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DROID DNA “SIM Card Error” Update is Live

dna update

If you own a DROID DNA, you should be receiving a new 32MB update at any moment. According to the wave of emails that populated our inbox moments ago, a number of you have already received and installed it. At 32.9MB, it should only take a few minutes to complete, assuming you are on LTE.

The update has one purpose – to fix the SIM card error that has plagued the phone for some time.

To check to see if the update is available, head into Settings>About>Software updates.

Cheers Zepfloyd, Rick, Jason, dh, Damian and Daniel!

  • bos

    This does NOT fix this error. This seriously hasn’t helped me at all so far.

  • Brad

    I fixed my SIM Card error by putting a piece of tape on it to hold it to the SIM Card tray and then used a knife to trim the tape so it isn’t hanging off the side so that it fits back perfectly. I have not had a single SIM error since.

  • hldc1

    Updated, restarted the phone, and about 15 minutes later had a SIM card error. Nice. Based on comments, I shall try disabling Fastboot.

  • jamie57

    well update did not help, already had the error twice this morning.

  • terrorist96

    Is there a flashable zip for rooted people?

  • i never got this error in the first place. thank goodness i unlocked and s-off’d before all of this updating started to come out. hopefully this helps those not hacked.

  • jamie57

    What if you can’t get on 4g because of the no sim card error? Irony at its best today. Restarting phone again, please have service this time. Fingers crossed!

    • James

      If you pop the SIM out and put it back in it usually works

      • jamie57

        yeah that used to fix the problem for me, not anymore. Had it halfway downloaded and boom no sim card error pops up.

  • belsonc

    Anyone else’s DNA basically freezing on the Software Update screen, followed by “HtcDm isn’t responding” message?

    • Bob

      I’m getting the same thing

  • Tyler Vogt

    Downloading obviously, but thankfully I had fixed the sim card issue about 2 months back. All i had to do was turn off the fast boot option, restart, and it never no-simed again.

    • Michael C.

      Turning off fast boot and restarting my phone everynight was kind of a must with my Evo Shift just for tolerable daily operation. Not so sure it’s necessary with this beast, but old habits die hard. At least thus far I’ve had no issues with the phone, but I’d recommend turning it off all the same. What could it hurt?

  • Josh

    About damn time…

  • DJyoSNOW

    Where is the block for this ;D

  • ace

    Got it about an hour ago.