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Facebook Will Take Over Home Screens With New App to be Announced Next Week, First Partner is HTC

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When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stands up in front of the press next Thursday at an Android-related event, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that he will show off a new service that will make Facebook more prominent on your device’s home screens. The social network has apparently been developing software that can take over your main home screen in order to make Facebook the first thing you see upon unlocking your device. One of their sources said it’s “putting Facebook first.” 

If you think about the tagline that was included in the press event invite – “come see our new home on Android” – this makes a lot of sense. If there is one way for Facebook to get in your face at all times, it’s to be on your main home screen. Now the question is – how much is this going to be like HTC’s BlinkFeed? Is this somewhat of a home replacement launcher that essentially turns your entire home screen into a full-blown Facebook app?

The app will reportedly be broadly available to all Android devices, but that manufacturers have to make “some tweaks” in order for this new servie to take over a home screen. That seems like contradictory points in the same sentence, however, it could just mean that OEMs will need to tweak things to be able to bake it into their skins and that there will also be a stand-alone app available.

Finally, WSJ is reporting that Facebook has been looking to partner with device makers and that HTC is unsurprisingly first. After having been rumored as the creator of the next Facebook Phone, this new home screen takeover could have been the true tale all along. They are attempting to reach agreements with other OEMs.

So to me, that sounds like Facebook has created a third party launcher that will make your phone a Facebook phone. Hopefully it’s not just a widget. Thoughts?

Via:  Wall Street Journal

  • Granted

    I would much prefer to put Anklebook last and in the toilet. I really feel sorry for all of the 9 year old girls who will demand mommy and daddy buy them a Thoraxbook phone. On the upside, if you currently use Anusbook and would like to help them facilitate more of an intrusion into your private life and harvest more personal data about you. Well, as the developmentally disabled would proclaim “Duhhhhh, dis write cheer has duh WIN wrttenz allz overz itz sclun, yahgnawlawmeenz!?”.

  • DRC

    They can’t even get the FB app to work correctly on Android. I can’t imagine having that on your entire phone. FB is the buggiest app I have.

  • aa

    how about they fix there app first!!!!!!!!

  • sgtguthrie

    I actually just want a scrollable widget integrated into the app, like Plume :-

  • Jacob Bowen

    Project Glass Ideas http://igg.me/p/371344/x/2833237 sorry just trying to get the word out!

    • Granted

      If you were truly “sorry”, wouldn’t you just not use the comment section here as your spam launching pad?

  • Craig

    Any phone skinned with that Facebook crap automatically goes to the bottom of my list.

  • jcorf

    I like Facebook, but not this much. NO, please no!

  • donald Wyman

    Facebook can die in a fire and it will not touch my phone…glad I have a nexus 4 and I know Google will not sign off on such crap ware seeing has how they denied Facebook certian functions on nexus devices long time ago.

  • What’s facebook?

  • Prime7

    No, thanks.

  • Facebook can frig off.

  • RW-1

    Not, Zuck can go to hell if he thinks his app is taking over anything on MY phone.

  • googoograss

    Facebook is almost as dumb as
    everyone storing their ‘private’
    information in the cloud.

  • Folks – the answer is simple:


    This overbloated arrogant glorified blog “company” is doing everything they can to get in your face as much as possible, ram ads down your gullet, and exploit all your personal information to please investors.

    It’s toxic. I so want their 15 mins. to be over and out.

    People complain, then post all their photos and status updates on FB. There are alternatives. Dump them!

  • I would feel better about this if Facebook could demonstrate the ability to make a simple app that isn’t garbage.

  • JMonkeYJ

    i’d change your 2nd to last sentence to be “hopefully it’s just a widget.”

  • No thanks you, I don’ use Facebook that much to have it always on my home screen, if HTC starts this bull with Facebook, then the droid dna, will be the last HTC phone that I ever buy

  • stabone

    I don’t need people’s inspirational status’ or posts about how epic their night out was last night right on my phone’s front page.

  • Jonathan Gomez

    This is disgusting. The stock android launcher is beautiful. Well at least they aren’t forcing it on us.

  • jisaac16

    Just make an app that functions well you idiots!!! If you want to ruin my home screen then make a gigantic, crappy widget!! You suck Facebook

  • Steve Benson

    Facebook will never take over my homescreen.

  • NexusMarts

    OT: Where can I get that wallpaper?

  • jeffxallen

    I am pretty happy about this actually. We will finally have a phone that Apple and Android people can hate on together.

  • Jose Santos

    And so it begins…”facepalm”.

  • Nagini

    “Hopefully its not just a widget”??? Are you kidding me?? Hopefully it IS a widget!

  • Sam

    And Why would I do that?