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Google Launches Free Version of Quickoffice for Google Apps For Business Users


For users of Google Apps for Business, today’s release of a free version of Quickoffice is great news. Once downloaded and logged in, you can start editing Word documents and Excel spreadsheets like the boss you are, then save directly and share through your Google Drive account. Until Google Drive can natively open those types of files and edit them, this is a fantastic workaround that paying Google Apps users will appreciate.

If you fit into that category, go grab it from Google Play.

Play Link

  • SecurityNick

    CloudOn is by far the best office app. Now that they’ve fixed the resolution issue, having it on my Nexus 10 is the bomb!

  • JT

    kingsoft is full verison and 100% free

  • Xavier Spruill

    Doesn’t Google own the rights to the original app? Why is it not included with the Gapps, or at least free to download?

  • Until a couple weeks back my Nexus10 was able to use quickoffice to open pdf files without me ever installing the app. That functionality disappeared and I guess this is why

  • Bruce

    It works with those with google business email account.

  • Phil Nolan

    Sadly it doesn’t work with those of us that were grandfathered in.