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Video: This is Why Facebook Home Sucks, at Least for Now

facebook home

I know this may be hard to believe, but I actually did find some time to spend with Facebook Home over the last 24 hours. As someone who self-admittedly is far from a lover of the social network, I still felt it necessary to give it a shot as the release is a bold move by Facebook in general as it relates to Android. This isn’t a fork, but it’s Facebook telling you that you should live and breath Facebook at all times, especially on your phone. The rest of what you know as a phone is not as important as the status update of your least favorite classmate from 11th grade Biology – at least to Facebook.

So what do I think? Boy, does it need a lot of work. The video below sums it up nicely. 


  • hello

    first impressions on fb home from this video: this sounds like a quick hack. i like the idea of a launcher for facebook (especially a big plus if it’s faster to access facebook than the fb app). however, they should probably get a couple more people to work on the design and do some more testing with real users, from the tech savvy crowd who is in touch with the latest gestures and the non tech savvy folks too.

  • karl

    The chat heads suck always in the way

  • Why were those apps laid out in that weird order. My OCD is tingling…

  • Using it as my lock screen with Nova as my home screen. It’s bomb. Because Google and Facebook are often at odds with each other, it’s understandable why it gets so much hate, but it doesn’t deserve it. Facebook is showing the average consumer how diverse and customizable android can be, and that’s a good thing no matter how you slice it.

  • ObviousNinja2

    For a boy genius like Mark Z. This is a stupid app. Chatheads is the only thing that is cool

  • the only reason i didnt try it is because of those pictures people “like” saying “ignore if you like hitler” etc…. it looks like it still shows up as the lock screen, although i cant confirm that because i cannot watch the whole video.

  • ToddAwesome

    The worst part of this video….the Portland Trail Blazers.

  • dgarra

    So it’s version 1.0 software, shocker.

  • ronandersonjr

    Glad you put it on your phone and not my phone.

  • bionicwaffle

    Wow! I’m glad FB Messenger has ChatHeads. I can’t believe how bad Home is. No widgets, no folders, no easy access to phone or camera…what was Facebook thinking?!?!?!?

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    You forgot one of the biggest issues.


  • gothickah0

    they still need to improve the launcher if they planning to attract android user

  • solmssen

    I’m running it on my Galaxy Nexus running AOKP and I don’t mind it. I let it set itself as the default Launcher, but used the AOKP settings to change the Home button itself to Nova Launcher and long-press for FB Home. It actually works quite well, and gives me the best of both worlds.

  • TylerChappell

    The first 60 seconds of this video is useless babble. =[

    • SenseOffender

      I thought i was being picky, so I’m glad you mentioned it. The mere fact he kept scrolling back and forth over the same tow pages said it all.


    It’s the largest aggregation of private data, and you people are dumb enough to let facebook do this to you???

  • caoscorp

    the worst launcher ever…

  • You could always run glovebox launcher over top of home and have a quick launch menu for phone calls and camera.

  • Chris Stuart

    Home works great a small a lockscreen though. If they make it where you can change the shortcuts it would be perfect.

  • flosserelli

    Kellex, now that you got that out of your system, can DL focus on something other than facebook?

  • ßen Murphy

    HTC is funny. This phone was announced like a week ago and it’s already released. Where’s that HTC One?

  • Totally agree! I spent 10 minutes with Facebook Home and uninstalled it to get my phone back. I am a Facebook user, but I’ll admit, I’m not a custom launcher user.

  • Sam Johnson

    I’ve been using it since release and am going to keep trying for a few more days. I quite like the design and feel, but it is very limiting.

    I’ve managed to limit what appears on the feed by going through my friends and setting which ones I actually want to appear on the news feed.

  • CapnShiner

    I love Facebook Home! I read/saw enough about it on Droid Life and Engadget that I now know it may be the most important app of the year. Why, you ask? It’s actually pretty simple. If Facebook continues to fail so spectacularly, it may be enough to finally drive people to stop using Facebook and start using Google+. I have not installed Facebook Home and I probably never will. I hope more people will say the same.

  • Akashshr

    HTC one in the background, Most interesting thing in this video!

  • Facebook home seems like a live wallpaper app more than it does a launcher

  • Frank

    You need to get to the point faster in your videos. You don’t really get started until a minute in. You can do your little introduction and get moving after 10 or 20 seconds, and your videos will be much better.

  • This is great! I so wish I would have seen it before installing it today. Great review! Funny and worth the watch. Not to mention, exactly my thoughts as well. It’s a freaking phone! Let me dial a number! Grrrrr…

  • Scott Jordan

    Wow finally seeing some Blazers recognition. Its not ESPN but I’ll take it

  • Andy

    I tried it for about 5 minutes. it’s so bad. I felt so awkward using it. I couldn’t do anything.

