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Video: Google Developers Go Over Building New Experiences With Google Glass

project glass6

Lately, Google has been a lot better with letting the public get a glimpse of Google Glass from behind the lens. With this new hour-long developer meet-up video that was taken at SXSW, you can’t really find anything more in-depth on the subject. To kick it off, Google’s developer advocate for Glass goes over UI of the device, future experiences, and ways developers can shape the future of product. Pretty inspirational. 

If you have the time, start it up.


Cheers Alex!

  • KH

    Somebody please make Terminator Vision (preferable Arnolds POV from #3 w/ the red overlay) for Glass.

    • michael arazan

      Or the Boba Fett monocle on his helmet for tracking bounties.

  • Dillon Brown

    The fact that he keeps taking glass of worries me, it could actually be distracting when you have to focus or uncomfortable to wear all day.

    • Random Dude

      Most of the time he’s taking it off is to switch between his Glass and the one connected to the laptop. I’m sure he had to use a new account on the connected version so personal notifications aren’t shown on the projection.

      But yeah, I’m sure it’s not going to be wearable ALL day. Especially if you don’t normally wear glasses.

  • Dillon Brown

    I want one, but I’m not sure that it will function in real life like they want it to. Every time he uses it it pulls both eyes up to the screen. (which makes him look like a weirdo by the way, in terms everyday interaction). Also, you have to keep tapping the side of your face. This is no different than pulling you eyes down to the phone at your waist and your hands to that screen. Most importantly, the issue with all these interactions with tech is that people are poor multitaskers and when your eyes are pulled away, so are your ears and attention. Regardless if the screen is by your eye or by your chest people still won’t be paying attention.

  • This technology has an infinite amount of applications however I really wish they would make the glasses themselves sleeker and smaller (yes I know its only the first generation of devices but still!). Plus I really hope they find a way to totally integrate these into prescription glasses (and maybe even give the option for users to go “full screen” by using the glass as a “screen” by projecting the image onto the glass!

  • picaso86

    I want one now……….

  • glassass

    I embrace technology to a degree and I really don’t want to hate it, but things like this are disgusting to me. I don’t ever want to be that plugged in or wear something ridiculous. I’m not judging anyone else…yet. I will start judging when it comes in pink and people wear them on virtual dates from 2 different restaurant locations.

    • bob

      what about when people where the glasses and drive around in pink Tesla’s with Batman fins on the car?

      • bob

        wear not where

      • Derin Richardson

        Lol! I saw that on G+ about an hour ago.

        There were two guys in the car, Google Glass-less though.

        • bob

          The passenger looks to be wearing Google Glass. He definitely has glasses and it looks like a big chuck on the right eye top corner. I can’t tell if Sergey is wearing them or not. Probably not because he is driving.

    • ynksbsbll2

      I’m sure people said the same thing about cell phones when they were first around. Eventually, all of this will be the norm (maybe not Glass, but some derivative of wearable tech will be standard)

  • Gfunk81

    Nice whitehead.

  • 4n1m4L

    Was just watching this. Makes glass out to be like Google now stand alone. Interesting