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Incoming Verizon Changes: NE2 Credits Gone April 15, Device Upgrade Cycles Changing to 24 Months, and More

galaxy note 2 verizon2

Over the next few days, according to information we have obtained, Verizon is planning to issue a handful of policy changes that will likely affect many of you. The first relates to the New Every 2 (NE2) program that used to award customers with $100 credits on new smartphone purchases. As you all know, this program was killed off some time ago, back in the beginning of 2011 – this is not news. What is new, is the fact that on April 15, all unused credits will expire from your accounts and you will no longer be eligible to use them. So if you were holding out to use your last NE2 credit for something like the Galaxy S4 which still doesn’t have a confirmed date with Big Red, you will eventually be doing so without that credit. They gave you over two years to use these.  

verizon ne2 done

Next up, we have news on the current 20 month upgrade cycle that in the past has allowed customers of Verizon to upgrade their phones a full four months before their contract expired (typical contracts are 24 months). As of April 21, that will change. Once the 21st rolls around, anyone with an upgrade that is scheduled to arrive before September 1, 2013 (or essentially a contract that expires in January of 2014), will get to keep the same upgrade date. For those with upgrade dates later than 9/1/13, your next upgrade will be moved onto a new 24 month schedule or “aligned to contract terms.” Yes, that means Verizon is moving to 24 month upgrade cycles.

So from 4/21 forward, or if your upgrade date is set for some time after 9/1/13, your upgrade date will be set as 24 months out from when you first signed your 2-year contract. If your current upgrade date is set for before 9/1/13, you can keep your date, but then once you upgrade, will be moved onto a 24 month cycle. According to VZW, upgrade eligibility changes do not represent a change to the customer agreement terms or conditions, so this is not going to be something to get you out of a contract. At least that’s how I’m reading it. This also does not affect business accounts or VZW employee accounts.

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And last, Verizon is making a change to upgrade transfers. In the past, if your Jetpack or tablet was listed in your account as having an eligible upgrade, you could transfer that over to a phone and then upgrade your phone line sooner. On 4/21, this will no longer be the case. Upgrade transfers will only be allowed to be moved between phones, not alternate devices.

As a reminder, this is not a time to call in and make the lives of customer services reps a living hell. These folks are not the ones making policy changes. Should you call to inquire about any of this info, attempt to be civil.

Update:  Verizon just confirmed our report.

  • mung 8 thang 6 cho chet

  • . i’m waiting for your next article with nice anticipation.

  • After reading your article one or 2 of times through, I took to atiny low degree any to admit your content. i created a choice that I share many of your views and ideas.

  • It’s hard to not understand clearly formed information.

  • a sad ending

  • Granted

    There goes Whorerizon again, just piling on more and more feces on top of their customer’s. And, don’t tell me to not call Whorerizon reps and to be civil to them, I will verbally assault them anytime I care to do so, they know they work for a corrupt master. And if you had to go through all the problems I had because of the idiocy and ineptitude of the representitives, well, you would not have much patience with any of these scholars. Plus, I have found that 8 out 10 of these reps, will completely lie right to your ear, just to finish a call.

  • This article is very cool.I will sign up using Verizon’s service.

  • DJ

    So I was eligeable to upgrade at the end of February. Does this mean I have to get a phone this weekend or I lose it? Im waiting for the S4!!!!

  • master94

    Okay so with these changes VZW is making, would it not now be possible to void my contract? If so Tmobile here I freaking come


  • SeanBello

    let the mass exodus begin

  • I read the whole thing very carefully trying to see is there anyway end-users are benefiting from these changes. But nope, it’s only for Verizon’s benefit. Evil at its ugliest. Why do we put up with it?

    • SeanBello

      I don’t know. For LTE? That’s the only thing they have over other carriers. More expensive and consensus is worse phones (and update policies).

  • Suspiro

    If you don’t call them and give them hell, they won’t take your complaint seriously

  • Yeah, I’m done with contracts.

  • syraz/azilla

    so my upgrade on oct 3rd is getting pushed out?

  • JazzoRenee

    You know I’ve been with BIg Red since 2006, I might change to T-Mobile…..Why not save me money.

  • JazzoRenee

    I’ll just go full retail, this is nonsense. Verizon have a seat.