  • So what your telling me if I wanted to ensure a person could not get help from being raped I just install facebook home on it?

  • could you negative review be because of as you said it yourself “you’re not a social network lover”. coming in you already have some sort of negative bias

  • zombiewolf115

    just looking at this made me even want to delete the facebook app . and i dont even have facebook home. sadly i can only uninstall updates of facebook on my droid bionic ;w;

    • Diablo81588

      You can disable it completely in the app manager.

  • Michael Quinlan

    It sounds like Facebook has gone back to its roots… the first iteration comes hot on the heels of a single drunken night of coding. I’m sure it will appeal to a lot of Facebook fans, but they like Facebook, so their judgement is already suspect.

  • I though it was just me. Facebook Home is completely unintuitive. This should not have been released until complete.

  • Mike

    You forgot to talk about how badly in munches your battery. Hot damn it uses battery power lol.

  • No widgets, no customization and extra steps to complete simple tasks!! are you sure apple didn’t design this?

  • Did anyone else find themselves yelling at Kellen to turn on the status bar so we could see it?

  • Spencer

    Most used Facebook Home setting = Turn Off Facebook Home

  • dsass600

    Why are you still using a Galaxy S3?

  • Roberto Taylor

    Well, I would never put this on my phone, but now that I’ve watched this if someone asks me about it I can tell them to stay far away. Thanks!

  • Brian Williams

    [tinfoil hat] I got weirded out at the Facebook app update and the change of permissions. I have no desire to run the launcher, but the app requires access to your running apps, regardless of what launcher you’re using. It makes me a bit uncomfortable knowing that Facebook has access to your app use (think gmail, sms, etc.) .. I’m not entirely sure if this update grants them access to read / data-mine .. but I have no idea why FB needs this particular permission running on every phone, regardless of the launcher. [/tinfoil hat]

    • Daniel Simpson

      It grants them access to show notifications.

    • David Hussey

      Honestly, I think FB home was just a ploy to use as justification for the intrusive permissions. Why couldn’t they have bundled the permissions with home itself instead of the main app?

  • Jason Maze

    I had actually been anticipating this release to see how Facebook would integrate into Droid, since they’ve been talking about this for some time now. Facebook Home lasted all of one hour on my phone before I uninstalled. Most of the reasons were mentioned in this post. Big ups, Droid-Life

    • moelsen8


  • They should have bought Nova Launcher and integrated it’s more standard Android features with a Facebook overlay. As it stands, the great things about Android have become tedious or have been eliminated.

    • tomn1ce

      It’s a good thing they didn’t buy Nova Launcher. They would’ve butcher the heck out of it and made it unusable and then I would’ve had to look for another launcher. o_0

      • I was assuming they leave Nova as a separate launcher too 🙂 It’s the one I use as well.

  • The launcher as a launcher is fluid. Runs great on my N2 been using it since released. I use Facebook a lot so it makes sense for me to have it. Bottom line is if you don’t like facebook then you won’t like facebook home. But don’t take away from the devs that worked on it, its a smooth fluid and unique experience. Not fanboying Facebook but wtf is up with all the facebook hate. “Your device isnt compatible” so you download a hacked apk. and complain it doesnt work. Note 2 user. No issues,

    • joop

      hacked apks work perfectly…. the problem is it still sucks ass. just watch the vid. facebook home is really the same thing as the facebook app

      • i watched the vid and i heard was complaining about extra tapping and widgets. Sorry its a different launcher, functions differently then all the other launchers out there. Get over it. Its not for everyone, I find it simple and very easy to navigate.

        • tomn1ce

          So try using your phone as a phone by making a phone call from your home page on facebook home….let us know how it goes…

    • Murtaugh

      I’m getting too old for this s**t.

    • Christopher Riner

      Yeah, but being fluid is kind of a secondary make-or-breaker when it comes to launchers; people are usually more interested in the feature list. People are definitely being really critical, but the team who developed this should’ve taken into consideration the fact that this is going on someone’s phone, and that the only way a social network launcher could ever be successful would be for them to bring a universal Facebook experience to the phone without taking away any of the stuff about their phone that they already love. It’s almost like this launcher takes your phone and makes it everybody else’s and not your own. There are other parts to people’s lives that are still important to them that have nothing to do with their friends and family, and they didn’t even consider that when they made this launcher.

