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ASUS to Settle Class Action Lawsuit, Paying $17 and Free Dongle to Owners of Transformer Prime Tablets

asus transformer prime

This past Sunday, ASUS posted to their official North American Facebook page that the company has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit, resulting in the payout of $17 and a free GPS extension kit to every U.S. buyer of a Transformer Prime TF201 tablet. Previously, ASUS was handing out free dongles to affected customers, but for some folks out there, that must not have been enough and they decided to take legal action. 

To file a claim, go ahead and follow the site link that is posted in their release and claim your $17 plus free dongle.


Asus has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit concerning your Asus Eee Pad
TF201 Transformer Prime tablet. If you own or owned a TF201, you may be entitled to $17 and a free GPS extension kit. This Notice is approved by a Federal Court, and is not a solicitation.

Please visit www.AsusTF201Settlement.com or call 1-877-211-8361 for more information.

You are eligible to participate in the settlement if you are a United States resident who bought a TF201, and experienced lost or reduced GPS functionality or weak/intermittent WiFi performance. To claim a cash payment and a Dongle, you must submit a Claim Form on the website, by email or by regular mail by
May 31, 2013. If you do not submit a timely claim, your rights will not be affected.

The Court has not yet approved the settlement. It will have a hearing to decide whether to do so. If you choose to, you may object to this settlement by
June 20, 2013 and ask the Court not to approve the proposed settlement. Please remember that if you choose not to participate in the settlement, your rights will not be affected. Please visit the website or call the toll-free number for more information.

Via: ASUS Facebook

  • jedi105

    The Prime is an awesome device with little REAL problems. Yes, GPS sucked but I can count 2 people who actually NEED GPS so no big deal there, at least to me. And for those with Wi-Fi issues…Well, I did too at first but then I did something about it. First, I tried that pinch fix where you pinch the top edge of the face to try to make a stronger connection with the pogo pins. Before the pinch, I had 1 bar in the same room as my router. After the pinch, I got an added bar. Then I went and did something more. I bought a new router. Whooohooo….4 bars baby anywhere in the house and all the way down to my street (almost 100 feet from the router and through 2 walls. 4 Bars. Yup. But it wasnt the fastest internet or you tube I have seen. Things took a little time to load or stream. So I went and did something else. Something I never thought of. You see, I had a very OLD modem. Dont laugh, it was nearly 13 years old. I never in a million years thought the modem would make a difference. But Dayumn. It seems modem technology has really advanced. Docsis 3 I think is the new standard….whooohooo…. Down at the street, streaming HD netflix content….flawless. So the moral to the story…. Sure, I’m sure there are a few bad apples out there but I’m more willing to bet the components in your system (Router, Modem etc) just aren’t up to snuff. Lets be honest here. What type of equipment do you think your college has installed? Top line stuff or bottom barrel or bargain bin stuff?

  • Phillip Burns

    Meh… U.S. Only?

  • Mine was also accepted, asked for the dongle since I missed the original window due to procrastination

    • owen.vinall

      Kelly I am asuming you are not in the U.S. ? I also procrastinated.

      • No, definitely in the US, why?

  • Ibrick

    Woot! Family is eating tonight, dollar menu here I come!

  • Dr. Jungy Brungus

    Is this new dongle they are giving away now the same one they gave a while ago for free? I’m talking about the one that you put on the bottom and therefore make the dock useless.

  • geedee82

    I like dongles.

    • Tom Sturdy

      Careful. Don’t you know making dongle jokes could get you fired from your job?

  • Bigsike

    I tried to file just for an extra 17 bucks. That being said it will automatically deny the claim saying that your SN is not on “their” list. Looks like it’s just automatically set up to deny any claim. Let me know if anyone else has any luck.

    • Daniel Russell

      claimed it, and my $17 was approved and I have already claimed the dongle. My SN worked find…

      • Bigsike

        Wow I’m actually kind of shocked I figured no one would get through. I even tried 3 more times making sure of no mistakes. Now I’m really wondering hmmm…

      • Adam Elghor

        can you explain how you found the serial number because the one on my box didn’t work…

        • Daniel Russell

          You can go to settings>about tablet>status. It should be one of the items listed.

    • I sold mine on Craigslist because of crappy wifi with it, got some money back but lost quite a bit on it and the dock. Sucks because the device could have been awesome.

      Now I dont have the serial number anymore.

      • Glen

        Did you ever register the tablet on their website? I sold mine too, so thought I was out of luck. Then I remembered I had registered it. So I was able to log in to my Asus account and get the serial number: https://account.asus.com

  • Ok, this is just silly. I have a Prime and I love the thing to death. Is the Wi-Fi and GPS reception not terrific? Sure, but I can still use it within a decent range of a good Wi-Fi signal. If I need to use my exact position for something, I’m going to use my phone. Why are people so upset about this?

    • msnight04

      I thought ASUS did a great job with addressing the problem. They tried to fix it using software updates and when that failed, offering a free dongle did the job. While it is not the prettiest solution, it was a lot more than most companies would have done.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        The pretty solution would have been to actually test the device prior to sale. With the issues that many of it’s users have had, it is pretty obvious testing was not a priority for the tablet.

      • Big_EZ

        They never fixed the wifi issues.

