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Facebook Will Take Over Home Screens With New App to be Announced Next Week, First Partner is HTC

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When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stands up in front of the press next Thursday at an Android-related event, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that he will show off a new service that will make Facebook more prominent on your device’s home screens. The social network has apparently been developing software that can take over your main home screen in order to make Facebook the first thing you see upon unlocking your device. One of their sources said it’s “putting Facebook first.” 

If you think about the tagline that was included in the press event invite – “come see our new home on Android” – this makes a lot of sense. If there is one way for Facebook to get in your face at all times, it’s to be on your main home screen. Now the question is – how much is this going to be like HTC’s BlinkFeed? Is this somewhat of a home replacement launcher that essentially turns your entire home screen into a full-blown Facebook app?

The app will reportedly be broadly available to all Android devices, but that manufacturers have to make “some tweaks” in order for this new servie to take over a home screen. That seems like contradictory points in the same sentence, however, it could just mean that OEMs will need to tweak things to be able to bake it into their skins and that there will also be a stand-alone app available.

Finally, WSJ is reporting that Facebook has been looking to partner with device makers and that HTC is unsurprisingly first. After having been rumored as the creator of the next Facebook Phone, this new home screen takeover could have been the true tale all along. They are attempting to reach agreements with other OEMs.

So to me, that sounds like Facebook has created a third party launcher that will make your phone a Facebook phone. Hopefully it’s not just a widget. Thoughts?

Via:  Wall Street Journal

  • No thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No thank you.

  • KB Smoka

    HTC can’t make a right move to save their lives!

    • Tim242

      I was rooting for them. But now, I’m ready for them to go away.

    • LionStone

      I don’t blame them, they are just trying to stay afloat…FB may help them do just that. How many people will be eating this up! Not me and many here, but out there!?

  • Bobo Someguy

    Could I get this is a lock screen in 4.2? That would make is sooo much better and user friendly.

  • ostensibly

    There really isn’t a WHATEVER big enough for this. I like my home screen as minimal as possible anyway.

  • imns

    This better only be an optional feature. If not, goodbye facebook… i hardly used you anyway, and quite frankly, never liked you. Hmm..reminds me of a girl I once knew.

    • Granted

      She sounds very lucky to have known such a gentleman like you.

  • Bob

    I do not want facebook to take over my screen. It better be optional to turn on or off and not some mandatory only way of accessing facebook or that would severely limit my usage!

  • Justin Tiell

    Go home Facebook, you’re drunk!

  • Jim McClain

    Not taking anything over on my phone

  • Tim242

    Die facebook die. I completely deleted my account over a year ago. It is not good for society. Now, they want to take over home screens? GTFO!

  • dsignori

    I think Google might not love this announcement given their push for all things Google+

  • Winks

    Hey Kellen…Im thinking this is going to be pretty far reaching and could incorporate the wifi calling feature that Facebook has enabled… thoughts?

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    Just fix the app. Leave my homescreen alone.

  • Great, so I can have a nonfunctioning home screen instead of a nonfunctioning app. Just what I wanted!

  • Raven

    This sounds ridiculous, but it still may be popular with some teenage girls.
    Personally I use Friendcaster Pro when I do want to do something in Facebook. It skips all of their ads and you can “Zip” noise from people and apps.
    I also have the Wizz Facebook widget on my tablet to glance at sometimes.
    That is all you really need and neither is made by Facebook.

    • Teenage girls jump right into instagram long times ago — may be on something else already.

  • I’m really hoping its just a full-screen widget.
    Also, forcing OEM’s to add hooks to their builds to support something that ONLY Facebook makes is the true height of hubris. I have a feeling that this “app” does a bit more than replace the a homescreen. With the recent addition of voice/video calls and their messaging platform, it sounds like they are going to try to take over your phone entirely.

  • paul_cus

    Sense is going to look super forked with all this Home Screen takeover stuff going on.

  • AxemRed

    I use Facebook a lot, but it’s already too intrusive. I have all notifications disabled, and the app still runs in the background. I only want to look at Facebook at specific times. Otherwise I want it to stay out of my way.

  • Kirk Hayes

    Why don’t they just make a useable widget that can be sized to your liking, then if you want to have it on your homescreen, you can, otherwise you can use normally. Better yet, create a 4.2 lockscreen widget so you can be up to date always without unlocking your phone. Wither way, I hate Facebook and would not allow this to happen to my phone!

    • LionStone

      Yes , “wither” away FB, 🙂

  • If they give it the same specs as the One and sell it for $300 retail, I’ll think about it. I probably won’t buy it, but I’ll think about it.

