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Video: Quick Look at Official Google Play 4.0 and Some of Its New Features

google play n7 one

Now that Google has officially announced Google Play 4.0 and we no longer have to continue to show off the broken preview we brought to you weeks ago, we figured it was time to do a proper walk-through of this new goodness. Overall, the Play store is setup in a similar way to what you saw in version 3.0, but the overall theme has been updated to a much cleaner, Holo-style and Google Now-esque UI. It’s a major improvement, at least to me.Β 

So what’s new outside of the new UI? Two things stuck out to me. There are new action overflow mini-menus (pictured below, left) Β in some of the cards that are displayed. So if you want to install an app, rent a movie, buy a book, or add something to a wish list, you can do that without actually entering the specific app page or product listing. If you choose to install app, for example, the permissions pop-up appears and then installs while you remain in the same position. You no longer have to enter pages, install, and then back out, hoping that Google returns you to the exact place you left off at.

The second thing I noticed is that the auto-update feature (picture below, right) for apps has moved into the top right action overflow menu. It used to be listed just above the “Rate & review” section of an app listing, but is no longer there. So if you want to individually toggle apps to auto-update, you’ll have to do so through the menu in the top right.

new play features

Don’t forget, you can download the new Google Play version 4.0.25 here.

Full video tour below.


  • chihova

    How is the Google Music app lacking or rather what is it lacking? I love it personally.

  • Larizard

    If this was iOS, this would be a “new feature” available only to the new iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5. And it will take Phil Schiller 20 slides to introduce the “amazing improvements” they made on the App Store.

  • slider112

    This thing needs a dark theme, stat.

  • David Dudovitz

    They also changed from a PIN system for purchases to your Google password.

  • Eion

    I love the new layout but hate the new color scheme. Having Froyo flashbacks. Wish they would just add a toggle in there to let you choose the color because the current dark scheme is awesome.

  • EC8CH

    Nova Launcher installed on a HTC One….. No Way!

  • tvBilly

    Kellex: Is the HTC One that unresponsive to touch, or you do you just have less capacitance than the rest of us? If you look closely in your video, 50% of your touches and scrolls are ignored, and you have to repeat them.

    • Larizard

      noticed that too

  • bigmatt503

    thanks for the download

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    One feature I wish they’d add besides the purchased apps tab is the ability to see the changelog info for apps with updates from the “my apps” screen on tablets.

  • Harsh Karn

    In “My Apps” > ALL, you can now multi-select apps at once and remove from your all apps list.

    • OptimusL

      We’ve had this from the previous version.

      • r0lct

        I didn’t know. I never cleaned up my “My Apps” because of it. Just dumped 272 old apps out of there.

  • John

    Don’t use wifi at home?

  • Bill Lee

    New Google Play Store is not working in Canada yet either. Same problem – no homepage (except from the category boxes).

  • Bill Lee

    New Google Play Store is not working in Canada yet either. Same problem – no homepage (except from the category boxes).

  • Austin Warren

    I like it. *Amazing

  • Hah why is it ghetto? I kinda like it. Has a sexy black rim around it, rather than the ugly silver on the retail version. πŸ˜›

    • JMonkeYJ

      i like the silver…matches my Nexus 4 =D

      • This is true. I’ll just take my reject white N7 and go elsewhere. πŸ˜›

        Edit: What white Nexus 7? πŸ˜›

        • JMonkeYJ


        • Tyler

          I must be going crazy, there definitely was white Nexus there.

          • ReturnOfTheMack

            Thought I was too….IT WAS THERE, I SAW IT!!


  • This looks too plain to me. I like the dark theme with the magazine/metro style better.

    • blootz

      must be the metro sexual in you… eg. man with manpurse.

  • Mark Simpson

    There is no cross hatch/pixilated headers on the new version like mentioned in the video preview. Maybe it was just your device’s screen?

  • New Google Play Store is not working in the UK yet. No homepage except from the category boxes – Suppose it’ll come when it fully rolls out.

    • Bill Lee

      Yeah the new Google Play Store isn’t working in Canada yet either. We’ve got the same problem – no homepage (except from the category boxes).

      • Jacob Dagenais

        Just went live for Canada a few hours ago, not 100% but the homepage is definitely ready. πŸ™‚

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Why don’t they cache the images locally for the stuff on the main page?… Scrolling down the first page is messy…load pic/load pic/load pic

  • Have they brought back “My Purchased Apps” yet?