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How to: Set an Alarm on Your Android Phone [Beginners’ Guide]


(Samsung alarm)

Does anyone actually own a physical alarm clock anymore? You know, one of those big boxes with glowing lights, the worst radio speaker in history, and that likely has a broken limb thanks to being knocked off your night stand a time or two? For many, you could put these in the same category as dinosaurs as most have switched over to their phone full time as an alarm replacement. After all, your phone is with you every step of the day, including during times of travel, so why not make it your bedside and morning companion?

In this quick guide, we’ll look at setting up an alarm in the simplest of ways. This isn’t rocket science, but it’s definitely something you should all know how to do. The only tricky part depends on the type of device you have. Motorola, stock Android and Samsung all do things slightly different, so we’ll take a look at each. 


(Stock Android alarm)


1.  For the most part, you aren’t going to find an app in your app drawer that actually says “Alarm.”
2.  Instead, you’ll want to look for “Clock,” as this has become mostly universal.

*In some instances, like stock Android or Motorola phones, you can tap on your main clock widget to enter alarm settings.

3.  Once you have entered the clock app, the setup is going to vary depending on the phone.
4.  In almost all instances, though, look for the + as it will almost always create a new alarm.
5.  Once you have started a new alarm, you can tell it to do a variety of things

  • Time:  The most important part is obviously the time. Pretty self explanatory.
  • Repeat:  Repeat allows you to select which days to have your alarm continue to go off on. You can also set one time alarms by not selecting any day at all. Also, if you want a different alarm time for weekends, just set up a new alarm and only check Saturday and Sunday.
  • Ringtone:  You can specify a ringtone to have play during your alarm. These can be from the stock choices on your phone or you could setup a custom ringtone that you’ve found.
  • Vibrate:  You can also have your phone vibrate while its alarming you to wake up. Keep in mind that phones tend to move around while vibrating, so make sure it doesn’t slide off your night stand.

6.  Once an alarm is set, your screen should tell you a quick countdown for when it will go off next.
7.  To turn off alarms, a simple box uncheck or alarm icon tap should toggle them.


(Motorola alarm)

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  • I use my Squeezebox as my alarm.

  • Twisted247

    I always use my phone for my alarm and have for years. But recently the last few months I flash so many times that a lot of times the alarm can take a day to kick in n settle. Which means sleeping in and miss appts.

  • ;alsdjfk

    *swipe up
    “set alarm for seven a.m.”
    “setting alarm”

  • Paolo_Ozaraga

    I love most of the things in the new Jelly Bean update for my Razr Maxx but the one thing (besides slightly-worse battery life) that I didn’t like was that they replaced the Moto Alarm clock with the standard Android alarm app. Say what you will about Moto, but they knew how to write an alarm app. I’ve been searching for a few replacements, but no one stop apps that the old one used to be

  • feztheforeigner

    My $900 Xoom became nothing more than a fancy alarm clock…

  • Tyler Bowden

    Something I learned this week was that the stock clock app automatically adds a home clock when traveling. Small feature but pretty convenient.

  • I use and love Gentle Alarm.

  • My alarm clock IS my retired OG Droid.

  • jcorf

    I prefer my ancient alarm clock. It’s loud and obnoxious.

  • I use an old school alarm clock simply because the persistent alarm icon in my notification bar tickles my OCD bone. Granted, the ROM I’m currently running allows me to hide it, but that wasn’t the case when I bought the clock.

  • Kisuk3

    What about Google Now?…

  • brkshr

    Really glad to see you guys included stock & moto clocks. It appeared that you were just covering crapwiz from the homepage.

  • antinorm

    I use three alarm clocks: 1) GNex, 2) Nexus 7, 3) old-style alarm clock.

    Can you tell I’m not a morning person?

    • I can’t, can you please explain this

    • umataro42

      I used to use my phone and an old-style alarm, but now I just use the phone and keep it on a shelf across the room. So if I want to stop it I have to get up and walk over to it. I still sometimes do that, hit the snooze and go back to bed, but it usually helps.

  • Google needs to fix the stock clock app. It looks terrible, and setting an alarm is not intuitive.

    • Michael Knight

      Are you talking about the Android 4.2 clock app or previous versions. Prior to 4.2, the clock app was atrocious. Now it is more featured and setting alarms is a breeze.

      • LionStone

        I especially like the wake/snooze screen, but inputting clock times is kinda tedious.

        • Tyler Bowden

          I prefer the number pad input to the old roller style, especially when setting one at X:30

          • Michael Knight

            I do too. The number pad also forces you to input only legitimate times as well which is nice.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Samsung’s clock interface is disgusting. Sometimes i wish i was still with the nexus gang.

  • mondeca

    I just tell Google Now to set the alarm…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Just did that right now!

      • hashtagtroll


    • Tyler Bowden

      I can never seem to get Google now to set alarms.