idea. I am not a fan of the phones that are greater than 5″. Simply too big. So long as there are phones with vanilla Android, I’ll be a happy camper.

  • Randy Martin


    • Kenny Larson

      Type in all caps much or are you just stuck in 1994?

  • Matthew Merrick

    it had better be like the S4/Xperia ZL – 5.0″ screen on a 4.7″ or smaller body.

    (seriously, look at the dimensions on the ZL as compared to 4.7/4.8″ phones. its quite impressive)

    i know many people who say that anything smaller than 4.5″ is unusable, and i fully agree.

  • bionicwaffle

    I think the size of the Maxx HD is perfect. If they just make it not as tall that would be great. I think they could also get a 4.8″ display in the same size. I don’t want to see smaller than 4.7. I think smaller would be a mistake. I had a 4.3″ display on my Droid X and would not want to go back to that. It sounds like Moto is moving in the right direction overall though. I just hope they stick with Kevlar (doesn’t block radio signal like metal), huge batteries, MicroSD, and MicroHDMI. I also want to see them go back to the bright LCDs they used to have.

  • MichaelFranz

    screen size can be made big in a small form, RAZR M is a perfect example. i think the Razr HD is a good size and at 4.7 inch display anbd there is still more bezel, they could add screen size if they wanted.

    Getting it available on all carriers will be a problem though. Having it unlockable is also another problem.

  • Sounds boring, stock android yes but the rest sounds uneventful.

  • Sean Wood

    THIS is the BEST android news this year…..


      Yes, I’m glad LG will not be a front runner for Nexus. Im 99% confident the Next Nexus will be a Motorola.

      • Bob G

        Nope. Next Nexus will be LG, but Motorola will have its own line of phones too.

        Choosing a stock phone will no longer be limited to the Nexus line FTW

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          You say that with such confidence. Do you have proof to back that up?

          • angermeans

            I think (sadly) he is right. I’m willing to bet (based off what Google has said about keeping android and Moto separate entities and also alienating their android partner OEMs) that we will not see a Nexus branded Moto. In fact, I wouldn’t doubt if Motorola doesn’t unlock their boot loaders. I would bet that they keep them locked to keep others happy. These Moto phones will be like the other Moto phones, but with stock android (which is a win for many). They will stil be carrier branded (droid?) and have bloat. Just vanilla android and Google will still partner with OEMs for their Nexus line. This might not be permanent, but I have a feeling we won’t see a Nexus full on dev phone out of Motorola for some time to come.

          • jmcomms

            The Razr i in Europe is a pretty good example of the direction Motorola is going, given it has stripped out virtually all the Motorola add-ons (even if you can download some via Play). Besides the Motorola launcher, that circles widget and Smart Actions, it’s almost native Android OS – and at the launch last year, this was explained as being part of Google’s influence. So, it makes sense that the next step is to remove the remaining customisation – but of course, it may well be that those Smart Actions become part of the next version of Android…

          • michael arazan

            I read an article in February that said LG is in negotiations for the Next Nexus device with Google, didn’t say it was confirmed.

            Also, can motorola sell a phone across all 4 carriers, because verizon always wants to F$ck it up and make it theirs by changing it somehow. I would love to by a stock- Motorola device, and prefer to buy it from the play store or from motorola but on vzw. Part of c-block rules state you can bring a phone to the carrier as long as it works on that carrier. So I would love to bring a phone that vzw can’t control.

      • Elliot Kotis

        Maybe….maybe not.

    • PhoenixPath

      Seriously. Haven’t we all been dreaming/wishing/hoping/scheming for an OEM to start doing this??

      Awesome news indeed. UI cannot wait to see some of the fruits of their efforts. The X Phone sounds amazing and I really want to hear more about ATOM.

    • azndan4

      Agreed. We need more stock android devices, especially ones that run on Verizon.

  • Qbancelli

    God please let this be true!

  • cjohn4043

    Stock android with a 4.5 inch-ish screen? Consider me interested.

    • kG

      I’m curious what makes you so curious?

      • WickedToby741

        I’m curious what makes you so curious about his curiousness.

        • ArrowCool

          All you curious folks never heard about the cat, apparently.

    • That would be G8

  • Mike

    I dont think the Gnex or the SGS3 look ridiculously large at 4.65 or 4.8″. I’d say 5″ is the upper limit for a phone.