      • kdn102

        I got ZERO GPS locks outdoors on a clear day, with the closest building over 100 feet away. With the dongle, in the same spot, I get a handful of satellites but I rarely reach usable accuracy (25 feet or less).

        Wifi is atrocious and sometime unusable if you have BT on.

        The dongle works great! However, you can’t use the dongle & keyboard together.

        EPIC fail.

    • Jacob Mustin

      because not everyone has had your luck. Mines wifi connection was aweful… could not stream anything. Even youtube without “HQ” on would buffer about ten times per video. Rooted and ROM’d the thing to try and fix it… bricked it like tons of other people. No help from Asus… terrible, no, abysmal customer service. Wasted months on the RMA. aweful experience all around. Wouldnt ever buy another Asus mobile device

      GPS i never even tested however… because as you said, I have no need for it on a wifi tablet.

      • Christopher Riner

        Don’t let the experience leave a bitter taste in your mouth for Asus. It sounds like the tablets definitely sucked and I remember hearing that they had problems from the get go. But it sounds like they are at least trying to compensate for the fact that they couldn’t even fix them.

        Not to mention, tons of people have bought the nexus 7 (by Asus) and it definitely had a few issues, but most of them were fixable (like some units with screen lifting) and generally the defects were taken care of. But overall there are tons of happy nexus 7 owners; its cheap, its decently quick, and it scores you cool points with the lady members– it just works. Is that a trademark, am I allowed to say that on the internet ? I’m sure I’ll find out from apple.

        • Jacob Mustin

          i could write you a novel on how badly their customer service is. and the mere fact that they are “willing” to fix all their problems just shows how many there are in the first place. I still think that they make great devices, and I would never fault anyone for buying their products, but personally, If i bought another Asus and ended up going through the same crap, i would never forgive myself! 🙂

        • terrence

          as a person who has bought 3 Asus devices (netbook, transformer prime, g74sx gaming laptop) it has definitely soured my feelings about Asus. Two out of the three computers have had major problems from right out of the box.

          Its sad too because the EEE 1000H was an amazing little computer, it seems now they just dont care anymore about their customers.

          • Christopher Riner

            That sucks, I’ve never had to deal with Asus personally so I can’t testify to how they are (customer service wise). I know how companies can be, and at the end of the day they can try and compensate but its still a sh¡tty situation

    • J.J. Valenzuela

      It was an atrocious device. If I paid 100 dollars for it, then I could understand. Paying top dollar, however, made the device a hyper-disappointment. Among the myriad issues, a big one for me was the touch-screen digitizer quality… which couldn’t get any lower. Worst purchase evar. A month after this hype-beast was released they announced the TF700 because they epicfailed with the TF201

      • terrence

        you forgot the light bleed issues.

      • kdn102

        The only saving grace for me was the square trade warranty. I stopped using my prime after I realized there was no solution for Wifi issues. I went to turn it on a few weeks back to see if anything had changed and it was stone dead. It’s been on the charger for days and still no response.

        So, I lose a little money overall but I get enough back to buy something equivalent that works. Possibly even an upgrade if I wait a few months.

        I won’t be buying ASUS in the future.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      A good friend of mine has had his in for service a couple times now and it has yet to be fixed. WiFi is terrible, GPS doesn’t work.

      Plenty of people upset because there is actually a problem with the tablet.

      • Missy

        servicing is not going to fix this issue it is a design flaw the whole back of the Asus TF-201 Prime is made of metal where the back of the TF-101 is Plastic My husband has the TF-201 Prime and I have the Asus Transformer TF-101 his is works fine the full Metal back is a Wifi killer for the Prime

    • Daniel Russell

      Not going to lie, I have horrible wi-fi signal most of the time. Unless I’m within maybe 30 feet of the router (and on campus I rarely am) the connection is atrocious. I don’t particularly care for the dongle (who uses the GPS on a tablet anyways?). But Wi-Fi problems have plagued my transformer prime consistently to the point where it’s more convenient to use my phone’s internet as a Wi-Fi hotspot than a router on campus that is not under my control

      • Adam Elghor

        a million times this!!

    • terrence

      my wifi works fine but i cant use GPS. why are people upset? because we paid good money for a device that doesnt work the way its supposed to. And instead of Asus REALLY trying to make amends for the f***-up they just sent out a half assed dongle which sort of kind of works at a certain angle.

      if they had offered a replacement device at a discount for people who have this issue then people would have been less apt to complain. As much as i dislike Apple, this sort of thing would never happen with the Ipad.

      • kdn102

        Agreed with the top dollar/premium item. Had they offered us a low priced upgrade to the infinity, I might be willing to stomach ASUS in the future. Instead…no more ASUS for me.

        As to the iPad…they had major wifi issues too. Here’s a little rant from an iPad 2 owner from Aug 2012:
        “T.B.H it’s draining dealing with Apple with respect to this problem, I have been suffering with poor wifi signal reception since we bought the item, after spending weeks experimenting with different settings, different routers, factory resets, removing possible sources of interference such as house phones”

        “The fact that Apple will not even admit to the ‘possibilty’ there is a hardware problem with certain models of iPad 2’s, put some tiny percentage of their budget to investigating the issue is not only an insult to loyal customers, it is a fundamental management failure.”

        Sound familiar? Yep!

  • mustbepbs

    Pay day!

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