      I hate that HTC partnered with them on this. The First is absolutely going to flop, and be one more dead weight pulling them into the grave. Hopefully the One isn’t the last great phone they put out.

  • FUS3360

    I believe that facebook home is actually a beautiful piece of software.. But unless you are a huge fan of facebook and facebook is the only social network you care about, facebook home is just not for you.. This is my opinion.. I Prefer the integration that i get on my Windows Phone for my main social networks.. I don’t want facebook to be the priority on my device.

    • Christopher Riner

      You sound pretty close to right, but I’d also add to that list (about being a fan of Facebook) the fact that you also have to not like anything about your phone the way it is before you’ll like this.

      • FUS3360

        You’re right.. The user literally has to give up every page they customized with widgets and icons if they make the decision to use facebook home. I know i invested a ton of time customizing my device according to things i prioritize. I wouldn’t give that up.

  • master94

    Why spend who knows how much money buildng this instead of fixing their crappy FB app?

    • chris125

      maybe they figure this will take some of the heat off their crappy app

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      The fact that it’s almost impossible to get rid of once installed is Facebook forcing the common user to be locked Into using that crap. Pretty shady move

      • laurenceriley

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      • Go into settings, app manager, uninstall…the same as any app….had it for 8 hours yesterday…soooo boring

        • Crystal Carey

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      • Daniel Simpson

        Go into Facebook Settings, turn it off. SO DIFFICULT!!!!

    • brad kou

      i cannot agree more with this. I absolutely hate using the fb app. laggy and looks terrible

    • It doesn’t offer enough features to be an everyday launcher but I wouldn’t mind seeing them take those newsfeed animations and implement that into the facebook app. But I am really disappointed to see all those 1 star awarded to the app at google store. At Least people should appreciate new ideas, and by reading such articles I am really dissapointed. http://axeetech.com/2013/04/14/facebook-home-got-some-worst-feedback-by-android-users/

  • This is like waterboarding to an android user – making them use Facebook home.

  • anezarati

    is there anyway to set up a password to unlock? seems like a security flaw

  • chrius

    enough with all the annoying random swyping during the review jeez!

    • Mark Mann

      i’m not sure, but having watched a few of his videos, the “random swiping” during reviews is to keep the screen awake so he doesn’t have to constantly turn the screen back on

  • Kevdroid

    Lol yeah I loaded it for 5 minutes or so, wow does it suck hard. Nova launcher it is not…

  • ksavai

    Very nicely made. Uninstalled within 5 min. I was almost hated my N4 with fb home on it. I dont think I will ever try that even after all -ve points shown in video are gone after 4-5 updates

  • Chris Copeland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It doesn’t offer enough features to be an everyday launcher but I wouldn’t mind seeing them take those newsfeed animations and implement that into the facebook app.

  • Bassdj


  • Russell Tanner

    I haven’t tried it, but in the video it also doesn’t look like it has a Share button. Remember how long the regular app took to add that and how annoying it was? I mean, considering part of the whole point of Facebook is to SHARE stuff??

  • Robert MacDonald

    My wife had this for 6 hrs and hated it and she a facebook queen.

  • Wow, this looks absolutely awful. Can’t believe how many severe design flaws are present in its current state. It seems entirely unusable.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    The Facebook app alone is broken, why would this be any good?

  • I lasted about 15 minutes with this. Even the “chat heads” that many reviewers liked were an unwelcome distraction. A pop-up for SMS is plenty, and guess what: they already show up over other apps. Just seems like a gimmick to get people using Facebook Messenger instead of SMS. Everything is a f*cking ecosystem war now, no big company is making good products for the sake of good products anymore.

    • Timothy McGovern

      I actually like the chat heads in the messenger app. It’s nice not having to leave an app to send/reply to a message. Facebook home on the other hand is just a terrible idea.

      • Adam Ropic

        I can’t get chat heads to even snow up. No settings for it or anything, using a Gnexus with fb home apk. Any help?

        • KennyVeltre

          its a part of the facebook messenger app.

          • Adam Ropic

            Yea I know, I have the latest update and home works, just no heads settings or anything.

        • Sarpedon1069

          Yes, I could not get the chat head to pop up until someone sent me a message. You might try to get someone to message you…. Honestly, I thought the chat heads were cool until I actually used them. After about five minutes it got pretty annoying. Do I really need to be chatting with my friends while I am reading Droid Life? My friends can wait. :s

          • Adam Ropic

            I’m in the middle of a conversation now and nothing, so idk. And I know I’ll probably just turn them off, it’s just one of those things that’s why don’t I get them :-

        • JY20

          Go into the FB Messenger app and long press the name of the person you’re chatting with. A menu should pop up and the last option should say “Pop out in chat head”.

