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Sadly This Isn’t April Fool’s, Verizon Getting the LG Lucid 2 on April 4

lucid 2

We have been patiently waiting since the start of the year to see what the first phone would be that Verizon would release. We had hopes that it could be the Galaxy S4 or maybe even an HTC One variant, but alas we are left with the LG Lucid 2. This sequel to the mid-range Lucid won’t impress you with its specs, highlighted by just a 4.3″ qHD display and the Jelly Bean OS.

The Lucid 2 comes with a “Starter Mode” where Verizon makes up your home screens so you won’t get lost in your own smartphone. This device also supports wireless charging as long as you shell out for the extra charging pad. Other than those features, there isn’t much to say about this phone other than it will be free as long as you sign up for a two year contract. It will be in stores this Thursday, April 4.

Via: Verizon

  • CasperTFG

    I refuse to get another Verizon phone until their logos get bigger.

  • bionicwaffle

    +1 IPS LCD
    +1 2480mAh batter
    This is great news for someone looking for a good free android phone assuming this has a Snapdragon S4 with the 28nm die size and Adreno 225. There are some with a 45nm die size and slower GPU now:(

  • alek

    have the lucid, expected better battery life but it still a great low priced phone

  • schlanz

    Decent phone for free, beats the hell out of the ip4 or lumia 822. Huge battery is a plus.
    And fyi the first phone on vzw this year is the blackberry Z10.

  • RaptorOO7

    Just more mid-range junk for Verizon to push out while everyone waits for a real phone to launch. Verizon has until EOM before my options to change carriers becomes a go. If I can get a GS4 32GB or 64GB on AT&T then I will do so and leave VZW behind.

    • chris125

      I’m sure verizon will so sorely miss you……

  • If this has a good camera phone i will get this for free

  • ANON

    has IPS display, dual core S4 processors running at 1.5 Ghz even tho it says 1.2, and huge 2460 MAH battery. seems pretty good to me for the price of free

    • alexmoon325

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    • Brandon S.

      I would consider recommending this to my mom. Definitely a decent starter phone.

  • chris125

    The Droid 3 didn’t use an IPS display, not to mention the bezel on this is smaller than most phones. It’s not aimed at the top tier phones most likely will be very cheap on contract, it’s aiming for a different group of people.

  • EC8CH

    Needs moar oddly placed logos on the front

    • humfreyfamoye

      before I looked at the draft that said $9191, I didn’t believe that…my… father in law was like they say really bringing home money part time on-line.. there friend brother has done this 4 only about sixteen months and resantly paid the loans on their condo and purchased themselves a Maserati. this is where I went, — Buzz80.ℂom

    • Austin Warren

      Needs more cowbell

  • Harsh Karn

    Is that small bezel at bottom or soft keys looking like on-screen navigation bar keys ?

    • Kevin McDole

      Was gonna say the same thing!

    • mgamerz

      Hard keys… hardware keys… capacitive keys… w/e

  • Joey

    Hey, Verizon need a smart phone to give dumb people….voila!

  • IPS display, small phone, high NIT tech for outdoor sunlight, pretty damn good phone for people looking for a low priced phone =D

  • zepfloyd


  • George264

    I love how Verizon will take this phone, but not the One.
    I understand it would be like killing the DNA after 5 months.
    But the S4 is kinda like killing the DNA after 5 months anyways, does it really matter if it’s from the same brand?

    • T4rd

      “Does it matter if it’s from the same brand?”
      Yes. Though Motorola launched the Bionic 2 months after the Droid X2, then launched the Razr 2-3 months after the Bionic, lol. So I still don’t really understand why it would be so bad to get the One. Just drop the price of the DNA to $100 or less while still selling the One.

      • George264

        I honestly was trying to mention that. Because Motorola just throws out Droids like a kitchen.

        • Jordan Harrell

          &look at Motorola’s market share.

  • I actually prefer the branding arrangement at the top to the usual gigantic verizon logo front and center. all though no branding would be best.

    • mgamerz

      I’d prefer if it was just burned into the screen. In case I forget.

  • Dima Aryeh

    DROID 3 was 4″ if I remember correctly.

    • Diablo81588


  • Doesn’t the Razr and also the newer Razr M have 4.3 inch qHD screens?

    • They are amoled though

    • I know that the Razr M does, but thought the other new RAZR’s had better screens

      • staticx57

        Only the razr HD has a better screen. the regular razr is qhd

    • David Dudovitz

      Incredible 4G also

    • bionicwaffle

      yes, that’s true but this is an IPS LCD and they are SAMOLED. This one will be much brighter!