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HTC Thunderbolt Update to Build 7.02.605.10 is Now Live


We figured Verizon was pulling an epic April Fools prank and approved an update for the Thunderbolt yesterday. Turns out, it is very real and build 7.02.605.10 is rolling out to owners this morning. The update includes a handful of fixes and small improvements to the Ice Cream Sandwich firmware that was pushed out last month.

The update is 19.3MB in size.

More info.

Cheers Chris!

  • That update basically bricked my phone. Even after daily battery pulls, resets, etc I now average 55mb free memory. From when I press a button to the time the phone registers I did it is now 15 seconds. Sometimes I can tap it a few times and nothing happens. Facebook no longer works right. VZ Navigator is buggier than ever. My extended battery drains in under 8 hours. It’s like Verizon’s saying “Switch to TMobile my children”. I used Tmobile as my example because of that cool no contract no ridiculous phone plan they have now. The S4 will be $100 down, $20 a month and when it’s paid off the extra $20 goes away. How cool is that? Anyway, I’m stuck with Big Red for now and this “service” is really annoying. From now on I’m rooting my phone and killing OTA updates.

    • frustrated

      I agree. Now I cannot even send a picture in a text. Rip off! Very disappointing.

    • Hopefully you rooted your phone theres a couple awesome roms out there by Santod of InfectedROM’s I’m running his UnsenseROM Jelato 11.0 and just opened the SanDisk app, it says Internal Memory Free 1.2 gb out of 2.6 and the speed test was 4.4MB/Sec through the phone. Plus free wifi tethering when rooted.

  • Rattosh51

    HTC product support has a page for issues after the ICS update…you have to wipe the cache partition, not the factory reset. That way you won’t lose your data. Find it here…


  • Bill Joyce

    Compared to the Droid Charge or LG Revolution, the Thunderbolt is really nice and has been updated to ICS. It wasn’t until the Droid Razr came out that there was a better Verizon 4G phone, in my opinion. I don’t have hundreds of dollars to buy a newer phone outright to keep my unlimited plan, so I get by with a Thunderbolt and it is doing OK. Only AT&T and Verizon have the coverage I need and I know Sprint and T-Mobile do not. I have an extended battery, but my wife gets by with the standard battery. I have had the update installed a couple hours and so far it seems stable. If I had to replace the phone now I would buy a Note II.

    • flosserelli

      My Tbolt served me well right up to the day I sold it. Some days I burned through the stock battery and BOTH spares, but aside from that, it was a dependable phone. A lot of people bitch incessantly about the Tbolt, but it was a satisfactory device for me. I had no major complaints except for the abysmal battery life.

    • Tech Pro

      I bought a good condition Razr MAXX from craiglist for $250 4 months ago. Enjoy the battery life and unlimited data plan. Of course, I had Verizon store activate phone before I paid.

  • rodney11ride

    This damn phone is the reason for many androidians to jump to the darkside because it was released before 4g lte was “well established”. Im sure it is a good phone but damn that was premature

  • I still sport the TB. I am tired of hearing about the TB OTA’s…i want the damn source code so we can have true AOSP builds…. not this desensed crap thats still 4x the size of an AOSP ROM…and btw, i get a full day heavy use out of my battery non extended ever since i dropped SENSE…Thats not to say sense is the problem, but it was back when this phone released. Im hopeful for at least a few ROMS built from source of the ICS AOSP roms. It woud make my wait for the Google X phone with the 5 inch 1080p sapphire display seem not so bad…..

    • I’m still rockin my T-Bolt too, on Santod’s UnSensed Jelato 11.0, runs awesome, but I would love if HTC could pull their code out of their butts and hand it over, 90 days is approaching fast if it hasn’t hit. Glad others are still with the Thunderbolt. If people knew how relatively not hard it was to root, I’m sure there’d be more of us. Plus, most T-bolters still have their Unlimited Data (my contract finally is up this month :-/ )

  • amazing… 9 months of empty promises and lies now 2 updates in 2 months. Goodbye Verizon.. had enough of the jekyll and hyde act.

  • Geoff Johnson

    The Thunderbolt was the one phone I actually really liked, I wouldn’t mind going back to it.

    • nvitone23

      I hope that was a joke…

      • JoshGroff

        Hardware wise, it wasn’t a bad phone, and it had a pretty nice speaker. With custom ROMs, it was bearable.

        • nvitone23

          I will say that I too did enjoy the speaker, camera, and the kickstand was a nice touch, but the software, lack of updates, and batt…well don’t even get me started on that.

          • JoshGroff

            Oh for sure, I had to replace GB and throw on some random CM port, I think it was Thundershed or something. Brought it up to almost a day of battery life with moderate use. Replaced it around 8 months ago with a G-Nex.

      • Geoff Johnson

        For it’s time it was great, as long as you had the extended battery. Lasted one heavy day, two light use days, had a kickstand for watching videos, thin bezel, decent camera, durable, and because the glass was slightly recessed you could put it face down and not worry about it scratching the screen. Plus we had LTE before anyone else!

        • nvitone23

          True, but only if you had LTE in your area…I got the phone as soon as it came out and didn’t have LTE until a good year and a half after. 🙁

          • Geoff Johnson

            It made trips to the big city that had LTE that much better 🙂

          • Kathleen E. Smith

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          • KleenDroid

            Ouch. I’m lucky I had LTE on day one. And you wouldn’t believe how fast it was. Much much faster than now because everyone is on it.

          • Tech Pro

            I like it because Verizon 3G speed is decent and Thunderbolt was the only Verizon phone would do Simultaneous Voice and Data on 3G.

          • nvitone23

            Very true. That was useful.

          • michael arazan

            My galaxy nexus does simultaneous voice and data

          • Tech Pro

            Verizon Galaxy Nexus does not do simultaneous voice and data in a CDMA only area. Rezound is another phone known to do Simultaneous Voice and Data on 3G CDMA.

        • ToddAwesome

          Heavy and Light days? Are we sure this is a mobile phone thread and not a….uh, never mind.

        • flosserelli

          Agreed. As long as you had an extended or spare battery (or two), you were golden. And Tbolts *owned* the LTE network until the Droid Charge came along. Ah, those were the days…

    • T4rd

      Dude, April Fools was yesterday..

    • I can sell you mine for only $300.

      • sgtguthrie

        I’ll give him mine for only $250 😉

    • Jeff

      It was the perfect size, had an extended battery and an SD slot. Everything else sucked though. LTE killed the battery more than the screen (kind of made the extended battery a requirement). Buggy update after buggy update was horrible.