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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Spotted in the Wild

Galaxy S4 Mini

Well, here is the Galaxy S4 Mini from Samsung. Unfortunately, this somehow does not feel as exciting as the leaks for its larger brother, but for anyone that loves Mini Mes, here you go. The device is pictured above on the far right, running a Super AMOLED qHD display (no word on exact size) at 256ppi, powered by a 1.6GHz dual-core processor. 

According to the source, it will come in two variants; one with dual-sim and one without. In terms of when we can see it hit markets, it is reported that June or July will be around the time of launch.

Via: SamMobile

  • If it has the same features and specs with S4, I think people would love it especially if they prefer the normal size of a handset.

  • spunker88

    If its a qHD screen at 256ppi then its 4.3″. Really hope they don’t put low end hardware in this, there is a market for people who want a Galaxy S# device but don’t want a huge screen.

  • Yea i’ll take the mini, i dont need a vcr in my pocket

  • Make it have the same specs as the S4 with a 4.3″ or maybe even in a 4″ and I guarantee that it’ll be a success.

  • tomn1ce

    It would be nice if the GS4 Mini would have the GS3 innards with a smaller 720p display…

  • Austin Warren

    Man, since when did everyone want smaller phones? Is this the new hipster trend?

    • Erneci

      Ever since flagship phones became 4.7″ and up.

  • Asset Mobile

    Why would they do this? Sounds familiar with someone else.. hmmm

  • TylerChappell

    Simple math tells us that a 256ppi device with a 960×540 resolution can only be a 4.3″ screen…and looking at the GS3 and GS4 in the pic for reference makes it even more apparent.

    • Austin Warren


  • nightscout13


  • I love the options android give, there is an android for you out there somewhere.

  • And Samsung continues to miss the point of their own product.

    People want a mini Galaxy S because they want a high-powered, high-specced phone without a giant screen, NOT because they want another lower-specced mid-range phone that’s already available from lots of other companies. Opportunity continually missed.

    And this is coming from a guy who loves large-screen phones. It just gets old hearing other people complain that they have to stick with an iPhone because all the good Android phones are too big. Samsung had the chance to cover that market and is still failing.

    • zurginator

      They can’t put the same specs in 40% less space. It’s just not possible.

      • It definitely IS possible. A large amount of that space is in the screen and the battery. Downsize both, as they already did, and they’re golden. At worst the phone might need to be SLIGHTLY thicker to compensate.

        Remember, the iPhone manage it at a drastically smaller size. As well, with the SGS3 Mini they were quoted as saying that they chose lower-end specs because they found that people who want smaller phones typically don’t want high-end phones. Not, “we simply couldn’t fit the technology in there.”

        You underestimate ingenuity.

        • zurginator

          Remember the iPhone 5 is a dual-core device with a shrimpy battery — not unlike this phone.

          Sure, the iPhone had top-tier specs a few years ago in 4″ — but at the time so did Android.

          • The size difference between the two chips is negligible. When companies make new chips along these lines part of the process is a die shrink to make sure they don’t take up more space than what they’re replacing. It definitely doesn’t, in any way, account for the dramatic size difference. And I already mentioning the battery.

            Yes, Apple was able to over-engineer it, but you missed the part where I allowed for the S3 mini being fatter, for instance. There are plenty of concessions.

            And yes, I’ve heard MANY companies say, “it’s simply not possible given current technology.” Honesty goes over well with consumers if spun right. Apple and Sony lie about their reasons, but plenty of other companies know how to tell the truth and sound good doing it. “As we’ve packed the Galaxy S3 tightly with the highest-end technology we had available to us, it simply wasn’t possible to downsize the same specs into the Mini. We’ve instead focused on providing the best possible experience technology allows in a smaller form factor and feel the consumers who choose this option will still be very happy with it.” PR isn’t all about lies. Sometimes it’s about good will.

  • Michael

    That is such an ugly font!

  • iDictate

    hm… 5″ 1080p BLACK GALAXY S4 looks awesome!
    1) the real metal band around it
    2) metal/case contrast

    3) metal speaker/HOME finishing

    GS4 MINI has 256PPI???

    i will wait for Xphone.

    • BobButtons

      Sarcasm? I thought the band around it was brushed plastic to look like metal.

  • mustbepbs

    qHD? God I hope that thing is free on contract. How can they put qHD into something in 2013? Surely 720p is cheap enough now. Pantech is putting 720p screens in their phones for God’s sake. It doesn’t get any worse than that.

    • geocab

      qHD can suck it.

  • Bogdan

    I’d buy it if it had the same specs as the S4. I don’t want a phablet. Don’t need a 1080p screen either. Smudges and the sun render high PPI useless.

    • Austin Warren

      5in and below aren’t phablets.

      • A. Washington

        4.5″ and higher are phablets.

        • Austin Warren

          no. 5.5 and higher are. The DNA feels small as hell

          • You clearly are the authority on this.

          • Austin Warren

            Respect my Authority.

          • Tay

            *Authoritah, Respect My Authoritah

          • Brandon

            Sounds like someone’s feelings got hurt when his phone got called a phablet. Why does it matter if people call it a phablet.

            A person’s size doesn’t matter when it comes to phone sizes. Look at the Note where many small women use it.

          • Austin Warren

            I don’t have feelings, but okay Dr. Phil.

          • #TWSS* #KISS

          • Jon

            In Los Angeles, I keep seeing lots of Korean women around town and on the train with the Note II! Tell them it’s a phablet.

