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Tasker Updated in Google Play With New Holo UI

Tasker Beta

Back in January, the developers of Tasker released a beta, showing off a whole new pretty look for the application. After a few months of tweaking and fixing, the update has officially hit Google Play and now everyone can go pick it up. As a refresher, Tasker is an application that can be used to perform system events at scheduled times, change settings depending on your location, and tons more. 

What’s New:

  • UI updated for holo look-and-feel with selectable light and dark themes
  • 200 built-in icons each in holo light and dark
  • Internal cleanup of deprecated APIs
  • Several new states, events and actions
  • Many incremental improvements and bugfixes

Go get your update on.

Play Link ($6.49)

  • dudu

    Bought it since it showed up as $1.99 for me.

    • Same here. Finally took the plunge. Brand new design and a 66% off price – who could say no?

  • wh1te_mag1c

    Can anyone here who uses Tasker give me advice on how to make it successfully overclock my Galaxy Nexus? I’ve been trying to do this using a ‘device boot’ script. I even tried giving it a delay of 60 seconds from boot before it tries to apply the OC settings, but it just doesn’t do them consistently (usually doesn’t do them at all).

    • michael arazan

      Good question, I’d like to know how to do it as well

  • Pedro

    I always liked the very minimal lightning bolt in the notification bar.
    The updated version has an XXL version of it. Other than that, very nice.

  • is there a beginners guide to Tasker? I need one badly

    • Steve Benson

      Go on Youtube, there’s a ton.

    • S_T_R

      Step 1) Uninstall Tasker, preferably while within refund window

      Step 2) Install Llama.
      Step 3) Set up Llama.

      Llama: not because it’s free (you should donate), but because it’s a lot easier.

    • Greyhame
  • Reginald Spence II


  • I have been waiting for this. Really excited about the update.

  • The big news for the Nex4/DNA folks is that they have a status for Wireless Charging. Now my DNA turns on Car Mode when I drop it the Owl CarPad and then turns it off when I pull it out.


    (side note, I use an NFC tag to keep it from doing this on my desk Qi charger)

  • Mordecaidrake

    Finally, that old UI was god awful.