  • Facebook, leave my homescreen alone!!! :I Your app is laggy enough…

  • ChrisConner09

    I should tell facebook that I actually use my phone to do other stuff.

  • I’d give it10 out of 10 for style, but minus several million for good thinking. Basically, this would be a godsend for anyone wanting a “Facebook phone” (I’m guessing about 12 people) and a royal PITA for the rest of the world.

    • imns

      Any HHGTTG reference is a good thing.

  • TheDealer

    So lets get this straight, FB who is desperate to have the kind of data that Google gets from your phone use wants to take over your phone and pull data from you?

    No thanks…just another reason not to buy another HTC phone

    • Tim242

      More reason for you to delete your Facebook acct.

  • aka. bloatware

    You are welcome


  • Justin Kos

    This is all I need to see on my home screen :

  • Another reason to buy a nexus…. Seriously? How much better can this Facebook home be? As good as its app? Lol

  • thanks HTC. i was thinking it was getting extremely tiresome of having to open the Facebook app to see my timeline filled with eCards and grumpy cat pictures. MY SAVIORS!

  • cjohnson481

    Why not just make a scrollable, Holo themed, great looking 4×4 widget and include it with the app? Way less development cost and much easier to deploy. Overcomplicating getting their content into the hands of users. And will the new “home replacement” have their ads and Suggested Users, etc.? Cause if so, count me waaaaaay out.

    • primarchlion

      Seriously. Just make a widget that is actually nice. Still a little rumor-y so far so I’m still hoping that’s what they turn out.

  • cgalyon

    Not interested. Hopefully they won’t try to force this on everyone that uses the app. The ads are already pretty ridiculous in the app. I really get the feeling that they’re just completely out of touch with their users. It’s kind of surreal…

  • JordanMcRae

    They probably have to work with OEMs because launchers need root access to add widgets to the homescreen.

  • Jwhap

    I wish they spent time making the app better myself. I have a nexus to rid myself of bloat…..kinda sounds like this may be a bloated mess. But I suppose we will find out. Who knows maybe we will like it.

  • XphoneTroll

    That’s because the HTC one home screen is already a f#$@ news feed…

  • EC8CH

    What Wyatt said:

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      Funniest part about this… Tombstone is on TV right now… and the Iron Springs scene just happened…

      • EC8CH

        so long Curly Bill

        • CharlieX


          • EC8CH

            Smell that, Bill? Smells like someone died.

          • Granted

            “I’ll be your huckleberry. You’re no daisy, you’re no daisy!!!!”

          • Granted

            “Fights not with you Holiday”.

  • I have no interest in anything taking over my home screen, but I’m sure some people will love this.

  • steve g

    da [email protected]!?

  • Sterling Glass

    Looking forward to the next Nexus without the most likely soon to be mandatory Facebook home screen bloatware.

  • I’ll stick with my bookmark to the mobile web version thank you very much.

  • That is going to be a little too much Facebook for my liking…shame on HTC lol

  • DennisHeffernan


  • Christopher Riner

    HTC named their new phone after how many available home screens they’re gonna leave you with

  • I just a puked a little.. I’ll do everything in my power to never let it anywhere close to my phone. That annoying (but unfortunately necessary for now) app is bad enough!

  • Christopher Riner

    A big huge widget (not necessarily full page) that you could put wherever you want, on whichever home screen, that had like one little corner with notifications, one corner that has a scrollable box with your messages, another corner streaming status updates and stuff… That might be kind of cool, and useful.

    But if they try pushing some blink feed bull$h¡t on us I don’t think it will go over to well.

  • Dr_Buttballs


  • BCoils

    Just what we need.

  • Justin Winker

    I agree with your last sentence.. And here we have the HTC Myst, with a Facebook Launcher pre-installed.

  • Tyler Casilio

    DON’T WANT! No more social media!!! No!!! Go away!

    • Granted

      When Internet Intellectuals state this, I instantly picture a slow troglodyte in my mind, drooling and saying “Me not like, me no want this. Me not think well, but me know me don’t want! Me make toilet in me pants now . Then me go and watch reality tv on talking picture box.” With this increased decline, one day soon it will just be grunts and farts that people use to “communicate”.

  • Anything Facebook shall never touch my phone.

  • Happy for HTC, unhappy for my homescreen.

    • Austin Warren


  • r0lct

    My guess: Live wallpaper with widget like features or multi page widget. Either way to cover your home screen with FB info.