          • Gizman

            And they would say “okay…” I doubt they’d care. Seems like insecure people are the ones worrying over “phablet”

            I have an S3 and it’s a phablet.

          • Austin Warren

            because it’s almost the size of a Nexus 7.

          • Jon

            No…insecure people are most visible by the frequency and voracity of which they accuse others of being insecure.

          • Jon

            Same goes to the people trying to defend that they’re not.

          • Alana

            Yup, it’s all about a guy’s insecurity. Be it calling someone a skinny jeans wearer because they mentioned thinness of a phone or having small “hands” because someone called their beloved phone a phablet or too big.

          • Tyler Casilio

            Yeah it does.

        • Guest

          If you need advice on a new phone, look here. http://www.apple.com/iphone/

          • Jurgens

            If I wanted a women’s phone, I’d get the Note.

        • Wayne

          So according to your definition a Galaxy SIII is a phablet? Pssh please.

          • Jason K.

            What’s wrong with the S3 being a phablet. It is a phablet. Unless you’re feelings get hurt because of it like Austin.

          • Austin Warren

            Jason, I will slap your face through the computer.

          • Justin Winker

            Ahahahahaha! His comment makes this even more hilarious!

          • Alyssa Christopher

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        • NorCalGuy

          Whopper Jr hands lol

          • Jane

            What are you trying imply? Just look at the predominantly women’s Note. Unless you live in the twilight zone where, on average, women are the larger gender.

          • NorCalGuy

            Well you must have some tiny hands… just saying that you might have smaller hands if a 5″ is too big. Either way a mini version of that ugly phone still makes it ugly just smaller

          • Anne

            As said, small hands isn’t the only issue with not wanting a 4.5″+ phablet because many women have the Note.

          • Jane

            You what they say. The bigger the phone, the smaller the “hands”.

        • Justin Winker

          This seems like a fun debate… I kindly disagree with you.. My N4 is not a phablet.. The Note II is a phablet (4.7″ vs. 5.5″). I’m gonna go with anything 5″ and up (including 5″) is a phablet. Therefore, the S4 is not a phablet (technically, the screen is 4.99″).

          • Jaime

            It’s all personal preferences. I can grip my S3 and use my thumb to easily navigate and type. I can’t do that with my wife’s Note 2. The Note 2 fits in my pocket easily.

            However, the physical dimensions of the S3 makes it a phablet for me.

        • feztheforeigner

          The Galaxy Nexus is a phablet??

        • Tyler Casilio

          No…they aren’t

      • J

        Device side, not screen size, determines this. Current phones like the S3, S4, GNex are certainly not phablets. They fit in a pocket just fine.

        • Jesus

          Well, bezels aren’t changing much. Also, My wife’s Note II fits in my pocket…

        • Big_EZ

          I would consider my Note 2 a phablet, but not only does it fit in my pocket, it fits in my change pocket inside my pocket.

          • Whoa

            Those are some wide pants.

          • Big_EZ

            I don’t wear skinny jeans, but anyone wearing skinny jeans should have a purse to carry whatever size phone they want.

          • Troll

            Ya, 82 waist pants!

          • another troll

            29 length!

          • Joey

            I’m a pretty fat guy and my wife’s Note 2 can’t fit in that pocket in a pocket.

      • Bionic_Pags

        Boy, that escalated quickly… i mean, that really got outta hand fast!

        • ERIC REED

          Did I see you stab someone with a trident?

    • Trueblue711

      I don’t see how either of those render the high PPI useless.
      Also, most people are indoors most of the time or it would be a more pronounced problem.

      • Alex

        Have you looked at a screen outside? High or low PPI was the least of the issues with it. Same with smudges.

    • zurginator

      Yes, let’s put the same specs in 40% less space!

      Oh wait. That’s not possible.

      • Mit

        Why? Chips don’t usually get bigger. They mostly get denser (ie. RAM, SoC, baseband if the SoC doesn’t have it, etc.).

        • zurginator

          Primary concern would be battery life, but there are other limitations as well.

          I mean even the iPhone can no longer fit top-tier specs in a 4″ space (Look at all that bezel!), and it’s arguably the best-engineered phone we’ve seen when it comes to space conservation.

          • tomas

            The screen takes 50%-70% of my battery. Maybe smaller and lower PPI screens use less power. The Sharp IGZO screen may be a good candidate.

            The iPhone always had huge ugly bezels.

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  • mustbepbs


  • Austin Warren

    Should send them to Africa. They need stuff.

    • hashtagtroll


      • Austin Warren


        • hashtagtroll


          • Austin Warren


          • BobButtons


        • MotoRulz

          Do you know what you are even saying? Look the word up then get off your dads computer.

          • Austin Warren


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  • DroidFTW

    I know one person who wont be using this phone. Eric Schmidt admitted he still uses a BlackBerry. Haha

  • There really needs to be a flagship device at that size.

    • DroidFTW

      Agree 100%. I want a small phone. The droid inc or iPhone 5 are perfect sizes for me. I have a tablet so a large phone is pointless for me. I value portability, lightness and fitting into any the pocket of dress pants for more than a huge screen.

      • Guest

        Hm, surprising that after people starting making big phones, everyone wanted them.

        • juju

          Because they’re sheep. They’re told what to want.

    • Trueblue711

      Yeah, smaller phones shouldn’t all be lower-end. This is ultimately what killed keyboard phones.