  • FelisLachesis

    Sounds like it’s more lipstick on a pig.

    • Sarpedon1069

      Comment of the day!

      • michael arazan

        I thought the saying was putting perfume on a pig

        • La2da

          I always thought it was a silk hat. Whats with people trying to fancy up their pigs?

          • Anon

            I think you’re thinking of someone trying to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

            I don’t think Facebook was ever a silk purse, but mind you, it was better than the sow’s ear it has become, and I don’t think it’s going to change back.

    • Seth Schorr

      You shouldn’t call Kellen a pig (and I don’t believe he wears lipstick)!

    • fauxshizzl

      Polished turd indeed.

  • Dave

    Their worst fail since the stock IPO.

  • dannyWHITE

    Wow Kellen, you gave me MORE of a reason to hate Facebook home

  • worth the almost 12 minutes

  • Silver Veloz

    I’m annoyed at it, just watching this video. Ugh!

  • SemahjLam

    I can long press my menu for search idk why you cant

  • I found the exact same thing with the Phone deal. I even talked about that as one of the disadvantages on my news segment. If you needed to call 911, I really don’t want to see my friends post first, I want to unlock, and hit my phone shortcut.

    • James Lewis

      So what your telling me if I wanted to ensure a person could not get help from being raped I just install facebook home on it?

      • Timothy McGovern

        Yes. The downside is they’ll just post on Facebook they’re getting raped.

        • Comment of the day.

        • Downside? I thought it would be the upside for Facebook. =P

        • Austin Warren

          “OMG just got raped, figured i’d tell facebook first, then call 911”

    • MrSteve920

      If you need to call 911 why bother unlocking the phone, just hit the emergency call button on the lock screen and proceed to get help. Why would you waste your time unlocking the phone, hitting your phone shortcut, and then dialing 911? It’s still stupid that there is no quick way to make a call why using facebook home, but 911 should still be available as an emergency call.

      • My point was it is a pain to make a simple phone call.

        • MrSteve920

          I understand that, and it’s pathetic how complicated it is to make a call. At the same time you made a point of saying how if you needed to call 911 you couldn’t do it in a fast manner which isn’t true because you can still make an emergency call from the lock screen if you are using facebook home.

          • I am not too bright so forgive me, but WHAT emergency call button?

          • MrSteve920

            Well on my Nexus 4 running an AOSP ROM there is a button at the bottom of the lock screen, below my pattern lock, that says Emergency Call (next line) T Mobile.

          • Im using a GS3(Verizon) and I had no such feature when I used HOME(for all of 10 minutes). I have a phone shortcut on my standard lockscreen.

          • MrSteve920

            I think it only is present if you have some type of lockscreen security set, like I use pattern lock and it’s at the bottom.

  • The Zuck

    You guys are dumb as hell. Facebook home is the FUTURE!!! Get used to it, the Facebook team is winning over all other launchers!!

    • We just done got Zuck’d!

      • Dylan Patel

        Zuck’d and Suck’d?

      • Hungry Hamburger

        Don’t you like getting Zuck’d up?

      • Austin Warren

        he stole our ideas?

  • JetBlue

    Not trying to defend Facebook but I think Facebook just took the apk from the HTC First and just threw it on the play store. That’s probably why some of the things you complained about like Multi tasking and such could be different on the HTC First than normal Android phones

    • Wouldn’t make too much sense as the launcher is just that, a launcher. Android is still rather stock on the HTC First, so it could be a number of other issues.

  • Andrew Remmers

    I’m happy I didn’t even attempt to use this.

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      • Austin Warren

        fffff uuuuuu

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          • Austin Warren

            Fffff uuuuuu 2!

  • Zach Armstrong

    I watched the video and I didn’t realize that it was missing so many features

  • Brent Cooper

    I didnt like facebook home. I didnt think it was that intuitive. Deleted it after a few minutes

    • Not intuitive at all. It seems like it should be gestured based, but it’s not even that. It just offers nothing.

      • Chatheads still works without it which was the only thing interesting about fb home to begin with

        • agree. I have been using chat heads without HOME, and I love that feature, but FB Home was useless to me.

      • Larizard

        can you at least pick whose of your friends’ posts/pics get into your cover feed? i have acquaintances that post random Jesus stuff and i duno if i want a bearded man with a halo, with a condescending look, slowly panning across my HOMESCREEN.

  • Niall Fox

    i find it quite funny that no less than five minutes ago did i delete both Facebook and Facebook Home