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Here is What Google Now’s New Real-time Package Tracking Looks Like

google now real time tracking

When Google Search updated yesterday, bringing with it “real time package tracking from select carriers” to Google Now, we were curious as to what carriers Google was referring to and exactly what “real time” means to them. For one, I have a couple of packages currently coming via UPS and neither are showing anything different from what we have seen since they first introduced the original package tracking. So what do they mean? USPS with maps, itemized tracking, order recaps, and more. 

A long time reader of ours sent in the screenshot above for tickets he had ordered to an upcoming San Francisco Giants game. Clearly, he is seeing new tracking information and USPS must be one of the select carriers that Google was referring to. There is a map that shows the starting shipping point to the end delivery, an itemized breakdown of each stop along the way, a summary of his ticket order and a “more” link to provide additional details.

So rather than the “Track Package” link opening up the browser and the shipping company’s website with tracking information, Google is trying to give you as much or more info without forcing you to leave Google Now. I know I’m a fan – I just wish it would roll out to UPS already.

Cheers Ben!

  • pblakk

    I’m liking Google Now more…. daily.

  • DroidJ

    Yeah…I’m STILL waiting for the first damn package tracking card to show up, let alone this new enhanced feature. I’m sure I’d love it if it actually worked.

    • Same here. I’ve never seen it and we ordered a LOT of stuff online over the holidays. I also order a lot of stuff for work. Two gmail based accounts, never once have I seen a package tracking card.

    • Sqube

      Thought I was the only one who had never seen a tracking card. Thanks for making me feel a little better.

  • Ryan

    I currently use an old Hotmail account for my commerce (companies likely to sell my email address and therefore get spammed) and my Gmail address for all of my personal other stuff. With all of the now integration it makes sense to starts merging everything to Gmail. Are you able to sync 2 Gmail accounts to Google Search/Now? Or do most of you just have all of your emails, including online purchase related linked to your primary personal email account? Thank you!

  • RaptorOO7

    Cool news and looking forward to having this on my GS4 when I get it.

  • Eff the giants. ….

  • I love the new feature, but USPS has the most worthless tracking information ever. Needs UPS.

    • pblakk

      I agree, their updates are late anyway… I think their only tracking that may be 1/2 decent is for Express packages…and even that’s a stretch compared to UPS, fedex, etc.

  • Jake

    Obviously fake. Who would purchase tickets for the SF Giants or Cardinals?

    I also hope that UPS and FedEx are supported. The few times that I get a package through USPS, their tracking is a joke.

    • Danrarbc

      Both teams are in the top ten for attendance.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    How come Google Now won’t track the package I ordered from GOOGLE?!?!

    • It tracked my Nexus 4 order, so I’m not sure why yours isn’t working.

      • Fattie McDoogles

        I’m wondering the same thing too… and if they are going to use UPS as their shipping service, why isn’t UPS the first service available with this new tracking feature?

    • anezarati

      Yes! it didnt track my order when i bought the nexus 4 wireless charger. i thought it was so weird that it wouldnt track that, but tracks everything from amazon

      • Fattie McDoogles

        Exactly. Amazon tracks perfectly… Google… not so much.

  • Visual360

    Hmm, that doesn’t work for me. I have several package showing on Google Now, but when I click it, it just open up the browser linking me to the carriers website.

    • Who they shipping with? Mine is the same, UPS is still just opening links to UPS, not this new card.

      • Visual360

        3 packages from 3 different carriers. Packages coming in from Amazon.


        All packages arriving today (supposedly).

  • Anyway to push it? I have it enabled under settings and have a package coming in from USPS but I don’t get it in my Now.

    • Could always try re-forwarding the email to yourself to see if Now will pick it up.

  • tharealoc

    I have a package on its way and mine is giving me the old card, so I guess Ontrac isn’t supported.

  • FknTwizted

    how do you get “NOW” to track a package?

    • Assuming you have Now attached to your Gmail account that you receive shipping emails to, it should be pulling from there. There really isn’t a manual way to tell it to track.

      • Derin Richardson

        Actually, that is precisely what I’ve done to manually activate Google Now’s package tracking feature. It’s worked every time I’ve had to do that. :p

      • Liquidretro

        It’s kind of hit or miss for me. It seems to matter less on the carrier and more on the retailer.

      • FknTwizted

        does it have to come straight from UPS or USPS or can it scan something like a email from eBay?

  • Way to step up your game, Goog! The big thing missing for me, though, is notifications. I’d like a notification of when something goes out for delviery, or even for a simple status change.

    Once that happens, I can drop my third party app (Package Buddy) that currently handles that.

    • Surprised they haven’t done this yet, but yes, it is 100% needed. Amazon’s app does it, Google should be able to.

    • tharealoc

      Google should buy slice and implement it into google now, problem solved

      • Why? This already does the important parts and they’re clearly improving it. Why buy something they’re doing fine at themselves?

        • tharealoc

          Slice does a better job of finding the tracking numbers. It also alerts when package is out for delivery, which is specifically something MKBHD said he’d like, so…Yes they are doing “fine” but why not do better, improve off something that has its framework in a good place. Just a thought is all =)

          • Oh, I get that, but my only point is that they’re easily most of the way there already, on their own. The time to buy Slice would have been if they didn’t have any of it worked out. The small remaining details aren’t worth the cost of the buyout.

    • Josh Flowers

      This is convenient for knowing when it’s out for delivery–but 9 out of 10 times (my own experience), the package has been delivered for several hours before any status update.
      Still, at least this shows progress.

    • I think I will still use Package Buddy just because of the website.

  • ßen Murphy

    Cardinals all the way =P

    • Danrarbc


  • $440 for tickets? I rather buy a Nexus 4 and a couple accesories.

    • ih8

      These guys are RICH!!

    • Danrarbc

      Opening Day. They’re just as high for opening day here too.

      The dropoff for the following day is significant, 85% lower cost.

    • Go Hawkeyes

      Opening day tickets are expensive. Unless you’re a Royals fan. I got mine for 40 bucks each. Regular games are only $9.

      • Danrarbc

        Yeah if mine were that price I’d do it. But standing room only is $69.50 here.

        • michael arazan

          Go Cardinals. Opening Day at Busch staium is awesome, all the women are drunk and flirty. I went to opening Day a few years back, got numbers, a kiss, and saw 4 pairs of ta-tas

      • I rarely go to any sports game so i really don’t know what ticket prices go for.

      • in NY, 40 bucks wouldn’t buy me 4 beers let alone tickets!

    • NorCalGuy

      I actually have season tickets in a section very close to those and the face value is around $90-$120 per ticket for non season ticket holders (mine say $45).

    • Scott Kenerson

      Plus they’re the defending World Series Champions so they’ll present the banner and trophy which means the ticket prices will be higher too.

      • So, the tickets that the guy bought in the picture above. There good seats or excellent seats that he paid te $440?

        • Scott Kenerson

          I’ve never been to that stadium but usually lower box seats are pretty good. He must have bought them from a ticket broker and he definitely got ripped off but to see your team present the World Series trophy can be a once in a lifetime experience. Me I’d take the Nexus, unless it was Boston.