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Chromebook Pixel With LTE Ships by April 8!

Chromebook Pixel Review

The Chromebook Pixel with LTE, which we just reviewed this morning, will finally ship on April 8. The device runs $1449 for those with an extra pile or two of cash lying around. In our review, we had mostly positive things to say about the hardware, but the lacking Chrome OS software makes this price seem insanely high. You can pack all of the high-end displays, keyboards, and etched-glass touchpads you want into a device, but if it’s just a glorified browser, it’ll be tough to justify it at any premium price level.

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Via:  Engadget

  • MKader17

    I was in shock when I realized that Google actually produced a laptop where you get less for your money than a Macbook Pro.

  • Kerry Fath

    This would be a kick a** contest/giveaway! (hint hint)

  • Wow – two barely disguised Pixel attack posts in one day. Google must be asking for their hardware back. Sorry Kellen – but you’re simply falling in line with the rest of the tech “journalists” who got teased with one of these things. Probably Google’s biggest mistake in this whole launch was sending out all these review units to folks that had no intention of changing the way they work because they know they have to send it back.

    The price tag is easily justifiable to those of use who are willing to invest in it. The hardware is incredible and the OS becomes more and MORE incredible when you start to use it and learn it and adjust to it. Knowing you will have this laptop for a few years and preparing to enjoy it , you find out you didn’t “need” all the traditional OLD computing technology you thought you did.

    For what’s NEXT people. Not for “what I’ve been using for years”. Bye bye!

    • DroidFTW

      So how do you learn to adjust if you need audio and video editing?

      • What do you do those projects on now?

        • DroidFTW

          15” MacBook Pro.

          • I also have a 15″ MacBook Pro that I can access perfectly from my Pixel and work on it as if it was in front of me. But I don’t ever have to move it from it’s “dock”.

          • DroidFTW

            So your suggestion is that I should buy a $2000 portable computer and keep it docked and then buy a $1400 computer to access my first computer remotely? Haha, that might be the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard. Why not just travel with the first computer and spend the $1400 on something else.

          • You said you already had the MBP. But now you don’t? I can’t continue to discuss this with someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Good day.

          • DroidFTW

            What are you talking about? I own the MacBook Pro. Not sure if I phrase it in a way that made that ambiguous or if you are purposely reading it that way because of how ridiculous your suggestion is.

          • Then I’m not suggesting you buy a $2K computer and then a $1.4K computer. You already have the $2K computer. Congrats. So are you or are you not in the market (with a $1.5K budget) for a new laptop? If now, I don’t understand what you’re original problem is. You don’t need to adjust anything if you aren’t looking for new hardware. Quit trying to make this more complicated than it already is.

  • I disagree. I have a pixel, and yes, the hardware is outstanding, and yes, it only comes with a browser, but thats like judging the S3 by TouchWiz. The pixel is a laptop, supported by Google, who stated that the pixel is the platform for what comes next. It is the Nexus of laptops. In the meantime I have wiped Chrome, and have already tested Crunchbang, Ubuntu, and if you leave ChromeOS, you can Chroot Ubunutu as well and have the best of all worlds. And, I dont see any reason it that Windows 7 or 8 would not work if need be.
    The Pixel is Googles Ultrabook… That shipped with Chrome OS. Don’t hate it because its beautiful

    • Well put. It’s easy to dismiss the Pixel if you have no means to own one. It’s also easy to fall in love with it when you finally do. I did the same as you with my Pixel the day after I got it, but I have am back to just sole Chrome OS. It’s too good to mess with that other stuff. I thought I would “need” to have the Linux partition, but I just didn’t. I believe anyone that wants to use Chrome OS can adjust to it. What if Microsoft Office and Photoshop didn’t exist tomorrow? Would the business and photography world just up and quit? Hell no!

      • michael arazan

        I’d consider the pixel at $700 and running Android or both Android and chrome

        • I’d consider a Porsche Cayenne at around $10K and also have the ability to fly. I’m apparently not the target market.

  • regkilla

    For $1449 I rather buy a like new condition Alienware laptop from this year on eBay.

    • And you’d eventually see someone with a Pixel, finally get to see and hold one for yourself, and spend another few years wondering why you made that mistake.

  • As I have a Chromebook already I will wait for the next version of this high end chromebook. As mine works just fine. Would love that awesome screen though.

    • As a Pixel owner, I can’t wait to see what Google has in store for my next one, presumably in three years when my Google Drive storage is up for renewal and I’ve saved for my next computer.

  • Kidd_Funkadelic

    $1449 – Google you so crazy!

  • Raven

    With a price tag like that, I think they should have started shipping it on April 1st.

    For less than half of that price I would much rather have the latest ASUS Transformer with a keyboard dock.

  • Michael Phillips

    Can I install windows on it?

    • ddevito

      Once someone has created a custom dev BIOS for it, yes. I had Win8 running on my Cr48 for example…

    • yes. The Pixel has a normal BIOS with a special key press at boot. You can also boot from a SDcard or USB if you would like to leave Chrome intacted.

  • James

    These will be $799 by the end of the year to move stagnant inventory.

    • $349 on dailysteals!

    • Steve

      there will NOT be inventory and stagnant inventory of this beauty.

      Google manufactures it in the US, it’s a hi-end hardware for CHROME OS developers and enthusiasts and third-party developers that have $1,500 for a laptop they’re going to use EVERYDAY to improve Google’s PRODUCTS and particularly CHROME OS. 😉

    • You’ve got a better shot getting a Macbook Pro for $50.

      • DroidFTW

        No, because Macbook Pros are actually sold in measurable numbers. This Pixel has flop written all over it and i will be shocked if they sell more than 100,000 units.

        • Okay, you let let us know when you see a Pixel for under $1K. I won’t hold my breath. lol

  • mondeca

    That’s a lot of money to spend to avoid the “It doesn’t work without Internet!” argument.

  • at that price point, i don’t see the purpose of this.

    • Exactly

    • Steve

      it’s for DEVELOPERS and ENTHUSIASTS that want to develop/participate in development of CHROME OS on a beautiful hi-end HARDWARE. Made in USA hardware. Made in USA by Google hardware.

      Or devs should develop Chrome OS on $249 Chrome laptop?
      or Macbook?
      or Windows 89?
      while Microsoft-Apple develops their products on their own laptops?

      Why don’t you see a purpose for this beast?
      It’s Google’s hi-end laptop for Google and enthusiasts and developers.

      Chromebook Pixel is a long-term hardware investment.

      Chrome OS is a very light resource-friendly OS and will improve constantly making the overall product you’ve already purchased BETTER and BETTER. Faster and faster.

      UPDATES will improve it. You will not need another Chromebook to have Chrome OS 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/X

      • i think “long-term” hardware investment is an oxymoron. most hardware is outdated within a few years but to each their own.