  • carlisimo

    16:9 is the most common aspect ratio, isn’t it? The iPhone5, Droid RAZR M, Droid RAZR HD, Galaxy Note II… they all use it.

    • jim

      I thought the iphone 5 was 16:10, like all the other apple phones were

      • Guest


        • Tim242

          Yes it is.

      • Tim242

        You are correct sir.

      • Tyler Cameron

        All other apple phones?
        No other Apple phone is 16:10, or even 16:9. The only other phones that Apple’s made have 3.5″ screens. If they had 16:10 screens and apple made it taller to be 4″, I fail to see how it could retain the same aspect ratio.
        It’s 16:9. Previous Apple phones were 3:2.

    • Tim242

      iPhone 5 is 16:10. That’s why in videos, there are black lines.

      • Emilio Figueroa

        It’s 16×9

        1136-by-640 is nearly 16 by 9 according to the aspect ratio calculator.

        • Tim242

          If it were 16:9, there wouldn’t be black bars in HD videos.

          • carlisimo

            Maybe you were watching a movie? Those are 2.35:1, or put another way, 16:6.8. The resolution that Emilio posted makes it pretty clear that the iPhone5 is 16:9

          • DroidFTW

            The iphone 5 is 16:9. Not every movie is filmed in 16:9, there are multiple aspect ratios that different film makers use. Try doing a little research before making multiple comments about something you are wrong about when you could very easily use Google and not look so ridiculous.

          • Tim242

            Nearly 16:9 is not 16:9. Remember this Google you speak of…try using it

          • DroidFTW

            Wow, you really are a clown.

            1136/640=1.775 (iphone 5)

            1136/639=1.77777777778 (16:9)

            so your claim is that 1 pixel makes it not 16:9. Now do me a favor and read about video codecs and pixel resolutions and you will see that the numbers are always even. Your mythical 16:9 display does not exist.

          • Emilio Figueroa

            I think I’ve already explained myself.

          • jmcomms

            Most films aren’t 16:9 are they? Made for movie theatres, I’ve watched plenty of movies on my widescreen TV with borders (until you zoom/crop) so of course there would be black bars! The only phone I can recall that had a 21:9 ratio was one made by Acer? Can’t remember what it was called, but I don’t think it ever got a release – at least certainly not in the UK. Or what about that LG phone with the extra tall screen – maybe that was 21:9 too? TV shows are almost certainly going to be 16:9 though, as well as anything you or I create with our own cameras.

  • Sub 5 inch phone is great. As long as they hold to the “Motorola’s strategy is to embrace Android and make it the “best expression of Android and Google on the market.” It will be the “unadulterated” version of Android with as little bloatware as possible.”

  • BigWormBigPerm

    Just don’t make it 5lbs with a small screen like my OG Droid…I used to do curls and put dents in pavement when I dropped it with that thing

    • Well yeah. But it was a tank too 😛

    • Nowai

      On the flip side, I’d take another tank like the OG. That phone was solid as hell!

      • BigWormBigPerm

        It was a good phone, up until my upgrade came and it was like Verizon hit some switch to make it constantly freeze and glitchy so I’d upgrade faster

        • Nowai

          Yeah, at some point the poor thing could no longer keep up with new updates! I ended up enduring that for a *long* time – up until I got an SGS3 (to extend the unlimited contract that they were now getting rid of).
          New phones are cool and all, and GS3 is shiny and fast, but with its size I find myself constantly juggling it to get something right without accidentally pressing some button. Droid 2 and higher keyboard was also a huge improvement, and I’d love it if they made an OG2.0 – I was 100% content with it, until it got too slow.
          Playing games on GS3 I also found one reason I did not find playing games annoying on the OG despite it being much smaller: my thumbs! It doesn’t matter how big your screen is, if your thumbs are taking up 1/3rd of it. With the OG you could just use the keyboard, like you would with a handheld console, which was infinitely superior to covering up your peripheral vision.

  • sc0rch3d

    i tried to start a war but the wide angle lense didn’t capture everything

  • Go Hawkeyes

    SGS3 is the perfect size.

    • I was just going to comment the same.

    • MichaelFranz

      i found it too big over some time. I dont have the biggest hands but the razr HD fits my hand better then the S3

    • Tim242

      And the S4 even more so : )

    • PhoenixPath

      Almost…(for me anyway)

      4.3/4.5 would be just about perfect for me…with a big “depending on” for size of the bezel.

