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Eric Schmidt Says Android and Chrome Will Stay Separate, But You May See Overlap

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During a recent discussion with reporters in India, Eric Schmidt took the time to set some things straight in regards to Android, the Chrome OS, and even rumors that Schmidt was looking to leave Google. There has been slight speculation that Chrome and Android would somehow merge, with Andy Rubin leaving Android, and Sundar Pichai taking over both sections, including Chrome and Apps. 

Although Schmidt claims you may see overlap of the two, that Chrome and Android will remain separate. Lastly, as for Eric having thoughts about leaving Google, he dispelled that by saying the rumors are completely false and that, “Google is my home.”

Were you one of the folks hoping to see a merger? As for me, I would have liked to see some Android functionality in Chrome, but we will have to see what some of these “overlaps” entail.


Cheers Dan!

  • Justin Moore

    I don’t see them merging, but they do need to INTEGRATE better, they should be two parts of a single strategy. Beyond that, Chrome needs a native application framework of some sort and there really isn’t a reason ARM-based Chromebooks couldn’t use many Android apps with a little tinkering.


    hi-end Chromebook Pixel needs WOW Chrome OS!

  • Timothy Edwards

    By overlap, he means Chrome OS will run .apk files.

    Calling it now.

  • MKader17

    Don’t worry, that is just Android speak for, “It won’t happen completely this year, but it will next year.”

  • Ditch ChromeOS and develop a build of Android that runs on the desktop… sorta like Ubuntu is doing.

  • JasonIvers

    For a “long” time, which in Google’s terms could be a year.

  • Rob Becker

    I don’t think we’ll see Chrome OS running Android apps. Google see’s mobile native apps as a threat to the open web. We’ll be more likely to see packaged Chrome Apps run on Chrome for Android & iOS with a native-like experience but written on the web platform.

  • Sean Wood

    Someone just needs to write a Chrome OS add on or “app” that will enable you to run an android environment… similar to Blue Stacks on PC but.. well… better… I’m no code jock, by any means, but essentially both of these systems are Linux derived… Would it REALLY be that difficult to bridge the gap? Considering the wonderful development community we have, if Google doesn’t enable it I think eventually there will be a hack to do it.

  • RW-1

    I find it interesting because the stock browser perms much better than any version of chrome they have put out for android devices so far …

  • Liderc

    I think the only way Chrome will succeed is if it merges with Android. I think the Pixel was the perfect time to merge them, I know I would have paid the price if it was more of an Android device with that touch screen.

    • iWant_GOOGLE_GLASS

      CHROME OS is a unique OS (the next big OS) which require NOTHING BUT Google services perfectly integrated + third-party Apps/features/functionality.

      CHROME OS is not and will not be based on Android Apps,
      CHROME OS = Google SERVICES + third-party awesomeness.

      Chrome OS + Google services + Adobe Cloud (desktop?)+ Android Apps & Games + Chrome Apps & Extensions + third-party programs/apps/cloud services.

      It will become a real WOW eventually, no doubts.
      Chromebook Pixel is amazing hardware setting the bar for the future of CHROME OS.

  • I really don’t see how you could combine them without crippling android. What is the purpose of combining them? What does Android gain? Chrome would obviously gain a lot of functionality, but to what end?

    Chrome OS is useless for anything besides browsing the web. 90% of what I do on a computer I could not do on a chrome book.

    • Inquizitor

      Exactly! I never, ever, ever understood why people want to “merge” Chrome and Android! The end result will only be worse. Add some of Chrome’s App functionality into the Android version if you want, but more than that is really stupid imo.

  • It would be interesting if they did. Sort of what Ubuntu is doing with their mobile OS. If Ubunutu is successful, they may have to reconsider that position.

  • Who cares

  • NexusPhan69

    Bad move in my opinion. But, I don’t know the programming challenges that could bring.

  • Al

    Chrome may be nice but until it combines with Android it will never take off with consumers.

    • Austin Warren

      Uh, yeah it will. More reason to buy a Chromebook. Especially the Pixel.

      • Al

        Exactly if it did combine with android more reason to buy. However he said it won’t so just the opposite.

        • Austin Warren

          I totally read that wrong. Damn dyslexia. My bad.

        • iWant_GOOGLE_GLASS

          they will NOT MERGE (for now), but it doesn’t mean

          that Android WOW (apps/games/magazines/movies/books/music and Google Radio) will not become accessible on Chrome OS.;)

  • Tim242

    I think he’s lying. They just unveiled a huge chrome Android statue. Why else would they do that?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It’s Google. Why do they do anything… Why are they killing Reader?

      • John
        • Liderc

          lol well done.

      • iWant_GOOGLE_GLASS

        they know HOW POPULAR was Reader and wouldn’t shut down a RISING STAR;)
        Its functionality will be probably integrated into other Google products.

        it’s an internet illusion created by empty Google+ pages, mostly from China somehow (MSFT/Aple marketing team?) spreading ILLUSION that Reader was the #2 largest/most important Google product in attempt to use Reader situation AGAINST OUR BELOVED GOOGLE.

        Calm down and use one of the alternatives.

  • mustbepbs

    Overlap as in up-to-date Chrome for Android?!

  • Austin Warren

    Well, son of a b*tch

    • Xavier Spruill

      I actually prefer they keep them separate, they both have their uses, although it’s hard to justify chrome’s. They should aim for complete interoperability, compatability, interconnectivity, and all those other fancy terms. I should be able to emulate Android on Chrome books and be able to develop for Android, especially with how powerful the Pixel is. That should be the aim. Not merger.

      • michael arazan

        Love a chromebooc called an AC Book, that has both Chrome and Android on the same device that you could switch between almost like a Launcher on a phone.

  • Shane Redman

    overlap as in Android apps work on Chrome???

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      they really need to do that in order to make chromebooks a more viable option for some people. I love the chromebook for the purpose it serves but it just doesnt have mass apeal.