  • well look if you sign up for two years it makes sense you have to wait two years for another upgrade okay, still stinks but makes sense at least. however, this is not the time to be doing this as a business. my bf has at&t and he gets an early upgrade after 6 months for an extra $250! plus now t-mobile has contact free plans with phone payments, not a good time indeed verizon. from moves i’ve seen by verizon over the last two years i think they feel they are the best and don’t have to worry about competition. however i can’t even upgrade anyway and have to pay full price for a phone because verizon will make me give up my unlimited data plan a horrible move they made almost a year ago so this won’t even affect me :>

  • So I can’t use my 5th line (not currently used) to get a new phone and transfer it to my primary line?

  • Kenny Larson

    It’s like Verizon is trying to drive their customers away. Every time a story like this comes out, the happier I am that I left them for prepaid. $90/month for both my wife and I to use Nexus 4s. Every time my bill comes in I think, “I’m so glad I switched. I just saved $70 over what Verizon wanted to charge me. How much is that annually?…$840.” Then I smile. I am never signing a contract again.

    BTW I have not had a single problem with Straight Talk. I love ’em.

  • irtechneo

    I cant believe this…I have the Note 2 and my daughter’s upgrade was on 10/13. I was planning on taking her upgrade to get the Note 3 and give her my phone (unlimited data is not really a big concern to me). Based on this that will now be pushed back at least 4 more months. This is the last draw Verizon. I will be calling T-mobile or AT&T and sweet talking them to death to pay my ETF to switch (several of my friends have done this successfully). Good bye Verizon. The argument of having the best network doesn’t really apply any more in my area. AT&T and T-mobile are both just as good here. I have been with Verizon for over 10 years and I just cant take the utter disregard for customer satisfaction they have been displaying in the last couple of years. Hopefully more people will feel the same way and if enough leave they will be forced to re-think their greedy policies–wishful thinking I know so screw it I will just leave.

  • sam danna

    Glad Lowell is listening to the customers. /s

  • PSU_DI

    Lol my wife’s phone is eligible on 9/2/13. I guess we are canceling our contracts on 1/2/14…. Hello new Nexus on StraightTalk Wireless…

  • Michael Hanson

    Scheduled to upgrade on 9/2/2013 FML!

  • yup. bye verizon.

  • Pirarre Miller

    Ok..my wife and I just moved our entire family over to Verizon from
    UScellular about a month ago. So does this update policy change mean
    that we have to fullfill our 24 moth contract period before we can
    upgrade or we will still be allowed to upgrade 4 months early?

    If they do change our upgrade date and/or the contract, isn’t that reasons to cancel the contract without having a etf?

    • PSU_DI

      Per what I read above you are forced to fullfill all 24 months before VZW will give you an upgrade. Also highlighted in the last screen shot above,upgrade dates are not covered in the TOS and that this isn’t a way to get around the ETF

  • Guest

    Ok..my wife and I just moved out entire family over to Verizon from UScellular about a month ago. So does this update policy change mean that we have to fullfill our 24 moth contract period before we can upgrade or we we will still be allowed to upgrade 4 months early?

    If they do change our upgrade date and/or the contract, isn’t that reasons to cancel the contract without having a etf?

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    With other carriers adding more 4G markets and better contracts they are looking better everyday. I hope they get even better by 2014 when my contract is up with Verizon.

  • As soon as Verizon started carrying the iPhone I knew things would only get worse….

  • KG

    Just to recap Verizon’s 2 years of customer-centric policy changes:

    1. Get rid of NE2
    2. Get rid of 1-year contracts
    3. Get rid of unlimited data
    4. Clean up corporate discounts
    5. Move upgrade cycle to 24 months
    6. ???
    7. Profit from sucker customers

    Overall, they are telling me to pay more for my plan, pay more for my phone, upgrade phones less often and get less service… FU, I’m out!

    • EC8CH

      you forgot block Google Wallet

      • Granted

        Yep, and the “Early Upgrade Fee”, followed by the “Upgrade Fee”. I believe that if the head of Whorerizon wants to get aroused, he doesn’t fantasize about some beautiful woman with a sumptuous behind, he instead writes the word “FEE” on to a piece of paper and lustfully stares at it for hours on end.

