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#ifihadglass Results Are In, Google to Begin Sending Invites For Glass Explorer Program


Today is the day that Google begins sending out invites to winners of the #ifihadglass challenge. A few weeks ago, Google took to social networking sites, looking for ideas on how average people would use Google Glass if they had them. If your idea was good enough, you could receive an invitation to be an early user of the hardware, given you paid for them and could afford a trip to either San Francisco or New York to pick them up. 

Google has released a statement on their Google+ page, informing folks to check their inboxes and Twitters to see if they won.

There were so many creative, diverse, and (sometimes) crazy applications. We’ve certainly learned a lot through this whole process and it’s inspiring to hear how much passion there is for Glass.

Now for the really exciting bit… we know you’ve all been waiting patiently, which is why we’re pleased to announce that the results are in. Over the next few days we’ll be sending out invitations to our Explorer Program through Google+ and Twitter. So, keep a lookout for tweets and G+ posts from @projectglass and+Project Glass to see if you’ve been invited.

If you receive an invite, let us know and we will throw an e-party for you!

Via: +Project Glass

  • I got my invite and now have to somehow come up with the money lol

    • Katie Bak Koslica

      Hannah, have you received any additional information since the invitation? I, too, was invited, but I haven’t seen a post since.

  • Mike Brady

    My entry which was accepted

    #ifihadglass I would bring you live tornadoes via Google Plus hangouts! #G+ via @chasercentral

  • Granted

    I am not really convinced that you have won anything, if you have to pay for the retarded glasses, then cover travel expenses. To me, it seems as though you have been given the “privelage”, to pay for, and look like a complete tool before everyone else. I believe it is understandable, though. I mean, Google is only worth something like 60 billion, I can totally understand why they cannot front the cost of the glasses for “contest” “winners”.

    I also believe that the lottery would be more popular. That if when you won a great sum of money from it. They are happy to turn the money over to you, but only after you work a set amount of hours at the lottey offices, that would equal enough hours worked to pay off your winnings. Of couse, the hours needed to be worked, would total in the hundreds if not thousands of years. So, once you kick the proverbial bucket, your family and progeny, will be forced into servitude for the remaining years until the lottery winings are paid off. Makes sense, right?

  • I have a Pixel on order, I would gladly move that money to Glass instead if they send me my invite. I already have a Chromebook. Where is my invite???

  • Chaim Cohen

    I won! Now the question is, do original purchasers (I already purchased mine from I/O) get the option for a second pair?

  • hmmmm

    Google Glass = A modern day Willy Wonka Golden Ticket!

  • I got my invite – this is going to be quite a shakeup for wired society. I am in the search and social business, so I can already see quite a few ways that this will change things. Feel privileged to be a part of this.

  • Knowing my luck, ill get the invite, and i wont have the cash for it -_-

    • Send me your invite then! 😛

      • JetBlue

        Still got money left over after buying that Lambo?

        • Not really, but that’s what American Express is for! lol

          • Sirx

            ‘Murica! 😛

  • John

    I know this new glass thing is going to be great but I believe its going to be a more of a distraction. Sadly people are texting while their driving and I don’t believe that will ever end until they crash. Now, we have glasses on our eyes playing an image while we drive. I just see more accidents happening. Maybe not, because if this supposedly sell for over $1500 I don’t see the whole world getting this right away.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      They already said it will be less than $1500. As for people being distracted it’s really not Google’s responsibility, just like it’s not Corona’s responsibility when you drive drunk…. or Samsung’s responsibility when you end up in a ditch while texting and driving.

      • Granted

        Amen, tards will be tards, regardless of what Google does. One safety point that no one has mentioned, though. Is whether or not Google will include some sort of thrasher deterent with these glasses, because the moment you step out into public, it will only be 5-10 minutes before myself or some other random person, drop-kicks you in the melon for looking like a dork set on maximum retarded.

    • Riiight. Well, it’s true. Early adoption probably won’t be very high, but it was reported that it will sell for under $1500. Keep in mind, the UI (from what we have seen Google show us) is quite simple and is not as “in your face” as you would think. It does not sit directly over your eye, so paying attention to the road should not be an issue.

      Like any other piece of tech, you should think about safety first before sending out a text or reading that email.

      People just need to use common sense and we’ll all make it out there. here are plenty of car accidents happening as I type this and I don’t think after the selling of Glass will we see a spike in those numbers.

      • To add to this, when you’re wearing Google glass and you happen to be reading something while you’re driving, your eyes will still be looking forward and it looks as though it’ll be transparent so you can see through what you’re looking at. Much better than looking down at your phone, using both hands to text while driving with your knee.

        That being said (and to prevent any unneeded commentary), I do not support any distractions while driving.

        • michael arazan

          People take their eyes away from driving to mess with the radios yet Radios are not illegal, If Gglass covered both eyes I could see a possible danger.

        • Granted

          I would like to state that I do support distractions while driving. I am a big fan of reading a novel, cooking dinner, playing Twister, performing nuerosurgery, wrestling the one-eyed-gopher, having an intense argument with the in-laws, changing a poopie filled diaper, applying makeup, catching some z’s, playing Connect Four, battling a rhino, doing your taxes, watching the film “Gettysburg” twice in a row, practicing martial arts and trying on new clothing while driving.

      • Perhaps Google will include something that disables glass if you moving over a certain speed. Everything but navigation could be disabled.

        • This would be a problem with passengers in a car, train, bus, etc. Same reason that functionality can’t be built into phones.

          • sean.yesmunt

            Never thought of that. Makes a lot of sense though.

      • John

        I agree with you. Ido like where we are heading as far as technology goes. I do believe that they are thinking of safety first, but you know how reckless we can be. So hopefully numbers won’t increase with accidents.

    • AJ

      First, I agree with you to a point. I do see irresponsible people watching videos while they drive or respond to text messages. I don’t see people that don’t speed and that don’t text and drive using this to feed their habit. I personally think that when this product launches, it will have a driving mode that will be optional to use. Also, the dev unit cost $1500 not the retail version.

    • Aaron Fredricks

      it just seems extremely gimmicky to the point of being useless… probably bc its ahead of its time… nevertheless, i’m almost positive that Google is onto something.