  • AxemRed

    Omg I love you.

  • MooseCat

    Sweet. The current generation of huge sized phones isn’t very appealing to me. I can’t wait to see what they have in store.

    • carlisimo

      Absolutely. Something similar in width to the RAZR M, but available on other carriers (and hopefully with a decent camera for once) would definitely get my money. Otherwise I swear I’ll get an iPhone despite my issues with iOS. I spend too much time standing in a commuter train, holding onto a pole with one hand and needing a firm grip on my phone with the other, to get a 4.7″ phone.

    • Dear Motorola,

      Please fix 2 things and you’ll have me back as a customer:

      1) Screens / displays. Your screens are ugly. Please use a high-quality LCD display with no blue-green tint.

      2) Camera / camera software. Your cameras suck. Or maybe the software sucks, or both? They take terrible pictures. Please install some good-quality photo processing software. If you have to fork some part of stock Android, please do it here.

      • This. While I firmly believe that the camera issues are mostly software-related (various camera apps, including the 4.2 stock camera, yield much better results than the Moto stock app), nothing can fix a bad screen. The Razr HD was a step in the right direction, but something on the same level as Nokia, HTC, and Apple would be amazing. 720p is fine for sub-5″ screens, so work on getting the color accuracy and brightness turned to 11.

      • ApplesNAndroids

        I do believe Google already mentioned that subpar cameras are on their way out.

        • I would hope so. With the tech we have today there’s no excuse for a piss-poor camera. I don’t know what Moto has been doing all along but it sucks. Camera quality is very important to me as I’m sure it is to a lot of people.

          • ApplesNAndroids

            I agree. My current phone is the GS3 however, I was always impressed with my iPhone 4s camera abilities. It’s time for Android to be a knockout and pack even better optics / software. I know it can be done, too!

    • sk3litor

      I think that when people start to look at it more of internet devices with phones on them as opposed to phones with internet access the bigger size phones start to make more sense. It all depends on personal needs. I myself am more of a mobile Internet user than an actual telephone user so (all “cultism” and “fanboy-ism” aside;-)) the note 2 is a perfect size.

  • I’m thinking their new phones just won’t have the newest and most powerful processor on the planet, or the best 1080p display, but that will help them keep the price down. Assuming people care about cheaper phones. We’ll see.

    • Austin Warren

      If they could sell a 5in 1080p nexus more than 16gb for $400. I’d be all over it.

      • sc4fpse

        You might want to read the article again, and prepare to be disappointed. 5 inches in not what they’re going for here (thank God).

        • EC8CH

          4.7 then… no smaller.

        • Austin Warren

          Anything smaller than 4.7 is too small. My big hands need a big device.

          That’s what she said .

          • Tom424

            Cool story bro!

          • Austin Warren

            Nobody cares, bro!

          • iCare

            I care bro!

          • Warwick

            I agree, I believe that 4.7 on the hd was good just make it 0 bezel!

          • Tim242

            Big hands = Big ______

            That’s what he hopes.

          • Austin Warren

            Oh Tim. Can always count on you.

          • onDroid


          • pappy53

            Big hands = Big gloves

      • I’m honestly wondering what a device like the one mentioned in the article would look / feel like in the hand. I mean all the devices from around 2011 had 4.3-4.5 inch displays but they also had huge bezels on every side! If Motorola made this a true edge to edge device (or something even close) then it would seem that the actual dimensions would be something close to an iPhone 5.

    • EC8CH


      I don’t care if they make a cheap midrange phone too, but please for the love of God make a flagship device and push it on all carriers

    • the_real_patrick_bateman

      It’d be fine with me. Too many people are concerned with spec sheet comparison and measuring their e-peen accordingly.

      If it’s fast enough so that the UI feels smooth, and the device is snappy to respond, that’s really all I care about. Continuing to push the specs faster without regard to trends in software size and complexity is only going to serve needlessly shorten battery life.

      As far as the screen size goes, I like my Note 2 a lot, but when I get a new and smaller phone, it’s not the screen size that I’ll miss, it’s the stylus.

    • jayray78

      According to this study, Google doesn’t or shouldn’t really care about high end devices


  • Austin Warren

    “They…..they made it taller!”