    • Remember when they were going to charge extra if you paid your bill in the store? Customer outrage cut that one short!

      • Yes, I remember that. That worked because customers took a stand against a tyrant. Now……..to work on getting things back.

    • If only many more people thought and acted on what you are doing…………Verizon would have no choice but to bow to our needs and not there needs. People, listen up please. If you can manage without verizon for a couple months, just a couple, then we would regain control. Verizon won’t let themselves fall and they will cave. It won’t happen overnight this i can assure you. It will happen if we all band together and get back what we want.

  • cancerous_it

    Carriers have to eat the cost between your subsidized price and the cost of the phone. This eats away at their margin. This is why their margins take a huge hit when they sell a huge amount of subsidized phones. Yes they make money over the 2 year term of the contract but the initial margin hit is substantial.

    So the more that they can delay the margin hit, the better their financials look. The longer you stay on contract without any subsidized costs, the more profit for them. I think that’s why they don’t mind folks paying full retail for the unlimited trade off. They are getting that monthly fee regardless. It’s better for them because they don’t have the extra cost to subsidize your phone.

    It’s all about $$$$$.

    • PSU_DI

      Sure subsizes eat that the margins, so drop the subsidies, let us sign 1 year contracts, provide better pricing. and either let us pay for the phone upfront or let us pay for it in 12 or 24 monthly payments on top of our usage.

      • PSU_DI

        Europe and T-Mobile has the right formula, what VZW is doing is just unfair to the consumer, and most consumers and not informed well enough to know that there is even an issue here.

  • GigaJake

    Way to compete with those T-Mobile “uncarrier” advertisements Verizon. This is exactly what we wanted, less freedom.

  • Eric R

    If I’m stuck with this Droid DNA till December 2014 I better recieve updates till December 2014

  • Matthew Dickinson

    Just one more reason why I probably won’t be with Verizon once my current contract is up. As long as Sprint or someone else offers unlimited data still, I’m gone.

  • Firant

    they are making it SOOO much easier to drop them. Tired of being ripped off.

  • Hothfox

    I’m just glad I love my Galaxy Nexus. I’m hoping it will last another year or two, and by that time maybe Tmobile will have built their network out more so I can switch. Right now, Verizon is the best carrier in the area, in terms of service.

    • timrcm

      Have you considered checking on AT&T’s coverage (via a cheaper MVNO)? Their 3G network is 5-6mbps and, in a lot of areas, matches Verizon’s for coverage. I couldn’t be happier with it on my Nexus 4.

      • Hothfox

        I was going to check out StraightTalk, but they stopped working with AT&T. I haven’t been able to find another MVNO on AT&T that provides at least 2GB of data each month.

        • timrcm

          Ah, I was a lucky one who already had a SIM for Straight Talk. I have WiFi at home and work, so I rarely pull down much data, so it works great for me. I think h2o wireless still offers a 2GB plan for $59?

  • EC8CH


    I love how the BS Verizon branded home button is the image for this BS Verizon branded news.

    Solid move Kellen… +1

  • NexusMan

    Kellen, I’m confused….Isn’t the “Upgrade Date” the date when you are eligible to get a new phone at a discounted price? How is that different from New Every Two? Will you still be getting a discounted price on your “upgrade date,” just $100 less than when New Every Two was in effect?

  • Spider210

    They are back dating this to anyone who signed a contract 1/1/12 or later, ouch there are going to be some very angry customers

    • JoshGroff

      Looking through the TOS anyway, not taking their word that it isn’t a breach of the TOS.

  • Tim Swann

    seeing as how I was going to have a buy a phone at full retail price to keep my unlimited anyway, does this even matter to me? (not be sarcastic either)

    • EC8CH


      once you’re off contract all you care about is their service terms and pricing, not all this crap.

  • Octotron

    Hi customers,

    Not only are we the most expensive service out there, but now we are going to make it even harder for you to upgrade. These new features will only add a small service fee to your contracts. Enjoy!

  • gorkon

    DID Verizon GET what T-mobile was talking about with regard to people not liking contracts?? Guess not.

    • CrewF24

      no one says you have to sign a contract with verizon when you upgrade your phone.